Some Great News and a Few Random Catch-ups

Hey, You Darling Siestas!

I only have just a few minutes because…
a) I don’t have much battery left on my laptop
b) American Idol just came on. For all you American-Idol-haters, I’m not saying I’m watching it. I’m just saying it’s on. And it’s top 12 night.

BUT, I had to hop on the blog because I have the greatest news. You’re going to need to sit down for this. Last night we got a whopping $10,000 donation from a Siesta for the Siesta Scholarship Fund!!!! I first wrote “Fun” instead of “Fund.” GIRLFRIEND, LET SOME BIG GIVING BEGIN! THAT’S WHAT I CALL FUN! The way I see it, based on what we now have in our fund (roughly 13,000 after subtracting our giving for ministers’ wives’ event), even if we don’t get another dime, LPM can give away a thousand dollars of materials/tickets a month for the next year. I am so pumped I can hardly sit to type. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m going to get to give away some tickets to our New Orleans LPL to some folks who have been financially devastated ever since Katrina. I am beside myself. I am humbled beyond expression to be part of this giving campaign with you. May God bring forth a 100-fold harvest in the life of each recipient and bless each of you beyond belief.

We also celebrated Mister Jackson Curtis Jones’s THIRD BIRTHDAY this week! His actual birthday was yesterday but we had a small family party with four generations of Moore blood Monday evening. We missed Curtis’s family so much. Keith and I love his parents. We’d be such good friends if we lived in the same city. Same weird sense of humor. For Jackson’s birthday dinner, AJ requested her daddy’s famous deep-fried fish, the best home-made tartar sauce in the Lone Star State, corn on the cob, steak fries and home-made macaroni and cheese. (It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s SUPPER-MAN!) It was fantastic. We then put the boy out of his misery and let him open a den-floor full of presents. After we’d made big over his gifts, we pulled out the Thomas the Train ice-cream cake, put on our Thomas the Train birthday hats, lit the big-three candle, and sang like there was no tomorrow. Jackson loved being the center of attention. It was like he’d had some practice.

Honestly, Sisters, that child has been the biggest, most enthusiastic blast we’ve just about ever had grace this family. We are all hopelessly smitten with him. And as for his darling baby sister, she nearly slept through the whole thing – looking like the cutest pink doll you’ve ever seen – so she could keep her Daddy up till 3:00 AM. They do late nights together. But not usually that late. Annabeth is a really sweet baby. She doesn’t cry much when she’s awake. She just wants to keep some folks company. Bibby wishes it were her some nights.

And, shoot-fire before my laptop dies, I love my Tuesday night Bible study group so much! God has blown my mind with the breadth of this inheritance theme. Honestly, it could have been an eight-week study complete with homework. (Not gonna be for now but coulda been) I never would have guessed it in a million years but the subject just got bigger and bigger. God has taught me so much. Pray for me to have ears to hear and eyes to see and the anointing to teach comprehensively what God, in His great mercy, is showing to me. We only have three classes left this Spring. I hate for Bible study to be over!

Well, Keith and I decided to have our own random suppers tonight so he had 2 chicken pot pies and I’m having scallop potatoes and my timer’s about to go off. (Yes, that’s all I’m having for the whole meal. I am the weirdest eater on earth. I have this really simple recipe I’ve loved for years from a church cookbook . I can make the dish with skim milk and 2% cheddar cheese and it’s great comfort food. I add milk to it afterwards and make it into kind of a potato soup. And eat two big bowls.)

And now Star is dropping the tennis ball at my feet. Let me pitch it down the stairs long enough to finish this post.

Lord have mercy. Why do y’all put up with me? This is so random. Terrible writing. No time to edit. But I love you. And I just wanted to say hi. And that all of you are in my top 12.

I sacrificed my hair for the Thomas hat.


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  1. 101
    Karla says:

    Jackson has the most precious smile and eyes that must light up a whole block, not just a room! And it’s okay, Beth, grandmothers (I’m Nana, not Bibby) are supposed to look like that for their grandkids – makes the bond even stronger!

  2. 102
    deanna says:

    What amazing blessings we have to be thankful for! Generosity, love, enthusiasm, girlfriends, birthday cake, family, comfort food, and Jesus…the list goes on and on. Thank you for sharing so much with us. You are a blessing in this little life of mine! Jackson and Annabeth are so beautiful. When I was pregnant a very special friend gave me a card with an excerpt from Psalm 139 – “You knit me together in my mother’s womb…My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place…” and she gave me a little pair of pink knitting needles. It was the greatest gift! When my baby was born, I would just stare at him, in amazement and wonder at how fresh he was from “the secret place” with God. I know His handprints are on all of us, but they are just so fresh on our babies, and it is beautiful just to gaze in wonder on His handiwork, isn’t it?

  3. 103
    MITZI says:

    Random comments:
    Praise God for His wonderful gifts through wonderful Siestas.

    Jackson looks just like Amanda in their hat picture. Usually I see so much of his daddy in him.

    Bethie, you go ahead and watch and enjoy American Idol!!! Truth be told I enjoy crime novels but I don’t tell too many people because of the same reaction you might get from American Idol. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love ya Sister.

  4. 104
    Anonymous says:

    God bless each giver and those who are unable to; how wonderful to bless others. Thank-you for taking time to update your siestas and share the b-day pictures of a dear boy. God is so good. I have dear little grandsons I am not allowed contact with as our son cut off his entire family. God is true to His promises and gives His strength for the heartache. He has even placed dear little ones in my life at church to help out with. I treasure each hug as you do. It is a joy to see your pictures and rejoice with your family. Sweet Jesus, we love and treasure You in our lives and ask You to work mightily in the hearts of those we love.

  5. 105
    T. Anne says:

    Your family has it so together! God bless and godspeed! PS Mommy and brand new baby look amazing!

  6. 106
    Kristib says:

    We love your randomness! I can be pretty random too. (like right now)

    Praise the Lord for all the donations! I know I always get my socks blessed off at LPL events and through the amazing studies. It is so cool that others will get to experience the same blessings!

    Happy 3rd birthday to Jackson! He is such a cutie!

    Also ove the picture with you and the “little princess.”

    Well I am done being random!

    Sending much love!

  7. 107
    Anonymous says:

    Ephesians 1:17 NLT

    I pray,asking God, the glorious Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, to give you spiritual wisdom and understanding, so that you might grow in your knowlege of God.

    I posted yesterday, but must have did something wrong so I will try again. Bless each of you dear ones.


  8. 108
    Anonymous says:

    Praise God for the Scholarship Fund!! ๐Ÿ™‚ That is awesome!! God IS GOOD!!!!

    Thinking of cookbooks, when you mentioned church cookbooks, I bet the best cookbook in the whole world, would be a Siesta Girls Cookbook! Mmmm, sounds good already!!


  9. 109
    barbara head says:

    Mighty fine lookin grandkids, Bibby. From a very proud Mimi

  10. 110
    Nichole's Mom says:

    Thank you for sharing. Thank you for praying for us! We love you all very much. Also, the little mister looks more like his momma than I had noticed before! Adorable.

  11. 111
    Dionna says:

    Random posts are some of my absolute favorite posts from bloggers. They really help you see someone’s heart and personality. ๐Ÿ™‚

    We call random dinner night “Hodge podge” around here. My daughter gets so excited over “hodge podge” nights that she jumps up and down and says “YAY!” She loves to eat frozen wheels and cheese or a frozen bean burrito. Nutrition, I’m tellin you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love you, Beth. Thanks for being you and letting God use you.

  12. 112
    Anonymous says:

    “Praise God from Whom all blessings flow”
    Happy 3rd B-Day!
    And would you look at the smiles on Mom and Son they are exactly the same! Beautiful!

  13. 113
    Darla says:

    You know the part I like? That you watch American Idol! Makes you SO real (and you already do a good job of that). I mean I might have imagined you at home working on another Bible Study or something…like in ALL your free time but no, girl…you’re just like the rest of us. Little American Idol, random dinner…I love it.

    And now…please… how do you have fried fish one night and 2 bowls of potatoes another and stay so teeny tiny? That part..well, you’re not just like me. But I do think the slanket is quite flattering on me!! LOL!

  14. 114
    Meghan says:

    Dearest Beth,
    We do not put up with you, we love you. I love the random stuff, it is so much friendlier (I’m not sure that is really a word!) I hopped on after my husband who is out of a job and just got turned down from job # I don’t even know anymore, and feel like I am among friends. I don’t even know why. It is so different here, it has to be God reaching out though our screens. Thank you for you.

  15. 115
    Groovewoman รขโ„ขยซ says:

    I love your randomness Beth.. it’s what makes you REAL!

    Happy Birthday Jackson, from The Rayburn’s in DFW! **loved the pics**

    And Praise the Lord for the great news on the SSFund, that is fantastic news!!


  16. 116
    Anonymous says:

    Praise the Lord for the giver and the donation to the SSF! That is totally awesome! Why do we expect less from our great God?

    Bethmoore, I loved the birthday party details. Birthdays are big in our family and so fun to celebrate with all the aunts, uncles, grandparents & cousins. Can I share with you the second verse to Happy Birthday that we learned in church?

    Birthday greetings today
    May God bless you we pray
    Live for Jesus, dear Jackson,
    May He guide you always.

    We just watched session 5 of Esther yesterday. Let me tell you, the Lord is working through you and hitting me right between the eyes. He is so awesome, why do we expect less?

    I want to echo others by thanking you for the SSMV idea. Loving it and the Lord is using this too.

    You are so awesome Bethmoore! Love you too!
    Melanie Miller
    Nampa ID

  17. 117
    Laura_Primus says:

    WOW, WOW AND WOW! God is blessing the Siesta Fund! I am certain that the siesta who gave $10,000 was following God’s lead on that and Praise be to God for obedient givers! I am sooooo thrilled that so many will be blessed. Giving away money is the greatest when you’re able to give away Jesus’ love with it!! WOOHOO!!!

    And, Beth, how is it that you can look so cute even in a Thomas the Train hat? LOL!

  18. 118
    Christine says:

    Random stuff is so often the best! I posted random on my blog this weeke because there wasn’t enough “real” material to make up a post! And just how bad can a huge donation, 3-year-old birthday and cheesy potato goodness be! Great post in my book! Blessings!

  19. 119
    Just a thought... says:

    We call that kind of dinner night…”find it and fix it” night. When anyone asks what’s for dinner…”find it an fix it” is the reply. My parents called it Dab night. Dab of this and a dab of that!

  20. 120
    Anonymous says:

    Beth, please share the recipe for your scalloped potatoes. I am all for comfort food made with skim milk and 2% cheese!

  21. 121
    Siesta OC says:

    I love it when you are real and communicate on a level of real-life.

    Because I am real-life.

  22. 122
    Nesha says:

    Praise!! Thank You to the dear siesta for her generosity to expand the love and grace of God!

    Random, so real and so life. Often it is the best way to catch up with others.

  23. 123
    Iris says:

    I think it is easier to be fun as a Nana.
    Had lunch with two of my 3 munchkins, and realize Jaelle will need to have all kinds of sparkly’s as she growns if it shines it is in her tiny hands.
    My boys are just so sweet and so different, one is a chatter and dancer and loves to play with you, the other is quiet but all boy and is happy to know you are close by if he needs you to play with him, I love how he says baooots and gets them on before he heads out side.
    K that is my random thoughts as a Nana ooo and I nearly forgot I got to watch munchkin #4 at my daughter’s ultra sound and it was way to short, I could have watched for ever and see the precious little life figure out how to move arms and legs.
    Fearfuly, Fearful and Wonderfuly, just wonderfuly made; yes, yes Yes we are indeed.

  24. 124
    Andrea says:

    Beth, I thank God for your ministry. Reading Breaking Free was a revolutionary moment in my life. Thank you, and may God continue to abundantly bless your ministry and your dear family.


  25. 125
    Fran says:

    I love the Thomas the Train hat winning over the hairdo…priceless!

  26. 126
    Julie Simmons says:

    must have recipe

  27. 127
    Anonymous says:

    Praise God for this blog and the Siesta family! I am fairly new here, but I find myself wondering about the siestas throughout my week. Today was an especially difficult day at work. (I am a sp. ed. teacher.) So I came home, and instead of working out, I got on the blog and I have been blessed by the post and all the comments! Sometimes I feel alone in my excitement over how great our God is and I love that I can come here and feel the excitement from other siestas!
    Praise God for the huge donation! It made my heart smile to know that even in this hard economic time for so many, He spoke to one and she was obedient!
    Beth, I am heading out to Week 4 of the Daniel study! I can’t wait to hear what the Lord says through you tonight! I loved and have marveled over the fact that “They didn’t even smell like smoke!” God is SO BIG!!!!!
    Love you girls!
    Rossville, GA

  28. 128
    elaine @ peace for the journey says:

    I thought about you today. I thought, perhaps, you’d understand a “ping” or maybe even a “pang” I had with my mother this afternoon. I’m 42 and, after many years, finally on the other side of some deep brokenness. It’s only been in the last year, that I’ve been able to experience much of the full redemption that you’ve talked about in some of your teachings…when our past begins to work “for us” instead of against us. Only through the power and grace of the cross have I begun to have some profound moments of clarity along these lines.

    Accordingly, I’ve finally gotten to the place of offering all of “it” up to God and telling Him to do with it as He will. I’m just along for the ride. But just today, my mother offered a bit of her objections…telling me to leave the pain of the past where it was…buried. “Why go there again, elaine?” I reminded her that I don’t “go there” to marinate in self-pity, but occasionally will allow myself a trip backward in order to help someone else in need.

    She just doesn’t get it, neither does my father. And while I am careful not to discuss most of this with them at any time, it still hurts when they can’t see the merit in the healing grace that I have come to know.

    What do you do when you’ve finally gotten your freedom, and your loved ones don’t mind if you walk it, but would rather you not talk it?

    This is why I thought about you today. I know you well enough via your teachings to know that you “get it.”


  29. 129
    Anonymous says:

    Random back at you:
    1. If you can find one of the “Thomas The Tank Engine” exhibits – go! My son was 3 when we went and he still remembers riding on Thomas the Tank Engine. Even if it’s an out-of-town trip, do it. There is on in Salisbury, NC every fall. You could combine that with a LPL event in Greensboro or Raleigh. Two-for-one trip.
    2. Praise God for everything from $1 donations up to that seeding of $10,000!
    3. Just goes to prove – if you’ve got good hair, a Thomas hat can’t mess it up.
    4. Do you ever hold Jackson on your lap and think, “Wow, this is what it would be like to hold Curtis on my lap?”
    Kim Feth
    Apex, NC

  30. 130
    Missy says:

    I love the random posts!!

    Praise God for all of my Sisters giving so generously..that is absolutely wonderful!!

    Mr. Jackson is a mighty fine looking 3-year old, and looks like he got a recent haircut. He’s looking so grown up! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve always thought he looked like Curtis, but in these pictures he looks SO much like Amanda!! And the little Princess is soooo the pink headband! And Bibby looks incredibly happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad to see someone else eats “weirdly” (not sure if that’s a real word). Ha! Your scalloped potato soup sounds pretty dang good! Making my stomach growl!

    Happy Friday to y’all tomorrow and keep coming with the random posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love u!

  31. 131
    SoonerAggieMom says:

    I love random posts like this. I blog like that all the time.

    And we just watched Esther, session four yesterday. Mm-mm-mm, girl, you were on fire!!!

    God is so good!!!

  32. 132
    AKat says:

    Aw, what a great post!

  33. 133
    Cindy- My Life HIS Story says:

    Okay, so I love random…it is really what I do best.

    $10,000!!!!!! I am so awed by that!

    Jackson's birthday – HURRAY for the Thunderin' Three's. Probably one of my favorite ages for my girls.

    I am still soooo sad that I can't travel to Houston every Tuesday to claim a little 'inheritance.'

    As for dinner – Oh, girls, my FAVORITE is to not have to cook and just have a bowl of popcorn with m&m's. Plain, please.

    Living Large in Siestaville,

  34. 134
    Becky says:

    Praise to God for the wonderful Siesta giver and the fund. I know God is going to do wonderful things with this fund.
    When you were telling about Jackson’s birthday I remembered back one week after he was born. You were in Birmingham Alabama for a LPM and it was wonderful. That was the first time I had ever been blessed to be apart of LP LIve. It was at a very difficult time in my life. I praise the LORD for all HE has done in my life since that time. Thank you for all you do and all the things that you allow God to do in your life.
    Attalla, AL

  35. 135
    Anonymous says:

    Praise the Lord ! And, yes, may it return to that person/family 100fold !!!

    And, like the other Siesta, I am throwing your [Beth] name out right and left, but it usually comes with something you have shared about our Sweet Savior !!! For example, last Sunday evening, I went to my first “Home Team Bible study group” since I left Houston in 2004 ! [Hallelujah just hat !], and I found myself talking to our small group about GodSTOPs, and each one of them was writing it down. Praise You, Lord!

    I just love watching for GodSTOPs myself… They may be as small as seeing someone smile, or as big as meeting someone who is relatively well-known in the [Christian] world. And, God did both of those to bring me to a knowledge of needing Christ Jesus as my Personal Lord and Savior! The person? Amy Grant, during her “Legacy of Hymns and Faith Tour” in October 2002. I had listened to her music and have enjoyed it So much, ever since my sister introduced me to one of her cds way back in 1985-86 [my Senior year of High School; oh my !] Ever since then, knowing that she writes most of her own music, I had wanted to “meet her face to face” in this lifetime. And, even better, it happened right WHEN the first “Believing God study” came online, which is the way that I was doing it at that point in time. I had even been praying for it to happen, but He made me wait 16 years, as He knew that it would be the best “timing” for both Amy and myself.

    Happy Birthday to our dear Mr. Jackson !!!

    And, the hat looks great on you, Grandma Beth !

    We all love you, big Sis, sometimes because of your “random-ness” !!! Hehe

    Praise God for His work in you on His Inheritance study with your “home girls”. Maybe, just maybe, it may become a study for us one day, as God so wills it !

    I just started your Esther study this past week. And, last night I was telling my Mom about the big party that King Xerxes was throwing, and she replied, “There were parties written about in the Bible?” Yeppers, our God is a “partying God”. But, I prefer to do my “partying” without all the fan-fare myself [golden goblets, marble columns, etc, etc.]

    Family is a BIG thing with me right now, just getting together with them can bring about a mini party for us! Of course, my Dad’s passing into Jesus’ arms on the day after Easter, 2008, has a whole lot to do with that.

    In Christ’s Love,


    Janesville, WI

  36. 136
    Michele says:

    I love your randomness and you sharing your life with us. We all love you bunches out here in Siestaville:)

  37. 137
    Simply Stork says:

    You might have sacrificed the “do” but it was for a great cause…what fun!

    ~simply stork~

  38. 138
    Anonymous says:

    WOW! That is incredible! God is so good. I love your random posts too, Beth!

    Glad you’re having a blast with grandbabies!

    Anne in MO

  39. 139
    Kathy Pink Bicycle Arkansas says:

    Anonymous Jan,

    Where at in Arkansas? Im from Mtn. Home……[email protected]

  40. 140
    Anonymous says:

    Don’t be posting about food and not give the recipes! ๐Ÿ™‚ We need the tartar sauce, scallop potatoes and mac ‘n cheese recipes before we drown in drool.

    G in Texas

  41. 141
    donnaj says:

    Thanks Beth for making each one of us feel like we are a part of your family. Can’t wait to spend eternity sharing heaven with you!

  42. 142
    Luv2Praise says:

    Isn’t it through our randomness that we all connect? Well we Women anyway!.

    I too love American Idol. I know we should have “No Other Idol” but it is the only show my whole family will agree to gather around the TV to watch. We absolutely love Danny, he made it through last night. You do know he is a music leader for a Church! That boy sure does have that extra special something. That love of Jesus just shines right through him, just wait and see.

    Also, love the pictures of the Birthday! Happy Birthday Jackson! He and his Annabeth are too precious. Amanda is looking fabulous!!!

    One more thing! Hallalujah! Praise God for the amazing Siesta who came through with the generous donation! She is walking the walk. Amen. And for the rest of you who who can’t give quite as much a hearty big Hallalujah for you too. Let us see how big all of our small donations can get.

    I just knew this would be a Jesus year!

    God Bless all my fellow Siesta’s.

    Love, Lori

  43. 143
    Geri K says:

    Random – Yes. Bad writing? Never.

    You are always entertaining, funny, witty, and gifted.

    And how much am I loving that you watch American Idol!

    Who knew I could love you more.

    Geri K.

  44. 144
    cheryl says:

    praise Jesus! I will be back in New Orleans tomorrow. There are so many who are still hurting there. Im so glad to hear you will be able to give away tickets. Thats wonderful!
    P.S. I like american idol…but I missed who got kicked off???
    P.S.S. Like the hat ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. 145
    mholgate says:

    That’s incredible news! Now could you just come back to Spokane, WA again, pretty please??? You have a lot of big fans here. : )

    Cute pictures of the birthday party! Your hair looks great, even with the hat!


  46. 146
    cindy says:

    You all just look like you’re in heaven with those Thomas hats on. My niece and nephew (twins) Max and Maggie turned 3 just 2 weekends ago, and boy was that party a stitch. We arrived a bit late and they had already started in on the presents. When we came through the door, Max looks at us and shouts, “It’s a party!” Then later after presents, pizza, playing, he is patiently waiting for his piece of “Cars” birthday cake, and he’s rubbing his eyes. I scootched down to his level and inquired if he was getting tired. His looked at me and said, “It’s been a long day..” So grown up, so honest. A good and fun day, but a long day. Ya gotta love those precious little comments. Thanks for giving us a peek into your world..

  47. 147
    Michelle Bentham, AKA His Beautiful Bride says:

    Glory! Hallelujah! Praise Jesus! Amen…. and that is just the first few paragraphs. Thanks for sharing your random life with us it precious and real and that makes you so real to us my friend.

    We love you, hasty post, scalloped potato soup and all… Not Weird YOU-NIQUE.

    Love you, praying for God to give you all you need as you close out a great season of Bible study on Inheritance. He is teaching me all about Restoration… It’s going to be our ranch someday!


  48. 148
    Lynn says:

    Beth, I love your passion for the Lord. He has blessed you with such a wonderful teaching gift that, in turn, we are blessed as we study with you.

    Your grandson is a darling and the granddaughter is truly a Dresden doll. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Btw, I never met a potato I didn’t like; unfortunately, a potato that has met me does not want to leave. My mouth is watering just thinking about your potato “soup.”

    God bless.

  49. 149
    Cyndi says:

    Beth, you are the sweetest thing. I’d love to hang out with you! Too bad I live so far away cause I think we would be fast friends! Well if not in this life, then I’ll look forward to knowing you in Heaven. Thanks for being so free to be you.

  50. 150
    Ceffie in WV says:

    Amanda, when I looked at the picture of you and Jackson I was amazed at how much he looks like you. It was like looking at alittle you. You and Curtis have a beautiful family. Your mom is glowing, Grandma looks good on her. I am in the revised Bible study A WOMAN’S HEART and last night we watched the segment where your mom had flown in to teach after Jackson was born. She told how you said “it was nice to know that people had prayed for your family all the years she has been teaching” well rest assurred we are still praying for your family. God Bless all of you and your beautifully growing family.

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