World Autism Awareness Day

Dear Siestas,
Last week one of you alerted us to the fact that this special day was quickly approaching. Our minds immediately turned to a dear friend of Living Proof Ministries whose family has been touched by autism. This story is not about recommendations for treatments or medications. It’s a story about a miracle and we hope so much it will bless you today.

Today, April 2, is World Autism Awareness Day. This is an unusual day to celebrate, but this is a day my family can rejoice in. I have a wonderful 18-year-old son who has autism and is blessed by God.

When my baby boy was born he was the most unusual baby I had ever seen. He had a cone-shaped head, ears rolled up like a newspaper, a big bruise on his face from the forceps, and he was blue and wrinkly. And he broke my tailbone! But he was just what my husband and I ordered—a baby. We had lost our last two babies in miscarriages. Our son was perfect in our eyes and we felt he could do no wrong

As our baby grew, he did things a little differently—like crawling backwards, for example. He spoke languages unheard of and thought the rest of us understood. He seemed to go off into his own world a lot. At times he seemed not to see or hear, but other times it seemed like he could. By the time he was two, I still had not heard the word “mama.” I was pregnant with his little sister and had extreme morning sickness that lasted the entire pregnancy. We had his hearing and vision tested and everything was normal. Finally, my mother talked us into taking him to the local school district for testing. So my very pregnant self, my husband, and our son went to the testing center. I watched as my two-and-half-year-old baby boy was taken by some sweet ladies to be evaluated. After two-and-half hours, our son was returned to us and we were told we would get the results in a couple of weeks. What! I have to wait longer?

Over the next two weeks we determined that he was fine. He simply learned at his own pace. We just needed to work with him more and everything would be fine. I hate denial!

We went to the meeting with the school district and were bombarded with words we weren’t familiar with. Once we heard the phrase “autistic symptoms,” we never heard another word. We had no clue where to turn or what to do. We were given a mountain of papers to review and read. None of them was in everyday English and they told us to call if we had any questions. What I needed was a translator!

I sent the reports to our wonderful pediatrician and asked what it all meant. A few days later I met with her and she explained that our son had many symptoms of autism. However, the education and medical communities did not like to label children that young. I asked what we should do or where we should go. She suggested that I look at local schools for special children or at the school district’s program. So I began researching everything I could in-between bouts of nausea. (Remember, this was before the internet was in every home.)

I became very angry with God. I could not believe He would allow this to happen to my child. I told God to leave us alone if this was the best He could do. But Jesus never left our side.

Based on what we could afford and what the school district offered, we decided to enroll him in the district’s Preschool for Special Needs when he turned three. Little did I know what a blessing this would be.

Mrs. Trainer was my son’s teacher for three years and Ms. Donna was her faithful assistant. His first class only had 4 students. With the specialists who frequented the classroom, it was often a one-to-one ratio. Mrs. Trainer and Ms. Donna worked with the students and the parents. She taught us how to teach our children, helped us keep dairies of our son’s progress, and encouraged us through hard times. They were sent to us by God, I believe.

Our son did not make much progress at first and it was very frustrating. We began sign language and flash cards to try to develop his language, only to become more frustrated. He was now four years old and had echolalia, which means he repeated everything we said. It was like living with a parrot that mimicked everything he heard. He was not potty trained. And he never called me mommy except when I said it first.

Then God blessed us again. Our son got the worst stomach virus you could ever imagine! It lasted a week and I will spare you the details. Let’s just say I had no furniture or any clothes that weren’t permanently marked. He was given a medication to stop the vomiting and it worked after a week, but little did I know what was about to happen.

We had enrolled our son in a Stay and Play program at a local church so he would be around “normal children.” The week after the virus, his Stay and Play teacher stopped by our house to ask me what medication we had put him on. I told her we had not put him on any medication. She said that he sat during story time! And followed instructions! I drove her crazy asking every detail. I began to watch and pay attention over the next couple of days and I did see improvement.

I called the neurologist and asked what could have caused the changes. He wasn’t sure, but he told me about a medication similar to the anti-nausea medication that we might want to consider. Unfortunately, he said it had long term side effects. I hate these types of decisions. We tried the medication and our son began to communicate at first in sign, and then verbally. He became potty trained! And all those flash cards I used for years? He knew those words and how to use them! He made great progress between four and five. God helped us find what we needed through a virus. Only God could turn something so bad into good. Amen?

(While the use of medication was a turning point in our son’s story, we believe his progress came from a combination of many things. There is certainly no magic pill to cure autism. Using medication is a personal choice and one that does not work for many autistic children. The side effects can often outweigh the results.)

Our son started going to kindergarten part-time at age five. He was our district’s first all-day-kindergartner the next year. Yes, he went through kindergarten three times—and twice in the same year. He progressed with teachers hand-picked by God and me for the next six years. Don’t get me wrong, I was still mad at God. But God never left my side. How else would I have known what to do?

When the school district told me he would not be able to do this or that, we would just work on it at home or during the summer. We always had tutors and worksheets and projects outside of school. We worked on social issues and developed friendships. My husband and I worked non-stop and our son worked very hard. He always proved everyone wrong. He would exceed what was expected. He had teachers who encouraged him and friends who supported him, but mostly he had a God who loved and watched over him.

When our son was nine, my mother talked me into letting him attend Vacation Bible School at her church. She promised me she would be in the room next to his and would hand-pick the teacher. So, I let him go against my better judgment. God was so sweet to put him in a class with his best friend from school. By the end of that week, his friend and the VBS had taught him all about Jesus. So on a Friday night in June, 2000, my son asked Jesus into his heart on his bunk bed. Then he asked if we could go to church on Sunday. I said we would see. My husband wanted to know what all of this was about. I said, “Don’t worry, he will forget about it by tomorrow.” On Sunday morning, early in the morning, my son insisted and insisted and insisted we go to my parents’ church so he could walk the aisle and make his profession of faith. We went (again, against my better judgment) and at the end of the service my son pulled—and I do mean pulled—me down the aisle. That day my husband was saved as well. I was so angry at God for coming back into my home, I was crying. Everyone thought I was crying for joy. No, I wanted nothing to do with this! I was mad!

We went home and my husband asked what we should do now. And I told him either we do it all the way or not at all. So we began doing it all the way the best way we knew how and I worked through my anger with God.

The way Jesus worked his way back into our home was so sweet. We still had hard times and many joyful times as well. But God never left our side. This year my son will graduate from high school and attend college in the fall. We consider him completely healed by God and believe God has a glorious plan for the rest of his life. We cannot wait for it to unfold. We believe God has a perfect plan for each person He created. I pray that you will seek out the path God has for you and follow Jesus no matter where it leads, because sometimes what seems like a bad thing might be a blessing in disguise.

I ask that you lift up prayers today for all families that have children with special needs, but please say a little extra prayer for those with autism. May God bless you.

Siestas, we would love to fill up our comments with prayers for these families today. Our friend has a very tender heart for the mothers who may read this who have worked so hard, remained faithful to God, and have seen little or no progress from their autistic children. She shared with me her heartache for these parents who have such a difficult life. Please help us encourage these sisters with your prayers. Thank you ladies!


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  1. 51
    Traci says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful post. I am a mommy to a 5 year old who is doing great but we are sad to not currently have a church home. Please pray that we can find that special home to worship God and thank him for all the blessings he brings to us! 🙂

  2. 52
    Anonymous says:

    I am so blessed by this post and all the prayers! We have a son who is on the autism spectrum. He is a great kid with a heart of gold! Still, life can be very challenging and exhausting for our family. Through it all God has been good and we praise Him in spite of the tough times. There are so many others with circumstances far more severe than what we have been given, so for them I lift up my prayers today.

  3. 53
    Marylisa says:

    I can honestly say God has BLESSED our family with autism. Do I sometimes wish he hadn’t. Uh . . . YES!! But I am confident that my son is the way God intended him to be.

  4. 54
    connorcolesmom says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    Lord we want to thank you for this sweet woman, her family and others like her.
    Lord we thank you that as you promise in 2 Corinthians 4:8-9 we might feel pressed in on every side by troubles but we do not get crushed or broken
    we do not give up Lord because you never leave our side. We thank you for being our Jehovah Jireh and providing all that we need
    Thank you for loving us and using situations in our lives to draw us closer to you.
    We love you – AMEN

  5. 55
    Hartman Family says:

    Dear God, I pray that you would bless these dear, sweet mamas of special needs children with love, joy, peace, patience, perseverance, faith, and hope. I pray that they would have a special awareness of your great love and provision for them each day. I pray that you would bless and bring healing to their children…that they would out-perform the limitations spoken of them…that they would have a special sense of your presence with them and love for them every day…and that they would be a blessing to all who encounter them. Lord, we love you and pray for your richest blessings upon these families!

  6. 56
    Nichole's Mom says:

    Thank you for sharing. Yes God is still in the miracle business! Praying for His special lambs today.


  7. 57
    Anonymous says:

    “I was sure by now
    That you would have reached down
    And wiped away our tears
    Stepped in and saved the day
    But once again, I say “Amen”
    and it’s still raining
    As the thunder rolls
    I barely hear You whisper in the rain, “I’m with you.”
    And your mercy falls.
    I raise my hands
    and praise the God who gives
    and takes away.
    I’ll praise You in this storm
    And I will lift my hands
    For You are who You are
    No matter where I am.
    Every tear I’ve cried
    You hold in Your hand.
    You never left my side
    And though my heart is torn
    I will praise You in this storm.”

    Praise You In The Storm by Casting Crowns

  8. 58
    Sharon says:

    Abba Father,

    We praise You for showing Yourself off and Your glory through this precious family. I pray for all the women who will read this testimony and these prayers. Lord, reign down Your comfort and peace over these women. Show them Your love, grace, and mercy. Father, we thank You that we know in ALL things You work for the good of those who love You, who have been called according to Your purpose. In Jesus Name. Amen.

    Much love and blessings!

  9. 59
    glorysuzy says:

    Father God I come to you today with many questions that I know can’t be answered today or probably even on this earth. I have such a hard time, Father, understanding why the children have to suffer. How God can such bad things ever turn to good? How can the suffering be worth it?

    But even in the middle of my quesiton, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that EVERTHING is according to your PLAN, Father. EVERTHING will have such an amazing end. Your ways are so far above ours. Your love for us is so overwhelming that I know you have nothing but awsomeness in store for us.

    Father God, I lift up these children and parents to you. Help them God rejoice in Your love and cling to your promises. Gather them in close to you when they think they just can not do it anymore. Give them signs of hope and show them the miracles that are happening in their lives. Let them see it God so that they can make it one more day. Bless them Father God.

  10. 60
    Vicki says:

    Lord God,
    Life is your idea – you are the Creator and every life is a gift from you. I pray that you would pour down your mercy and love upon these little ones. As only you can know, provide what is needed to each parent. Gift them with what is needed for their child and strengthen them for that provision. Lord, send your messengers to support these families and love them. Open our eyes to see the needs of those around us and help us to be your messengers where we are.

  11. 61
    Anonymous says:

    Father God: My thoughts quickly go to young Mary, the mother of Jesus. You handpicked her b/c You saw something unique in Mary that qualified her to be Jesus' mom. In the same way Father, I believe You have handpicked these moms and dads for these austic children. You see something special in them that they may not see in themselves. Father, please give them encouragement to face each day. Fill them with hope and joy. Fill them with strength emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually. Provide breaks for them Father, so husband and wife can get some alone time to strengthen their marriage. Please provide family & friends who will love their children while they are away. Open up our eyes, God, to see how we can best help them. Please send them gold nuggets from You Father…specific treasures each day that they will know only could come from You! And Father, for those single moms…I ask especially that You would make Yourself so real to them. Provide real friends for them to talk to and pray with. May each parent experience Your love through these prayers today. In Jesus' Precious Name, Amen.

  12. 62
    brooke says:

    Praise the Lord for His faithfulness to us despite our anger! I do long term foster care for children with special needs, and I don’t know that I could do it without His love and guidance. They are a blessing!

    I am also a social worker for families who have children with autism, and i see first hand the struggles, frustrations and despair of parents everyday. So many of these families are trying to do this autism thing alone… without support, and without God. Everyone needs the loving support of God, and it is so evident in these families lives. I pray that God would continue to pursue them, and use their children to draw them to Him. I pray that we would continually lift Him up, so that He can draw these families to Himself.

  13. 63
    Melissa says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I, too, have a child that has developmental delays and struggles with sensory integration and processing issues, but GOD IS SO FAITHFUL! He handpicked her teachers this year and He has provided a GODLY Occupational Therapist that has loved her from the first day we met. She is not where she needs to be, but God is showing us over and over again that His plan is perfect and that through Him we can conquer the everyday challenges that we face. We will probably go through first grade again, but she has made so much progress and is READING!! PRAISE THE LORD!! She loves school. She loves Jesus and she loves church and she is so hilarious that she cracks us up at least twice a day! What a blessing!!
    I am also the special needs coordinator at my church and what a blessing it is to welcome those with special needs and their families into the family of God!! We have taken kids with special needs to worship for the first time in their lives and to see them worship will make you WEEP!! Unashamed and unhindered they will sing and lift their hands and just worship. OH! It is the biggest blessing of my life to see God minister to these lives that are often overlooked. We are having a special missions fair TONIGHT to get the word out to our church and other parents in the community that we are here and we are ministring to those with special needs in wonderful ways. God is doing a great thing and He has a place for each and every child.
    It makes me want to dance!!

  14. 64
    TammieFay says:

    Loving Father, because You meet every need according to Your riches in glory and You are able to make all grace abound in all circumstances, I bring these precious families and their children to You, especially our dear friends Sarah, David and their sweet boy Drew. Knowing that You see them, You know them, You love them. Undertake for them, Lord…be mighty in their behalf as they fight for their children, comfort them when they grieve what might have been, give them endurance for the daily challenges, and protect them Lord…guard their hearts and minds from the enemy. Make their ears dull to his lies and let them hear Your lovingkindness. In Jesus’ most confident name I pray, AMEN.

  15. 65
    April says:

    Holy Father, I love you and trust you with everything. We do not always understand your ways but we know you have a plan and it is for us to prosper. I pray for all families with special needs children. I pray for their strength and peace as they go through the day-to-day activities. Bless them all. Pray that all of us would see children and adults alike through your eyes and love them all the way you do. I praise you and I love you. Thank you Jesus.

  16. 66
    Joan says:

    I also have a daughter on the Autism Spectrum.She is a blessing to our family.She is almost 14 years old, and it is interesting to see the world through her eyes. I will keep the other families with autistic children in my prayers, and also all those who deal with special needs children. Thank you for this post; it has been a blessing!

  17. 67
    Anonymous says:

    Heavenly Father, thank you that you do all things well. Thank you for these each of these families whom you have chosen to bless with a child with special needs. I am reminded of a lesson I just taught to 3 and 4 year olds that showed them even disabilities are your perfect design and can be used to bring you much glory. I pray for your wisdom to abound to each family that they would know your will as far as treatment. Please give these parents the rest, support and encouragement they need. Please open these precious children’s hearts to your Word that they make receive it and glorify You as a result. Lord, I pray for each of these families as they work through the various joys and challenges that Your “grace, having spread through the many, may cause thanksgiving to abound to the glory of God” (2 Cor. 4:15). May the things these families face ultimately bring you great glory. In the precious, powerful name of Jesus, we ask these things!

  18. 68
    Fran says:

    Oh sweet Jesus,
    I lift up my precious friend, Angela, and her autistic 9 yr old son, Yates. I have the privilege to shepherd Yates occasionaly at church and he is the most beautiful child I’ve ever seen. He can’t talk to me, but I know he understands. Please protect his family from everything that comes their way on a daily basis. Protect their marriage and their daughter, Sarah.

    We thank you Lord for all these amazing kids and their families. You love them so. Help us to strengthen them and help them in any way we can.

    In Jesus name, Amen.

  19. 69
    Tammie says:

    Praying and thank you for sharing your story and trusting in us.

    Matthew 5:14-16 You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven

  20. 70
    "Just Me - NC Beth" says:

    My 3 year old grandson does not have autism, but is a special needs child in that he has speech challenges and some developmental delays. But he is precious and while he may not be on the same level of a normal 3 year old, he is a smart child nonetheless. And we are so proud of him!

    I’m praying for all parents/grandparents with children of special needs.


  21. 71
    The Glasers says:

    Thank you for remembering us, families and people with autism. God gave us the gift of our daughter Pamela just over twenty years ago. Even with the challenges of autism, we cannot imagine life without her and are so thankful that God blessed us with her, autism, aphasia, meltdowns, and all!

  22. 72
    Kristib says:

    Lord thank you for the miracles you do in the lives of all of us! The fact that You stand by us even when we don’t want You there is amazing! We do acknowledge You as Father and Healer! Today we lift up these precious families that have children with special needs. We ask that You make their sweet children whole, if it is Your will, and if not, that You bring peace, hope and love to these special ones that belong to You.
    Give the families wisdom as they make such important decisions about their children’s treatment. Lead them to the right people to be involved in their lives. And finally Lord where there is a need for salvation, that Your voice would be heard and they would trust in You alone, where all hope is found! We love You so much!

  23. 73
    Rachel in Louisiana says:

    Father, give these families the joy of your presence and the blessing of sensing your hand in their situation. I pray for doctors that are led by you to be placed in these families paths. Renew their strength and send encouragers their way to lift them up when they are at the end of themselves.

  24. 74
    Anonymous says:

    God, our Heavenly Father, we thank you for each miraculous birth that has touched us. God I lift up the parents for every special needs child. Sometimes it can be such a time with challenges, exhaustion and full of self doubts. Yet, at the same time it can be the most rewarding experience we ever have. God I am the aunt of a special needs child and I know there are times when we feel so helpless. But in the same breath that child will show us who God is and that you are bigger than any problem that comes up. They will bring us to your knees so that you get the glory. They may have learning problems or relationship problems, but God thank you for making yourself real to this precious children of yours. I have learned so much from my Jonathan. He has been through so much yet, no complaining ever comes out of his mouth. Give me that kind of faith. Thank you God for working miracles in our lives. You truly are a great God full of love and power. Amen

  25. 75
    Jill says:

    Dear Lord,
    We thank You that You give mothers a fierce love for their children, regardless of what that child is like. It is a glimpse into what your unconditional love must be for us. Help those mommies out there who want to give up. Give them just a little glimmer of hope to keep going.

  26. 76
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up these precious gifts you have given us. Show us how to love and nuture them. You have a plan for each one of their lives! I pray for wisdom for their parents and for people to come along side them in this journey. You are mighty and faithful may we never forget that!!!


  27. 77
    Smelling Coffee says:

    Oh Jesus~ I stand in agreement with these requests for your children who are dealing with Autism. And I stand in agreement with the truths about YOU and your ways.

    I pray that you would unveil the cure for Autism, and until you do, I thank you that YOU will surround, lift, and carry every person that it affects.

    Thank you for showing your glory in the lives of these families. Please help them to press in to you and please overwhelm them with your Presence, your Peace, and your Rest. Please be their joy and delight….

    In the Mighty Power of Your Name, Jesus~ a men

  28. 78

    Lord thank you so much for this awesome testimony and this mother sharing with us seistas I am so thankful that she was able to do that. Lord we pray for these little children and the familys that you be with them give each parent the LOVE OF CHRIST LORD BLESS THESE FAMILIES GIVE THEM AN EXTRA DOSE OF PATIENCE LORD YOU ARE AN AWESOME GOD YOUR LOVE ENDURES FOREVER YOUR LOVE REACHES TO THE HEAVENS YOUR FAITHFULNESS REACHES TO THE SKIES YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS IS LIKE A MIGHTY MOUNTAIN. THANK YOU LORD FOR ALL YOU DO FOR US WE ASK THIS IN JESUS NAME AMEN

  29. 79
    6HartsforHim says:

    Thank you for posting this ever so encouraging post.Today was a difficult day with our third born son who has various special needs.As I sat in the doctors office yet again,tears about streaming down my face,as we travel this road that looks very different than we thought it would.What a blessing to read someone who has been on the same road.

    Lord,be with the many families like ours who have little ones with special needs like autism.May you bless them and keep them in your tender care,as they care for the tenderest of children.

  30. 80
    Anonymous says:

    I am a teacher in a special needs pre-k class. We have a couple of kids with autism, and I want mothers to know that we love your children. We cry and worry over them, too! They are incredibly special to us and every bit of progress they make, we celebrate with you.

    Father, I know that days can be long and conversations can be frustrating. I know it is hard that nobody knows exactly what is happening. I know mothers can get bogged down in logistics and language. Lord, give them peace to know that people will love their children and care for their children. Give them wisdom to know what choices to make for their children. Give them patience when the day is long and hard. Wrap your loving arms around them when the rest of the world turns away.

  31. 81
    Anonymous says:

    I’m the mother of two autistic daughters. I was blessed by this.
    Thank you,
    Celeste Wells
    Tuscaloosa, AL

  32. 82
    Kimberly says:

    Heavenly Father, I thank You that You are the God who pursues us…I praise You because You are faithful even when we are not. Father, there are probably others out there that feel the way this precious Mommy felt…Lord, it is satan’s plan to use it all to turn them against you but Lord I pray you would use even these circumstances to turn EVERY heart that is touched by them to You…Indeed may they realize Your strength is perfect when their strength is gone. Lord, I thank You that You don’t ask us to understand but rather You ask us to trust You…enable each woman to be able to trust You step by step for indeed we KNOW you are faithful!
    It is in Jesus’ mighty redeeming name I pray…

  33. 83
    Anonymous says:

    my memory verse this week seems appropriate. “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” God bless you all as you seek to give your God and your children your best. Sometimes I tell my mother with altzheimers, “Mom, you do the best you can as long as you can, and that’s all you can do.” Same is true for every situation. Look forward to your little joys, while waiting for the blessed hope, be patient during every trial, and continue to pray that God accomplishes in you all that he wants to work. We’re all in this together. You have your trial; I have mine. Let’s stick it out and expect that God will work it all out for good in His way and His time. Til then, you’re in my prayers today!

    Jan in NC

  34. 84
    twinkle says:

    Lord God, in a hopeless world full of messages of despair…Your Word says…we are to believe in the impossible through Christ. You are not a genie in a bottle, but You are a God of miracles. I thank You for the ones You have blessed me to see with my very own eyes! Thank You, Lord, for those who believe without seeing. Thank You, Lord, for those who rest in the knowledge that Your Will is perfect. Thank You, Lord, for those who proclaim Your wonder-working power!
    Lord, embrace those who are suffering in anger, doubt and despair by reaching out to them with Your Nail-Scarred Hand. Show them the true miracle…God came down to save me and those who will only believe in Your Good News…
    We love You and we love those who are living in need of Your Power at work in their lives. Give strength and hope to them. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  35. 85
    Kristie says:

    I have a neighbor who has fostered, and adopted, 5 children–beyond her 3 biological kids…and each child has some sort of challenge–2 of them with various forms of autism. As she ministers night and day, I pray that God will continue granting her mercy and grace…and may she live to see the fruit of her labor come forth!

  36. 86
    Anonymous says:

    Lord Jesus,
    You are so faithful to us even when we would turn aside, be filled with anger because we don’t understand your ways. I praise you for you faithfulness, your holy pursuit of your children. I praise you that through this experience, this mom developed such a faith in you, such a heart for others who are hurting, and experienced such a miracle that you cannot be denied. Praise you, Lord, for in every circumstance, you are sovereign and you are faithful to redeem, restore, renew and heal.

    I pray for all the moms who are struggling with a burden too heavy to carry on their own. Thank you for your loving embrace that carries them through. I pray for all those afflicted with this disorder that the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit can still be heard in their hearts and they will find you. I pray for the family unit that feels like cracking under the pressure for you are mighty to save and more than able to repair.

    Praise you, Lord, that in all circumstances, your will is worked out. May every bit of pain, struggle, tears, and doubt, be brought before your throne and your healing touch bring peace and comfort. Bring your resources, your knowledge, wisdom, and healing to these families and cause them to see your hands at work. Be glorified, Jesus.
    In the name of our Savior, Jesus,

  37. 87
    Anonymous says:

    DEarest Heavenly Father, we give You all the praise for this awesome testimony from our dear Siesta about the healing of her son from autism, and the spiritual healing of she and her whole family as a result. My heart goes out to these dear families and what they cope with on a daily basis, LORD, but we know You have a plan and it is a plan for good and not for evil. We give You praise that we see Your hand at work in my niece and her husbands life who have two son’s with autism. (We have a niece on the other side of the family who has showed all the signs of autism, but suddenly, his whole demeanor changed and now he is connecting emotionally with people, whereas before there was never any eye contact.) We’ve been praising you LORD and are so grateful for this turn around. I pray that every family who deals with this burden in their beloved children will sense Your watchcare and concern, and will receive extra measures of your grace to be victorious and believe for miracles of Your healing power. We give thanks too LORD for those who dedicate their lives to helping the children affected learn and grow, and for the strategies you show the families in dealing with the daily difficulties and frustrations that invariably come in coping with these special needs children. Help us to be a caring and understanding community of faith, and help us lift the heavy burden that some bear on a daily basis, to bring life and that more abundantly through the name of your precious Son, the LORD Jesus Christ”. Amen…

    Pam H.
    So. Cal. Siesta

  38. 88
    zum the mum says:

    Lord, only YOU know the reason for this mysterious diagnosis. Only YOU know the plans you have for each child and each family that hears the word: autism. Only YOU know the outcome. I’m so thankful that it’s ONLY YOU.

    God we are thankful that YOU work all things together for the GOOD! Please help these sweet families feel love, peace, and encouragement today. We lift them up to you.

    It’s YOU ALONE, GOD. It’s YOU ALONE! ~Amen

  39. 89
    luv2lace1983 says:

    Dear Father, You alone know the whys of these kinds of things. And Lord today I ask that because You know why, that You will draw very close to these families today. Give them Your peace that passes all understanding, and a special hug to those special children. And thank You for my own nephew and his mom, my sister. Thank you for the way I have seen You provide strength and direction in their own lives, and for the love that you pour out to them. Help those moms who do not know you to find You and the strength and comfort that comes in leaning hard on You for all their needs!

  40. 90
    Michele says:

    I work with several autistic children on a regular basis and know how difficult it can be. I pray often for their families and the families of other children with autism and other disabilities. Their work is truly never done and even rest is hard to come by.

    Heavenly Father, Please help the mothers of these precious children remember that You are always right there with them as they struggle with raising and caring for their special kids. Bless each family and give them Your strength and the fruit of the Spirit to help them and do Your will each day!

  41. 91
    cdt9302 says:

    Precious Father, I ask you to be with this wonderful family whom I know Your Hand is upon and to continue to guide them on their path so they can draw closer to You and fulfill YOUR PERFECT Plan. I pray that you are with any & every family who has special needs childrens and for those who have children period. In this world today, society is very 'mean' even to what they call 'normal' but for 'anyone' who is different for any reason, it's just cruel. Lord the blessing I am thankful for is that those that are unique shine so brightly for YOU and Your Love, Your Peace and Mercy, and are the true miracles. I pray that You lift up everyone that has posted and bless them for their testimonies, for their prayers and care. I truly pray that You continue to Bless Beth and her wonderful ministry for influencing so many lives and just being so in love with You and focused on doing Your will that it is contagious. Praise Jesus for that because it spreads the Gospel like wildfire when people are so passionate about YOU. Thank You for all the blessings You have given me and being my Beloved. In Christ's Precious and Holy Name, Amen.

  42. 92
    Andrea says:

    Thank you for acknowledging this day. It is a great encouragement when worlds collide and the community of faith lifts up those of us–growing in number–who experience autism in our homes. My son is 14. Providentially today also marks the bittersweet conclusion of my group studying Esther! So, it is not by accident that the profound lessons we just summarized shape my prayer and outlook.

    Lord in Heaven we worship you as the Mastermind, Creator, Healer, and Sustainer of our children, our marriages,and ourselves. You hold us firmly imprinted in your fist. For these children with autism we stand in the gap interceding as Christ Himself does for a reversal of their destinies. In your Providence, will you turn the tables for them, take what the world says is impossible and make it possible for them. You alone have the power to turn every curse into a blessing because you love us. Praise you and thank you Lord that in the process you give each mom a purpose to share stories for your glory!

    For those who want to pray corporately all month (April is Autism Awareness month), there is a fabulous scriptural guide at

  43. 93
    donna says:

    Thank you for sharing this story with us. It is much needed encourgament for me as well as many other mothers of special needs children.
    My son has Duchenes Muscular Dystrophy. We are in a constant fight against this disease and i feel like I have been on an emotional rollercoaster every since he was diagnosed 6 years ago. This may not make since to anyone but God and I have had many wrestling matches over Ryan. But I have to tell you my relationship with God would not be what it is today without the struggles over the last 6 years. With each wrestling match i have with God i come away feeling like he is given me a little bit more strength ,faith and trust then what i had before. When the doctor told us that his disease had no cure, no hope and that Ryan had no future i was like you don’t know my GOD! He has plans for Ryan, those plans include hope and a future and i pray everyday that God will use this situation for his glory! I will never give up hope that God can if he so chooses , touch and heal my son as well as all those other special needs children .
    Dear Jesus,
    I pray for all those other parents that have special needs children that you will give them peace that passes understanding, strength for today and HOPE for tommorow. I pray that you would also send compassionate people into their lives , to offer encouragment and support in whatever way they might need. May they feel your strong loving arms around them and that you would bless them in a special way. I ask that you give them wisdom for decisions that they have to make and protect over their marriage as they deal with the added stress this puts on their family. Show up in a mighty way in each childs life!

  44. 94
    Marnie says:

    My six-year-old son has ben showing signs of Aspergers (on the autism spectrum) and will be evaluated next month so we can know exactly what we’re dealing with. As a mom dealing with this potential diagnosis, I am so grateful for these prayers today!

    We know that God has big plans for our little boy. I call him “my little evangelist” because of his incredible heart to share Jesus with everyone he knows who has yet to be saved. I fully believe that God is using this to prepare my boy for His purposes. It will be a difficult road, but I cannot wait to see what kind of glory comes to God as a result!

  45. 95
    Anonymous says:

    My son is 8 and is on the autism spectrum. In the beginning I wondered if the pain would ever go away. It took about 5 years. We had other difficulties to deal with as well (job, financial, etc.) After awhile we became very cynical. My husband told me he wanted me to take the ‘Believing God’ study (you know, men don’t usually take those) so we could both benefit from it. It was definitely the beginning of better things to come. Since then, we have filled up one journal with just ‘blessings’ from God, one after the other. We’ve started a new one now.

    Here is my current struggle:

    Other people’s pity.

    Someone very dear to me keeps making comments that are very discouraging. I’m trying so hard to become the person that God wants me to be. I want to serve him with my whole heart. I want to grow and to continue to see his hand in ‘everything’ that he puts in my life. I tell her, “Don’t you think I’m blessed? Look at such and such and such.” And she says, “No”, very sadly filled with pity. And you know Satan is using those comments to torment me.

    What do I do? Please pray for me!

  46. 96
    Anonymous says:

    I am a grandmother raising a 3 year old special needs child. His father lives with us and his mother is in prison. I never dreamed that I would find myself in this situation but I thank God for this precious brown-eyed doll who goes to sleep each night patting my face. Each day is a struggle because he has so many problems (He has had more than a dozen surgeries in his short life) but our God has been so faithful. Thank you so much for your prayers.

  47. 97
    Rett says:

    My precious 2-year-old nephew was recently diagnosed with PDD. His parents have so patiently and prayerfully worked with him through all the things that were “just not right.” It is a blessing to know that there are specialists who are familiar with all the various challenges these kids face and can offer support to the child and parents. Thank you for sharing your story and Praise God that He drew you to Him through the example of your precious son.

  48. 98
    Kim says:

    Father God, Thank you for the children with special needs and their families. They teach us so much about how you love, and how we should love one another. Help me personally to not wait for a parent with a special needs kid to ask for help, but instead, to see the need and meet it. Give each of these parents what they need, when they need it, and a double portion of faith and patience. Give each of these children the plan that only You can have for them.

  49. 99
    Lu says:

    May your children continue to grow in wisdom and stature, in favor with the LORD and with men. May you know the joy and hope that The Father has called you to.
    In Christ’s everlasting love,

  50. 100
    lavonda says:

    I’ve tried several times to post a comment here and just couldn’t yet. The emotion this post brings to my heart and my eyeballs is so strong. Being a pediatric physical therapist, I have loved so many beautiful children on the autism spectrum over the last 15 years. Being a mom myself, I know that nothing compares to a mama’s or a daddy’s love… but I can tell you that a therapist’s love is pretty strong too. I can’t put into words for you the joy, so deep in your heart that it wells up in your eyes joy, that comes from the little things that most of us as parents with ‘typical’ children take for granted every single day. To work with a gorgeous little girl for almost a year before she finally looked me right in the eyes and hugged me… to talk with moms and dads who are in nothing short of survival mode on a day to day basis… there are so many things that we just flat take for granted in life. But not these parents.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to Thank You Father, for giving each of these precious children the parents you’ve chosen for them. Thank You for the daily measure of grace and hope and patience that they have, even more than most of us can even fathom. I pray for every person reading this, that you will touch their lives and provide them opportunities to be a blessing to these families, in even the smallest of details that You are so good at putting into motion.

    Thank you Jesus,

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