A Plea for Community

So this afternoon my Dad and I were having a semi-serious conversation, a father/daughter heart-to-heart of sorts in the kitchen, when my Mom busted in and grabbed a mysterious-looking package off of the counter. The following scene then played out:

Beth: “Well, I guess you two don’t know that I ordered a Slanket!”

Melissa & Dad: Silence.

Melissa: “Hold up. Wait a minute. You bought a Slanket? The ‘As Seen on TV’ Slanket?”

Beth: “Yes. You mock, but wait till you see what it does. You’re going to want one. Think how I can read with it.”

Melissa: “So, can you explain the scenario to me, the precise circumstances, in which you decided to buy the Slanket?”

Beth: “What do you mean?”

Melissa: “I mean, did you actually call the phone number listed on the lower right hand of the screen?”

Beth: “Yes, and they were so popular, they were sold out when I placed my order. Mine has been on back order for weeks. I’m so happy.”

Melissa: “Were you alone when you made this purchase?”

Beth: “Well, what do you think, Melissa? It’s Deer Season! Of course I was alone. I’ve been alone for months.”

And then everything made perfect sense. My dear friends and blog-family, the moral of this story is the importance of living in community. If you are ever tempted to buy a massive Polyester blanket with oversized sleeves, stop and look around. Ask yourself, “Would I do this if someone I love and respect were sharing this very couch with me?” Looks like my Dad and I have another serious conversation on the horizon. I can’t believe I moved to Georgia. I love this place. If it weren’t for one very fine looking hunk of a man in Atlanta, I might just stay forever. There’s no place like Home.

Update: Okay, so in response to several of your comments I finally figured out that Melanie (a.k.a. BigMama) recently posted a similar but far more hilarious account concerning her Sister, apparently she had fallen victim to a similar brand called Snuggies. I fear a cheesy conspiracy is forming against us, Melanie.

Mom in the one and only Slanket:

Oh and on a much more sane note, here is a new picture of Annabeth and me:

A VERY IMPORTANT PS. FROM BETH: I have you danged well know that Melissa just asked for the one, the only Slanket. Yep. That’s right. Put it on. She got a stomach bug during the night and has had the worst day. When she first began to feel better a few minutes ago, she asked for a little sip of Dr. Pepper…and the Slanket. I said in my most juvenile voice, “I’m telling!” So I am.

And, by the way, y’all won’t waste a prayer on us right now. Please ask our very gracious God to cap this bug and not let a single Jones or Moore catch it. Jackson was exposed, too, and we don’t want that virus anywhere near our newborn princess or her mommy! I also have an LPL this weekend. Thank you so much! We love you guys and pray for you, too!


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  1. 100
    Shannan says:

    That is hysterical….only because I want one too! But my husband doesn’t deer hunt and so I’m in community and he’d crack up if I bought one! I’ve been tempted though!!


  2. 101
    Anonymous says:

    So, things come full circle for Melissa and the Slanket 🙂 Too funny. But so sad that she got sick at such a monumental time for your family! Praying for you all today.

  3. 102
    Hafts Happenings says:

    I think Beth could put on a tarp and make a fashion statement. She is just the cutest thing ever!!

  4. 103
    TLS in MI says:

    Congratulations! She’s a beautiful baby!

  5. 104
    Jolinda says:

    Oh my! We have the Slanket in ruby on order from QVC. (Go Huskers!) Our daughter who lives in the dorms bought snuggies for herself and a couple of fiends. My other two daughters and myself thought they were a must have! Our local Walgreen's have been sold out ever since & I didn't get around to calling the number on the bottom of the screen. Sooo needless to say we found the Slanket & I think we might have one up on her.(just a tad bit bigger!) They are all the rave!

  6. 105
    Joel & Dominique Rempel says:

    HAHA It could be worse, my sister has a slanket that resembles a sleeping bag with arms. Actually, If you picture a Japanese kimono made into a snowsuit that’s what this slanket looks like.

    Saskatoon, Sk

  7. 106
    Lynn says:

    I can just hear the “I’m telling” what a hoot! Thanks so much for including us in your family. I will pray that bug does not go near that precious little Annabeth or her mommy.

  8. 107
    Anonymous says:

    Hey now don’t make fun of the Slanket/Snuggie. I have had a quilted version of this for 20 years! Mine is like a big envelope that you step into and then snap the top pieces down. It is great on cold Texas days (maybe 10 a year). My husband has wanted to throw it away – it amew with me when we got married – but I have prevailed.

  9. 108
    Lynn says:

    I love what Leah said about going off to Tibet to minister to the monks!! Made me laugh out loud, what a picture!!!

  10. 109
    ThirtysomethingMom says:

    Praying God’s blessing over your LPL event and that everyone will stay health.
    Poor Melissa…she must have been feeling really bad to ask for the Slanket.
    Melissa hope you are feeling much better.

  11. 110
    Shonda says:

    So funny! Those TV ads are so enticing.

    Blessings in Christ-

  12. 111
    Kathy says:

    Certainly will pray for everyone’s health and protection! Breast milk should offer protection for your new little beautiful miss!

    Beth, you look beautiful even in that tent of a blanket! You all will be fighting over it if your heat ever goes out!

    Love that Melissa asked for it when she was not feeling well! Praying she is better all ready.

    I ordered some hair products from QVC and was so embarrased when the UPS guy delivered them. There are huge markings all over the box that it’s from a tv shopping show. “I have never ordered from them before.” I said. He smiled and said “It’s okay. There are people on my route that receive daily boxes from QVC!” I so agree with Melissa, all the people who call in to talk sound so LONELY!!! I was alone when I ordered! 🙂

    I do like the hair care products but am relieved to learn I can buy them at Sephora.

    Be well!

  13. 112
    Rebecca says:

    you guys are so funny and so real! I love it!!

    Thanks for the laugh and the love 🙂

    rebecca in e.tx

  14. 113
    Pam says:

    Oh Beth,
    What were you thinking? And to think I thought you had such wonderful fashion sense. Bless you darlin’.
    I will be praying that the bug gets squished and no one else gets it.
    Congratulations on the entry of Princess AnnaBeth.

  15. 114
    Lana Shaw says:

    I love that thing! All it took for me was one look to know what I’m gonna ask for for my birthday. On another note, our church just started Esther! But what I wanted to share was that for weeks they played Beth’s various promos for it… and every single week, just at the very start of the video tears would flood my eyes. I finally turned around to my mom who leads your studies and said, “I cry just at the sound of her voice.” It is true! I attribute it to the anointing on you to teach the Word and to how much God has used you to change my life. I was in my last year of Moody when Melissa started her first year. We met briefly through a mutual friend and I was able to share just how much Beth has meant to me and the women in my family over the years. You will never know on this side of eternity… Thanks and love ya! (BTW, are you even able to read these comments???)

  16. 115
    Living In His Arms says:

    Love the snuggie! LOL You guys make me feel normal. LOL

    God Bless,

  17. 116
    Anonymous says:

    Will definitely pray for healing & peace of mind for you!

  18. 117
    Marilyn says:

    That is too funny! I saw this commercial on TV, too, and died laughing at the family cheering in the football stands, all wearing Slankets while everyone around them gave them odd looks. They looked like a family of Druids!

  19. 118
    Megan says:

    I’m with you Melissa – there’s no place like HOME! I too moved to Georgia for my very own “side of beef hunk of a man”. This place isn’t quite Minneapolis, but it will do until God himself appears before my loving husband and says “Move your wife back where she belongs!”

    You guys really make my day.

  20. 119
    Cate says:

    Beth looks like a monk!

  21. 120
    Anonymous says:

    I really enjoy reading this blog everyday and it has been an inpiration to me. If anyone should read my comment, please stop and say a prayer for me today. I am just one of the million that needs to find employment right now and just found out my husband’s hours have been cut back to four days a week. I was fortunate a year ago to be able to quit my job (I have always worked) and be able to help with the care of an elderly parent. Although it has been nice to be off, finances are all of a sudden very slim. I know that God is faithfull and he will deliver, but some days I am just having a hard time understanding why things are not happening fast enough. I pray that God forgives me for my doubt. This is my struggle right now.

    Oh, and I sure was wishing for a slanket last night while on the computer. I think I am just gonna have to get me one of those!

  22. 121
    Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife says:

    Melissa’s in the Slanket..na na na boo boo…LOL

    Seriously, hope you get over that mess soon. And may the force be with the rest of the family…

    ((sorry..couldn’t resist..:))

  23. 122
    Anonymous says:

    Praying fore the Moore and Jones families to stay well!!

  24. 123
    Anonymous says:

    I love this post. So funny! Beth, the Slanket looks fantastic. Congratualtions to the whole Moore and Jones clans. Annabeth is beautiful!

    Praying for you,

    Jennifer in Indy

  25. 124
    Kim Britt says:

    Beth, I was thinking you kinda look like a Monk with cute blonde hair and make-up of course. So funny!!!!

    Thanks for reminding us that y’all are just normal ole folk.

    Chester, VA

  26. 125
    Cassandra @ Tripping Around The Sun says:

    May I say the slanket looks just precious on you! Is there anything you can’t wear well?? My Bible study ladies are just loving the Esther study! But also all the cute outfits you are wearing!! Just darling!! I also wanted to tell you I got to speak to a brilliant Jewish man from Isreal today and I just HAD to ask him about Esther and the PURIM feast. He said it is his most favorite feast to observe. With little Jewish girls running all over the streets dressed up like Queen Esther….I could just picture it. Thought you’d get a kick out it too. can’t tell you how much I appreciate you.

  27. 126
    Anonymous says:

    Okay… I don’t check the blog for a couple of days and we’ve had a BABY for cryin’ out loud… WOW… she’s a beauty and loved all the proud family pix. I’ve had my head wrapped around the Esther study trying to understand how to take God’s word “literally” for myself… whew this has been the best part for me!! Bless you all… big smooches for Annabeth!
    Jan in Albuquerque

  28. 127
    Emily says:

    Too funny about the Snuggies, which sounds all too much Huggies, as in the diapers.

    Yes, Lord, PLEASE(!!!) don’t let that precious baby be exposed to that stomach bug. Three years ago, when my son was born, he was exposed to a stomach bug (to this day we STILL don’t know when, how, or by whom). He ended up at Scottish-Rite Children’s Hospital with VIRAL MENINGITIS. He was 8 days old! Now you’d never know he was ever sick, and he is perfectly healthy. Praise God, but you can not be too careful.

  29. 128
    Bonnie says:

    Oh to be a fly on the wall in the Moore household!!!!! The thing that cracked me up the most is I can SO see my mother, my sister & I have an almost word-for-word conversation just like that one. Melissa is right, though – that's why God mad community!!!!! For its entertainment value above all else… Will be praying the bug moves on and out without touching anyone else. So sorry you didn't feel well, Melissa.

  30. 129
    Teri says:

    Praying for Melissa to have a speedy recovery and ya’all to stay healthy. A hedge of protection around ya’all.

    My family had a run of “the bug” that’s going around… thank God for AirBorne! seriously, nothing like a megadose of vitamins for the immune system; that stuff is wonderful. God bless you all.

  31. 130
    Lauri W. says:

    Oh master Obewan-Kinobe
    hee hee

  32. 131
    Denise says:

    Praying like crazy for the stomach bug to stop … in the name of Jesus!

  33. 132
    screamofcontinuousness says:

    praying for you Beth, for God to build a hedge around Melissa and keep the rest of you from getting her bug.

    please pray for us. our little 5 month old Ginny has RSV. It could be really bad or it could be really easy on her, we just won’t know till it’s over.

    We’ve recently been praying for a blog friend whose baby girl has RSV and ended up in the NICU and has been there for weeks.

    The doc told us it is just like that. They either have no trouble or they end up in the hospital.

    Just please pray for God to look with favor on Ginny (Virginia Altie Aspen Gerard Russell) and heal her little lungs with no complications.


  34. 133
    Angie B. says:

    That is so funny, I can’t wait to show my kids. They see the commercial for the Snuggly (or whatever) and they tell me that I have to order 5 of them, one for each person in our family. BTW, my kids are 4,6 and 8 (pretty sure they could all fit into one).

    Congrats on the new little lady she has a fabulous name 🙂 and georgeous too.

    Many prayers for the bug to be extinguished before gettign to anyone else.

    Angie B. in SD

  35. 134
    dMsmith says:

    1st of all – I love you. I am a newbie to your studies etc & love you already. You go girl!
    2nd – that baby is darling. My husband drags me past the girls dept in all stores so I won't buy something for our g-daughter (now 8). I just love little girl clothes.
    3rd – I had a blanket back in the 80's with a zipper up the front & all snug. I used it every night even thru all the camping comments etc. So if you are cold like me honey, do it.
    Thanking God today for you in my life. I pray his covering over you, the baby and all the family. In Jesus name! Amen

  36. 135
    Anonymous says:

    This is so funny! My daughter and I laugh so hard at the commercial for these things! Beth, you make it look so beautiful and practical – I may have to break down and purchase one for me AND one for my daughter!! … No, actually I probably won’t!! I’m still laughing so hard!! I love you girls so much!!!
    Leslie – Carl Junction, MO

  37. 136
    Anonymous says:

    Whether its a snuggie or a slanket, the attire is fitting for a Priestess,,,,my crowd threatens me to buy me one and make me read the word of God in it and then how dare them ask if they could video it!!!! I think they are hoping to win $10,000 on AFV if I mess around and fall while wearing it!!! lol !
    Praise God for the new Princess and we will continue to hold you all up in prayer, especially little Prince Jackson, he has such a big important job now, taking care of little sis’ !

    Raleigh Girl

  38. 137
    Julie says:

    I had one of those and caution you not to walk around in it too much. I made enough static electricity to generate a toaster! I was a sight walking around and shocking myself on Christmas morning! But maybe the Slanket is much improved in the static department! Annabeth is a dolly…I love the picture of her last post with her little white booties on; she looks ready to pick up and SNUGGLE! Congratulations!

  39. 138
    Cindy- My Life HIS Story says:

    Praying for better health for Melissa and protection for the family from the nasty bug.

    Praying for ya’ll in El Paso…and so wishing Henrietta was closer to El Paso!
    Blessings for an incredible weekend-

  40. 139
    Ducky says:

    I have a Snuggie! I LOVE it! But Beth’s is cuter than mine, mine was called “Sage Green” but it’s more ugly minty green. My husband says I look like the Statue of Liberty! But i’s warm and I can read and drink hot tea with it on. I cracked up when I read the blog about this!

  41. 140
    deanna says:

    One of the greatest joys in the world is laughing with your family (and with your siestas). Are all hairbows that big in Texas? You girls are beautiful! (Even when draped in 47 yards of brown polyester fabric). Thanks for sharing your joy with us!

  42. 141
    Karate Mom says:

    HAHAHA! Beth looks like a monk! A monk in a slanket!
    If a child uses a slanket is it called a slankie?

    What a beautiful baby! Do they make baby slankies?

  43. 142
    Anonymous says:

    What a delight….my two favorite TV shows…Wednesdays with Beth (on James Robison) and Monk. Looks like the two combined!
    p.s. Melissa, you and Annabeth are beautiful!

  44. 143
    Anonymous says:

    Look what I just saw in my “junk mail folder!!!

    4 MILLION SOLD! The blanket with sleeves!
    As seen on CNN last week!
    The world famous snuggie, the only blanket with Sleeves!
    Today’s Special offer.. buy one snuggie, get another one FREE!
    Order right now and we’ll even give you a FREE BOOKLIGHT!
    Just Click Here
    Super soft, Luxurious Fleece, available in 3 beautiful colors!
    Get your snuggie today, and be warm and cozy tomorrow!

    4 million sold, really? Wow.

  45. 144
    S says:

    You guys crack me up!! : )

    Hope that Melissa feels better and that everyone else stays well!

  46. 145
    Warrior Moms says:

    The funniest part of it all is the update by Beth.
    I kind of want a slanket. I see how awesome it could be with reading. I hate to be cold! Too funy!

  47. 146
    TheCaliforniamum says:

    Oh No!! I cannot tell a fib!!!At my first & second glance my thought was —_"Star Wars" Obe Wan somebody! honestly–:) but it was our dear Beth!!!
    and when I saw that commerical I wondered "who buys those things?
    " well now we know–"
    Thank you all for just sharing the everyday things that bring a smile to us or an outrageous burst of laughter!

  48. 147
    theweaver says:

    I must say that I laughed my head at this first post but then last night I got in around 1:00 from a girls night in and my kids had fallen asleep with the tv on and what infomercial was on… Snugglies! I died…

  49. 148
    K says:

    Wishing you all the very best!!Love you all!

  50. 149
    Kimberly says:

    Beth, you could have saved the money and put your bathrobe on backwards. hehehe

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