Home From California!

Hey, my dear Siestas!

I hope you are well and blessed in an acute awareness of the presence of Jesus with you this Lord’s Day. Hawk and I are sitting on the plane heading back to Houston from Orange County, California. I am writing to you from an altitude of about 30,000 feet and there is nothing but a carpet of cottony clouds as far as I can see outside my window. The pilot just came on the speaker to tell us that we have thunderstorms ahead and that it could really be bumpy for the next 20 minutes (the mere suggestion to keep our seatbelts fastened always makes me suddenly die to go to the lavatory) so if I have a sudden lapse in my spelling or judgment, perhaps you’ll kindly attribute it to turbulence.

We’ve had such a great time this weekend with the people we were graced to serve. Our Living Proof Live was in a church this time – Mariner’s Church – and we were so incredibly happy to be back in a house God frequents. They were so kind to us. The sanctuary is very close to the size of mine back home (theirs around 3200, ours ever so slightly larger) so it was a size that feels homey to me. (I know that’s so odd for you guys that have never attended a mega church. It’s not what I would have chosen for myself years ago either but it was God’s will and, this many years later, a joy.) I told this group first thing that it’s always a relief not to feel like we have to get to that city arena as fast as we possibly can and ask God to sanctify it from God-only-knows-what-was-in-it-last. I say that with a smile and not with self-piety as I really do know that we, too, along with every environment of every gathering, can only be sanctified and prepared by God. We’re not one bit worthier of His gracious presence without Him making us so. In fact, I’m fairly certain from the Gospels that He’s more grossed out by a gathering of sanctimonious, self-righteous, proud Christians who presume He’s there than He is by a group that desperately needs Him there. He’s funny that way. I’m not saying He always attends the latter’s gathering, especially if it’s downright sacrilegious, but that He might be apt to zoom there a little quicker if asked.

I love the team I get to work with so much. You surely know after all this time and all these mentions that I love Travis Cottrell (if you want to say the last name right, put the accent on the first syllable) I guess as much as I would if I’d had him (really young). I hate for him to even read that because he gives me such a hard time. Then again, he doesn’t really like to read anything much longer than a tweet (Oh, it made me so happy to say that. It will temper the nice thing I said about him) so there is every possibility he’ll never make it far enough into this post to hear me say publically that I love him. But I do. I also love the rest of the praise team. Generally speaking, they are not as much a part of my life away from the events as the Cottrells but many of us have been together a number of years and we’re close. This weekend in Irvine, we really missed our buddy Seth (who is working on his masters and had a school thing he had to attend). If you’ve ever been to one of the other LPL’s, he’s the other male vocalist on the praise team and so much cooler than the rest of us that we can only stand back slack-jawed over his coolness. I’m smiling because I know he’s going to hate that I said that. He’s not trying to be cool. He just honestly can’t help it.  In his absence, however, we got to have Daniel, a worship leader at another great California church and another of Travis’s really good friends (he’s got a million in case any of us regulars turn against him). We loved him! (Daniel is who I’m talking about now. Try not to lag behind here.)

Now, if we could only get both Seth and Daniel up there at once, it would be almost more than the rest of us could bear. They’re both incredibly gifted. I’m so crazy about the women on the praise team: Lici (to help you picture who’s who, she’s the one who knocks it out on that lead in Travis’s version of “Victory in Jesus” and the one with the darkest tan unless I’m trying a new Sunless and it’s gone awry, which does unfortunately happen from time to time) and Julie (“Revelation Song “ and “How He Loves”) and Angela (oh, good grief, she leads on more than I can list but for a few, “Mercy Seat” and “El Shaddai”).  I am no less crazy about the guys. Besides the ones I’ve already mentioned, there are both Kevins (one on bass and one on the drums) and Alexis (who is Angela’s man and who plays the keyboard with such glad worship that I almost can’t take my eyes off of him, especially if he’s playing while she sings) and then there’s Wes.

I have to stop for a moment and smile about Wes. I love him so much. He’s one of our shier ones so you can imagine what a hard time everybody gives him. This weekend I nearly busted out laughing during the last segment of praise and worship (when it was really upbeat or I wouldn’t have felt the freedom to be laughy) and the camera got right in his face and he turned his (hair-free) head the other direction so they couldn’t capture his expression. You know how guitar players sometimes have to make certain faces to play really well? (I do it myself when I’m playing air guitar at home in front of the bathroom mirror.) He preferred not to be caught with one of those. And I understand and not just from playing the air guitar. From speaking and getting my picture taken or video frozen in the least possible flattery. But I don’t want to talk about it. And don’t you think for one minute I haven’t seen y’all talking about it in your comments to the video greetings so I know for a fact y’all make fun of me, too. Your very own Siesta Mama! Honestly, is there no dignity to be had around here???


OK, well, we’re about to begin our initial descent into the Houston area so I’m going to have to close and put my seat back and tray table into their upright and locked positions. For Heaven’s sake, I meant to get on here and say something of value. Instead I have just invited you into the mindless musings of my bleached blond head. I’ve bored you to sobs. I’m sorry. But I really have good highlights right now.

The real reason I started telling you about the weekend and everybody on the team is because I’m just in a really grateful mood. I even got to stay after the event with a dear friend of mine and go watch her 11 year-old daughter play basketball at the YMCA. All these things together in one weekend was almost more  joy than I could stand. I texted a picture of the game and scoreboard (we won) to AJ and Melissa and they both texted back with, “You are in your element, Mom!”

My heart is mush before the Lord right now. He has again answered the most important petition I ever place before Him: that He’d cause me to love Him and to love His Word and, secondarily (and scarily), to put me in whatever circumstances are best suited to set me up for those things. I say this just for today as I could wake up tomorrow and feel stale and stressed and numb and maybe even a tad ticked and not even sure at whom. I have no guarantees for tomorrow where my fickle emotions are concerned. We learned this weekend, however, not to worry about tomorrow so I can thank God with all my heart that this present day I feel love toward the One who loves me first.

From Charles Spurgeon this morning: Seek, O believer, that every good thing you have may be an abiding thing. May your character not be a writing upon the sand, but an inscription upon the rock!

Please, Abba Father.

PS. As only God could possibly have timed (perhaps He’s getting back at them for making fun of me), when I landed, I received a text with this picture of three of the guys from our praise team dressed to go…well, I guess, snorkeling. (They’re still in California.) I pray this is not their new singing ensemble but it does not look that unlike some of their other suits. Oh, that Trav would have been in this picture too!!

Kevin (drums), Kevin (bass) and, yes, my dear Wes.

I am so happy right now.


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  1. 51
    Siesta OC says:

    Oh Beth,
    Words cannot express how this weekend was for me and my mom. We were bathed in the HOLY SPIRIT!!!! MY mom has never attended your events live and this blew her blonde hair right back. In that beginning moment where you told us to tell the person next to us, ‘I am not responsible for you,’ my mom and I (who are very close – she has been a single parent with me, born again when I was 5 months and has raised me loving the LORD) looked at eachother and said with truth, ‘I am not responsible for you.’ I cannot tell you the thrill it was to know that sitting together there in the sactuary, I heard my mom receiving from the LORD on her own. Amen’ing and hearing and responding to her own walk and HIS words, as a daughter who loves her mama, it blessed me on a level that was so cool!!
    Secondly, there was a part in the beginning session on Saturday morning where it was like you were reading my mind. Every thing you spoke about being forgiven and wondering if we were really forgiven (I will tell you GOD was telling me in my Spirit to ask myself truthfully, ‘Do I feel forgiven?’ I had to write this in fancier terms, ie, In my walk with GOD…before I could finish writing, you spoke out clear as a bell, “DO I FEEL FORGIVEN???” I thought well that is what HE said, but for some reason i was trying to make it pretty. That is when the breaking free started. I have battled for two years+, Beth, with depression and then doubt and fear with the enemy’s attack. You spoke exactly where I was, having awaken from the sleep of being checked out and letting the enemy lead me to places that make me shudder, when i woke up, I was in bondage of fear of where I had been and in the biggest pit of shame and guilt. And then I could never feel like I was EVER truly forgiven, even though I had turned from my sin two years ago. I let the enemy train me to think that I had to make sure that I as forgiven for that second by repenting every second, but of course I didn’t so it right, so you can imagine that stress.

    That changed on July 10, 2010! I broke free from unbelief!!! How on earth I could speak freedom to others while I was in bondage? GOD in HIS MERCY used this servant and spared and saved her at the same time. I am free. Now the list of things that I have to still break free from are A LOT!!! I mean like, WHOA!

    But it’s a start!

    BTW, I got to get a picture with you, and tell you I broke free and you hugged me. 🙂
    You also held onto my arm when you first came thru the gate and was explaining about that wonderful surprise of us meeting you and you meeting us. That is the second time your annointed hand has been bestowed on me in the last 4 weeks!

    Thank you for coming to our neck of the woods, er, palms. We dearly love you! And I LOVE JESUS! How much more will my FATHER DO for HIS girl, apparently more than I ever realized!

  2. 52
    heather says:

    we are never bored with anything you say-i have kind of been in the dumps today so this was a most delightful way to end my day. thank you for loving Him and sharing with us, as always. you are so encouraging and this blog is just a down right a joy to read. so glad you made it back safely and had such a wonderful weekend.

  3. 53
    Becca says:

    bwahahahaha @ Wes! I bet he REALLY felt like Aquaman… nice super hero stance, but I am ashamed that he didn’t find a triton for the picture :-p
    This just amuses me on so many levels.

  4. 54

    My Chris and I do not pause you on purpose to get an awkward expression, but it seemed for awhile there that every single time we did it was…um…well..kinda…sorta…funny.

    ::Putting on the cone of shame now:: 🙂

    Love you much, Mrs. Beth. May this week bring laughter and joy with your beautiful daughters.

  5. 55
    Linda Matsko says:

    “Instead I have just invited you into the mindless musings of my bleached blond head. I’ve bored you to sobs. I’m sorry. But I really have good highlights right now.”
    I, for one, love when you do this, you help me feel normal. God bless you, Linda Matsko Indio CA

  6. 56
    Sheri... Ontario says:

    I can relate to the feeling of great highlights or a great colour… The best is a great cut, colour, and highlight… but… then again that costs some pretty big kachingage/coinage… LOL…

    Like you Beth, I pray that God would put a love in my heart for Him and for His Word that would grow exponentially day by day… I am struggling with this… struggling to keep consistant… I desire to know God in such a unique and personal way so that I can have a relationship with Him based on a love that is deep and intimate… no more of this surface stuff… I am now trying more often to seek answers from The Source… Jesus Himself… God the Father…. and the Holy Spirit…. (Although being a product of the microwave/fast food instant technology era I tend to like things easy, fast, wrapped up and I am good to go… lol… but I have found this approach does not work so good with God… He actually wants me to talk and listen to Him. There is no drive through window with God… even though I have tried this approach before with Him as well… I have imagined if the scenario was literal it would go something like this…

    I drive up

    God says “Sheri… Let’s get out of here… I am tired of meeting like this… aren’t you…. Don’t you want some real food… don’t you want some living water… I’ll meet you here if this is where you want to meet…. but seriously… I have so much more for you… Why don’t you come to my house for dinner… I am just sayin… you keep choosing kinda beef (burgers) over melt in your mouth prime rib with all the fixings… Ahhh do you see a difference… You could be dinning with the King having a feast… and all you want is a quick conversation through the drive through window and grab a ready on the run meal… that fills you for an hour or so and then your hungry for more… It never lasts… You don’t want a relationship… you want a “fix”… you want an instant buzz to get you through…

    Sheri… “Huh… ya ummm I am really busy today… I just thought I would zip in … grab a burger… that will get me through… I just wanted something thats fast, ready to go, feeds my carb craving… and I can EAT ON THE RUN… I promise next time I will have more time and I will spend more time with You … I promise… I just have to do this “thing” first and then I’ll be back…”

    God…”What are you running from Sheri?”

    Sheri…”Huh… what… running?”

    God…”What are you running from Sheri?”

    Sheri…”huh… wow… ummm…I have been so busy… so busy running… because I guess if I stop… even if I slow down… This thing… this feeling rises up in me… I am afraid to find out what it is… Maybe I am afraid that I can’t be what I want to be, and maybe I am afraid that You aren’t all You say You are…

    God… “then maybe… today instead of the drive through… lets meet at my house or yours… and lets just talk… one step at a time and see where this leads… Maybe I will surprise you and you will discover that I am nothing like you imagined… but maybe I am so much more…

    Beth… just also wanted to say… I am captivated on how you love God and His Word…. and how YOU CAN OVERTURN THE ROCKS OF COMMON KNOWLEDGE, REDUNDANCY, AND ARROGANCE, AND PRESENT SCRIPTURE FROM A DIFFERENT, REFRESHING LIGHT, THAT FINALLY BRINGS THE GIFT OF WATER TO THIS PARCHED, DRIED UP, AND HARDENED SOUL. My heart is not hardend towards God… that is not what I mean by parched, dried up, and hardened… I mean it is thirsty to know Him, not sure who He really is anymore or how to find Him myself (without bible studies and therefore without anyone elses interjections and opinions… correct or otherwise), and by hardened… I mean… life has, and is, hitting me with some very hard blows… by hardened I just mean I am guarded and not sure how to let Him in… all the way… how does that look…. what does that mean… anyway… wow… that was a long blah blah blah… And I DON’T EVEN HAVE TURBULANCE TO BLAME… LOL…. Most of you probably cut out in the first paragraph… lol…I don’t blame you… I was probably using this more as an opportunity to figure out where I was at after reading Beths 10,000 feet post… 10000 feet is a long post… HA HA HA


    Oh and Beth you said in your book that if you have to go as far as writing proverbs 31:25 or your hand to memorize it to do whatever it takes… I did my own take on it… I wrote out the scripture on the palm of my hand, took a picture of it with my cell phone… and then saved it as my wallpaper for my phone… (yes someone does have a wee bit too much extra time on her hands right now… LOL… but obviously being put to very good use!!!LOL) so everytime I look at my phone I read the verse over and over again… It’s awesome… I am going to keep doing it with different verses… But my hand is only so big and so is the screen on my phone… so I have to memorize within the confines of their boundaries… I don’t think I will be memorizing Leviticus in one shot…lol but one hand at a time… lol

    • 56.1

      I love this idea!! Beth you should have thought of this.

      I am so thankful for all that you do to further the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

      Stay safe.

    • 56.2
      Linda says:

      I love your drive-thru conversation, Sheri. It hits my heart. I think I’m longing for that longer, more deep and satisfying conversation and meal with my King. If I were to categorize, I’ve been parking at Sonic or eating in an Applebees. It’s not quite on the run, but it still doesn’t compare to talking and lingering at the table of a favorite loved one. I’m readyfor that.

    • 56.3
      Deb Weaver says:

      Your drive-through conversation was so accurate (of my life too!) I think though you’re moving in the right direction, and I’m praying to do so consistently too!

    • 56.4
      Rebecca says:

      I am so with you Sheri. I didn’t bale out half way through this blog because I feel hard too. I feel like the enemy is playing with me and won’t let me go to church. Crazy but I get ready and just can’t go.
      You are right. I don’t want Burger King. I want THE KING !!!!!!.

  7. 57
    Kathy says:

    Oh, Beth, Bless You and thank you for thinking of us as you “debrief” after your conference. I can’t imagine how you process this journey of yours, but we are all so grateful that you have been willing to encourage and share the ministry God has given to you-I was in Galveston and Houston this weekend for a wedding and the weather was great- the event a delight- an adult child of long time friends (over 35 years) – loved being in your part of Texas and yes, I did have dinner and lunch at Gaidos before the wedding- just can’t help making the extra trip for the best seafood-Kathy, Austin

  8. 58
    Rhonda says:

    Hello Beth!

    I’m not sure I could explain it……..everytime I read a random post like this, I have a sweet emotion come over me [sometimes tears]……something real and tangible…….which from a computer screen is kind of amazing : ) I think it’s love…..it just oozes from your being……for God…..for your family/ministry partners………for all those He has called you to serve.

    Blessings sister……….you’ve touched my heart many a time : )

  9. 59
    Kel says:

    Even though I’ve not been able to go to an LPL event, I feel like I know your team thanks to your descriptions! What a great group of people you have been blessed to work with!
    Thanks for sharing about your request to love God more than anything and to be put in situations that set that up. I need to learn to do that.

  10. 60
    Carolyn says:

    How Much MOORE can I say about this LPL live in Irveeen?! Seriously girlfriend…you were SPOT ON this weekend and I have to admit ” seriously in my business”. ok – don’t worry … I give ALL glory and honor totally to my Abba Father!! He incredibly showed UP this weekend where 3900 women (and a few brave men) met! But honestly you just are the most precious, energetic, passionate God- messenger with some seriously stunning highlights that I’ve ever known! And Travis and the Worship team gave their ALL in leading us to the throne room of our Heavenly Father every time they stepped on the stage (too bad that boy cannot sing eh?! jk) – what a refreshing joy for me personally as a worship leader to just be free to worship with no responsibilites…Hallestinkinlujah!! 😮 My BFF Ellen (our women’s Bible Study Leader) and I sat and processed all that God was “working on/in us” from our time in Luke 11:1-13 as we sipped coffee and munched on dessert last night – and let’s just say God showed up in that little French Cafe at South Coast Plaza…WOOT! Thank you for your boldness Beth…and your transparency, and your confessed A.D.D. tendencies, your peek into your struggles, joys, frustrations, and just being stinkin real with us as you humbly give all glory to God continually and passionatly PLEAD with us to BE IN THE WORD 24/7. We love that homework….(adding a #4..having a thankful Prayer (oops, conversation) time for just this day as we go to sleep) and we promise when the opportunity arises…we will sit up straight and RIDE THAT PONY BEE! Blessings and a much needed time of relaxing rest…or a Venti Latte w/an extra shot of expresso – whichever is best for you dear Beth!
    PS…our thankful list last night included our first Chick fil A experience… the management blessed us each with a free meal! YESSSSS… *happy dance*. Another “thanks” on that list was for those BFF moments where we completely lose it over the silliest thing that cannot be explained to anyone else…I know you know what I’m talking about!

  11. 61
    Madelin says:

    Beloved Siesta Mama~
    You and the team blessed us beyond measure this weekend. Worship was OUTSTANDING. My cup overflows with unspeakable joy. The grin from ear to ear so much that it hurts, jump up and down kind of joy. There were times I didn’t think I could hold another ounce and then another Word fitly spoken came ringing through. Your message was EXACTLY what I needed to hear & fresh water in a desert place.

    How much more???….with open hands I receive what our Wise All Knowing Loving Father gives. No more stones,scorpions or scorpions for me.

    Bless You for your servant heart and contagious love of Abba Father. Loving you to pieces.

  12. 62
    Carolyn says:

    Siesta Mama Beth
    I was overjoyed to attend LPL in Irvine this weekend. My 2 friends and I were in the Upper Room since the main sanctuary was sold out. Thanks for coming to see us, worshiping with us and beginning Saturdays message from the Upper Room. I was so blessed by your message from Luke 11 but was almost overcome with tears as you spoke of the bowls of incense which are the prayers of the saints in Revelation. Now when I say or read the Lord’s prayer I will think of your message and this past weekend in Irvine.

    This is Day 1 of our 21 days of homework. (I was in Raleigh at LPL the last time you gave out homework…yes I’m a Raleigh Girl) I find it easy to begin praying with ABBA Father and to use the Jacob’s ladder approach but I really have to think not to use the word Pray/Prayer. But by the 31st of this month I will have a new way to lift my voice to ABBA.

    Thank you for sharing your love of the Praise Team. I could picture each of them as you were describing them. I love to sing and worship with Travis and the team. I hope all of you return to Southern California real soon.

    It was so fun for the Siestas to meet with you and I look forward to seeing our group picture and the re-cap of the event by Rich.

    Love you dearly

  13. 63
    3kidsin3years says:

    This is EXACTLY what makes siestaville and keeps it real!!! For you and us!!! What an amazing God we serve that he would allow us such joy!!!

  14. 64
    3kidsin3years says:

    Also siestas you need to check out lifeways all access blog – there is a link on Beth’s page. They are giving away the leader kit to Priscilla’s new Jonah study.

  15. 65
    Shari says:

    Siesta Mama – Saw you this weekend and was UNDONE by the words spoken both by you and my Abba Father. That name sticks in my throat and on my fingers, but determined to reclaim the name as I do my homework the next three weeks. I have been privileged to see you speak many times and our whole group agreed on two things – one, you were so transparent and radiant we likened it to Moses. Somewhere over the last few years you have encountered the Lord in a way that has literally brought a fresh glow to your spirit. We were guessing it was through the valley, but oh my how His Spirit radiated from you…and two (as I wrote on Amanda’s blog) we all LOVED both the color and cut of your hair. You have never looked better – inside or out! On a final note as a girl from Big Sandy, Texas transplanted in California the Beverly Hillbillies references and clips still have me laughing out loud! Privileged beyond words to sit under your teaching in person…God will be pulling on this one for the forseeable future!

  16. 66
    Texas in the Mountains says:

    REAL men wear neoprene!


  17. 67
    Joy Freeman says:

    Went to buy Travis’ “Jesus Saves” CD for a 40 b-day gift. Using my native N.C. accent and knowledge, I asked for Travis COT-trell. The Clerk corrected me with Cot-TRELL. I said, if you are from NC, as I am, it’s COT-trell. He didn’t get it. Alas, he did not have CD either. When I left, he said he hoped I found the Travis Cot-TRELL CD.
    O foolish one, don’t correct a NC girl who knows of what she speaks. (Found the CD at Lifeway! Imagine)

    • 67.1
      Beth says:

      Amen to that!

    • 67.2
      Hilary says:

      I am glad someone has learned us northerners to the correct pronunciation of the Real Right Reverend Travis COT-trell’s last name. It has been bugging me whenever I tell people they have to get his albums that I can’t even pronounce his name right. 😀

      Travis COTtrell. Got it. I think. 😀

  18. 68
    Kelly S. says:

    That was so sweet 🙂 I pray for and love all of you guys. Your ministry has meant so much to me. This post just makes me super-excited for LPL Lexington!!

  19. 69
    Val in KY says:

    Call me weird, but I love your blond musings 🙂 and I’m a brunette!

    I think Travis and his team ROCKS! I break out into my own air guitar on “Victory in Jesus” and I’m sure I have an expression on my face that wouldn’t be worthy of a close-up either. Angela is certainly the best on “Mercy Seat”–that song has me out of my seat every time, hands raised in worship.

    See you guys next month at Rupp Arnea.
    Louisville, KY

  20. 70
    Lauren says:

    Thank you Beth

    Our Lord is so often found in the little things and beautiful idiosyncrasies we discover in other people. Your stories are never a bore. Always a joy.


    • 70.1
      Pamela Sheldon says:

      Beth – My group of ladies were SO blessed by you last weekend! How much more . . . YES! I want it all. Thank you for blazing the trail and lighting the way. Love to you and Travis and the Praise Team. You are all being lifted up daily.
      Love and Blessings . . .

  21. 71
    Tiffany M says:

    Well, I know this is well over comment #100 or so, but I just have to say to whomever gets this far down how much I love hearing/reading the absolute JOY of the Lord in this post. Makes my babbling before Him seem a little more “normal” (?!) I’ve heard Beth say so many times how she leaves it all at an event and comes back just tapped…I love that this joy is sustained. May He be delighted with it all. Lord-I recognize Your Hand and praise You for it. Be Glorified today.

  22. 72
    Dawn says:

    I love your mindless musings! what a hoot, and I think many will agree that they help us relate to you better 🙂 Besides, God is so awesome He can even work through your musings… the words you spoke of your fickle emotions…especially the part of feeling such joy one day and stale the next…helped soothe my hurting heart. I really struggle with crash and burning after my highs…especially spiritual highs. ie: I just spent 3 days at a spirit song fest and God showed up in such huge ways and it was so awesome to gather and worship with so many other believers, and God ministered to my heart on some things I have been struggling with. Sure enough, less than 24hrs later I find myself dwelling at the bottom of my pit. I know it’s coming and I try to fight so hard through prayer and His Word, but I have yet to have victory over it. Everytime I fail. Then, of course, I get all upset with myself over my failure.
    My constant prayer is to be able to consistantly walk in the joy of the Lord. To love Him more, to allow Him to sit on the throne of my heart rather than myself.

  23. 73
    Rene says:

    I had an awesome weekend in the Lord as well. I went home from work on Friday wanting a shot and a beer and mad that the devil was picking on me again. Got home to a husband that God has restored love with who held me while I hormonally cried. He (God) went on to lift me up from those depths as I prayed and spent my weekend in His grace. Last night I got to share fellowship with some awesome women and children at a cook out in preparation for VBS. Our God is an Awesome God.

  24. 74
    Judy Lynn says:

    Once again my daughter and I were blessed to be able to see you at Mariners this weekend. And once again, my Lord came and watched over the group of women who love Him dearly and ones who don’t even know who He is yet (I am so convinced in the power of “talking with God”, but especially the power of “speaking” WOMEN!) For the last several months, I have started each day by getting on my knees and “conversing” with my Savior…each day starting with “Good Morning Abba..I love you”. I am fortunate enough to work from home, and don’t start my day without my am “dialogue” to my Daddy in heaven, who loves and blesses me and my family beyond what we deserve. I have even been 1/2 way up the stairs, realized I hadn’t been on my knees yet and went back down and layed my heart before the Lord. I cannot start my days without giving Him thanks. Look what he gave us!!! It is the very least that I can do. What an amazing God He is. I am currently doing your Revelation study and the golden bowls of the saints prayers is exactly where we are in our study now…hmmmmm, bowls of prayers, Abba, power of prayer, for some reason I felt as if our Lord was speaking directly to me!!! I could feel His spirit move in me the whole weekend. God uses you in some miraculous ways. It never fails that when I leave your conferences I have been blessed with tears of joy and laughter and a feeling that God loves me more and more each day in spite of myself….Wow. It is such a hard thing to wrap your mind around, but once you do…you are so blessed and set free. Thank you for blessing us with your message and humility. Thanks to Keith for sharing you with us. See you in Fresno (where my daughter lives)in 2/11.
    P.S. Just finished a great book..The List by Robert Whitlow. Full of scripture.

  25. 75
    Sue Sattler says:

    How much more could this day really bring? and I thought of one myself….How much more deliberate could I be in appying God’s word? Irvine was amazing Beth. I went with my women’s Bible study class and we were blown away by God! The Spirit of God really fell fresh in that church! Thank you so much. Ps We are all doing the homework! Not saying the “P” word, we are communicating w/God 🙂 Jacobs ladder was such a great word picture, I will remeber it always! Abba Father, we honor you!!

  26. 76
    Georgia Jan says:

    Beth – you are in the most fun mood, truly your element, and I loved this post. I just love you and your team so much. The guys you mentioned were on my flight home to ATL from the Siesta Fiesta back in 2008 and I’ll never forget how genuine and kind they were – they even helped one of the siestas with her luggage. That’s when I discovered that Alexis was Angela’s husband. I adore her singing and love watching him play that keyboard! I just gotta believe one of the reasons God smiles on the LPL events and your minstry is the true kindred-spirit hearts of oneness that permeate from all of you.

    And Bethie – I do NOT laugh at your freeze frames. In fact, when we using “Loving Well” for our Fall Ladies retreat a couple of years ago up in the North Georgia mountains, I would purposefully find a beautiful pose to freeze you, and then I would get to “re-introduce our speaker.” We had the BEST time and I have been less-testy since.

    Oh my, I’ve gotta go – Zeke Morton is Skype-calling Gran Jan.

    Love you,

  27. 77

    Oh sweet seista mama your stories never bore me if anything they bring me think and draw me closer to the Lord. Thank you for reminding that the Lord ca be found in the little things you bless meand I love you so much.
    The air guitar thing does crack me up I have the nintendo wii and have the drums and guitar and I laugh everytime I play the guitar because I think of you.( smile) The Mercy Seat song I heard it twice this weekend on the radio as I was driving and thought of you all worshipping the Lord in Ivrivng California how awesome was that, that God would draw me in to worship with you all probably a 1000 miles apart but together in Spirit.
    Just had to share that with you and how awesome you are.
    Thanks again for sharing with us
    You have a great week seista mama and the Ruth study is soooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooo good.
    Love you all

  28. 78
    Carol Ryan says:

    As a Lady in Red at this weekends event, I would like to send a shout out to your team that so gently and sweetly wrangled all the volunteers. I especially enjoyed getting a chance to speak (and shop) with Candace.

    On a personal note, thank you for sharing your personal story. We are that family you were talking to. I called my Mom on the way home and told her what you said about God working a miracle and to NOT lose faith. We both cried but we are ready for a miracle.
    Love and blessings

  29. 79
    Marcia says:

    Thank you Beth.. I was in the “upper room” this weekend. Thank you for visiting us. I was being dumpy this morning and your message again came “Give us today our daily bread” and Thank you Lord for sending to me your Holy Spirit.. What in the world do I have to be dumpy about :)..the meaning is so real today.. thank you thank you. It was such a pleasure to see you in person. I was one by myself at the conference and it was just what the Lord had intended for me.
    Thank you for following Gods voice.
    much love

  30. 80
    Holly in MI says:

    I am reminiscing about how my girls playfully argue in the back seat of the car on how to correctly pronounce Travis’ last name. Now I can tell them with some authority on how it’s really done!
    Thanks for laugh this morning! Love you to pieces!

  31. 81
    Joybreaks says:

    Gurl, you a mess in shoes! (that’s an AL compliment btw) Lovin you and your meandering musings! Be blessed today!

    In Christ,
    Carol (still bein a redneck housefrau and lovin ever minute of it.)

  32. 82

    Beth–I am blessed beyond measure to have been a part of the event this weekend. Your message blew my socks off! I loved it. Thank you thank you thank you!!
    And God bless Travis for asking me to sing with him. I’m still reeling from this weekend…it was amazing. 🙂

  33. 83
    Amanda May says:

    Oh what a fun post…thanks for the laughs this morning!

    I had to read this line twice…“I could wake up tomorrow and feel stale and stressed and numb and maybe even a tad ticked and not even sure at whom”.
    I think it jumped out at me first, because it so perfectly describes the way I’ve felt lately…so hard.
    And second, because I wonder if Beth Moore has every really felt like this??? I just can’t imagine…but for some odd reason, it’s an encouragement to me.

  34. 84
    Nichole's Mom says:

    I was at the conference this weekend and after watching those guys “give it all” it’s so great to see them goofing off!!! Ms. Beth I just wanted to thank you for the words you shared with us this weekend. In the day and 1/2 I’ve been home I have been able to share them with no less than 5 people who needed to hear them! I love getting a word that ministers to me, but I LOVE when it’s one that God has me put into motion so quickly! The part about “Give us THIS day our daily bread”… And also that maybe sometimes we are asking for stones when God want’s to give us bread… Life changing! I also want to thank you for visiting with us Siesta’s. I’ve asked God to tell you how much I love you, but I’ve always just wanted to give you a good hug and I got to do that this weekend! I texted the picture of you and I to my mom who showed it to her friends at church yesterday… She called me to say that all her friends at church hate me now! LOL!

  35. 85
    Willie says:

    This weekend was such a wonderful blessing! It was exciting to experience your love for the Lord LIVE. It was wonderful to worship with so many believers, and I know lives were changed because of the lessons learned. Our group was double blessed, because it didn’t end at the conference for us. You see, Daniel is our worship leader at Ocean View Church in San Diego. The weekend started with you, then we had the pleasure of continuing to worship with Travis and his team on Sunday. Our choir were the ‘backup’ singers for them in a concert on Sunday, and were blessed to have him worship and sing for us during our morning service. Our kids choir sang ‘Praise the King” and ‘Shackles’ with us as well. Thank you for confirming the love of our Lord and teaching us that there we can talk to our Lord in a new and more intense way. The way that Jesus spoke with His Father.

  36. 86
    Happy Heart says:

    Delightful!! I just love it when our hearts our full of love for Jesus and for those closest to us. Sometimes, I just try so hard drink it in. We love you! Thanks for sharing your heart with us.

  37. 87
    Kathy B says:

    Thank you, Beth for trusting us with your mental wanderings. They always make me smile and feel like one of your “buds”. Does God get “grossed out”? Is neoprene the new cotton? Will I bore anyone to sobs today? Should I color my hair yet? Thanks to you these are the deep questions my mind will chew on today. And I’m so tickled.

    But more than anything else, you once again reminded me that I want my life to be irrevocably marked by loving God! And yes, in stone not sand. Makes me want to sing: “The wise man built his house upon the Rock…”
    Please excuse me while I go practice my air guitar accompaniment. (and yes, I had to look up the spelling on that one).
    Big hugs to siestas and Siesta Mama,

  38. 88
    Donna Jo says:

    I was in Irvine…rephrase…I was blessed in Irvine!!! Thank you for what Abba gave me through you, Beth! I had some big revelations that I so needed. My conversations with Abba had been lacking for quite some time due to me and my dissolutionment over a huge NO that came after 23 years of asking for a YES. I think I put it to rest, completed the business, so I can move on and get back to some real and healing talks with God. I have been to many Living Proof events over the years. All have been so good. But this one wasn’t just good, I felt the Holy Spirit there more than I ever have before at an event. And the closing worship was HOLY GROUND! I’ve never been in a room of 3000+ and stood in SILENCE! I think we were all listening to what ABBA was saying to us and didn’t want to miss a word! I didn’t want it to end. It is imprinted on my heart. Thank you and your team for pouring yourself out for me! I am changed. I am back.

  39. 89

    Speaking as a fellow sanguine, this whole post made sense to me. It resonated with me, you might say.

    And yes, God is so good. Even reading about His goodness to other people causes me to want to throw my hands up and dance around the room. What extravagance.

    (Even to men in wet suits. Lord have mercy, but after living in San Diego for 10 years, I can tell you that’s church attire in Southern California. Was that picture taken on Sunday morning?)

  40. 90
    Becky says:

    Ha-ha-ha- good to hear from you,and know you have arrived home safely.
    Here’s a laugh for ya….when you mention the pilot announced about landing and putting your seat in a upright position and such…I began reading faster….ha-ha-ha-ha-
    Good to hear from you, even your ‘just thoughts.’

  41. 91

    Flying and Singing at high altitudes can cause alot rain of praise and worship in the Lord! Amazing grace!

  42. 92
    Jan Witt says:

    I love to read your post when you wander a bit. It shows your human side and I feel so lucky to be able to get to know that side of you also.
    I visited a mega church yesterday. I have been to theaters with much less seats! But oh my was the worship ever awesome! I felt like I was at a LPL event. It was totally awesome. Glad you made it back from California. I know the ladies there were truly blessed.

  43. 93
    Terry says:

    I love posts like this…your joy is contagious and joy is something we need to share more often :o)

  44. 94
    Jennifer says:

    I made this my prayer today. Thank you, Beth!

    O God, “cause me to love (you) and to love (your) Word…Put me in whatever circumstances are best suited to set me up for those things.” Amen.

  45. 95
    Linda says:

    “My heart is mush before the Lord right now… I say this just for today as I could wake up tomorrow and feel stale and stressed and numb and maybe even a tad ticked and not even sure at whom.”
    I loved reading this! This past Friday I couldn’t tell God enough how much I love Him and how thankful I am for all He has done and is doing in my life; the very next day I was a sad mix of crabby and teary without a hormone in sight to account for it. Isn’t God so tender and good to love us with us despite our ridiculous selves?!

  46. 96
    Anna says:

    Mamma Beth, I’m happy you are happy. 🙂

    Linda, I couldn’t agree more! I’m so thankful our LORD loves us despite our ridiculous selves. ‘Cause boy can I be an emotional mess at times. Grin.

  47. 97
    Deb Weaver says:

    Thank you for engaging in “small talk” with us! As we learned in the He Is video series, small talk is huge!!

  48. 98
    bamagirl says:

    thank you Beth for your posts. They are always grand whether they make up think, cry or as the case was last night, crack totally up. I too was on a plane just a couple hours behind you flying north and the clouds were so beautiful until my ginger ale started traveling across the table tray by itself. And there I was trying to read the Bible and listen to Travis sing in my ears with my ipod. You by all means did not bored any of us to tears and never do. I also laughed to myself about your blonde hair and the reference un So long insecurity about how many colors you have in your hair, because just this weekend, my friend ask me how many highligts and colors does my hairman put in mine. My reply “the same number Beth Moore has in hers”. WIth all that said, keep on writing the blogs, we never tire of your wonderful stories, your love for Jesus and most of all your love for all the people you so freely minister too.
    We love you momma Beth

  49. 99

    You know what’s so interesting to me Beth, and everyone…and I want to say this right; God has overwhelmed my heart with His Spirit so much this week, and it was in my alone time just with Him. I was reading a book, and I just started to bawl. I just finished some precious prayer time with my friend as we prayed over church prayer requests…and I have to say that God definitely will use us where we are.
    Ha, I can repeat what you said about the prayer of Jabez:) How maybe God wants to enlarge the territories we are already in…yep, who would have thought!
    But I want to say that I LOVE the LPL and DS conferences, but its so important to really pray for the same kind of fire in our own churches, and to let God overwhelm our hearts the same as if we were at a conference.
    So even though I of course did not attend LPL California:) God did His own working here:) I think He is so awesome like that, and what He shared with me I will share with all of you, ” I will sustain you in everything.” Paraphrased by Him:) from Psalm 55:22…

    Anyway, I thought I would just mention that:)


  50. 100
    Barbara Head says:

    The picture looks a little like Star Trek–“beam me up, Scotty”. Ha! Ha! You have such a knee-slapping good time with the Lord laughing right along.

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