A Plea for Community

So this afternoon my Dad and I were having a semi-serious conversation, a father/daughter heart-to-heart of sorts in the kitchen, when my Mom busted in and grabbed a mysterious-looking package off of the counter. The following scene then played out:

Beth: “Well, I guess you two don’t know that I ordered a Slanket!”

Melissa & Dad: Silence.

Melissa: “Hold up. Wait a minute. You bought a Slanket? The ‘As Seen on TV’ Slanket?”

Beth: “Yes. You mock, but wait till you see what it does. You’re going to want one. Think how I can read with it.”

Melissa: “So, can you explain the scenario to me, the precise circumstances, in which you decided to buy the Slanket?”

Beth: “What do you mean?”

Melissa: “I mean, did you actually call the phone number listed on the lower right hand of the screen?”

Beth: “Yes, and they were so popular, they were sold out when I placed my order. Mine has been on back order for weeks. I’m so happy.”

Melissa: “Were you alone when you made this purchase?”

Beth: “Well, what do you think, Melissa? It’s Deer Season! Of course I was alone. I’ve been alone for months.”

And then everything made perfect sense. My dear friends and blog-family, the moral of this story is the importance of living in community. If you are ever tempted to buy a massive Polyester blanket with oversized sleeves, stop and look around. Ask yourself, “Would I do this if someone I love and respect were sharing this very couch with me?” Looks like my Dad and I have another serious conversation on the horizon. I can’t believe I moved to Georgia. I love this place. If it weren’t for one very fine looking hunk of a man in Atlanta, I might just stay forever. There’s no place like Home.

Update: Okay, so in response to several of your comments I finally figured out that Melanie (a.k.a. BigMama) recently posted a similar but far more hilarious account concerning her Sister, apparently she had fallen victim to a similar brand called Snuggies. I fear a cheesy conspiracy is forming against us, Melanie.

Mom in the one and only Slanket:

Oh and on a much more sane note, here is a new picture of Annabeth and me:

A VERY IMPORTANT PS. FROM BETH: I have you danged well know that Melissa just asked for the one, the only Slanket. Yep. That’s right. Put it on. She got a stomach bug during the night and has had the worst day. When she first began to feel better a few minutes ago, she asked for a little sip of Dr. Pepper…and the Slanket. I said in my most juvenile voice, “I’m telling!” So I am.

And, by the way, y’all won’t waste a prayer on us right now. Please ask our very gracious God to cap this bug and not let a single Jones or Moore catch it. Jackson was exposed, too, and we don’t want that virus anywhere near our newborn princess or her mommy! I also have an LPL this weekend. Thank you so much! We love you guys and pray for you, too!


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  1. 151
    Kimberly says:

    beth, you could have saved the money and put your bathrobe on backwards. it works just as well.

  2. 152
    Leigh Ann says:

    I actually like my snuggie!

    Um, just out of curiosity I was wondering if Beth remembers a lady by the name of Laura crouch from Victoria TX. She had twin daughters and used to tell me that beth helped take care of us when we were born. She says great things about you and all the help you gave her. She too has a daughter named Melissa and I am Leigh Ann.
    I love your blog and your books!
    Congrats on the new baby!
    Oh, and I’m sure my mom says Hi!

  3. 153
    read2kds says:

    I hate a stomach bug! Will be praying for the rest of you to avoid it!

  4. 154
    Maria says:

    Forget the Slanket… I want that chair….hahahahaha

  5. 155
    Nikki says:

    Melissa, I am cracking up like crazy and am so with you on the Slanket thing (just the name is creepy!) I shouldn’t laugh though b/c this is how much community is lacking in our house: my seven-year old came to me the other day and told me that he made a Miss Beth character on his Wii so I would smile and apparently have someone to play Wii with. So, yep, Beth Moore herself is now in our Wii family. I guess I didn’t realize she had become as much a part of his life as she has of mine. Precious…but I think I’ve got to get that kid more friends. 😉

  6. 156
    Gayla says:

    Yep. A slanket. I must say,howver, that the color and the shall I call it “style” remind me of a friar? Friar Lawrence attire for our dear Beth. Enjoy… Snuggle in.

  7. 157
    Lisa V says:

    LOL!!! It’s no surprise that slanket got into other hands! It does look cozy. Congratulations on the beautiful new addition. Such joy.

  8. 158
    Bold in Him says:

    Got to see Beth in El Paso, she shared these incredibly funny pictures and story… I had actually read it on the blog the night before I flew out to El Paso I was laying in bed and laughed so loud that I woke my husband! This is just sooo Beth.. she’s just doing the thing and being real. Loved El Paso Travis was his amazing self as usual!

  9. 159
    Shelly Wilson says:

    Too funny! i just watched a commercial on that blanket..What a precious baby girl! What a blessing!

  10. 160
    Kim says:

    Both of my daughters asked for a “Slanket” for Christmas. They absolutely love them. Beth, you wear that Slanket with pride!! Love the color…

    Congrats on the beautiful new addition to your family.

  11. 161
    Bugs and Sunshine says:

    Your hair coordinates lovely with the brown Slanket, as does your jewelry and manicure. Nice work.

  12. 162
    Jill says:

    That slanket is so funny. Our household has been in debate over it. I was telling my husband that I wanted one and he thought I was crazy. He said, “who actually buys those things off of T.V.”

    and now my response can be ….you!!!


  13. 163
    hisfivefooter says:

    She looks like she is trying to sign up for the new John Michael Talbot band help! It’s huge! She looks tiny (as she is), but still…come on…does the dog still sleep on the bed? If she holds the baby there is sincere danger of losing both of them in the folds of that thing and Amanda might not find either of them for years! Does someone need to put out an APB? On an entirely sane and different note, you and AnnaBeth look darling. Just darling! Love you all, even monk-eying around Beth!

  14. 164
    kaci says:

    I’m praying!

  15. 165
    Karen L. says:

    we have not heard how jackson is taking to annabeth or seen pics of them together…
    don’t you think jackson has just become huge??!!!
    i remember bringing home our 2nd and 3rd and the older ones who seemed so young and small turned old and big overnight.

  16. 166
    Nicole says:

    So my church is doing the Ester study currently and in order to see the video and also write in our books (because the lights are out) we were given these little book lights. Well I’m watching tv tonight and that snuggie commercial comes on the funniest part is that the free gift that you get when you purchase the blanket are the little book lights that we all use during our study. hahaha I was cracking up picturing all of us in our study wrapped up in a snuggie with our book light and Ester books. hahaha it was great. Thank you for the humor hehe :o) In Christ Nicole

  17. 167
    Groovewoman ♫ says:

    Okay this was the story that I needed to hear and the pictures just put me over the top. This is so funny. Yall crack me the heck up!

    I pray that you get to feeling better Melissa. Poor thing.

    Much Love

  18. 168
    Kay says:

    I absolutely LOVE it! My problem is, I have so many comforters, I don’t DARE order one! In fact, I have a comforter on the couch right now. No, I’m not on the couch WITH the comforter (I’m sitting in the floor to be closer to the laptop on the coffee table), but the CATS are! And THEY don’t need sleeves!

  19. 169
    lasjones says:

    I just wanted to say thanks to Beth,Travis and the praise team, and Lifeway for a wonderful event in El Paso this past weekend. Beth shared this story with us as well as the news of ya’lls new baby.
    May God richly bless you Beth! You have touched my little study group so very deeply. We have been with you since the first Woman’s Heart. We are currently about 25 strong but a couple have started their own groups so we continue to multiply.
    Your message about confidence this weekend was so timely for all of us and we all wept when you spoke about God knowing how tough it is to be us as we have been holding up our dear friend as she battles thyroid cancer (she’s not yet 30 and has 2 babies) We give God all the glory for you and your message.

  20. 170
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Miss Beth,

    I just love your new “slanket” ! And, it even looks good on you… And, I bet it is warm and comfy, too. Comfy and warm are good things, and gee, it even matches your comfy chair! It must have been “made for you ~”

    I could probably use one of those, myself, as I have been fighting a nasty cold and sore throat all week long, and it still hasn’t gone away. And, I surely do not want to give this bug to anyone, so I am going to find some church service/sermon online today, instead of going off to church.

    Love you, bunches…

    In Christ’s Love,

    Jennifer O.

    Janesville, Wisconsin

  21. 171
    Tracie says:

    I feel so priviledge to know that I amongst good (sometimes considered crazy) companay with Beth. My five year old daughter, each time the “Snugglie” commercial comes on turns to me and says, “mom, it is that blanket you need, so your hands are free to crochet or knit, but you can stay warm”. My family of five have made such fun of me for considering ordering it, now I can respond to them…”well Beth Moore has one”!

  22. 172
    Heiress of God says:

    Well I have prayed that the bug stops at Melissa as I have fallen for the same bug here in Austin and it is not pretty… One thing I have come to know is never say never…If Melissa you said you’d never dawn that slanket on your body… then look what happened. It’s just one of those things. But I bet you looked as pretty as your mom did in it.

    I pray for a speedy recovery for your entire family…

  23. 173
    Sarah says:

    I wanted one of those snuggie/ slankets but my husband wouldn’t let me get one, he said I’d be in mine all day, see if he could go hunting with your hubby then I could get one as well. Lol

  24. 174
    charlestonyaya says:

    This is beyond funny!!! I had too much coffee last night, and was up in the wee hours of the morning watching TV. Guess what they sell in the middle of the night – especially when it's cold in Florida?? You've got it – Slankets. Snugglies. etc>!! And not just one – why not get them for everyone in your family to wear while you are sitting around together playing board games. I was cracking up thinking of the entire Moore clan or the LPM staff running around in Slankets. If you are a short person I really think this could be dangerous. Stay warm!!

  25. 175
    cheryl says:

    Oh my, this is so funny! For me its not deer season its tax season. My husband is rarely home now and my kids are all out of the nest…….I bought some skin care off of hsn!!!!!! Lord help me. Never in my life have I ever watched hsn!!! but I did, and I did, and actually I love it! Its the best skin care stuff Ive ever used. 🙂 Im even doing my own before and after pictures. (he he )

  26. 176
    Gretchen says:

    I keep thinking, “Help my Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope”. When I see our dear Beth in that Slanket.

  27. 177
    revjen says:

    This probobly isn’t the right place to post this, but I really could use some siesta prayer power right now. Actaully my 10 y/o daughter, Georgia, could. She has been having digestive problems for the past 4 years and is currently on 5 different medications to help. So far, nothing. The next step is surgery which we do NOT want. The result of this is that, on top of feeling yucky, her stomach is distended and the medicine makes her throw-up (she takes it 2x a day). While I am concerned with her physical health, I am also VERY concerned with her emotional/ spiritual health. On top of the basic medical issues, she is a 10 year old girl at the throws of puberty, being self-conscious about her body anyway, and now her stomach is distended. She asked me the other day “Mommy, does my stomach sticking out make me look fat?” I about cried- actually I did, but not in front of her. To top all of this off, we just moved (Hubby is a pastor and began a new ministry) so she misses her friends. Please please please pray that her health will improve, that we will avoid surgery and that God will gaurd her sweet heart from any depression caused by all of this. Thank you all!

  28. 178
    nedlami says:

    I have FANTABULOUS news to share.
    In a post last month Beth offered to pray for anyone feeling the economic crunch. I had posted a comment bcs I had run into a problem getting my childcare license renewed. There is a new rule and the state was saying I couldn’t be grandfathered in. Well, out of the blue I just received news that the state has dropped their motion and I’m cleared to proceed with the renewal process!!!!! The blessing within the blessing is that their decision came PRIOR to the hearing, which means I do not have to incur the cost of my attorney making a 4hr roundtrip drive. I think God did it that way to get all the glory…nobody can claim that it was the attorney presenting a good case:) I was hesitant to comment here since it doesn’t have anything to do with the post, but I really wanted to share my update. Then I decided that it has EVERYTHING to do with the post given the fact that Siestaville is my long distance community:)

  29. 179
    Joy says:

    Congratulations on the little baby!! I am expecting a little girl in May!! That is wonderful!!

    (The slanket looks pretty cozy!)

  30. 180
    TheShermanFam says:

    I, too, have a Slanket. It was a present from my hubby last Christmas (2007) and I love it. I made fun of him for a few weeks, but now I can’t imagine life without it! HA!
    Enjoy your Slanket…oh and I have the orange one 🙂 LOVE!!
    AND congrats on the new family member! She’s absolutely beautiful!!!

  31. 181
    Anonymous says:

    That is a child for you, make fun of you one minute, and then want the thing they laughed about!
    Such joy!

    Love you guys to pieces!
    PS loving Esther!

  32. 182
    Kelli says:

    The slanket is making quite the statement right now. Everyone is “wearing” it!

    Praying that stomach bug is OVER! We think that it is inching into our house and praying that it does not spread!

  33. 183
    Mrsreegie says:

    funny,,,I thought they were called snuggies too,,, I have an electric warming blanket,,,,was at LPL in El Paso and really enjoyed,,,,when are you coming to Grand Rapids again????? (Michigan)

  34. 184
    carly beee says:

    one day you could pretend youre a monk… and the next you could pretend to me a jedi.

    ok, i secretly want one…

  35. 185
    thouartloosed says:

    Beth, You make that slanket look gooooood!

  36. 186
    Kristen says:

    I am so laughing! We call them snuggies here in Indiana! They sell them for $14.99 at Walgreens! When I first saw the commercial for these things I thought to myself, no actually I believe I said outloud “they look like monks”

    Stay warm and cozy Beth! (I am still giggling)

  37. 187
    Lazy Mom Leslie says:

    Your mom is adorable, even in that polyester monk robe!

  38. 188
    Anonymous says:

    I think folks who don the slanket/snuggie attire look like monks. Each commercial leaves me with auditory hallucinations of the chants in my mind! Congrats on AnnaBeth! She is beautiful!

  39. 189
    Anonymous says:

    Melissa probably got the bug in the plane on the way from Hot-lanta. All that re-circulated air + people coughing on you + cold season makes it a tough time to fly.
    -Molly from Pittsburgh

  40. 190
    Nancy says:

    I love the “slanket”, of course, it looks fabulous on Beth! All you siestas are such joy.

    Blessings, Nancy

  41. 191
    Anonymous says:

    My mother in law just bought one of these and was just as excited as Beth. My son however said “I am expecting to go over there and hear Gregorian chant music playing”.


  42. 192
    Anonymous says:

    Just so you’ll know, they make a more stylish version of the slanket/snuggie from Coldwater Creek. I got one for my mother in law and she can even go out to the mailbox with her’s on and it looks fine!
    -Laurie in TN doing The Patriarchs Study and lovin’ it!

  43. 193
    Dean songgir; says:

    This has cracked me up!!!! Here in Ky. it is advertised as the “snuggy”!!! My girls, husband and I laugh everytime we see the commercial. Everyone is talking about it!! As I walked down the hallway at church I heard an elderly man say, “I was thinking about buying a snuggie for Barb, have you seen those advertised?” I kept walking and rolled inside with laughter. I teach 1st grade and a few weeks ago a couple of my first graders were talking, “Hey, do you have a snuggy?” “No, but I want one. Do you?” “No, but my mamaw made me one. She saw it on TV and said, “Aw shoot, I can make one of them and she made me one.” So, Beth I love your humor!! You crack me up. If I see pics of you at a sports event standing up cheering with your slankit on that will be the best!!

  44. 194
    Cindy says:

    Up next…a starring role in the next Star Wars movie… .LOL 😉


  45. 195
    Monica Chadwell says:

    Oh, Beth. You’re Darling. Hilarious. And, Darling.

    Wait till I tell my son. He came rushing in to my room one day to come look at the tv. We laughed till our sides hurt at all the ‘monks’.

    You are so precious. We’re studying Esther now, and next week while I admire your perfectly quaffed self, I’m going to grin and think to myself… ‘She wears a Snuggie.’ 😉

    In all seriousness though, Esther Rocks!!! WOW! What a timely message. It’s delectable and God is truly speaking.

  46. 196
    charlestonyaya says:

    and you will never guess what just appeared in my spam box – nothing but an ad to order online the slanket “as seen on TV” !!!! smiling, KB

  47. 197
    lori says:

    By the way as of late I have seen those blankets things on more talk show, even on saturday night live…

  48. 198
    linnet says:

    Halarious! This one tickles my tummy, I find it that amusing.

  49. 199
    Rachel says:

    I just saw a commercial for bump its – a plastic bridge-looking thingy to make big hair without teasing!! Please tell me that Beth has discovered these as seen on tv items like her snuggie!!!

  50. 200
    Anonymous says:

    Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2
    Stacey McClary

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