Meet Our Darling Paige!

My Dear Sisters, how are you?? I think of you every single day and love sharing all sorts of family and ministry things with you. We had such a treat last week that I want to share with you. We haven’t really developed a framework here for interns at LPM but one of our board members asked us if we’d consider allowing a senior in high school that he esteemed highly to work here for a week as part of her senior credit. We had a hunch that the blessing would be ours but we weren’t ready for how quickly we’d fall head over heels in love with her. It was our plan from the beginning to give her a taste of every position in the ministry and sit her in every department so her experience would be full. To get a taste of what my department (comprised of AJ, CJ, Melissa and me) does, I asked her to both open Tuesday night Bible study with a 3-minute greeting and write a blog article on Friday that I’d post today. I told her she could write it on anything she wanted because by that time I knew I could trust her character and that she was quite the communicator. Such a gifted and darling young woman! Below you will find her greeting to you. You will be able to tell immediately that you guys are considered a big part of ministry around the halls of LPM!

Our dearest Paige, all of LPM is the better for having had you drop by for a week. You are an amazing young woman of God and the Spirit of Christ radiates from your face already. We miss you this morning! These doors are always open to you, Darling Child. Come by any time you need a dose of bad but clean jokes that we clearly think are hilarious. May Christ continue to give you supernatural understanding into the Scriptures…for they are not just words, as you know. They are your life. We LOVE you.

And now for Paige:

Hola Siestas (Ok…I just had to say it)!

I’m Paige Warren, Living Proof’s first official intern and a senior at Second Baptist School in sunny (and HOT, I might add) Houston, TX! This week has definitely been one of the MOST incredible weeks of my life, and I’d LOVE to tell you why!

It all began this past Christmas when I met Mrs. Moore at Second Baptist Church’s annual Kids Crazy Christmas Show (a mouthful, I know – we just call it KCCS)! I’m a member of the JUMP Team, an acting, singing and dancing ministry for kids, which performed at the show, and to my complete bliss and surprise, I was able to meet Mrs. Moore and her cute grandbabies. Little did I know that just a few months later, I’d be petting her sweet puppy and laughing at jokes at the LPM lunch table! How truly blessed am I?

Now, I would absolutely LOVE to fill you in on ALL the excitement of my internship at LPM, but if I did, you might still be at your desk at dinnertime! So, here’s a look into a typical Monday at Living Proof!

On my first day of the internship, I arrived promptly at 8:30am, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed; ready to go for my first day. As I pulled into the property, I noticed that Living Proof Ministries is not housed in a normal, run-of-the-mill office building, but an adorably cozy and beautifully decorated home where scripture competes for every wall space, Pottery Barn furniture replaces generic work desks, and laughter fills the office space. Although the norm for a teen internship is extreme nervousness in the form of sweaty palms and a dry mouth, this was certainly not the case for me at LPM. Upon meeting the ladies, I couldn’t help but feel like I fit right in! So welcoming and loving, the staff made me feel as if they were my very best friends…and trust me, ladies, their personalities can intensely mislead one about their REAL ages!

My first task? Stepping into the world of production with Evangeline. I was most surprised by the fact that LPM fulfills, packages, and ships all orders in-house. From Bible Studies to CDs & DVDs to Books, the LPM storage room has it all! The neatest part about the whole process is the fact that each order is HAND-packaged with care. They check, and double-check…and check again! As part of their ministry, the LPM staff and volunteers, if they feel led, pray over certain packages for the Word of the Lord to edify that particular customer/donor as they seek to know Him more! As Beth entered the room to welcome and thank volunteers and staff, she gave me a surprising challenge: “Paige, dear, we don’t normally do this, but…would you like to do the announcements and speak at Bible Study Tuesday Night? I’ll give you 3 minutes…” Wait, wait, wait. Could this REALLY be happening? A 17 year-old to speak at Houston’s First Baptist Bible Study: The Inheritance, packed with over 3,000 pairs of alert ears that are just waiting/dying to hear a good Word from Jesus?? “You’ve got to be kidding me!,” I yelled to myself. I leaped for joy at the opportunity to bless that many women! The Lord, I knew, would take care of the words…All I had to do was have a willing heart to bless others!

As we (myself and the lovely volunteers) packaged and jammed out to some cool worship music, I noticed it was already time for lunch! “Wait a second…where did everyone go?,” I anxiously uttered as I glanced at the clock. To my surprise, I found nine staff ladies sitting on the floor with fluffy blankets and Bibles in-toe. On Mondays, the LPM staff (minus Curtis…he is a guy, after all!) feeds on the Word of God together, growing, seeking and praying for each other to be encouraged in the Lord. They seek to be fed with spiritual food rather than physical food. “Of course!” Gladly, I plopped down next to Beth (Side Note: We’re not yet on first name basis, but it’s kind of hard after you’ve watched her passionately deliver a Word on Life Today or in Bible Study and constantly scream “You go, Beth!” at the TV). After a time of sweet prayer and study, it was time to head back to work answering phones with Kimberly! Now, although it sounds pretty easy, it was actually REALLY rigorous – especially when multiple calls can flood like a simultaneous technological deluge! I have SERIOUS respect for receptionists now!

Before I knew it, the day was over! What an incredible start to an incredible week at LPM!!

The following 3 days, the Lord worked seriously in my life as I worked side-by-side with these darling ladies. I’ve learned a GREAT deal about the ministry, it’s effectiveness, and EVERY facet of Living Proof that makes it Living Proof. However, I must admit that, although this internship has benefited me greatly through experience, the “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity that makes it a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience is the blessing of fellowship. I cannot express to you in words worthy of writing the amount of joy, laughter, godly council, and Kingdom perspective I’ve encountered and been immersed in here! Viewing each aspect of the ministry has allowed my heart to burst with compassion for the lowly and excitement for the saved; laughter at crazy jokes and tears at the sincerity of their hearts. What makes Living Proof all that you perceive it to be is the fact that these ladies are REAL, live “Living Proof.” They love Jesus with their whole hearts and passionately yearn to seek Him more! Plus, they might just be the wackiest, craziest, make-you-want-to-sit-down-and-watch-their-sitcom kind of women! (We’re still thinking of the name…)

I consider myself blessed beyond measure by the Lord. His Joy is my Strength…His Joy is their strength. We’re not just co-workers for a week. This internship has made us sisters in the Kingdom for eternity!

Be blessed, siestas! If He’s working in a little 17 year-old intern’s life, I know He’s sure working in yours! Be blessed by the intense measure of His love for you!!! (Colossians 3:12) Hope to write to you again soon! (Maybe in the summer…you never know!)

Joyfully His,

P.S.~ “What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord…!” – Philippians 3:8!


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  1. 51
    Anonymous says:

    Hello Paige, I cannot believe you are only 17! What a wonderful young woman you are. How exciting for you. I would love to spend just one day there. Hope you get the summer job!

    God bless you in your future.

    Forever His,

    Lawan Rivera
    Phil 4:8

  2. 52
    MistyMae says:

    Nice to meet you Paige! I love hearing a young woman with such a heart for God. May God richly Bless you!
    Misty M. Middleton

  3. 53
    Andrea says:

    What a blessing I received from reading this post! God bless you, Paige. He has great plans for your life.

  4. 54
    Tammie says:

    okay – only one other LPM blog entry made me cry when i read it and this is the second. And laugh…as i notice someone else’s comment to the side here…”is she up for adoption?” Makes me want to come be an intern….and i am in seminary and desire to have/be in a ministry of restoration….informally or formally, i don’t care as long as I am helping others walk more fully in the Love of Christ.

    Thanks for sharing – I hope Paige gets to come back…

  5. 55
    Siesta OC says:

    Paige – YOU ARE DARLIN!!!
    I loved what you wrote and I thank you for sharing somethings I had no idea about LPM. I didn’t know they shipped form there (praying over some shipments touched me deeply). And the blanket Bible bash – you gotta love.

    I want to come be an intern.

    Paige – I hope we hear from you again, you are a joy to my ears and you warm my heart.

    Siesta OC

  6. 56
    Amy says:

    Oh what a joy to read and know that Jesus is working in Paige’s life. Paige – thanks for sharing and we hope to hear from you again, soon! What a blessing to know that The Holy Spirit is alive and working in our young people today. After reading the headline this morning that more Americans claim no religion and numbers of believers are declining everywhere, this was a much needed breath of fresh air! Now to go outside and enjoy a some real fresh air before winter returns to Virginia tomorrow!

  7. 57
    Rebecca says:

    wellcome PAIGE!!!

  8. 58
    Cheri-Beri says:


    What a gift for the written word you have!! You blessed my heart this morning with your godly enthusiasm. In a world where there is so much to be sad about, you’re so much to be glad about. How I wish for your heart to be cultivated in my 11 year old daughter 🙂

  9. 59
    Diana says:

    What a blessing to read your post, Paige! You make me want to be a 17-year-old intern again! I appreciate the glimpse into the day-to-day work culture at Living Proof. And how totally cool that LPM staff pray over the materials they send out! That just blesses my heart.

    Keep writing and speaking His praises!

  10. 60
    Sara Re-nae says:

    Paige, thank you for such a refreshing glimpse behind the scenes! I know this will forever be imprinted on your memory, and it is probably only the beginning of what you could not think to ask for.
    Dear girl, thank you!

  11. 61
    Heiress of God says:

    Paige … it sounds like to me you received a Jesus show at Living Proof … Amen and hallalujah! Our Lord has big things instore for you young lady and we here in Siesta land loved that you chose to share your wonderful words with us!!!

    I just wonder could I send my 16 year old to come spend some time with you…? Really what a blessing you are!

    Rock on Miss Paige… Rock on.


  12. 62
    Kelli says:

    Paige thanks for giving us a glimpse of what it was like to be at LPM for the week!

  13. 63
    Manda says:

    so… I ran to the ladies room and missed your 3 min on Tuesday, When I came in everyone was talking about You! I was bummed I missed you. It is such a pleasure to hear young ladies stepping out for Jesus I just turned 23 and I feel so old!! I minister to high school girls that are utterly lost and giving in to so much pressure, So I’m glad you are walking it out with God. When ya fall, like we all do, Fall forward right into His loving arms and know he is always bigger then you think

  14. 64
    AMENMom says:

    There is NO WAY a teenager wrote that. NO WAY.

  15. 65
    Anonymous says:

    Paige, you must be quite a young lady. It’s so neat to see God active in the life of a 17-year-old like He is in yours. I wasn’t anywhere near having that kind of relationship or way of thinking at your age. But you show me that it IS possible.

    It sounds like the blessings from last week are as much for you as they were for the staff.

  16. 66
    Nichole says:

    How fun was that?!! I type for myself, but I’m guessing that we’d all LOVE to jump at the chance to do exactly what Paige did. You go, girl!!

  17. 67
    Julie says:

    It is so nice to meet you Paige, welcome to this family of siestas. You are loved.

  18. 68
    Little Lamb says:

    Paige, May God bless you abundantly as you live for Him. What a joy it was to read your post and to “dream” about all the ways God is going to use that willing and loving heart of yours! You are His Workmanship created for His works…and what a Masterpiece you will be! Keep following hard after Him!

  19. 69
    Joy says:

    Sweet Paige….I LOVED reading about your experience at LPM!!! I am SO, SO proud of YOU….you are amazing!!! Love you so!!!

  20. 70
    Carla says:

    Great job Paige! If we didn’t know better we would think you were a secret child of “Mrs, Moore’s”. Your writing and comminication skills are already developing into such a level that I know that God will use you greatly. I’m glad you had what we all know to be the time of your life! it ssems to me that all were blessed last week. Hope to hear from you again soon, Carla Lee

  21. 71
    Dee says:

    Paige, What a great privilege you’ve had, and you, in turn, have blessed me with your testimony. I enjoyed your blog and look forward to hearing from you again. I’m happy that we have the privilege and responsibility to stand “shoulder to shoulder” for the generations. The Lord bless you.

  22. 72


  23. 73
    Anonymous says:

    My son is 23 years old, 5’11” …

  24. 74
    Heather says:

    Paige! So nice to meet you and what a wonderful opportunity for you! I think we all agree how blessed you are to be LPM first official intern. Thank you for the descriptions! WOW! I’m 27 and I want to be an intern! 🙂

  25. 75
    ocean mommy says:

    Beautiful post Paige! What a treat to hear your take on these ladies I pray for! What a wonderful week you had.

    I can tell that YOU sweet girl blessed these ladies. 🙂

    Praying that your passion for our Jesus continues to grow! It’s clear that He is all over you!


  26. 76
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing Paige……what a great look into Living Proof, but also into what a special lady you are in Christ……God is truly working through you.

    What a great time you must have had with all those special Living Proof girls……and of course with Mama Siesta and her daughter.

    Blessings to you …..maybe we will get to hear from you this summer.
    Bible Bunny in No MI…
    P.S. You JUST had to mention it was hot in Houston. We had another snow storm last night….9 to 18 inches depending where you lived. Come on SPRING!!!!!!!!

  27. 77
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks for answering a question I’ve always had, “What’s it like to hang out at LPL?” You did a great job of communicating emotion and spirit through your written word. Keep at it. Keep praying. Keep open to what God has for you.

    And thanks to all those women who pray over our orders!
    Kim Feth
    Apex, NC

  28. 78
    Rebecca says:

    Praise God for the young people who know how to walk the walk and talk the talk!!! Pray for my nieces who do not know Jesus.

  29. 79
    UL Cards Fan says:

    Enjoyed your post. I could FEEL your excitement through the computer. May God bless your life richly.
    Love, LINDA

  30. 80
    Kara says:

    Nice to meet you Paige! I’m so excited that you had the opportunity to intern at LPM. Thank you for your description of at least one day of happenings
    there. It touches my heart to know how much prayer and love go into everything that comes from all the staff at LPM.

    Thanks again and God Bless you in all you do.

  31. 81
    Laura_Primus says:

    Wow, Paige you just radiate God’s love. It’s so neat when someone who is young can be so inpiring to those of us who are not as young (I’m not “old by any means, just can’t really call myself “young” as I round the corner to 39).

    I got a taste of this in my own family’s life when I received a note from the room mother in my daughter’s room. This mother had noticed “what a great relationship Grace (my daughter) has with God and it inspired (her) to want that same kind of happiness for her children.” (We go to public school so I’m so glad Grace has been able to show her love for God in an environment that is constantly trying to shove Him out.) I hope it inspires this mom to want the same joy for herself, too! I am so proud of my daughter and it showed me that anyone of any age that loves Jesus and radiates His love can influence anyone else at any age to want to know Him.

    Paige, you radiate God’s love and His joy. You sound like you were am amazing match to the amazing staff at LPM. I am grateful for them and grateful for your “blog”.

    Laura P
    Pleasant Hill, CA

  32. 82
    Misty says:

    WoW! If only I were that excited at that age! I am learning and am thrilled to know my Savior and my Lord – but I SERIOUSLY didn’t know then what I was missing in a personal relationship with Him. Paige – you can reach SO MANY youth with your heart for Him! Prayers for blessings beyond measure to you and all those you encounter. Keep writing as He will use your passion and zeal to further His Kingdom! You go, girl! :o)

  33. 83
    Anonymous says:

    Wow! Paige you are adorable!

    P.S. Just in case LPM is looking for 33year old stay-at-home mom interns..I’M AVAILABLE!! 🙂
    Jenny from VA

  34. 84
    Yolanda says:

    Oh welcome, PAIGE WELCOME!

  35. 85
    Lauri says:

    You sound precious. Your words so solid and enjoyable.

    I’m so on the same page here in Houston (Hot and only early March…and you know since we’re in the South we really can’t wear those white shorts, sandals, and spring colors until after April 12th…would someone please change the rules I’m really sweating today!)

    Keep up the enthusiasm, faith, and joy and you’ll go far lifted high by the Most High.


    PS. My boys are 19 and 17.

  36. 86
    Callie says:

    Paige, can I just say that I am SO jealous?!? I am in college and looking to get an internship soon, but it sounds like you had the ultimate internship!! So glad that you enjoyed the incredible opportunity you were given! : )

  37. 87
    Shannon says:

    Holy Cow, girl!!! (Wait, I didn’t mean cowgirl…) First of all, what an opportunity – a true blessing to have so much poured into you and an awesome experience at such a young age in ministry. You may have just gleaned more in one week than I did in 4 years of undergraduate work, preparing for ministry. Thank God for His Goodness – woohoo!!

    Second of all, Paige, it is quite apparent God has given you an aptitude for communication and for loving on others. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for a “behind-the-scenes” glance at LPM. I am new to this blog and really enjoyed “seeing” the ministry there through your eyes.

    Blessings to you my friend – my sister! But you’ll have to be my baby sister – good grief I think I’m almost old enough to be your mother – watch out!! 🙂

  38. 88
    Cindy says:

    OH! MY WORD! What a sweet little blessing you are Paige! You are so gifted with words. You go girl!
    I just love you!

  39. 89
    Pattycakes from NC says:

    Hi Paige,
    What an experience! The ride of a lifetime as Beth would put it! We all know God placed you in their hands for that short while and it sounds as though he lifted you up! And at the same time lifted them as well. It just tickles me pink to hear a young woman speak with such excitement for the LORD! Good for you! Keep it going Girl and I have a feeling we will all be hearing from you again in the future. Enjoy your last little bit of High School!
    In His Name,
    Pattycakes from NC

  40. 90
    Nichole's Mom says:

    How much fun is that? And now she has a whole blog full of Siestas who will be praying over her! I love the way God works… So many ripples!

    Love you all,


  41. 91
    Regina Gibson says:

    Sweet Paige,

    You are absolutely precious! I encourage you to keep on seeking after our Lord Jesus! I pray that you would abide in HIM and that HIS words would abide in you. May your life be used to bear much fruit!! (John 14-15 is what I’m thinking)

    As you have seen in your short stay at LPM, there’s nothing like the Lord using your life. He does this whether we have a great internship or not right?! As you finish up school, go to FCA, or youth group, or whatever it is let Him use you like you’ve let Him this week, serve with joy and complete humility and abandonment to Christ in whatever you do. I want to assure you that there is NO ONE in the world like Him…Your life will be well lived indeed if you stay in step with Him.

    Though I haven’t met you, I am endeared by your sweet words and obvious passion for Christ sweet sister…Have a great day!!

    With love in Christ,

    Regina Gibson-

  42. 92
    Ann says:

    How nice to meet you, Paige! I loved your blog and hope to hear more from you! I can’t even imagine the thrill of spending a week at LPM! I also didn’t know about the shipping that takes place from there and the praying over some packages. That is unbelievably touching! Thank you for sharing with us!! You sound like an absolutely darling young lady who is on fire for the Lord!!

  43. 93
    BeBe says:

    It was great “meeting” you – your writing is contagious! I was filled with excitement just reading your post! I hope you have a wonderful senior year – great memories.

  44. 94
    tanya says:

    You’re adorable! You have a gift and I know the Lord is going to continue using your sweet, fun personality for His glory!

    And Beth is going to love you forever for your statement – “To my surprise, I found nine staff ladies sitting on the floor with fluffy blankets and Bibles in-toe.”


    (This thing is acting strange so if it posts a billion times, I’m sorry!)

  45. 95
    Cindy says:

    Hi Paige,

    In a world where we hear so many negative things about teens it is such a blessing to be introduced to one who is so on fire for the Lord.

    I hope we get to hear from you again.


  46. 96
    Anonymous says:

    I think my socks just got knocked off by at 17 yr old entry!!
    What an incredible young woman! Praise Him.

  47. 97
    Jill_in_AL says:

    What a great treat to read about your week!

    No matter how many college classes you ever take and jobs you ever have you will always remember your first experiences in the “real world.” You are doubly blessed that it was a real world experience with real ladies who love the only real God.

    Blessings to you, Paige! Jill

  48. 98
    Georgia Jan says:

    Paige: You are precious and I am so thankful you had this week to “glean in the offices” at LPM. This memory will be forever a part of your Senior Year! WOW!

    I wasn’t blessed with a daughter – I have boys, but if I did have one, I would have hoped she would have been like you…

    Georgia Jan

  49. 99
    connorcolesmom says:

    Ok Paige DARLING!
    I wish we had a pic to go with that great post b/c I bet she is as ADORABLE in person!
    It sounds as though all parties were GREATLY blessed!
    May God continue to light your path with passion for HIM!

  50. 100
    Dana N says:

    WHAT A BLESSING your post is, Miss Paige! I can feel your enthusiasm for God right through my computer screen. I am so very, very glad that you had chance to experience LPM and share it with us! I do hope to see you posting again. God bless you!!

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