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Hello friends. I just got home from a fun morning with the LPM crew. Beth was interviewed on Great Day Houston at the CBS studios. Her segment is about the new book, So Long Insecurity. Mom’s portion won’t air for a few weeks, but most of my wonderful co-workers were there in the audience for today’s live show. You may have even seen them! Several of our girls were made to sit on the platform, front and center. When we were on our way there, Sabrina sent us a text message saying they had been moved to the stage and were feeling insecure. It made us laugh really hard. Our dear sisters who just happen to like being in the background were the ones who ended up on camera the most. Oh, the irony! Debra Duncan was a gracious host and we were thankful for the opportunity to get the word out about the new book. We are praying for God to use this message to free many women from insecurity. Some may even be introduced to Jesus for the first time.

I’m switching gears now. This is going to be one of those random posts that I’m known for.

Jackson has had a double ear infection this week. We’ve been very blessed not to have to deal with a lot of these, thank You Lord. But early yesterday evening I began to feel some pain and pressure in my own ear. We went over to my parents’ house for dinner and by the end of our time there, my ear was stopped up and hurting pretty bad. It gave me a lot of sympathy for my boy.

When we got home Curtis pulled out that infamous little watering can slash tea pot that some of you know and love. Yes, it was the neti pot. If you weren’t here for our previous discussion of the neti pot, you should read this. Did he even ask me? No. He just started mixing the saline solution and giving me instructions.

“What? I am not doing that!”

“Yes you are.” He spoke with authority.

For some reason I lost my will to fight.

I made him leave the room and shut the door behind him. I know he wanted to watch but it was too weird.

So I did it. I wish I could say it wasn’t awful, but it totally was. I felt like I had just taken a ride through the ocean with Flipper, but without the amusement of being best friends with a dolphin.

Afterward I found out you’re not supposed to use the neti pot when you have ear pain. Awesome. It was in that moment that I humbled myself even further and poured Similasan Children’s Ear Ache Relief into my ear. It helped!

In the neti Pot’s defense, I should say that my sinuses felt much better this morning. However, if I were actually speaking to you and not writing, my voice would be unusually loud because I can barely hear a thing out of the right side.

Alright, enough of that.

I have some news that I have been putting off sharing. I’m just going to blurt it out, like pulling off a bandaid quickly. We are not doing the Siesta Scripture Memory Team in 2010.


Are you still there? I hope so. We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately and we knew we needed to get you up to speed. Forgive us for taking so long. We’re still just getting back on our feet around here. First let me say that we’re so sorry to those of you who are disappointed. If you were hoping to join in this year, you might want to consider rounding up a group of girlfriends to do it together. Mom says she learned years ago that specific (and challenging!) commitments like those need a beginning date and an ending date or people tend to drop out or lose interest. Most people have a hard time keeping something like that up indefinitely. She says we’ll probably do it again in 2011 if we still have significant interest but, since we’d committed to exactly one year on the blog, we needed to take time to celebrate it with our original team, let everyone have time to fulfill other commitments, then get back to it next year. Thank you for your cooperation!

Finally, isn’t our new blog design adorable? Kelly from Fabulous K Creative did it for us as a gift. Wasn’t that sweet of her? She asked if she could surprise us with the design and I said yes. I’m so glad I did! I love how cheerful it is. Kelly, thank you for blessing us!

Have a great Friday, everyone!


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