Calling All Book Nerds!

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Oh, I already love this post! While I was in my garage working out this morning, I was listening to my buddy Susan on the KSBJ morning show (KSBJ is a Christian contemporary music radio station in the Houston area and is so fabulous that it wins all kinds of awards). She let us know that it was “Read Across America” week and, thereby, gave me permission to give full sway to my favorite tangible obsession: B.O.O.K.S.

I love them. I love the look of them. The smell of them. The feel of them when you break a new one open. I love the spine of them. An out-loud read of them. I LOVE BOOKS. My grandfather was such a book nerd that my grandmother told him that, if she were ever widowed, she’d ask every male suitor if he could read and if he said yes, she’d say, “Pass on by, Brother.” He passed that obsession on to my mother who honestly loved a word fitly spoken more than anyone I’ve ever known. And she passed it on to practically every single one of her five children. Keith, bless the Father above for one of our very few similarities, also has the fever. Our idea of a great date is to go out to dinner then hit the Barnes and Noble. We get a cup of Starbucks first and don’t leave the store until we’ve drained it dry and opened every single book we can get our hands on.

I love books. I love to rub the palm of my hand over the covers.

So, here’s today’s topic. Name ONE – I said ONE, Siestas! – book you have absolutely loved (besides the Bible, our all-time, no-contest, unparalleled Book) and who it’s by, THEN give a brief reason why. It doesn’t have to be your favorite book of all time, just one you really love. List your information in this order:

  • the book title and author on the first line,
  • genre on the second line (fiction? non-fiction? biographical? autobiographical? Etc),
  • then the short explanation why you loved it so much underneath. (Long ones unfortunately won’t be able to be posted so don’t write a book on your book!)

(Please be authentic and don’t bow to the temptation to impress your dear, impressionable Siestas by sounding hyper-spiritual. Unless A.W. Tozer really did write your favorite book, please don’t say he did. Grin.)

This comment set-up will make the list easy to read and, I think, really fun to peruse. I CAN HARDLY WAIT! Now, dang it, I have a lot of work to do today so I’m going to really have to fight to stay focused while we’re bringing in these comments BUT I will have the whole list of them to read a little later in my leisure. Let’s hear it, Siestas!

I’m wild about you. Have a blast in Jesus today. BE REAL, Girlfriends. One of my Scriptures out of The Message this weekend in my quiet time was this: “God cannot STOMACH arrogance and pretense.” (Proverbs 16:5) That’s a word, huh?



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    “The Debt” By Angela Hunt. It makes you want to make sure you’re listening real good. I was in a Ministry for 15 years and before that seven years,(the church where I had asked the Lord into my life)and both churches kept us so busy there really wasn’t any time to breath. I remember as a young Christian ministering to this one girl I worked with and I didn’t think I was getting through and then one night she called me and I couldn’t go because our Pastor said that once we made a commitment we had to stick to our word. And I understood that, but I was never late and I felt this was really important. But they said they really needed me and I knew in my heart that this was wrong,I had to tell her I had to go to church. I was obediant to our Pastor. It turned out they didn’t need me in the prayer line and that girl never forgot that I was too busy at church. And in my heart I knew I should have obeyed God and just prayed that I would be understood by the Pastor and went to her. I was never able to turn that around with her. Although,I met her once years later and she was married, she invited me to her house and there was the Bible I bought her, sitting on display,on a shelf,untouched and as new as the day I bought it. I commented, that she still had it and wanted to know if she would be willing to part with it,(it was exactly like mine which was now being held together by tape) and she said no deal. I asked if she ever looked at it and she said she hadn’t gotten around to it yet, so I guess there’s still hope. She really still didn’t want to hear anything from me about the Lord but I had to just leave it there and just love her. Anyway, this book is excellent. Makes you want to listen better and love better.

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