The Inheritance Bible Study

The Inheritance Bible Study from Debra Parker on Vimeo.

We concluded our Inheritance Bible study series last night and wanted to give you a glimpse of what we’ve been up to this semester. Many thanks to our Siesta Debra Parker for capturing these pictures and making this recap video for the blog.

*For the life of me I cannot figure out why, when I post these videos, the link to comments disappears. I’ve tried to fix it with no luck. I’m so sorry! I’ll open up another post for comments. -Amanda


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  1. 1
    Karen L. says:

    my link didn’t disappear….
    wish i could have been part of the study….i may just move to houston!

  2. 2
    Cindy- My Life HIS Story says:

    Hey, look! I’m commenting right where the video is posted! And DANG IT!! I knew I should have taken out the second mortgage to pay for the travel, the time off work, etc… 🙂 Just kidding. My sweet group and I have actually been having a blast with our own Tuesday night Esther study. But last night was the coolest.
    I blogged about it:
    But the short version is that last night, March 10 on the day of Purim we were on session 7 – where Siesta Mama teaches us to “turn it around” – so we started our delieverance on the same day the Jews celebrate theirs. Talk about a little providence!!

    I know I’m ramblin’ a bit, but I just have to tell you sweet Moore girls (it will forever be your name!) are precious to us. Thank you, thank you for your ministry to us.

  3. 3
    Cindy- My Life HIS Story says:

    Oh sorry…I forgot something else that was too funny last night. I’ve been giving the participants in our Bible study little gifts for fun – things for entertaining, girly-girl beauty stuff, etc…Last night I gave them some pretty little perfumed padded hangers…as we studied Haman’s hanging. My girls got a BIG kick out of that.

  4. 4
    Mary Watkins says:

    Karen L. has a great idea. I think I’ll move to Houston too….when the Lord opens the door.

  5. 5
    Living day by day for Jesus says:

    I will join ya! When we going??? LOL!

  6. 6
    blessed, grateful says:

    As I slowly stroll thru Esther study (only because God says to, otherwise I could probably do it all in 1 day, it’s that good) I am anticipating a new study, is this a new study? Will The Inheritance study be shared with us folks a little north of Houston?

  7. 7
    If I Speak says:

    Are you going to make the Inheritance bible study available formally? HOPING…. 🙂

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