Just Got Home and Saying Hi

Hey, Siestas! How are my favorite bloggers on God’s green earth?

Keith and I just got home from our cactus ranch about six hours from Houston. I joined him there on Thursday because he’d been gone for several days and I missed him like crazy. He’s been putting in a bunch of new water lines and troughs for our wild game (that means animals in case you’re not familiar with the terminology) and was basically stuck until the job was finished. Hence, I headed West. You tend to get more attached to your mate when your kids are grown because you’re all you have left within your own four walls. It’s really important that you darling young wives and moms remember that one day, God and couple-willing, it will be just the two of you again. It will happen before you know it and, if you don’t have anything left, it’s hard to know where to start again. It’s one reason some folks just start all over but there’s no need. There are all sorts of adventures to have together. Just keep investing. Anyway, I didn’t mean to get off on that subject. Today I mean to just chat with you about nothing.

Needless to say, I took my laptop with me so that I could sit on the porch and work on the (overcoming insecurity) book. I’m all the way to chapter 11, praise You, Lord. I’m guessing I have about five more to go. I hope to have the creative part of the writing wrapped up in a month and then the editing madness begins. Writing is not for the fainthearted or those with a strong affinity for instant gratification. Or, come to think of it, for those who can’t take criticism. It is a hard profession that you only want to take up if you absolutely can’t keep from writing to save your life. That reminds me, I read the coolest book recently by Jerry Jenkins called Writing for the Soul and it’s penned specifically to writers OR to those who think there might be a writer deep inside somewhere. If that’s you, you ought to think about grabbing a copy. I think you’d be so blessed. I read constantly but I can’t say I’ve ever read anything specifically on writing before. I enjoyed it like crazy.

If you really want to write, you might think of tracking down some cactus and pulling up a lawn chair next to it. But not too close in case you doze off. A simple landscape is sometimes best of all. Our little piece of Texas is a great place to write because it’s out in the middle of absolutely nowhere and all you can hear are birds, crickets, cows (on the ranch next to us), sheep (mostly on the ranch next to us and a few on ours), dogs (definitely ours), rattlesnakes (unfortunately also ours) and Keith’s John Deere tractor.

When I’ve written about all my blond brain can handle, I go riding with Keith, Star (Border Collie, for you new ones), and Geli (Bird Dog, also for you new ones) in our broken down jeep with old fashioned air conditioning that comes from holes in the floorboard. We look for any animal or critter we can possibly find. This time we got to see a baby bobcat, 2 feral cats, 2 armadillos, and I have no idea how many deer. The sweetest thing of all is that we came upon a mom who’d just dropped a fawn. It was the most precious little thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Keith said it could only have been a few hours old. We scurried off quickly so we wouldn’t upset them but I went back later to make sure the mom hadn’t abandoned him. I reckon I’d have tried to feed him with a bottle and take him home with me. It would be so fun to have a pet deer in the back yard of the ministry. No, I’m not too serious. Maybe just a tad serious.

Oh, and Keith killed a rattlesnake in the barn. He was reaching right down toward it to move an old tire when he saw it. The ugly thing was rared up and ready to strike but didn’t make a sound because its rattler was missing. We think one of the feral cats probably bit it off in a fight when it was much smaller.

The temperature really skyrocketed there this weekend and I must have mildly complained because Keith piped up with, “Why don’t we go swim in the river?”

“We don’t have our swimsuits!”

“Baby, can’t you swim in shorts?”

“I don’t know if I can or not. I’ve never thought about it before.”

“I bet you can. Let’s go get in and see if you float.”

So we blew up a couple of tubes then Keith cut a pair of his Wranglers off at the knee (Big Mama, does this sound like your man? I think our men are twins separated at birth). I put on my gray running shorts and we headed to the San Saba river not far from our place. We splashed and talked and dreamed and planned two or three more grandkids and had the greatest time. My firstborn loves water so much. I pined for her the whole time. No, I didn’t get my hair wet. I twisted it up in a clip because he’d said he was taking me to dinner afterward. It was one thing to swim in my shorts. It was another thing entirely to go into town with river hair. Not on your life.

I can’t get internet there (or cell service) which is one reason it’s a great place to write but I invariably miss being out of touch with Siestaville. Melissa called me and told me about the blog she posted (the one right before this one) and gave me a run down of a number of your responses. I could hardly wait to get home and take a look for myself. She and I both marveled that God has given us such a tremendously diverse community here. What a rarity in this polarized world! How many communities of believers like this do any of us get to be part of? We are blessed indeed. It’s so incredibly boring just to hang with people exactly like ourselves.

One Lord. One Body. Five thousand people and one fabulous time.

Amanda, Melissa, and I love you so much.

PS. I nearly flipped over that Esther cake. Unbelievable!! Now, THAT took some talent!


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  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    Oh my. Not river hair!

    You make rattlesnakes sound like normal. I would be freaking out and not sleeping if I knew they were on my property.

    I wish my hubby would dream with me. He's so durn, I don't know, not a dreamer. I'm sure he wishes I were less of one. I've always, always, got a "hey honey, why don't we…" whatever new thing I'm inspired by/fill in the blank at any given time.

    I love this blog.

    PS-just started Esther with my small group yesterday. Wow, just in the intro the statement about women getting in the way of women's relationships. That'll preach.

  2. 2
    Joan says:

    Glad to hear you had a good, relaxing time! I have had people tell me I should write a book, but when I sit down and try, it sounds corny and forced to me. Maybe some day… I was jazzed on Friday I had an awesome morning with God, and I went to the grocery store where to my delight the very Cookie/brownie bar mixes Amanda talked about on the blog were on sale! I bought 2 boxes so I could make a 9×13 pan of them. I'll try and get to it tomorrow. Have a wonderful week! All of you are never far from my thoughts and prayers! Love you! Joan

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the great post Siesta Mom!!! That Esther cake "took the cake"….that was to fabulous. Sounds like you and your man had a great "bonding" time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Most of your time sounded great, until you mentioned the rattle snakes….that did me in. I guess I will stay up in NO MI and freeze my bottom off. We are 10 to 15 degrees normal for this time of the year. Yikes!!! With out longer winter this year I am so looking forward to warm if not hot temperatures. I did hear North Dakota got two inches of snow on Sat….Bless you people up there. That is not exactly my idea of a good time at the beginning of June. Our God is so good, He puts people just where they belong. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Blessings to all of you Siesta's out there. I pray you all have a great week.
    Bible Bunny in NO MI

  4. 4
    Stuart and Sarah Creamer says:

    I love to just get away and be. Here lately I haven't had really the chance to do that…and when I do, I just can't seem to be. I find myself just asking, questioning, bargaining and just begging God to allow this cycle of IVF to work. We have been going through infertility and have tried invitro 3 times. This time this month will be try #4. I have had issues with my hubby's parents and his brother- his brother has 2 children 3 months and 3 years that he cares nothing about and doesn't want to grow up and take responsibility. He has everything I want…I just can't be. It is so hard. Please pray for peace and this bitterness to go away. I am so tired…I need to just be!!!!

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Love this post! I am at that time in my life where it's mostly my man & me, but today all the kids & my darling grandson (the love of my life) were here to swim & grill. Beth! Can't wait to see you here in Pittsburgh!!!!! My prayer partner & I will be on the intercession team. We are on our knees this 30 days of prayer for you and for revival in our city.

  6. 6
    Theresa says:

    Welcome back Mama Siesta! Your girls took good care of us while you were gone. I would love to write but I keep asking God to give me several thoughts to string together that would make sense to anyone but me and I'm still waitin'! Tough weekend, my baby
    (2nd of 2 boys) left this weekend to go play baseball on a team in Miami! Nine hours away. I've cried all weekend. My husband and my 1st of 2 went with him to watch the games and hand him off to his very capable coaches, I hope! Thinkin' the fuss I would have made when he got on that bus after his weekend games would have been worse then heading into town with "river hair." But I agree with you about investing. We have always been very conscious about this time that would be upon us before we knew it and I so wanted to just "dig" this man of mine after all the hardwork was completed. Ok so we are not finished yet and 2nd of 2 will be back to finish his senior year next year (woot, woot!) but we are getting a little more time to ourselves during the week this summer and as much as I am aching for that baby of mine back I am going to be a doing a little more investing in my other baby! Thanks for the encouragement! We all love you and are so thankful for your blog. I got my book yesterday before Lifeway closed and I can hardly wait to get the summer bible study started. (hearing the song "Let's git it started…" in my head!)
    Blessings Mama Beth and may God continue to pour out His blessing and favor all over you and everyone else there!


  7. 7
    Rhonda says:

    Sounds like a great time away! Hubs wants to move west but I am not so eager for all the very animals you listed. You have true hunter's wife lingo down "dropped a fawn" – you will have to explain that to our non-hunting wives- although they can probably guess! Thanks for keeping us posted:)

  8. 8
    Lopsided Halo says:

    So glad you got to take some time to "chillax" (chill and relax)…and glad you made it back safely!!!

    We missed you mama Beth!!!!

  9. 9
    Heather says:

    Hey Beth!
    You are so right about writing not being for the faint hearted. I'm in the middle of writing my first book. I'm writing about the names of God. Could anyone suggest where I can get the Greek and Hebrew definitions and explanations on the names of God???
    Heather ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Beth,

    You must have written this blog specifically for me today. I've been struggling with writing. Specifically, God has been calling me to write, and well, I'm finding it difficult. Funny thing, I remember I once told a friend that when I had kids I wanted to stay home and write. I hadn't a clue what I was talking about! I found the blog encouraging. Thanks so much. I'll see about picking up the Jerry Jenkins book.

    With much gratitude from Minnesota.

  11. 11
    Anonymous says:

    Mama Beth,

    So good to hear from you! I wish I could come be at another LPM…Seista Fiesta has been way too long!!

    Just wanted to tell you I think about you and pray for you and your sweet family often!!

    Bless you and sleep well in your "city bed". :0)

    Kate in Charlottesville

  12. 12
    Jina says:


    I loved hearing how you are. Thanks for catching us up! I could so identify dreaming with your man. Picturing you in your running shorts on the river (with the hair clipped), made me only ask one question. What was the temperature of the water?

    Love you much!

  13. 13
    Bitsy says:

    Hey, Bethie! Glad you made it home! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the tip on the "Writing for the Soul" book. I will see if I can find myself a copy.

    Please pray for me. I have stepped out into a new ministry territory in the past couple of months which involves a blog for women and a facebook ministry group for Young Widows. God has been moving and I am thrilled to pieces at the responses!

    Tonight, I boldly (yes, BOLDLY), shared the gospel message as my post!!!!! Please pray for the women who will read my ramblings who may not already know the Lord!

    Thanks, Beth! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. 14
    Karen Spears Zacharias says:

    So glad that snake didn't take a bite of Keith before he gave it the smack down. I survived a water moccassin bite years ago…

  15. 15
    Lina says:

    Oh my, thank you for this word! My husband and I are struggling to reconnect ever since our kids left home…not one is married yet and there are no grandkids and so I totally GET having those kinds of dreams! He and I have been through a rough couple of years and I know God has purpose in what He's allowed us to experience (and what He's brought us through), but my husband doesn't really see that yet. I am praying for a renewed interest in this marriage of almost 31 years!

    Thank you for the book recommendation…I will definitely be checking it out!

  16. 16
    Big Mama says:

    No doubt about it. They are twins separated at birth. What's that old saying? "You either shoot it, stuff it or marry it. "

  17. 17
    lori says:

    Welcome back….Love your ranch stories as always

  18. 18
    Anonymous says:

    I smiled when I read your commentary on writing. Yes, that about sums it up….only start that journey if your feet can't bear to stay off the path. But, can I just share (anonymously, since my agent says I have to keep it hush until the ink is dry on the contract) after seven long years of training to write novels, I just learned my manuscript sold. My first book will be on the shelves in early 2011! I am like a helium balloon bopping off the ceiling. Speaking of husbands…mine cried right along with me at the news. No one but that sweet man knows the hours I've spent at a computer.

  19. 19
    LaVon Baker says:

    I just loved this post. Love the Hill Country, but not the rattlesnakes, thank you very much. I just started "Stepping Up" study and already in the first week, God has taught me oodles about 'down is the way up!'
    This whole study is about our relationship with our Lord and Master. Who knew the 'ascent of the pilgrims to Zion' was packed with so much symbolism in regard to how our relationship with Christ begins and grows.
    This is so exciting. Thanks for writing it, Beth. I praise God that God showed you 'down is the way up' and led you to share that with us.

  20. 20
    Dionna says:

    Oh, Beth! I do love you so! I am like your soul-sister when it comes to hair! I am forever being teased about not getting my hair wet or not messing it up. It feels validating to hear someone else talk that way. ๐Ÿ™‚ Don't get me wrong – I love to have fun and if you see me after I've been four-wheeling you will see flatter hair than anything but I love me my fake curls!!

    And you are going to town on that book! Wow – I'm impressed.

    I do love to write. But I only write well when I have something in me that needs to be said. It can't be forced. I'll have to remember to look that book up – thanks for the recommendation.

  21. 21
    Aunt Rhody says:

    Hi, back at ya. Nothing like an escape to TX countryside for clearing the mind and getting in touch with God. If nothing else, the heat and the rattlesnakes will extract a shout out to God.

    I won't be doing the summer study this year, because I feel drawn in a different direction. However, I can't wait to read the blog and see what God is doing with the Siestas.

  22. 22
    Bobbie says:

    Your quiet little place sounds wonderful! EVEN with all its critters–it sounds like the perfect place to hear everything around you and let it sink in. Our Creator still amazes me on a daily basis!

    There are 60 acres right behind our back fence that is leased for cattle grazing, a fact we didn't know when we bought our lot, but has turned in to the most peaceful time of my day when the cows stroll by. We have deer quite often, rabbits, armadillos,and raccoons that we're at war with over our bird feeders. We blamed the squirrels until one night at midnight we saw 3 raccoons in the tree–unscrewing the feeder to get it on the ground!! Smart little dudes!!

    We have all this beauty just a few miles off the highway in College Station-I'm thrilled with this new place God has placed us in. I love being back in Texas, it's been a long 36 years away, but that makes it all the sweeter being back and we're still young enough to travel the backroads when we get the hankerin'!

    Happy writing, Beth! Keep up the awesome work, you have a real gift that touches so many women. I can't wait to see what comes from Melissa's blog yesterday. We are a diverse bunch with a very common interest–our Savior! Wow!
    Sorry this got so long…

    Love y'all, Bobbie

  23. 23
    Stacie M. says:

    Dear Beth,

    One of my dreams on this earth is to write a historical fiction story around the Holocaust…I am going to grab that book of Jerry Jenkins that you mentioned and see what happens from there…I think it would be some kind of wonderful to be strolling through a bookstore one day glancing through the G's and seeing a copy of a book that I had written!! Were you excited when this happened to you??!!

    Stacie Gerathy
    Livonia, MI

  24. 24
    Susan says:

    I love that you didn't want to get your hair wet. I was just talking about that to my daughter's friend the other day (they are both 13). Her mom does the same thing!

    Glad you had a nice relaxing weekend and that the rattler didn't get anybody.

  25. 25
    Joni says:

    Thank you, Beth, for the writing advice. I ordered the book. I've written a few things off and on throughout my life (had my first essay published at 17)and have had a few devotions published, along with a short humor piece and a short story online, but then the creativity stopped. I lost confidence. I couldn't think of anything new to say. Just a few days ago I asked the Lord to "establish the work of my hands". Maybe this book is the little push I need to get started again.

    It's always a joy to hear about your ranch life. Before my husband began losing his sight, we did alot together at his dad's camp in the Piney Woods. He was alot like your Keith. We have good memories. Sometimes I tell him about ya'll's escapades and he laughs. God bless you and may you finish your book before your deadline!

  26. 26
    Kristy says:

    I absolutely love you all too!

    Beth, anytime you want to talk to us on the subject of what life is like after kids, and how to make it better now – please do. I'm sure there are a lot of us who need to know.

    The ranch sounds wonderful. Is it like dry dusty land, or is there grass? I don't know much about west Texas – but thought it was all dusty and desert like. Swimming in the river? I would put my hair up too! Are there snakes in there too? That is what I would be worried about!

  27. 27
    the4leegirls says:

    Please, please pray for my best friend Christi Shaw. Open heart sugery on June 11th. Desperate for prayer…on my face desprate. Devoted follower of Christ, amazing wife, mother of 3 and best friend to many. 33 years old. She must make it. Please. Pray.
    In Christ,
    Allison Lee

  28. 28
    Melanie says:

    The ranch sounds like a wonderful place. I am so inspired when I hear of how "crazy" you are about your man! I love it! I pray that my husband and I feel that way about each other when our girls grow up (they're only 3 and 4 mo. old now). I'm so glad you & Keith had a good weekend together. My husband and I are taking off for a weekend trip to Atlanta with some friends next weekend.

    I finished your Esther study about a month ago with my church & just started doing it again with a group of women that I know from various places (work, neighbors, friends, etc.). I am so very excited about it. The message of the study is something I feel every woman needs to hear–it was surely life changing for me! I have been praying for the women that would be doing this study & we should have 9 women in our group. The Lord is so good! It thrills my heart as I think of what He can do for these women as He has done for me.

    Have a great week, Beth!

  29. 29
    Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife says:

    Love that you talked about writing today. Fed Ex just delivered my first manuscript from my editor with all the devolopmental work complete. I could have cried a thousand tears. By the time it is on a shelf, the full process will have taken two years. I had no idea.

    I'm still hoping Jesus is going to lead you to do a conference sometime in the future for us girls God has called to teach, speak, and write. I would LOVE to hear your story in one fluid event and gain practical wisdom from your great experience.

    Because you need one more thing to do, right?? :)))

    Love you Beth!

  30. 30
    Alexia says:

    What an awesome time, just to be away and ponder and dream with your soul mate. You just crack me up with you choice of words, it brings joy to my soul. The ranch sounds like a great place to be in the quiet of God's earth, I don't think I could handle snakes (I would just freak out and probably have to change clothes if you know what I mean. One of my highlights for the week is reading your blog it really brings laughter, sometimes tears and just a pondering and a longing to be in solitude with the God that created me. Take care, I am working hard learning God's Holy Word so I can meet up in Houston.

  31. 31
    Anonymous says:

    I can't wait for the book! SO NEEDED!! Thank you, again!
    Shawn, Georgia

  32. 32
    Anonymous says:

    As I sit here reading this my heart is broken because today on my oldest daughter's 18th birthday she moved out of my house to live with her new husband on an army base 10 hours away from me…so it was no mistake that you mentioned life with grown children. I'm doing Esther with the ladies from my church so i most definitely did not miss the irony of my situation {my loosing my baby on the same day God gave her to me}. "It's tough being a woman".. when your just supposed to let them walk out of your everyday life and still go on with life as usual! Please pray for me because right now it just seems too hard. My name is Angie and I'm from Ga. Also remember my daughter and son-in-law. He is set to go to Afghanistan next year in August and she's never been away from me more than 2 weeks her whole life I don't know if she's ready for all of this.

  33. 33
    glorysuzy says:

    OF COURSE you can swim in your shorts! But I'm with you, I don't even like to get my hair wet when I'm not going to town. come to think of it, I'm not very good at the spontaneious stuff and I just as soon stand in the shower as in a creek…..but I'm also for please'n that man of mine. Like you its just he and I and we are best buddies.

    By the way, it is so reassuring to me that you take special care to save time out for Keith. And that you hold him in such high esteem as your spirtual leader.

    I had to be self sufficient my first marriage to make it out alive and this second time, it was VERY diffult for me to give over control to my husband. I had to learn to trust this with God becasue I sure didn't trust the man and I sure didn't want to let my second husband make any decions for me. Someone gave me "Power of a Praying Wife" for a wedding gift and I believe the priciples in that booked made this marriage what it is today. The biggest thing that came from it was for the most part keeping my mouth shut about something I didn't like and pray to God for help and to be with my husband to make the right decisions. It has saved a lot of aguments and sometimes God changed my mind instead of changing his. I have actually had my husband come to me with a proposal that he had no idea I was praying about. It helps of course that your husband is also seeking Gods will also.

    Well enought of that! Time to go to bed and get ready for the work week. Thanks for letting us talk to you like we really know you. I really love you tons!


  34. 34
    Anonymous says:

    Beth…U are awesome…Please share some words about your new book…Please Please!!

  35. 35
    Leslie Young says:

    I love these kinds of posts. It feels like we just sat down and had a long, rambling conversation! I had my first taste of an empty nest this school year (both kids in college) and my husband and I are so thankful we still love being together! We had a blast this year! Everyone's back home for the summer (and our daughter is getting married Saturday – EEEK!) so we're back in the throes of round-the-clock parenthood and we love it. (But we know school will eventually start back – YAY!) Glad you and Keith had a good time, and I look forward to reading the new book. I teach junior high and high school girls – that sounds like a good topic for them. Have you considered a teen adaptation? Let me know if I can help with that!
    Thankful for this friendship!

  36. 36
    The King's Daughter says:

    Beth, this is my first time posting, and I just wanted to let you know that I love you! I joined my first study of yours 1 month after becoming a Christian, and have thanked God for you ever since, even almost 10 years later. Thank you so much for helping to make Jesus real to me…it is so exciting to share a deep love of Him with someone who can put my thoughts into words. Bless you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. 37
    The King's Daughter says:

    Beth, this is my first time commenting, but I just wanted to let you know that I love you! I jumped in to my first study of yours one month after becoming a Christian, and I have been thanking God for you ever since, even 10 years later. It is such a blessing to share a deep love of Jesus with someone who can put my thoughts into words. Thank you! (and I wouldn't have gotten my hair wet, either.) ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. 38
    Sherry says:

    Siestaville is inspiring to me, too! I love being in touch with so many awesome gals.

    I have made new friends through blogging. Sharing our faith, hopes, dreams, joys, needs and spiritual insights brings a special kind of closeness — a closeness with many that I have never met in person.

    Thank you for providing a place for us to "gather" and get to know each other.

    We love you, Beth, Amanda & Melissa!

  39. 39
    Marcy Larance says:

    Beth I just love hearing about your ranch adventures. We have a ranch in South Texas as well in a town called Leakey. Wonder how far that is from yours. It's so great that you just share your heart with us, whatever it is that you are feeling or doing.It's so special to all of us that you think of us siestas often. I am heading down to our ranch this week to see my man as well. Hope not to see any rattlesnakes though.

  40. 40
    Cheryl Barker says:

    From one writing Siesta to another, thanks for the Writing for the Soul recommendation! I've not read that one yet. Gonna add it to my list.

    Don't know if you've heard this before, but here's a writing quote for you by Red Smith that all writers can appreciate: "There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein." Been there, done that? ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. 41
    TN Girl says:

    Dear Beth,

    Thanks so much for the post tonight. It does this hurting siesta good to read some normalcy. Our group is heading into week 4 of Esther. Thanks for writing, God has changed my life through you!


  42. 42
    Melissa says:

    Being stuck out here in the flatlands of Lubbock makes me long for a river and a tube! I think I would have floated with my hubby no matter what…regardless of the fact that I am only a week and a half from having our third child. I'm a lake girl through and through. There just aren't any out here. Playas don't count. Thanks for the reminders of building a marriage that will last when it is just the two of you again. Woohoo for 18 more years then finally some floating down a river alone together:). You always encourage and make me smile. I'm believing God for this baby. Praying for you tonight…

  43. 43
    Anonymous says:

    I found a copy of Writing for the soul on Amazon.com for .01!!
    Shipping was $7 (I bought two books) but such a deal for the book!

  44. 44
    Anonymous says:

    So good to hear of the "empty nest" stories like you and Keith had. Like you said, when the kids are gone, all you have is each other, so you better have fun together and make some memories. In April, two friends had their spouses join the ranks of heaven to be with Jesus, much too soon, one 40 years old and the other 55 years old. All of you, go make some memories with those you love. blessings, Pam in San Diego

  45. 45
    Warm in Alaska says:

    Hey Beth – Thanks for the update on "nothing" – although a rattlesnake and swimming in your shorts doesn't sound like nothing to me. When you told Keith you didn't have your swimming suit – I thought he was going to tell you something else. Boy was I glad he thought to suggest shorts.

    I'm cleaning my house like CRAZY right now 'cause we've got out of state family landing at the airport in an hour.

    I still have two bathrooms, a boatload of laundry, and some dusting to do.

    So I'll check back in with all you siestas in Siestaville once my wonderful family is headed back south – in a just over a week. Hope you all are having a blast of a summer so far. And thank you for showing us the cake, Melissa. Just in case any of us ever entertained secret delusions of baking grandeur, we now know there is a Baking Queen among us.

    I marveled. I truly marveled at that cake.

    Off to grab the 409 and the Pine Sol ~ Warm in Alaska.

  46. 46
    Anonymous says:

    The rest of that sounded fun, but not the snakey parts!! And now why wouldn't you want to go to town with "river hair?" LOL
    Enjoyed your post. love you like crazy,
    ps.. that cake was awesome!

  47. 47
    appleleather says:

    Whoo Hoo, a book that is about writing and the soul… 'cause as a journalist writing for a community paper there are days when it is one hard slog of article after article. I'll have to look for it up here in Canada.

    Can I confess a sliver of envy about the cactus as your writing/reading companion? I have been a writer from home for 8 years now, (since the 10 year old was 2) and have had her 2 sisters and 2 brothers in in behind me full time since then. I would so dearly, dearly love to not have to start a phone interview with the words, "I work from home, please excuse any noise in the background." I say that knowing the day my darling 2 year old is in kindergarten and I am surrounded by silence and there is not a single interruption, I will be bereft.

    This week I'll write my series of articles for this projectI am working on and be really grateful that the editing process on newspaper deadline is so much less agonizing than a book. Perish the thought that I should ever be led to start a BOOK. The time horizon filled with sentence structure and slicing and dicing, and long conference calls freaks me out. I'd go live with the rattlesnakes full time before writing a book – maybe I'll float down a river instead.

  48. 48
    Anonymous says:

    Beth it sounds like a wonderfully relaxing time even though you had some writing to do.

    I think that Melissa had a great idea with her post. I look forward to reading the question when I have some time to sit and read them. I also look forward to reading the answers so I hope Melissa is planning to answer some of them. No pressure though

    Kim B. in AZ

  49. 49
    bethany says:

    Wow…sounds like you had quite the weekend! That story about the rattler nearly getting Keith was scary! Snakes are one thing that I think God could have left out but He didn't so must be some purpose for them!
    Swimming in the river sounds like fun! I love hearing stories of long lasting love…very sweet!
    I am going to order that book for my friend Robin…she is a writer and I think she'd enjoy it…thanks for the tip!

  50. 50
    A Costarican Siesta says:

    Dear Beth,

    I am a Siesta from Costa Rica, Central America. English is not my first language, so I feel intimidated to write. I have done several of your Bible Studies, and I love them. We recently finished Esther, and now I am doing Believing God, with my sister and one of my cousins. I have done all of them in English but I just wish there were videos in Spanish. We do have several books in Spanish, but not the videos, and they really add to the study. I really enjoy reading your blog and the comments, it feels like a big family. I pray that some day, when all my kids leave home, I will be able to have such a great time as you and your husband. I hope to meet you personally sometime. Many blessings to you,

    Your Costarican Siesta

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