A Little Late

My friend Debra wrote about her Tuesday night Bible study experience last week. I asked her to let me share it with all of you and she was sweet enough to say yes. Debra was the photographer who made the Inheritance slide show for our blog last spring. I appreciate that she’s helped me convey what our Tuesday night Bible study is like in photographs and now in written images.

Houston Girls, this is in honor of you and everything you do to make it to Bible study. We know it isn’t easy. We love you!

A Little Late

I was running a little late to bible study last night.

And so were some others.

In the midst of the craziness I could not help but smile from ear to ear.

The drive for me is about 30 or so minutes. Not too bad. I was super excited when somehow, even though I left late, I made it by 6:30 (start time). Then I realized that I was not the only one who might have gotten a late start. The car line was long and all my normal parking spots were full. The music went up, a quick “I am here” text to Lindsee was sent, and the wait began. All was going fine until the dreaded moment that my bladder started speaking to me. And please read speaking in a LOUD voice. Maybe even loud with a little screaming tension. Another text was sent to Lindsee: “Please pray my bladder holds up.” I am pregnant. I started to really worry about my, uh hem, problem, and the walk from wherever I would end up parking.

I rolled down the window and asked the Mr. Nice Police Officer about the nearest restroom. The look in his eye was almost enough to laugh about. I am guessing his reaction came from the dead serious plea in my very own eyes. “Uh, ma’am…” and basically with his eyes he said, “Nowhere close…” My best bet, he says, is to get out of line and go to a fast food joint a couple blocks back. I do it. And I laughed a lot. All by myself, laughing my head off, and trying not to go.

Uneventfully, I made it to the restaurant. And then I made it back to the line that I had waited in for 45 minutes. By now, the praise and worship portion was over and Beth was teaching. The line was still long. The women were still walking up in their fast-as-I-can-walk-in-heels pace. Finally, I made it to the last parking garage. The police officer comes to my window to share the news that the garage is full. Full, as in there is NOWHERE else available to park. No more garages to drive to or to wait for.

I spot a bunch of cars heading into a neighborhood. I decide to follow. I park along a street, making sure to obey all traffic laws, I hope. Finally I am there, sort of.

Grab the purse, Bible, and lock the door. As I started walking I noticed the people in front of me and behind. Some where on their cell phones, some chatting with friends, one crying over a bad day, but all headed in the same direction.

Together, we walked the blocks to the church. Time did not stop us. Full garages did not stop us. Even bushes did not stop us.

As I finally reached the church my smile was the largest it had been in some time.

I LOVED just being in this place where God pulled so many hearts together. It was all about Him. This generation of women are hungry for their God. It was crazy. It was beautiful. It was a lesson all on its own. My heart was happy just to be in the presence of these fellow crazy women who would come laughing and crying, hungry and tired. We were not going to a concert, we were not even going to see Beth, as lovely as she is, we were going to meet with God, to praise with our sisters, and to be reminded that yes, indeed, He LOVES us. And we love Him.


Today I am sporting some blisters from wearing my happy shoes. Every time I feel them I smile and remember the sights of last night.

I made it to my seat at 7:30. It was an adventure, for sure. Note to self: next week, don’t be late. All is well. I will treasure the moments and the lesson.


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  1. 51
    DigiNee says:

    I missed this —– what a sweet post – and last night was amazing – was so glad to be back from vacation – the chapel was jam packed for the make-up lesson! Woo-hoo!

  2. 52
    Emmy says:

    Love it! : )

  3. 53
    Yvonne says:

    I don't live in Houston, but oh how I wished I did!!!! (little far to drive from Kentucky) Since I tend to run a little on the late side, I'm sure I would have been one of the ones hiking to the building. And don't even get me started on the whole bladder issue….and I'm NOT pregnant.

    Beth, how is it I can feel so close to you and love you and your girls and I've never even met you??? God is so good!!! Thanks for sharing your love of the Savior (as well as your life) with all of us. You are a true blessing!


  4. 54
    Anonymous says:

    My first teaching job was on the 4th floor in an old elementary building. Guess where the bathrooms were? Yes, they were on the first floor. I am surprised I never tripped trying to make it down the stairs in record time at recess. May God bless you and your determination to hear His word!

  5. 55
    Lindsey says:

    Oh I am so glad this story was shared! I miss my Tuesday night bible study with you Houstonians so much (even the long walks to and from the car in the heat and rain and cold!)! I am here in OKC but with you in spirit. And ladies, I have to testify that EVERYTHING that the Lord equips us with via Beth's Tuesday night bible study WILL be used! I feel as though the Lord took me to Houston to learn and grow and has now sent me off with my husband to minister and teach.

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