Let’s make it 1,000,010!!!!!!!!!!!

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Many of you graciously walked along with me as I journeyed with Compassion International through Calcutta, India. You were right alongside me so I know that you will rejoice when I tell you that as of today Compassion International has officially sponsored its 1,000,000th child! 

1,ooo,ooo children.
On a way way way smaller scale, it is also an exciting day for the Compassion India bloggers, for the 900th child has been sponsored as a direct result of our trip to India a couple of weeks ago. Please know and rejoice that the LPM blog was a huge part of this effort.  900 children who look a whole lot like the ones below are being released from the tight grip of poverty because of the generosity of bloggers like yourself:
Oh man. I love those kids. They really do move me.  Not everyone does.  But they do.  
To celebrate such a momentous occasion we are going to do something really fun.  
Are you ready?  
Oh, I love this.
If you followed along during my trip to India and your heart ached because you would have given anything to sponsor a child but you absolutely cannot afford it, listen up: Living Proof is going to give scholarships for ten of you to sponsor a child in East India through Compassion International.  This is the way it will work:  We will leave comments open for exactly one hour ONLY FOR SIESTAS WHO DESPERATELY WANT TO SPONSOR A CHILD FROM EAST INDIA BUT CAN’T AFFORD IT AND WHO WILL COMMIT TO FAITHFULLY CORRESPOND WITH THE CHILD CHOSEN FOR THEM. 
At the end of the hour, comments will close.  We will then do a random drawing of 10 names from those who participated and, after those selections, will post the winners right here.  Each winner will then email us with her contact information (name, physical address, phone number, and email address).  
It will then take several weeks, maybe even a month, for the winners to receive their packets in the mail.  I want to repeat again that the ten winners will be entrusted with that crucial process of corresponding with the child.  Each winner will receive the letters and updates about this child; in other words, ten of you will be the official sponsors of these children.  The responsibility to correspond with the child will be left entirely up to you, not to Living Proof Ministries. In fact, the children won’t know who or what Living Proof is.  
We are so excited.  Ok, you’ve got an hour!  You’ll know that the hour is up when you see comments being posted.  If the comments are still at ‘0’ then there is still time!!! Disregard the time recorded below because it is usually wrong.  
P.S. Don’t be discouraged when the comment line keeps reading “0 Comments” for the first hour.  We won’t post them until all are in.  At that point comments will close but we will then make them visible.  You’ll be able to see that you are in the running and then we’ll do our random drawing from those.)
Cheers to the only Wise God! 

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  1. 101
    Tera says:

    Oh how my children and i would LOVE to support one of these children!! I am a (nearly) single mother of four precious gifts from God. They are 10,7,5 and 4. My husband would have been married for 15 years this year, however, this past March he chose to leave our marriage behind and move on as it was 'too hard' and he just 'didn't want to do it anymore'. As this has been an incredible adjustment on our family emotionally, it has also brought financial restraints as well. For quite some time i have wanted to sponsor a child, however, i could never get my husband's approval (I am a SAHM) and now with limited finances it is not possible. I would love to be able to share with my children how God moves all over the world and how He can work in us through these precious children. Thank you for all you have done for Compassion International. What a phenomenal ministry to be associated with!!! God Bless you all!
    Love, Tera & Kids
    (Taylor, Turner, Trey & Tristyn)

  2. 102
    April Swarthout says:

    I would be honored to be able to sponsor a child through Compassions. I followed the trip and was so touched but $35 a month was a stretch for me right now and as soon as things were able too I was going to Sponsor a child. Like I said it would be such a honor to sponsor a child.

    April Swarthout

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