For Real

Hey, Everybody! I was thinking about something early this morning that turned my thoughts toward you. I’d just been going over my memory verses and started reflecting on the whole journey of faith. The ups and downs, the twists and turns. The pain and then sometimes the dullness that scared me twice as much as the pain. Then something would happen and revival would come and back in the saddle I’d go again. His Word would jump back off the page at me and I’d feel fully alive and wonder why I’d doubted. I rewound even further back to the years that I hoped so much that this God I’d been told about was real. I needed Him so badly. I found my heart believing and I deliberately placed my faith in Him. Then I thought about a specific season through which I went from hoping He was real to knowing He was real. Don’t get me wrong. I am still challenged to faith in many other matters and always will be, because “faith is the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is not seen” and “without faith it is impossible to please God.” (Hebrews 11:1,6) But I seldom sit around and wonder if God exists and still speaks and still acts. Like you, I still see as in a mirror darkly and I wonder why some things happen the way they do and how it will all work out and what some things in Scripture really mean. But “I know the One I have believed in.” (2 Timothy 1:12)

We have so many new believers and even a sizable population of seekers in this community. Praise God, we do! We need to question our effectiveness the moment we don’t. So many of them would probably like to ask us how we “know” this God is real. So I ask those of you today to whom this applies to share a season in which you became convinced to the marrow of your bones that this is FOR REAL.

Think it through and be deliberate in your testimony. Please limit your story to one meaty paragraph so that we can read as many as possible. I can hardly wait. Let’s testify, girlfriends.


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    Lisa V. says:

    For me it was physical healing that brought me to a place where I will always believe in Him, that He is real. I had a physical burning pain right under my right breast that was on and off for a time back when I was in high school. I don’t remember how long it had been going on but I do remember it hurt me bad at times. And one night the pain was so bad, I was lying in my bed that night and cried out in pain to God, but this time completely unplanned, I prayed to Him using His Word probably for the very first time. I spoke aloud in the dark, “God, you know this pain I’m in and I believe without a doubt that if it is Your Will, You can heal me.” Just like that, the pain went away. It never came back. I leaped out of bed in disbelief, turning this way and that, thinking surely the pain is still there. But it never came back. Today I just have to recall that moment and I have no doubt of Him.

  2. 302
    Tammy Elrod says:

    God has shown Himself to be real to me in many, many ways, but this event was the one time I truly knew to the marrow of my bones that He was real and that He was interceding in my life.

    I had left my employer of many years for a job that promised to be the “best job ever.” For the first 6 months, it was. However, after 1 year, I was miserable and my boss was doing everything possible to deflate my spirit and my work. I had always been the one who excelled at whatever I attempted, especially as it related to work. It got so that I would get nauseous as I pulled into the parking lot at work. My husband asked me one day what I thought God was trying to teach me through this situation. I prayed about it and thought about it and finally realized He wanted me to trust in Him, one day at a time. Once I came to that place, He made it possible for me to get through each day. As I came closer and closer to the realization that I was going to lose my job, I was frantic over how I would provide for my family, since my husband was a stay at home dad to our 2 kids. But through prayer, I had peace that God was watching over us. I did lose my job, but I was given a severance package that provided full salary plus health insurance for 15 weeks. Within 3 weeks, I went back to my former employer. So, while I worried about providing for my family financially, God provided for us over and above my wildest imagination. But this story is not about money. It is about a God who has shown me that He is bigger than my greatest fear and that He will see me through all my trials, even when I can’t see it.

    Tammy Elrod

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    Dawn says:

    Hello Beth and Everyone!!! What a great way to start the weekend, by singing praises!
    My husband had heart disease. The reason I say “had” is because I believe God has healed him. About 5 years ago he had a heart attack in our front yard. Terry was 45 at the time. We knew he hadn’t been feeling well, anyway long story short. I just had started at this new church and remember enough to get some prayer warriors started. Terry had 4 stenz placed in one vein of his heart, the blockages were 80% or more. He came home 3 days later for Wake Med. (A fabulous hopsital) Well about 6 months ago I woke up around 3 a.m. to find Terry kneeling on the floor. He was having another heart attack. We went the same route this time as the last. The doctor put 3 more stenz in and cleaned up the other ones. I said all that to say this, I paniced the first time the attack happened. I could not understand that since I started going to church and doing all “the right things” God would let this happen. As I grew in my walk with the Lord I learned that these things were going to happen. The second time Terry was having an attack, my first insinct was to panic, especially when he decided to get a shower before the ambulance came, but I prayed instead. While Terry was in the shower I prayed that God would show Himself in this situation. I knew there was a reason for it, I just had to totally depend on God to work it all out. I never question why it was happening again, what if this and what if that. My mind set was; okay Lord, I’m in for this ride, let’s go. You’re in control. Every chance I got at the hospital I would pray and pray. Telling God how much I loved Him and I knew Terry was going to be alright. I would even go in the little bathroom while he was resting.
    We recently had Steve Hurst speak at our church and it was the most amazing thing I ever seen. Healings, renewing faith and new souls won to the Lord. This is where I BELIEVE my husband was totally healed. I give God all the praise and glory for all the blessings He has given me and my family. I pray this testimony speaks to someone who needs a reassuring word. It just takes a tiny bit of faith to more mountains.
    Blessings and lots of love.

  4. 304

    How do I know God is real? There are too many stories to tell, but I’ll make a list. I know He’s real because He provided over $100,000 for my mother and 11 siblings after my father died at age 50. This money enabled her to support herself and her children. I know He’s real because of how He makes the words of Scripture jump off the page and speak directly to a need in my life. Like the time I was on an airplane and through the words of the Bible God told me that I was to marry the man I was dating. I know He’s real because He has removed my anger and unforgiveness towards my mom and replaced it with His love and forgiveness. Only He could do that miracle. I know He’s real, not because I can physically touch Him, hear Him speak audibly, or see His face. I know He’s real because of the things He does every moment of every day, not only in my life, but in the lives of others all around the world.

  5. 305
    Donna Hilton says:

    I can go right to the moment — wanting – desperately – to have a child. Getting pregnant only to lose a boy 14 weeks into my pregnancy. Going through a five-year journey with God when I was mostly mad at Him — but I did not let anybody know my true feelings — I did have times when the Lord was so real and so precious to me during that time – but mostly was anxious, fearful, sad. THEN GOD opened a door to adopt a child — we walked through the door and began to LISTEN to God instead of doing all the talking/begging/
    pleading. It was one of the most precious times of my journey with Him. In the midst of waiting for this new little boy to come into my life, God asked me the question: can you truly Love me even if you never have a child? I told Him yes, and truly meant it — He knew. Well, the young girl kept her baby — total peace swept over me — and then the most precious gift I have ever received from God — he had a friend of ours tell us that we would have our own child. Three months later — I am pregnant again (17 years into our marriage) — eight months later (she was 5 weeks early) we were given the most amazing creature to ever come into my life — a daughter that has continued to show me a real God every time I look into her face. She loves the Lord, and gave me the gift of a relationship with our Saviour that I would have never experienced. Why He chose me to bestow this incredible Love — I cannot answer — but one thing I can answer — He is real and He is ready if you are ready to listen — as He says in His Word — I SEE YOU!!!!

  6. 306
    Zee says:

    Wow! I have so many testimonies I could share, but I’d like to share one in particular. Several years ago someone very close to me was in a horribly abusive situation. I had prayed for their deliverance for so many years. At times I just wanted to throw in the towel and say forget it. Well, one Sunday while I was in church worshipping God (eyes closed and just totally focused on Him, praying and asking Him to intervene) I had a vision that I don’t think I will ever forget. I saw this person I had been praying for burst through the church doors, look straight at me and say, “I’m free!” When I got home I received a phone call from this individual saying that they had finally left this situation after 18-20 years.

  7. 307
    Kate says:

    I don’t know that it was ever a case of not knowing He is real. Even when I did not have a relationship with Him I knew He was real. I lived 45 years of my life for myself, not caring who I hurt or what I did as long as I felt good. Then God finally got my attention and I accepted him into my life. WOW…what an awesome experience!! At first I was so on fire I couldn’t get enough of Him and His word. Nothing could ever penetrate the relationship I had with my Jesus. As time went on I guess I began getting arrogant about it. As you all know once you become a child of the King, Satan has a way of finding those vulnerable places. I was still in the word, but what I didn’t realize was that I had been trying to live my life by myself, not depending on Him. And what I feared the most happened. I always prayed that my past would stay the past that the old me would not rear her ugly head. Then it happened, I walked back into the biggest pit of sin. But this time it was different, the guilt, shame and conviction was so strong that I couldn’t stay there. My heart was broken that I could do this to my Jesus after all he had dragged me from and what He suffered because of my ugly sins. I can tell you that before I found Christ I wouldn’t have cared…but praise God His spirit lives in me. I know with everything that is in me that He is real…and HE LOVES ME!

  8. 308
    Ada - Lovin Him says:

    Jesus has been my savior for as long as I can remember, became my Lord in my early 20s and has proven Himself real, over & over in the 30 years since – carried me through the loss of my mom as a teenager, the loss of dad, sister and father-in-law, and the community I’d lived in for 20 years, pulled me out of the pit I’d jumped in with my teen son who struggled through a decade of self-destructive choices, and has since redeemed that son’s life in unfathomable ways. I could go on for pages sharing how God has shown me His love & mercy and transformed my life in ways I never could have imagined, but I’ll close with a recent eye-opening example. My 17 year old daughter, who is so brutally honest, just told me I’m the most patient person she knows! That comment knocked my socks off – only God could have taken this self absorbed, critical, judgmental, anxious, easily irritated, quickly-offended woman and turned her into someone described as “patient”!

    Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him!
    How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er!
    Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus!
    Oh, for grace to trust Him more!

    I’m so glad I learned to trust Him,
    Precious Jesus, Savior, Friend,
    And I know that He is with me,
    He’ll be with me to the end..

    • 308.1
      Heather says:

      What a great testimony, Ada. What more proof could there be than seeing your own heart changed–in a way that those closest to you can see?

  9. 309
    Kathy Jo Baum says:

    I grew up with Jesus: church, Sunday school, vacation Bible school, youth group, etc. I thought I knew the Lord, yet I always felt empty and lonely in spite of a fantastic, loving husband and two wonderful sons. Filling my life with “stuff” and activities still left me empty and seeking something more. Strangely enough our sons and daughters-in-love taught us to know Jesus. We saw the changes in their lives, the joy and fufillment brought by a relationship with Him, and we wanted it too. I eagerly joined Bible studies and began to devour that most marvelous book inspired by our great God. Soon my husband, who had no previous relationship with Jesus, decided to be baptized, join the church, and lead a home group. When God begins to move, miracles happen. Every aspect of our life is painted with the joy of a relationship with our Lord. Thank you Jesus!!!

  10. 310
    Janel says:

    Oh, I so needed to remember my own story today! Thank you, Beth!
    I was 18 years old, a tiny infant in Christ, alone among my family. I’ll spare some of the details, but my family very nearly fell apart one terrible day. Arguments escalated into near-violence; there were threats of suicide. By the end of the day, my underage brother had left our home, my parents alternated between anger and grief, and I tried desperately to somehow pick up all these broken pieces. By that night things calmed down, my brother was safe, and I lay on my bed, stunned and shocked by all that had happened. Finally the stress of the day brought me to tears. I literally cried myself to sleep, clutching my Bible, too upset and exhausted to even open it. I slept for a little while, and when I woke, I was surrounded by the most incredible peace. It was the first time I remember encountering His presence. I knew He was real, and I knew I was safe.

  11. 311
    Jody says:

    I was raised in the church; my grandfather was a minister. I’ve known there is a God, but I think for many years I took it for granted that He was there, but I really didn’t need Him for the “day to day” happenings in my life. I spent my twenties trying to control my own life. I began to really miss God and started to turn my life back toward Him, but I was trying to live for God and live the way I wanted…trying to have my cake and eat it too. Finally, my choices caught up to me and I could no longer justify my behavior. I made a mistake and the consequences were blatantly obvious. One morning I stood in the shower and cried and told God, “I give up! I have messed things up so badly I can’t see anyway how to fix this. I’m done trying to control my own life. Lord, I give it all to You!” In that instant an incredible, inexplicable peace came over me and I knew everything was going to be okay. Nothing about my situation changed and the circumstances did not get better, as a matter of fact, in the months to come they got considerably worse, but I was at complete peace. It was in that moment that I KNEW God was real and that I didn’t want to to live another moment outside of His will. It’s been nearly 8 years since that moment and my relationship with God has deepened and strengthened. I was humbled beyond anything I could have possibly imagined and I am so greatful and thankful that God loved me enough to knock me off of my pedestal and show me how much I needed Him.

  12. 312
    Rebekah says:

    It’s difficult for me to pinpoint a season when I became convinced but there are definite moments I can look back on when God tangibly revealed Himself…sometime around my teens when I sat observing a sunset and was overwhelmed by a sense of His presence and goodness and my own shortcomings…the time in college when I was stopped alone at the side of a highway because my car had broken down and I said to God, “This one’s all you” – then moments later some trucker (who just happened not to be on a schedule that day) stopped and made a makeshift part for my car out of a piece of cardboard…As I have stepped in faith and grown in the knowledge and understanding of Him, He has revealed Himself in greater ways. I’ve had a few profound supernatural experiences that have given me strength and certainty in rough and uncertain times. The awesome “mountaintop” experiences(such as these profound supernatural experiences) combined with God’s enduring love and faithfulness in the valleys, have given me undeniable proof of His presence in my life. Also, along the way, I spent a lot of time asking Him to reveal Himself and bring me encouragement in prayer…ask and you shall receive! 😉

  13. 313
    Jamie says:

    I normally wouldn’t leave a link to my blog, but since I just wrote out a story of how I know God is for real over there, I will leave it.

  14. 314
    Chris says:

    I grew up in a christian home, but did not always walk with the Lord. He became undeniably real to me when my son was in jail. He has a mental illness and took himself off his meds. His thinking became frighteningly unclear and he made a bad choice. We received the phone call no parent wants to receive in the middle of the night. As we prayed and cried out to Jesus, he met us in our need. Everywhere we went, he sent someone to support us. Our friend, the police officer who first responded to our son. Another officer and his sister, the jail receptionist, who walked us the legal processes. A christian psychiatrist, whose son had the same illness, who cared for our son in jail. Our pastor, who came to pray with us and visit our son when we could not. Countless friends who supported us with prayers, cards, meals, hugs and understanding. I have no doubt of His life and His love for me.

  15. 315
    Spiritmom says:

    Several years ago my husband was very ill and hospitalized for over a month. I was driving 120 miles round trip every day to see him, while trying to care for our 3 young children when I wasn’t at the hospital. I had been reciting “Be still and know I am God” every time I felt dispair creep in from the first day my husband was in the hospital. One day I pulled into a church parking lot and put my head on the steering wheel and sobbed my heart out. I told God I felt so alone and I wondered if He remembered me. When I dried my tears, I looked up at the church marquee and what did it say? Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know I am God.”

  16. 316
    Danielle says:

    I know this may sound strange, but I can’t remember a time in my life where I did NOT know that God was real…but that was His mercy to me, because I wouldn’t be alive today without Him. I lost count of the number of time my earthly father tried to kill me with his bare hands. It started when I was 1 and 1/2 (my mom told me he threw me into a wall). Once I ran and hid in the closet. I grabbed my Bible and my picture of Jesus surrounded by children and quietly sang “Jesus Loves Me” (I was six). My father came into my room, paused near the closet, and left. I don’t know if the Lord protected me and he didn’t hear my singing, or if the singing changed him in that moment…but he walked away. There have been many other times in my life I have nearly died, and each time I was spared, my mom telling me that God must have some plan for my life. I know He does. I don’t know what it is specifically, but I know He is with me. It took years to understand the sweet, gentle, and kind Father that God is…but when I call out to Him, He draws near to me. I love Him more than anything. And the amazing thing is, He loves me like that too.

  17. 317

    I’m not sure if there was actually a single moment that I realized that this was really real. It’s been more like a series of moments that God constantly has to remind me of at times. Like recently when I started to think He wasn’t going to help me anymore. He was just going to leave me exactly where I was. Hello?!?! You’d think by now I’d know that was a lie!!! I don’t know if I can keep this short, but Beth, I’ll really try!

    After years of being in and out of counseling and recovery and being put on medications for depression, I realized that somehow this really unhealthy woman had been given a loving husband, who has never laid a hand on her unlike all of the abusive men I’d been with in the past. That is just one thing, like I said, of a series of things, that is not possible if there is no God! To make a long story short, God dropped Josh in my lap and gave me no choice! I would never have chosen to marry him. He was too good for me! I also have a mother who was very cold and I never ever remember getting even so much as a hug from her let alone a lap to crawl in when I was sad. I am not like that with my kids at all. Somebody had to point that out to me recently. I am very available to my children. They know they can share anything with me. They crawl in my lap and get cuddles every single day from me. I could never turn them away! We laugh together and cry together. There is no way I could be that kind of Mom the way I was raised if God had not transformed my heart into one of love and compassion! I should be as abusive as my parents were, but I could not even imagine treating them the way my parents treated me! My parents were completely emotional unavailable to me! When my kids come home from school, I am right there to find out how their days went and if any one of them needs to talk about anything, they know they can talk to me and that I will love them…and correct them if necessary, but I will show love and compassion! I don’t know how clear that is! But that’s basically it! Oh, and, I know longer use drugs and alcohol to numb my pain. Haven’t done that in a long time! I don’t really keep tabs on the exact length of time like a lot of people. It’s been over a year! I know that much!

  18. 318
    Cristiana says:

    I was running through the market so terrified while my then three year old was in the shopping cart thinking we were playing a racing game. He was laughing while I was in full panic. All I knew then was I needed to somehow someway get the food my family needed without being taken by someone. This was my life. My mind had finally left me. I was living, actually dieing consumed with fear… horrific, terrifying fear. Events had came to the surface and my mind was forced to go back to a place that I had locked up when I was 15 years old. THEN … I was invited to attend a prayer meeting by mistake( the leaders mistake not God). As God carried me into the Women’s intercessory prayer meeting I felt peace. I was safe. At the end it was time to pray for the personal needs of those who had come to pray for others. And the leader said “Cristiana can we pray for you?” At this point I was drained and overwhelmed. As I began to speak and tell these beautiful women of the terrifying fears that I was consumed with I began to shake nervously and could not stop crying. As they began to pray over me with God’s Word, God showed up and this sense of horrific mind altering fear that I allowed to take over my life had begun to loosen it’s grip. At that very moment God my loving God showed me how REAL HE IS!!!! Did I happen to mention that the date happened to be 3/16/09 which God had spoken to me a year later on the anniversary of the day He began His healing. He connected for me, in my still battered mind, that He purposely healed me on that date 3/16 to show me the how much He really loved me through John 3:16. There are so many aspects of that scripture that He gave me insight to that at that point connected to so many aspects of my life in every detail .. Down to the dated he chose to begin His healing of my mind. I am sorry if this email is not reader friendly.. God is still working on my mind and words are not always said properly let alone written correctly.
    Deut. 31:6 Genesis 8:9 Ecc 3:11 John 3:16. To God be the glory!!!!
    P.S. Thank you Beth … Through the Daniel Study and now the Esther study I have grown so much and my mind has become strong because of His Word and your obedience to Him.

  19. 319
    Kristi says:

    Interesting you have this post right now, cuz I just finished week 7 of Believing God on remembering what God has done for us. Here’s one example of what God has done for me. At last weekends LPM conference I could not, for the life of me, understand your first point on “Stop for the night.” I went back to my hotel room and asked my girlfriends what the HECK that meant. As much as they tried I just COULD NOT get it so I said “you know what? Forget it. Gods just going to have to explain it to me.” And you know WHAT? he woke me up in the middle of THAT VERY NIGHT and TOTALLY explained it to me. I GOT IT! I decided to check the time and it was 3:16 in the morning. When I told my hubby the story he goes “John 3:16 and 2Tim 3:16.” I had not even put two and two together until my hubby told me! THAT is just ONE example of how I KNOW God is for REAL! Love to all, Kristi in Oregon

  20. 320
    kari says:

    Dear Sisters,
    I was raised going to church, hearing Bible stories and spending time growing up with Church friends and activities, and heard “let Jesus come into your heart” over and over. In our 20’s my husband (who was my high school sweetheart)began to search for God. He had served in the Nam War and spent 4 years in the Air Force. We had started our family of 2 and later 3 by 1976. The economy really stunk then too, and in all our questioning of our “child religion” we found the truth, accepted it and began to live our lives for Him; raising our kids to live for Him also and now our grandkids. But, this winter has been tough. My husband and I are both nurses and have been out of work. We are now preparing to learn Wound Care and do it together. I say all this to say, we have found God again this winter. Reading and praying together like we have never done it before! Today, my husband shared a truth. It is like the kind that only happens once or twice in a lifetime. But, we finally get it. God wants a relationship, He surrounds us and embraces us and even breathes for us if He needs to. He gets into every part of us! and the big truth is this: Real trust does NOT come apart from Love. We have such a truth in our hearts right now that we are, by the Grace of God, going to love our family, friends, and anyone we meet with Love, not performance measures or laws or perceptions; just LOVE. My husband never had a real father that cared about him. His father died when he was 2 and his step-father was emotionally abusive and absent from his life. He never had a father that was proud of him or loved him, so it has been hard for him to see this trust and love combination and I truly had not grasped it until today. I know I wrote to much, but it is just a new and fresh portion of the love story that God is writing in our lives. Thank you Jesus for dieing for us so that we can trust you and receive that love.

  21. 321
    Melanie says:

    I know that God is real because He changes my heart! In the past year I have been hurt very badly by a friend and I have been so tempted with bitterness, anger, self-pity, obsessive thoughts, depression, and even wanting her to hurt like I was. When I cried out to Jesus and told Him that was not how I wanted to be and begged Him to change me, heal me, and remake my heart to be like His – HE DID! Over a relatively short period of time (a couple of months) He showed me so much truth and then one day I saw the fruit – I WAS DIFFERENT! I no longer felt the deep bitterness and depression. I actually felt godly love for my friend and just recently she told me that even she noticed the difference – and she said it could not have come from me, that it could have only come from Him!

    I find that the more I read His Word the more sure I am of His realness as well. The Bible is unbelievably amazing. The Word of God is surely alive, active, and powerful as it meets us right where we are in life. I am so grateful for the Lord’s life-changing love.

  22. 322
    michelle frasher says:

    i had been a believer for many years but did not really “know” Him. our 8 y.o. daughter was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor (this was in dec. ’92). for the next 3 years He literally carried our family thru a time of crisis. we were on prayer chains across the nation, from california to georgia, texas, idaho, oklahoma. i had always thought prayer was an ethereal thing, but we felt we were wrapped securely in His arms and experienced the tangible evidence of prayers. i praise our Lord that she has been in remission for 18 yrs. now. p.s. beth, i will be seeing you in fresno in a couple of weeks. our wedn. nite Bible beauties are getting so excited to hear and see you.

  23. 323
    Byron Shumay says:

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  24. 324
    Robin Vandenbroeck says:

    Although I gave my heart to Jesus at age 13, I basically walked away from Him at age 17 to do it my way. After basically 40 years of wandering around in the desert, God drew me so gently, through friends, back to Him. This year is my 11 year anniversary of being back with Jesus. I have many stories that can tell of what I have learned of Him during the many hours of quiet time I have had. He is my life, and as an unexpected blessing, over this time, He has healed me from the inside out. I know who I am in Christ and have this self assurance and self confidence now that I never thought or knew was possible….
    In October I went to a “healing service” with a few women in my life group. I had watched healing services on television and thought they were phony (sorry Lord, I know you created the universe, and this was me having “doubts”), but I had never attended a healing service. I told my girls I would probably flunk healing. One of the women said she wasn’t “going down,” that she’d lock her knees.. First we heard a wonderful sermon, then everyone who needed healing lined up. Everyone was falling down (with faithful servants behind them to make sure it was a gentle fall). When the pastor got to me, she did not even touch me, I could hear her gently praying as I joined in. I fell to the floor and so did everyone else present for healing. I couldn’t have stood if someone had offered to pay me $1,000,000.00! So, now when I read of Paul falling down on the road to Damascus, or “every head will bow and knee will bend”, I will remember that when the very Spirit of God is present, those present have no choice. His power prevails. Thank you my very Alive & Mighty Savior – AMEM & AMEN

  25. 325
    Elaine says:

    Once I cried out to God and meant it for real, He met me there and never let go. That was 17 years ago and I could write pages of testimony of how He has shown Himself real to me in so many different circumstances. Sometimes it is through events that I know only He could have orchestrated and other times it is through seeing how He has changed me through reading the bible and prayer. I was an alcoholic and anxious and worried and now have supernatural peace despite circumstances. Before I was bitter and jealous and resentful, now I know that God thinks I’m beautiful and worthy. I can parent and love freely because I’m not trying to get my worth from people, I already have it from God. So freeing! If you are a person who is looking for proof that God is real (as I once was), just cry out to Him. I believe He will show you in ways that are meaningful to you – he knows just what will move you. He wants you – do you want Him? Just ask.

  26. 326
    nancy says:

    In April 2003, my youngest son went into Iraq with the USMC. We didn’t hear from him for weeks at a time. Some things happened with the church we were attending and God brought me home to “Be still and know Him”. In July, it rained for days……..God woke me up at 2am and told me to pray. I said to Him that I could pray in bed but He wanted me on the floor on my face. I thought of you Beth as I explained this to Him! So for three nights I got on my face. No words came , only sounds of crying out and Jesus’ name. This was a new way to pray for an old Baptist gal!
    On the third night as I awoke, I asked Him we could talk outside as the rain had stopped and I needed a diet coke. I went out and sat in the swing under a big tree. The stars were bright and a few shot through the sky as we talked. My prayer every night started the same……….hedges of protection for our son and his troops……..clean water and a cool breeze. It was 147 degrees in Iraq that July. When I said “cool breeze”, a cold wind hit my face and took my breath away . I looked up and said…..”you’re really here, aren’t you.” He was and is and evermore shall be with me. Praise Him!
    When my son finally was able to call us several days later, he shared that he had been very ill and had to have IV fluids. It happened on the days that the Holy Spirit had me on my face praying FOR me without words.
    In the years since I’ve come to realize that this was a “filling” of God’s Holy Spirit that comes when we seek Him. As one precious Sista told me, “you’ve had a God Stop”! Amen

  27. 327
    Cathy Robertson says:

    ONE example: God woke me up from sleep with a heavy burden to pray for my son. He was out with friends. I was obedient, not knowing why. A door slammed, he came running up the stairs. He said I wouldn’t believe what happened. He “happened” to back into his parking space at Taco Bell. Because of this, he was able to escape a group of thugs who reached into his car as he was leaving and tried to carjack or steal something from him. He was very very frightened but so thankful that all he had to do was put it in drive and was able to get straight out of the spot quickly. I explained what happened to me and he was AMAZED how God intervened. ONE example.

  28. 328
    Carol says:

    Perfect, Beth! Thank you. I needed what you wrote!

  29. 329
    Deb says:

    I grew up in the church. I went to Christian schools. I maintained my faith and remained very involved in the church as an adult. But the church, schools, my family did not solidify my faith in God. I had to discover Him for myself. I had not fully done so until the past several years. I questioned…not so much God’s existence but many of the other hard questions. Why? Why do bad things happen? Is God good? Does God really care about ME? This all came about when my son was diagnosed with autism a couple years ago. This was huge for me because I grew up with a brother with autism and it was my biggest fear.I prayed it would not happen, but it did. Amazingly, it was through this “fire” I have discovered the reality of my faith like never before. I could feel God’s patience and love as I questioned. I could and do see His hand in this situation…He NEVER leaves me feeling alone. In my deepest moments of desperation, when I cry out, God sends help or encouragement in some way. I am a different person than I would have been had my son not been diagnosed. I am closer to God. He helps me to see life with different eyes. He helps me shift priorities and dreams closer to those that He has for myself and my children. I don’t thank God for “giving” my son autism, but I know now more than ever before that God truly does work all things for good, as the verse says. We all MUST have a time in our lives when we don’t just spout off Christian cliches or recite everything we’ve heard or been taught — we have to search, seek, struggle and fight the good fight of faith on our own. I pray for all those who are searching. God is near.

  30. 330
    Pam says:

    I know HE’S REAL when HE tells me (as I am speeding out my driveway to be gone for 6 1/2 hours and have accidentally left my oven on broil ) “You left your oven on.” To which I respond, ” I did not.” Then my patient, loving Abba Father responds, “Go turn your oven off.” So, i whip around thinking this is silly ( i hate to turn around, ever!) and, sure enough, the oven’s still on! When i reached up to turn it off, i hit the ON button again! I would have burned my house down, along w/ my cat and 4 dogs who were locked up on the porch! Our Father cares so much!! It pays to listen to His voice and obey!

  31. 331
    Linda Dwyer says:

    Two times immediately came to mind….but then was flooded with a gazillion other moments. But what I am choosing to share is what JUST happened! 15 years ago this Easter I was sitting in another service wondering and knowing I was missing something. I watched several spouses of friends of mine take vows to enter the church I was attending at the time and I thought “that will never happen to me”…but what would I give to have Scott at my side on this faith journey!

    I know that God is real because my husband just prayed with me…again… on my most favorite place at 5 o’clock in the morning…my deck! I know what God has done in my own heart, but to see Him move in my husband has been complete confirmation…..for real!

  32. 332
    Melissa says:

    How do I know my God is real? There are so many ways I know this but I suppose my first experience in trusting God is most special to me. I came to know the Lord May 5, 1993 at the age of 25 years old. I found myself, pregnant a days before this and without anywhere to permanently live. My life style had finally caught up with me, so to speak. Since we’re limited to a paragraph I try my best to make this really short. Even though I had prayed and ask God to save me I was in a real pickle. So, I had a phone number that the local health department gave me since I was in a crisis pregnancy. I called in hopes to find someone to help me get an abortion. When I called this dear lady answered. I thought I had the wrong number and so did she, but I pursued to inquire saying this number had been given to me by the health department because I’m pregnant. From there, my world changed. I went to live with her and her family and they became my family, one I never had growing up or as an adult. They took me and loved me, truly loved me unconditionally. I had never been loved unconditionally. I had to always perform to get acceptance of any kind. I grew in my faith in God leaps and bounds the next several weeks. Then June 10, 1993 I started to miscarry with this baby that God used to bring me to salvation in Him. Later that day, I in fact did miscarry. This lady’s husband was an ob/gyn and she took me to his office for an ultrasound and where I had seen and heard this baby’s heart beat so many times before was silent. I went to the hospital for the DNC. I was so crushed words can’t even explain, but I didn’t loose my faith in God. Leaving out a lot more of the story on June 10, 1996 I gave birth to my only son, Adam. God is a God of his Word. Joel 2:25 I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten…and you will praise the name of the Lord your God, who has worked wonders for you.

  33. 333
    Lisa says:

    I just had to answer this question to 19 beautiful and doubting teenage girls last night. This was my answer: I see evidence of God at work in my life, overcoming and transforming all those areas that I once thought would be “just the way I am.” While life has gotten harder, my inner peace has become more solid the more time I’ve spent in the Word and the quicker I am to believe the Truth! The biggest testimony to my family is that I come from a legacy of physical and emotional abuse, and I’m first generation saved and first generation to not abuse the next generation. My children have a humbled, ever-transforming mother who is determined to “have a different spirit and follow God wholeheartedly” (Number 14:24)so that they children might inherit a blessing from the Lord, by His grace and mighty power. God is real.

  34. 334
    Angie Sharp says:

    About two or three years ago I was suffering from depression. It wasn’t the worse, but it was affecting my family, my day to day living, and it even caused me to doubt my salvation. I prayed, my husband prayed, we prayed together. Some days I’d sit with my Bible in my lap and my journal in hand all day long…it was the only way I could get through the day. We sought medical advice from my doctor. He prescribed an antidepressant. We sought a second opinion from a different group of doctors. They said the antidepressant was a good treatment and that it was a hormonal depression caused by stress (I was dealing with something from my past years ago that I thought I had already dealt with). I went on the antidepressant and was on it for almost three weeks. The only thing it helped was the crying. My husband felt God telling him that I needed to get off the medicine. It was causing side effects and not helping much. My husband was teaching the young career class at church at the time and we had a few minutes before they were to arrive one Sunday morning and he wanted to pray with me. We listed the pros and cons of the medicine and what we wanted God to replace for the different things depression was causing. Sunday School was over and we went to worship. As we were singing praise and worship to our great God, I felt this incredible warmth circle around me from my chest to my thighs. I don’t remember the song we were singing but I do remember getting my husbands attention and telling him that I thought God had just healed me. That morning was the last time I took the antidepressant (I quit it cold turkey which is another answer to prayer – you aren’t supposed to because it could cause worse side effects of depression)and day by day I began to get better and become myself again. It was God! No other explanation! I’m so glad He is real!!! I praise Him for that time because it brought me so much closer to Him.

  35. 335
    Judy says:

    I have KNOWN that He was real for 20 years now. I was going through a season of great temptation and struggled with unbelief. I was challenged to read the book of John. After the 5th time through, Jesus’ words “I tell you the truth” jumped off the page at me. I heard him clearly say to me…’I am either telling the truth or I am lying, are you going to believe me?’….Today, I live in the ME and hear countless stories of His appearing in dreams and visions to many. He IS alive, He IS real, He IS powerful! When I am discouraged with the task He has given me, He encourages me to tell my story to others. I am amazed at how other women here relate to what I say. It is ALL Him! He is worthy of ALL praise and honor. I am thankful every day for His love and care.

  36. 336
    Dina Martin, Panora, IA says:

    Good morning! WOW…my husband and I have been married for 9 years and he has struggled for most of that time with substance abuse. During this time I have come closer to the edge of insanity than I would ever want anyone to come through MY choices and reactions to my husband. You see, I was convinced that if I did a, b, and c then God was REQUIRED to do d, e and f. I mean, I was good…I went to church, I read my Bible, I prayed…why wouldn’t God move? Twice during that time I was released by the Lord to separate myself from my husband for brief periods of time…for my sake. I was so determined that apart from me, Kevin wouldn’t change. I had to be there. I had to direct him, admonish him, nag him…if I left, he might die. Through one separation in particular (we were in contact and continued to see one another) God showed me that HE is enough. HE is really all I need. Romans 8:28 doesn’t mean a rosy life…it means that everything in my life will be worked out for His glory and my good (which translates into Christlikeness. I wrestled with God because He was everything I didn’t want…while I liked the idea that His ways are higher, I didn’t like the reality. I liked the idea He was sovereign and had a time table, but I didn’t like the reality. I wanted God to fit into my box, but when I “released” Him to be who He is…oh Glorious Day!!!! What a God…and He loves me and CARES about me! Amazing! Praise Him!!! He is real…He does love…and He does CARE!!

  37. 337
    Karen Schroer says:

    During a 2 year span, I lost my mother, went through a divorce, and relocated from my home of 40 years. I would have been overwhelmed by the grief of it all had not Jesus walked with me the entire time. I love and praise You, Jesus, keeper of my soul!

  38. 338
    Kelly says:

    I’ve always been spiritual but God, pulled me from a deep, dark and desperate pit in the summer of 2010. I had three things going on which helped me land in my pit: addicted son, empty nest pain and menopause. The most painful was my son was lost in drug addiction and I hadn’t heard from him in six months. I was at my rock bottom, no doubt last summer. I had been going to counseling and working tirelessly to get out of my pit including going to al-anon meetings, one day I couldn’t take it anymore, so I needed to turn my unmanagable life over to God. I had to give Him all my problems because I couldn’t live this way anymore and He saved me. Just as I’m sitting here, the Holy Spirit took over and lifted my heavy heart and soul and saved me. Somebody invited me to a weekly session of Wednesday’s with Beth and He spoke directly to my heart. Church became a new spiritual journey. God has been so good to me and has changed my life. No matter what I know He is here for me and everybody else. I love sharing Him any chance I get as well as my story. Lastly, my son contacted us and is now living in a sober living house – PRAISE GOD, one day at a time. Kelly

  39. 339
    Sherry says:

    So many times, so many instances that could be called coincidence, but I know were God speaking to me, and then later his Spirit “reminding me of all he has said to me” (John 14:26). One specific time when my son-in-law’s mother, a precious Christian and dear friend, died when my son-in-law was 22. At the funeral the minister said, “You may have come wanting to know why Nancy died. Well, I don’t have the answer, but Jesus Christ has the answer.” A few months after that on the interstate (which I avoid if I can and RARELY pass cars–just stay in that right lane), I was playing the tape of the funeral, and just when that statement was made, I DID “happen” to pass a truck on the back of which someone had written in the dust from top to bottom—Jesus Christ has the answer—not (as you might expect) IS the answer, but HAS the answer, just as the minister had said.

  40. 340
    Mercy says:

    All I have to do is look back at how much Jesus has changed me, and I know that he is real. I remember my early times with him, how much I needed to know that he was real. Everyday I would have panic attacks thinking that I would be let down and Jesus would not show up. But everyday he gave me something little (a verse, a song, a moment of love, a smile, a butterfly, etc.) And my moments turned to years and now I know he is faithful, and sweet and loving. Sometimes I wish I can go back in time and feel again the courting, the expectation….and than I look in the mirror and I see him in the new me and I realize that I am a miracle. Thank you Jesus

  41. 341
    Carrie says:

    The most recent and most powerful example in my life that God is real is centered around my daughter, Addison. She was born with a liver disease and at the age of 10mths was placed on the liver transplant list. She had been sick since she was born and we have been in and out of the hospital more times than I want to count. I have never doubted more and have never had to trust God more that he would take care of her. She got so sick Christmas Eve that we have been in the hospital since then waiting on her new liver. I have posted on here before telling of our waiting…well on Feb. 23 she received her new liver and I am so happy to say that today she is healthy! We just got released out of the hospital yesterday. Addison has never been this happy..and she is gaining weight like crazy..her new liver is preforming great and so far we have no signs of rejection. If I could post pictures of her before her surgery and after you would never doubt that God is in the miracle business! Through the darkest time in my life God reaffirmed who He is over and over and that He is real and doing things on our behalf!

  42. 342
    Pamela says:

    Beth…He became so real in my brokenness after I sinned and found myself in my own mired pit. Being a Christian all my life has been nothing since that expereince 6 years ago…it’s been a challenging walk of faith but scripture has literally carried me to Him and carries me through each day. It has become a journey of intimacy I embrace each day and though I may fail He is faithful and I know in believing Him, He will show Himself despite “me”. He has become so alive and active since that day of utter personal defeat and brokenness. I hate the sin but cherish what it has brought to my life in Him.

    Believing Him~Pamela

  43. 343
    Stephanie says:

    Having accepted the Lord as my saviour at 6 years old, I never thought I doubted God’s ability or supremecy. About 6 years ago I was finishing up discipleship with a great friend and we were praying for a safe delivery of her second child and she asked, what do we need to really pray for you for? I studdered for a moment, but replied very genuinely that I felt like I needed a test of faith. My life hadn’t had major hurdles, yes there were small ones, but nothing life altering. So we began that March praying for a test of my faith. That test came in a form I couldn’t imagine, my husband’s sister went off the deep end of addiction. Her oldest two children were removed from her home by their father, but her youngest child who was 5 at the time didn’t have a father in her life that could do anything. We were trying everything to get her to move closer, let us help, anything. Later that month, a 5 year old we barely knew moved into our home. We went from working adults waiting to have children to parents of a scared 5 year old who had no trust for adults whatsoever. I can honestly say, that was the toughest year of my life with the circumstances surrounding my sister-in-law and the realization that she wasn’t going to get better and that we were going to be forever parents in a manner we never expected. God was so faithful thru that year and a couple of years later at 7 years old, that scared little girl boldly explained to me why she believed God allowed this to happen in her life…..He wanted to make sure she got to know and love Him and He knew that wouldn’t happen where she was! Praise God for those trials He takes us thru and the other side. 6 years later I can proudly say she is my daughter and though I wouldn’t wish the hurt or struggles that we had to go thru on anyone, My God is GREAT and MIGHTY!

  44. 344
    Kat says:

    The Summer of 2006 was a very dark time in my life. My husband was spiraling out of control with a heroin addiction and had been staying with my Dad, also an addict. I was left alone with my 3 year old twin daughters broke and empty. One night I got into bed and was just overcome with loneliness and despair. I couldn’t understand why God had allowed this and definitely was questioning whether or not He was real. I was laying there alone, in the dark and suddenly felt someone physically hug me from behind and with it was an overwhelming sense of peace, as if that hug had removed all my hurts. I just laid there, it was so real! I was convinced that if I rolled over there was going to be someone standing at the edge of my bed. After a minute, I got up the courage to roll over and there was nothing there…I realized the Lord had given me a hug! There was no promise of an easier life, no instruction on what to do – just a hug to let me know I was most definitely not alone, He was there with me then and is here with me now. No matter what my circumstance, I am never alone!

  45. 345
    Maureen says:

    My husband and I recently went through a difficult time that stemmed from circumstances…some beyond our control, others..not so much!! We tried to keep the issues to ourselves and did not include out family of faith. More specifically, our close circle of friends with whom we gave permission to speak into our lives. Well, needless to say, you can’t speak into someone’s life when you don’t know what the circumstances are…da!! Finally, it all came out into the light (don’t you just love our illuminating God)?? We spent a significant time on our knees and were absolutely magnetized to God!! Our beautiful…faithful friends stood in the trenches with us and Jesus blew us away in the way’s He used His word to comfort; teach; admonish and then lead us to victory in Him. There is still a struggle in this area from time to time. In fact, please pray dear Siesta’s because we’re back in the throws…but, certainly not defeated. We know…we remember…ALL He has done!!! He’s such a good friend!!

  46. 346
    Rachel says:

    Many instances of the “reality” of God in my life but to pin point the first (that I can remember as a young adult) would be in the living room floor of my apt crying out to Him to forgive me and save me. I grew up in church and had asked Jesus to come into my heart as a little girl but as the teenage years came I began drifting and drifted for a good 10 years. I am a prodigal daughter and He truly is the good Daddy who stands on the other side with His arms opened wide waiting for us to come back to Him. I have said it over and over throughout my adulthood and it seems that even as I get yet older it reverberates within me more and more that He IS truly faithful.

  47. 347
    nancy says:

    I have been blessed so much by God. I grew up in a Christian home and came to know Him at Bible Camp at the age of 12. I think it is in the hard times that God is so real me as He holds me. As a cancer survivor, I know He is the only reason I could have peace and hope through surgery and treatments. Then when my sister, my best friend ever, went to heaven it is only the Lord who got me through those days; 6 months later when her husband perished in an accident,
    it was the Lord again who was close and real and my strength! God is so good in the good times and in those times when I do not think I can cope, He is my Rock. He truly gives strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow! He is real.

  48. 348
    Kim says:

    There are so many things I could say, but there is one thing I know. I KNOW God IS real because He rescued me – from myself, from my fears, and from my past. Because of a betrayal by a loved one, which left me scarred emotionally, I lived a life of insecurity, fear, shame, guilt, and distrust. It caused me to isolate myself, closing myself off in a way that I did everything I could to be in control.I still functioned and engaged, but it was superficial at best. Like wearing a mask. Real, but not real. What I didn’t know at the time (BC and without true intimacy with Him), is that I was allowing the “ghosts” from my past to haunt my present and affect my future. It impacted me in such a way that I became emotionally and socially impotent. I was scared and scarred. But Jesus…He saved me. I met Him. He saw me and still loved ME. He told me, in His Word, who I was…and oh so much more. El Roi saw me and provided a Savior who purified me, gave me an identity, and a hope and future that was untainted by my past. Praise the LORD, my God! I now walk with Him daily. I pursue Him relentlessly. I need Him like breath for my body, food for my belly and salve for my wounds. I love Him! And He LOVES me. He really loves ME.

  49. 349
    Kelly says:

    I was a believer since childhood – but kind of on the surface and lacking deep relationship with the Lord. Something happened to me in my early 30s. On a business trip, the Lord spoke to me super super clearly how loved I am and how I am chosen and special to Him. It was like a love song that I cannot fully describe. The most intimate and wonderful day of my life. I suppose it was kind of like the feeling when I was 13 and the popular cute boy at school asked me to go with him. Or like I imagine it would feel if Prince Charming chose me and swept me away to be His! But take those kind of feelings and put them on steroids and that is what happened to me! It was so real it was palpable! Not long after that – we began a series of one family crisis after another (our oldest child went through depression, suicide attempts, etc.) God answered 1000s of specific prayers that just piled one after another and showed me and my hubby just how real He is. It was so frequent and so clearly God that it was somewhat scary, actually. We would pray for something specific, and the next day it would be answered in a way that could never be explained by coincidence or luck. Time and time again. I am 100% convinced that this God is real ~AND~ that what He says is true ~AND~ that He loves me Oh so much. Wow. I wish everyone knew this!

  50. 350
    Joyce Gortz says:

    There has been a missing piece of a puzzle in regards to my personal life history … I do not know who my biological father is. I had a legal father, a step-father, and a father-in-law, actually two of those in different seasons of my life. Having accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in my twenties, I did not know God as Father until my forties, when during a time of testing, God spoke inwardly to my heart saying, “I am the only Father you will ever need.” It was at that time something clicked in me — that God Almighty was also my heavenly Father. I finally began to seek, rely upon and celebrate this newfound father/daughter relationship I had always longed for. Yes, God is the only Father I need, and even during a series of tests and trials that came my way, I knew my Father God was always there for me. I praise and thank my LORD. Your sister in Christ, Joyce

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