Ministers’ Wives Weekend Recap

LPL Minsters’ Wives Nashville TN from Rich Kalonick on Vimeo.


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  1. 51
    Heiress of God says:

    Rich thanks for the video and even though I was not there, I could feel the power of the holy spirit all through out what I was reading and seeing. The Lord blesses us in so many ways, that sometimes I believe we forget what is right in front of us… Thanks for the reminder that minister’s wives need extra care too!

    I am sending mine and email to thank her for her role she was entrusted in by our Lord Jesus…

    Once again, Beth, Travis and Lifeway team you are amazing by all the gifts you give to each of us and I love you all.


  2. 52
    DJ Hartman says:

    Wow Beth, Thank you for allowing us as the ‘lay’ people in the church to see a real glimpse into the life of our Pastor’s Wives and their lives. I know that no matter what the walk of a person they each have struggles in their area of living… I just think I forget as well as others do what it must look like from the other side. I have already been praying for my Pastor’s wife, and my friend.. but this sure aloows me to pray for her in ways that I might not have thought of before.

    Thank you for having a weekend to minister to them… to encourage them.. to let them rest in the arms of the one who matters most in their ministries. Jesus.

    DJ Hartman

  3. 53
    Kristy says:

    As usual, these videos bring me to tears. Thank you for sharing.

  4. 54
    Tam says:

    Thank you for sharing these insights with us. May we love, pray, and support our pastor’s wives! I have the utmost love and respect for mine. She has a beautiful quiet strength about her, and she has allowed her family to live publicly authentic in front of the church — if we admit it, it takes HUGE courage to do that! I pray all of the pastors wives on this blog will know love and care from the body of Christ this week and many days ahead!!!


  5. 55
    julie w says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! WOW!!! What an incredible weekend! I loved how special you made me feel as a pastor’s wife! God truly spoke to me through your teaching! I loved the whole concept of the 6 words! These are mine to sum up my weekend: “Went struggling…restored by His calling! ” Thanks again so much for everything! Hugs to you from SW Missouri!
    Love ya! πŸ™‚

  6. 56
    Donna Ott says:

    What an wonderful weekend! Thank you Beth, Travis & everyone else who made it happen!!
    I was truly blessed beyond words! God SO showed up, didn't HE??
    My husband & I have been in ministry for 12 years. Over the last 10 I have done many bible studies (all but one of your's) πŸ™‚ You have taught me SO much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being SO diligent in your pursuit of HIM! It's contagious! And I got it! πŸ™‚ I love you!

    My seven πŸ™‚ words from the weekend:
    Stop competing, Keep my eyes on HIM

    In His Great Love,

  7. 57
    Beth.. One Blessed Nana says:

    I am so sorry that I was unable to attend this weekend. I wanted to go SO SO BAD! But I just couldn’t leave my daughter who is expecting her 2nd baby any day now. If something had happened, I would have been 8 hours or so away and couldn’t have made it back. I hope that maybe you will put them on CD so we can enjoy?? As a pastor’s wife, I needed this, but it just wasn’t meant to happen. Not this year.

    Thanks for all you do Beth! You are awesome and inspiring.

    In Him,

  8. 58
    connorcolesmom says:

    Thanks for posting this πŸ™‚

  9. 59
    Cindy- My Life HIS Story says:

    I cried big tears. I could relate to so many of what was shared. I am so appreciative that LPM ministers to those who minister. I am so sad I couldn’t be there, but it is reassuring to know, that when I have feelings I feel guilty for later that others feel the same way. It’s times like that I am also again overwhelmed by an amazing God who has used a wretch like me to serve His people with my precious husband.

    And thank you, Beth, for allowing us to vent to you.

    Giggle – word verification – ivent.
    (that’s an understatement!)

  10. 60
    Kristib says:

    What an amazing weekend! I had several “how did Beth know that about me” moments. The Lord spoke so mightily through her!
    And Travis and the praise team took us right to the throne!
    I also got to hug the necks of some precious siestas.
    I wish I had time and space to share more, but I just want everyone that was involved to know “I am changed, thank you Lord!”

  11. 61
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Beth, I attended the “Minister’s Wives Weekend. My husband recenlty surrendered to God’s call to ministry after 12 years working in the church. My two best friends and Minidter’s wives invited me to join them on this weekend to help equip me for God’s call on me. I have felt God’s call for a long time and thankfully I do not feel like a misfit. Thank you for loving women of ministry enough to do this weekend. I was blessed, encouraged and jolted into reality during this weekend. My experience is limited, but my heart is ready. Thank you.

  12. 62
    Debra says:

    Just wondering if you will be doing another Minister’s Wives Conference? I missed out and know it would have been a real encouragement to me. I have been a Pastor’s wife for 12 years now and can relate to many of the comments you received. Was it recorded on DVD? Please let me know because I would love to purchase it. Thank you and many blessings to you!


  13. 63
    Anonymous says:

    I am the mother-in-law to a pastor therefor my daughter has the responsibility. They live in a “glass” house. They are just finishing their first church of 6 years. This is the church that she grew up in and she will now go to a strange church with new faces and new needs. Because they serve in ministry for those six years they willnot for awhile be able to return to that church for respect for the new pastor. I think that leaving old friends that she has know since childhood will be very hard for her. These people have been very kind to her but the next church will not have known her for years and will look at her as a pastor’s wife rather than a friend that has been there since childhood. She has always loved this church and felt very secure among the flock. Pray for both of them as they move on in the ministry.

    A praying Mama

  14. 64
    Mary Watkins says:

    Rich, you’ve done it again. My heart has been WOWED! Your photos coupled with the magnificant and powerful song of Travis Cottrell….it’s dynamite!

    Thank you!


  15. 65
    Wendy says:

    From the moment I stepped inside the doors on that rainy weekend, I knew it was going to be special.
    I will never forget it. Thank you to everyone involved who made it special from the greeters, to the worship team, Beth (of course), media team and the ‘Encouragers’.

    God bless you for filling our cups.

  16. 66
    Margaret says:

    Oh my goodness, how touching the video. One question: WHAT MUSIC IS THAT AND HOW CAN I FIND IT???
    I love Pastor’s wives!

  17. 67
    Anonymous says:

    I am eternally grateful for the minister wives’ conference. I was tremendously blessed and want to share my notes with my friends who are also minister wives who couldn’t attend the conference. I am a holy fit – not a misfit! Thank you most of all for the alter call, I was reluctant at first to go forward. But the gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit allowed me to walk boldly towards the front and I was amazingly blessed by the prayer and the power of God. I will forever keep Beth Moore and LPM in my prayers that God will continue let his mercy and grace shine upon the ministry.

  18. 68
    Anonymous says:

    Please come to Canada in 2010…We are some lonely soldiers…

  19. 69
    Anonymous says:

    Have the gloves been delivered to Cindy? What was her reaction? That was a wonderful encouragement for her. Thank you for sending her a message from so many wonderful women.

  20. 70
    Audrey says:

    I was viewing this video (a week later–it seems like just yesterday!), and my youngest, Isaiah (4) asked why you were wearing those pink boxing gloves. I told him of how you were teaching us to fight, but that we needed to be sure we hit the right one–the enemy. He responded with “we should give him metal to punch–that’ll really bust his knuckles!” I agreed and laughed with him–but that’s just what our spiritual armor does–gives that enemy metal to punch!!! May we keep it on tight–much love for you and your team.
    Audrey Howie
    St. Joseph, IL

  21. 71
    Anonymous says:

    This was such a refreshing weekend!! Often times we (pastors wives) are doing the speaking. I loved every minute of it and walked away wanting more of the Word. Praise God!! Thank you Beth!

  22. 72
    Anonymous says:

    Like the rest who have posted….a MILLION thank you’s to all who made this weekend happen. I am a pastor’s wife that came dried out, emptied, battered and discouraged (rough congregation)last weekend. In addition we had been mourning the passing of one of our fellow pastors who was killed the prior Sunday morning. My soul was bleak and barren, and I was struggling to let God fill me. However in the shelter you provided, I was once again able to sit back, worship and hear God speak. Beth, God used you and Travis to once again re-fill my spirit and be able to come back rejoicing. Praying this will become an annual event in your LPL series. May God continue to bless you mightily as you serve HIM.

  23. 73
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Beth, Travis, & the team,
    Thank you is such a shallow word to express my gratitude to yall for the Wives weekend! It truly was a "setting free" experience. I thought I was here by 'default'. I married a man who was called but running in the opposite direction. After 10 hard years, he surrendered, then the next 20 years got even harder! Yes, sheep do bite, smell & irritate. But we found out that sheep also protect, warm, and comfort you! Even though I was saved at 9(in Arkansas, Beth)it was not until God called our 16 year old Tori home to heaven that I realized what my salvation actually cost!I wanted to say thank you and share my "six words". Friday nights were" Daughters' death revealed God's sacrifice and grace."
    I attended with 9 other wives from our association and Sat. words became "Old friendships strengthened, new sisters uplift." Thank you all, and may God continue to bless. Please do this again!
    Karen Dukes
    Paris, Tn.

  24. 74
    Vicky says:

    I just watched this video for the first time… I cried again just remembering what an impact this weekend had on my life! Someone asked me what "gem" I took away from the conference and it was hard because I gained so much! If I had to pick one thing… I am working for God! What an awesome privilege and responsibility and I want to do nothing else but to serve Him!
    Beth, Travis, Lifeway Team, B&H Publishing.. thank you so much for seeing the need, answering God's call in your lives, and pouring out His love through you to all of us!

    Vicky Allen
    Goffstown, NH

    Goffstown, NH

  25. 75
    Anonymous says:

    You know how preachers always say that if you have a broke heart God can heal anything. Well I attended the minister’s wives weekend and my heart felt shattered. I prayed in the car on the way to Nashville that my heart was so shattered I was sure I had lost some of the pieces. I knew God had done it for David in Psalms 51. “Create in me a clean heart”. So I believed him for that. You know he did it. Saturday morning during the very first worship I felt like the Lord built a city on my insides again. Gave me the guts and fortitude to face the giants one more time. Thank Lord for letting me be a part of it and for letting me “work for you!!”

  26. 76
    The Bowen's says:

    Beth and the team, thank you so much for allowing God to use you to minister to us. I am super new to being a minister’s wife AND we are expecting our first baby in June! Life is changing drastically and this conference was just the encouragment and learning/growing experience that I needed! Our senior pastors’ wife invited me last minute to join her, she even paid my way! I know that God wanted me there and He changed my heart, gave me a new passion for Him and I left so encouraged as I start down this new journey with my husband and baby boy. Thank you again and God bless!

  27. 77
    Charlotte says:

    As the mom of a pastor’s wife I want to thank you for such a wonderful weekend! My daughter married an accountant and he was called into ministry about 5 years ago! I think she is a wonderful pastor’s wife but I also know it is a huge responsibility and also difficult. I just wanted to say thanks for ministering to my daughter that I love so very, very much!

    Charlotte Styer

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