Cries For Mercy

My Dear Siestas,

We’re having the same conversations in our family that many of you are having in yours. Melissa called me a little while ago and said, “You don’t sound good, Mom. What is it?”

I told her I was just standing in front of the television screen still trying to wrap my mind around the ever-worsening horror in Haiti. She then said, “That’s just what I was calling to talk about.” While we were on the phone, Amanda called and we also shared our heart sickness over the unimaginable tragedies there.

Melissa mentioned that the more she watched, the more hopeless she felt and that suddenly she grasped hold of the obvious: “I don’t have to just sit here feeling like there’s nothing I can do. I can find a way to give.” Amanda and I agreed that doing something tangible to help – like getting down on our knees in believing prayer and back up on our feet to open our checkbooks – might be the only way we three Moore women can sleep tonight.

Many of you already have avenues for giving to disaster relief. Others may not know exactly what to do. Compassion is already in active operation toward aid for Haiti and so is World Vision. You can also get on the official Red Cross website and give online. Go to then look for “donate” and choose “International Response Fund.” You’ll see Haiti specified there. I know for a fact that many of you are financially strapped right now and you might be looking for a way to make a vital contribution but one that won’t put you further in the hole. Perhaps this ready option might work:

Text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts. It will be charged on your cell phone bill.

On any given day, around 10,000 independent visitors come to this blog. Ten dollars may not sound like a lot until you multiply it that many times over. Sister, if you don’t have an extra dime to help, God knows the desires of your heart and esteems your powerful intercessory prayer. Let’s just not sit here and twiddle our helpless thumbs. Join us as we cry out for mercy.

And miracles.

I am honored to kneel alongside each of you and band together as a group and give.


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