Amanda’s Top Ten for the Week

1) We’ve been working with Jackson on staying in his seat while he eats instead of getting up and down incessantly. This has involved teaching him to say “May I be excused from the table?” when he’s finished eating. Somehow this question got twisted in his sweet little mind and it came out as, “May I be burped?” After several days of this and many laughs, we finally realized that he’s confusing this with saying “excuse me” after he burps.

2) Annabeth pulled up for the first time on Monday.

She also climbed a few stairs last night. (This wasn’t the moment, but now you can picture it.)

3) I finished my Christmas shopping with no in-mall meltdowns from the children…or myself.

Speaking of meltdowns, I tried taking a Big Pink Bear picture with Annabeth this week and she had a big one. She almost threw herself off the chair twice.

So we moved into the crib for a side-by-side picture.

4) Jackson was in his first school performance. He was so cute on stage! He seemed a little overwhelmed by the audience and distracted by the large screens, but eventually he sang the songs and and did the motions. This picture is terrible, but he’s on the right side in the gray sweater with red stripes. I’m happy to tell you there was no nasal passage exploration.

Annabeth clapped through every song.

5) I bought Annabeth’s “Baby’s First Christmas Ornament” and we added several new Jackson-made ornaments to our tree.

6) Jackson and I baked and decorated gingerbread men.

I gave one to Annabeth, who is very lucky to be the second born child.

I obviously share my mother’s talent for decorating with icing.

Remember her HBA (Happy Birthday Amanda) cake?

7) Last night we went to my mom’s house to eat with her and help decorate the tree. While Curtis and I were searching the attic for the stockings, I found a trunk of old stuffed animals. One of them was My Pet Monster. Anyone remember those? I brought it down for Jackson and he thought it was the coolest thing ever.

8) Jackson watched Mary Poppins for the first time. I noticed that Mary didn’t look very old anymore. Upon researching it, I discovered that I am now one year older than Julie Andrews was in the movie.

9) Annabeth finally got a second tooth.

10) Jackson got to help Bibby decorate her Christmas tree. This was his first time to get to help, so it was very special.

He handled the ornaments very gently and told a story with each one. For instance, these were “last year’s birthday grapes.” Hmmmmmm….

That’s all for now! Have a great weekend, Siestas!


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