One Week Later

Hey, my dearest Siestas! I’ve thought about you many times and in the midst of no small amount of activity. I so hope this post finds you well, full of fresh hope, enjoying the presence of God and receiving a Word from what Melissa affectionately calls “The Scripts.”

Today our little princess Annabeth is one week old. I can’t help but smile as I write to you about her. She is the most precious little thing. Both of my children and Jackson weighed the least bit over 7 pounds so our little 6 pounder is the smallest baby I’ve ever personally cared for. Keith says she’s not even the size of a good trout. Make no mistake. She’s got some spunk…and she’ll need it with that precocious big brother of hers. Considering what a spotlight he’s held in three families (firstborn to Curtis and Amanda, first grandchild to both sets of grandparents), I think he’s done a terrific job of adjusting. I spent the night with them Saturday night when I returned from El Paso and when I went into his room the next morning after I heard him stirring, he said, “Hi, Bibby! Where’s the girl?” I loved it. Needless to say, I lifted him up to look into the crib and he was very pleased that she was still there. Since she was awake, I asked, “Do you want me to get her out?” Of course, he did. I sat with that tiny little thing on my lap while he fetched a huge pink stuffed bear from a chair and danced it around in front of her. I assured him she was very entertained despite the fact that she had the posture of Raggedy Ann and wanted to nap in the worst way. She’s going to love him so much. Lord have mercy, what trouble they’re liable to get into together. I hope some of it’s at Bibby’s.

Curtis and Amanda are sleepy but doing so well. They have an exceptionally good routine for life with such a newborn. She usually has a wide-awake time late at night so Amanda feeds her then goes to bed while Annabeth stays up with Daddy. Mommy then gets up for all the night feedings since she herself is the bottle and that’s when Daddy gets to sleep in. So far, Baby Girl eats during the night and goes right back to sleep. If a week is any indication, she seems to be content to be awake without being fussy. Boy, would THAT be a wonderful enduring trait! She, however, does not like to be changed nor given a sponge bath but, at that weight, who on earth would? She’s going to need some body fat to warm up! We could not feel more blessed. She is honestly a living doll with the cutest wardrobe just screaming to jump off the hangers and onto her little self. Everything just swallows her right now so most of it has to wait. The footies on her footie pajamas just hang limp.

God was so thoroughly gracious to time that sweet child’s birth before our El Paso LPL event so that I could be completely free from concern that she’d be born while I was gone. The event was already etched in stone when Amanda realized she was expecting. Both times I’ve chosen (contrary to my anxious personality) to trust God with the timing and not stress that I’d miss those grandbabies’ births. God has been so faithful that I could bawl about it. He even allowed me to miss a vicious stomach flu that both Melissa and Keith got. (She got it first and took it so badly that she’s still not completely over it.) I felt so sorry for them I didn’t know what to do. It caused Melissa to miss getting to hold her niece for three days of the six she was home. (You don’t want to try to come between Melissa and her niece. There could be blood.) If I had gotten that bug, I’d either have missed the event (which God has never let happen in all these years), missed getting to help Amanda with the grandbabies, or exposed the entire Jones family. He didn’t let any of those things happen. I am so full of praise to Him.

Melissa and I went by on Sunday afternoon to pick Amanda up between feedings and take her to run a few errands while Curtis babysat. She needed some fresh air…and some Starbucks, for crying out loud. Melissa talked us into trying the new London Fog Latte. So tasty! We got grandes even though a tall would have sufficed because…well, because we are Moores and if a tall is good, a grande is better. I don’t get Venti because, not only do I not want to pay for it, I don’t have a lot of confidence about how to say it. It sounds dumb. Amanda, Melissa, and I are one another’s favorite people on earth (besides our men) and we laughed our heads off together on that Target run. Amanda kept saying, “Stop it, y’all! Stop it!” because, needless to say, it hurt when she laughed. Which made us act even sillier. It was the best medicine on earth for all three of us.

By the way, I could NOT have loved our El Paso group more. If you watched the video and wondered about the trash can thing, it went with our subject matter. Rich did such a great job on portraying that. I would have brought every single one of those women home with me if I could have. Did you know Lucchese boots are made right there in El Paso? And would you also believe that I received a brand new pair of them as a souvenir from the event? The director of marketing’s beautiful wife awarded me a set of snake skins (that’s one way the snake stays under these feet) and, let me tell you, they were not pearls before swine. I put those babies on the second I got onto stage and I was one happy girl in the Lone Star State. They will be put to much good use. They were the exact ones I would have chosen off a shelf: a rich brown which is my signature color (hello, Shelby) as much as I wish it were blush and bashful.

Well, I have Bible study tonight so I best not tarry here on the blog. We think of you every day and we are so honored to be your sisters and your servants. I wish you knew every single one of our staff members because you’d love them all so much. They serve you in one way or another every single day behind the scenes. I’ll leave you with a picture of only about half of them taken in Amanda’s hospital room last week. They brought her a quilt with all their pictures attached to various squares. It was hilarious. All of us are shameless about babies.

Know that you are greatly loved and prioritized here at Living Proof Ministries. We exist to encourage people exactly like you to come to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ through the study of His Word.

Talk to you soon!

Beth (AKA your very own Siesta Mama)

The quilt from “Annabeth’s Village Aunts.”
They really wanted to hang it on the hospital room wall.

Susan, Linda, Beth, Nancy, Sabrina, Diane, Jenn, and Aunt Melissa

Annabeth at 6 days old


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  1. 50
    Nikki says:

    Love her! She is the cutest thing. Ever. Hugs and many congratulations to all…

  2. 51
    Anonymous says:

    What a "Great-girl" God has graciously given ya'all! She's a livin' doll! So delighted to see these pic's of precious Annabeth and all the proud "Aunties!" Went to Starbucks today in beautiful So. Cal. (perfectly clear here, and snow down to 1000 ft on our LA and San Berdo range of mountains…glorious!) I had something new, I think you should try – a Raspberry Mocha Latte with low fat milk and half pumps of everything for half the calories and all the taste. Tasted like a See's Candy Rasberry truffle. Honest! Thank God for God and chocolate….
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. 52
    Lynann says:

    You are truely blessed with a beautiful family all the way around. I love to see the pictures of those beautiful kiddos.
    It looks like you all had a great time in Christ in El Paso. I so wanted to be there but it didn’t work out. El Paso is about a 3 hour drive from my little town I live in. Love Ya my sister!!

  4. 53
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing. Yes, praise God for timing for everything. It if it was up to me, I’d mess up timing well, all the time.
    And hello to that Village of Aunts. What a precious group of Co-Laborers you are! How blessed Beth is to be surrounded by a group of women such as yourselves.
    Kim Feth
    Apex, NC

  5. 54
    GentillyIzzie says:

    Annabeth is so precious, those big eyes just grab ya. I know Jackson is already a great big brother. And I am definetly of the mindset that Starbucks cures most anything yummy!!!!
    Thanks for the update, have a great night a Biblestudy!!

  6. 55
    paige says:

    oh goodness, i’ve never been one of the first ones–well, when there’s less than 250 comments that is.
    she is just gorgeous
    the shelby comment, entirely too hysterical
    congratulations to all

  7. 56
    Anonymous says:

    We’ve been anxious to hear about the baby. Thanks for the lengthy post, and on a Bible Study nite! I love reading the posts – they are so fun and inspiring! Praise God for all the lives you touch on a daily basis!

  8. 57
    Anonymous says:

    what a little doll! she is precious!

  9. 58
    Vicki Sandifer says:

    She is BEAUTIFUL. So danty and sweet. I am glad that Jackson loves her. God Bless you all.

  10. 59
    Jacki says:

    There is so much love oozing out of that message!! That baby is just the most adorable little thing and one of the most blessed babies in all of God’s creation. You are all so loved by your siestas!

  11. 60
    Mischia says:

    She is so pretty, I cried.

  12. 61
    Rhonda says:

    Has it been a week already? My goodness. What color is that hair? She is gorgeous!

  13. 62
    Moose Mama says:

    Oh my heavens! How can she possibly be getting more beautiful…I thought she was already there, on day one!

    Thank-you Beth for your sweet words. After all these years with you…I can hear your voice and your accent as I read them.

    Thank-you LPM for all you do for us. We love you for your faithfulness to our God, on our behalf.

    Melana in Wyoming (happy Bible Study night, here too!)

  14. 63
    Tanya Moyer says:

    She’s precious!!!

    Love the reference to Steel Magnolias – one of my most favorite movies EVER!!! Knew I loved you!!!!

    Thanks for the update on the family!

    Lancaster, CA

  15. 64
    Lisa-Cinti,Ohio says:


    Thanks for sharing your beautiful grand-daughter with us! She is beautiful!

    I loved the video from El Paso, and even though I wasnt there, (I’m in Cincinnati, Ohio) I imagined the trash can symbolizing dumping the garbage from our life and giving to God to take care of! I loved the music and seeing the ladies worshipping!

    I went to my first woman’s retreat at our church this past fall and we watched one of your video’s for the retreat content and I said then, I want to see you live! And I am still saying I want to see you live! I keep looking at your scheduled conferences and the closest you will be to Ohio is Mempshis in Oct 09, so I will keep waiting and watching and hopefully will be able to see you, to hear you live and in person!

    Your video, your books, and this blog, esp the scripture memory, has helped me so much! I had one particulary bad day recently and I just opened up day 2 of scripture memory verses and started reading—Isaiah jumped out at me and I have since spent some time in that book, and God told me to stop being scared because he was holding my hand! HE is holding MY hand!

    Thank you so much for your words that surely come from God—as a very good friend of mine who is spending a lot of time helping me to understand, ever so patiently, that it is God helping me, not so much her but she is his mouthpiece here on earth and you also are used as his mouthpiece to help all who need it!

    Thank you!

  16. 65
    ArmyReserveWife says:


    What a beautiful, beautiful gran baby you have! They are such a blessing and are only young for such a short time. (My baby just turned 2 yesterday)

    Enjoy bible study. Our church is doing Annointed, Transformed, and Redeemed!! What a study!!

  17. 66
    Anonymous says:

    That little darlin’ just keeps on getting cuter. What is it about us girls….we just get better as we age. 🙂 I can only imagine her wardrobe with Bibby and Aunt Melissa adoring her and then of course the other “family”. Her Momma is probably not at all prejudiced. Thanks for the great post Mama Beth…we all feel so connected to all of you. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, won’t heaven be terrific when we can all get together and just talk and talk and talk and talk!!!!
    I pray many blessings, God’s peace and joy and each and everyone of you.
    Bible Bunny in No MI
    P.S. We had a temperature of 54 degrees here in No MI today. Whohoo!!! That is not a norm for us in almost mid Feb….20’s are the norm. Needless to say we can “taste” that spring must be just around the corner. Not to get to excited….snow is coming tomorrow night…. 🙁

  18. 67

    There’s just nothing like the sweet smell if a newborn baby – especially when it’s your own flesh-and-blood grandbaby! Can’t wait for my #8 to arrive in late April. [that will make 7 boys for me and only 1 girl!] We’re making “Mighty Warriors for the kingdom of God”. That was the prayer my husband prayed over his grandchildren before he went home to glory. He was able to meet and hold 5 of them. Praise God for His [Believing God] extended mercy!!!

    Girl babies will be ‘Mighty Warriors’ too! Let’s pray for all of our ‘next generations kids’ like that. I have to carry on the prayer that he began.

    Looking Upward and Choosing JOY,

  19. 68
    Anonymous says:

    Beth: Thanks for the update. I am so glad that all has been going well. It is so awesome how God has been working things out for all of you. I feel sorry for Keith and Melissa, while at the same time mighty glad that nobody else got sick.

    Enjoy your sweet new granddaughter and her brother, Kim B. in AZ

  20. 69
    Mel says:

    So so sweet!!

  21. 70
    twinkle says:

    That picture of the LPM staff, Beth, Melissa and Annabeth…that is so beautiful! I was immediately struck with Hebrews 12:1…
    God is so good. So very good.

  22. 71
    Lavender Dreamer says:

    What a blessing and it’s so wonderful to be able to share in your joy here!

  23. 72
    Honea Household says:

    Look at those wide-eyes! She’s beautiful! And I love her name.

  24. 73
    Kristib says:

    Love Annabeth’s 6 day picture! She has beautiful eyes!

    Glad everyone is well or at least getting there.

    Can’t wait to “see” you in Nashville in March!

    And I agree, laughter IS the best medicine; of course it helps when you combine it with Starbucks!

    Much love to you and everyone at LPM!

  25. 74
    Ashley says:

    She is sooo precious!!! I’m so happy for all of you! That was very funny about the venti thing. I always order the tall because I’m not sure how to order anything else. Is it grande pronounced “grand” or pronounced “grand-ae”? Perhaps you can solve this dilemma for me 🙂 How wonderful that you did not miss the birth or get sick!! God is very good. I can make myself sick with worry but my mother always reminds me that it is pointless and I just need to pray – the power thing!! (I’m doing Daniel right now in case you couldn’t tell.) Well y’all just continue to enjoy every second of the grandbabies! They grow up so quickly 🙁 My babies are already four and 11 months…actually 11 and a quarter darnit. Congratulations – y’all are so very blessed!
    Lotsa love,

  26. 75
    Tara says:

    Praise the Lord for His timing!!! I too am so glad that you were able to be there for Annabeth’s birth, to have all your preps done so that you could teach that night at Bible study, and then to be able to do an LPL that weekend! But what a joy Sat. night and Sun. must have been for you! To just be able to relax and enjoy your family! So glad that ya’ll had fun at your girl’s outing and that Keith/Melissa are recooping from the stomach bug. Praising God with you!!!!

    Much love,

  27. 76
    Anonymous says:

    Amanda and Curt, I prayed for you and your sweet family this morning. You have a beautiful daughter and from the sound of Bibby’s post, her big brother is already crazy about her.
    Beth, thank you so much for sharing pictures. Your joy is contagious and you are a blessing to the body of Christ.
    Grace and peace to all of you,
    Patti Hayes – Lutz, Florida

  28. 77


  29. 78
    Jessica says:

    So super precious! I know that little girl will have fire in her belly just like her Bibby!

    We are starting Stepping Up this week with my accountability group and I can’t wait–a friend and I are just now finishing the Patriarchs.

    I just love your writing! I can hear your precious accent and tone while I read it. I am so glad to find your blog and become a siesta!

    Praying for you!

  30. 79
    Joy says:

    what a precious little girl!! I am so excited for you guys! My little girl will be born here in a couple of months. I am so excited to see her. Seeing Annabeth makes me yearn to see my first child! May God continue to bless Amanda and her hubby with much needed sleep. 🙂

  31. 80
    Jesusistheparty! says:

    Annabeth is precious and so is her God!!!! Love and blessings to the fam, Dana

  32. 81
    Anonymous says:

    What a cutie, so bright and alert. She will keep her Grandma on her toes very soon.

    This blog is so cool. It’s like wer’re all sitting around a big table having coffee and treats.

    Blessings to you all,
    Mary Ann
    Woodbury, MN

  33. 82
    creative gal says:

    Beautiful Blessing!

  34. 83
    Georgia Jan says:

    Hello to you too, dearest Beth!

    What a wonderful post full of news – I feel so caught up on everyone and that makes my happy visual heart even happier – thank you for the sweet details.

    I imagine you Moore girls do have fun together. As the mother of boys, I don’t get that “shopping, hanging out time.” My sweet boys do call and keep in touch, and we go to lunch together, but that extended hanging-out time is reserved for their daddy and hunting and camping!

    When I do get to have time with the, I call it my “WOW time which stands for…without wives…WOW!” 🙂

    You are precious and I love you. So glad for the favor of God on you and blessing you with a good LPL in El Paso, Tx.

    Looking so forward to seeing you at the LPL Minister’s wives conference.

    Your friend, GJ
    Georgia Jan

  35. 84
    Samantha says:

    I am thrilled with you how God crafted everything together for you to be present at your grandbabies births and that the stomach bug didn’t spread.

    Annabeth is a beautiful little lady!! Ain’t God god??!!??

  36. 85
    Ron says:

    The feet on my daughter’s footies always hung long on her too. I used to put socks over the feet to keep them in place. She’s beautiful!

    Love Ellen

  37. 86
    shannon says:

    my little boy weighed 6lbs. compared to my little girl weighing 8lbs. 11oz. and we joked he wasn’t has big as our beagle! It’s amazing how much difference those ounces are on a newborn—melissa looks natural holding that baby (hint-hint):)

  38. 87
    Joan says:

    Annabeth's adorable! You talk about tiny, my daughter was 2 lbs. 10.3 oz.,15" long. Now, my girl, Emily, is almost 14 yrs old,& about 5'10" & growing! Praise God!

  39. 88
    Andreea says:

    Such sweet pictures!! She’s so beautiful!! :)Jackson is tooo sweet! I totally agree with you about the Starbucks. 😀 I go to Starbucks once a week before my piano lesson. I will hafta try that latte now. My usual is a grande White Choclate Mocha Frappuccino.

  40. 89
    Anonymous says:

    I was wondering when we were going to hear from Bibby on her new grand baby. You didn’t let us down!

    I can’t imagine you going to an event with a new grand baby here….good for you!!

  41. 90
    Sharron says:

    What a beautiful little one and thos eyes! How wide eyed she is! I know you are lovin every minute of this and rightly so. Enjoy!

    Beth, I had often wondered if Amanda went into labor while you were at an LPL event…..what a traumatic thing that would be with your heart torn wanting to be in two places at one time. God is so good to work that out for you both times!

    love you much!

  42. 91
    Kim Safina says:

    The Journey Continues ~

    Oh What a joy to read your blog this evening in California as the sun is setting in the west! 🙂

    You just make my heart smile!

    I am sitting here at the computer with a Starbucks in hand. I stopped off with a friend since my hubby is out of town!

    I agree with the venti comment…

    I usually say small and they say "tall" and I say small and they say "tall is small" and I say Okay!!
    **Blonder than I pay to be!!! LOL

    My daily prayers seem to be working ~ I am honored to pray and uplift you, your precious family, the LPM ministry and the Siesta's each day!!!

    BETH, PLEASE do me a BIG FAVOR!!!!
    Could you give Nancy a big HUG from me and tell her I enjoyed our visit over the phone this morning??? She called because
    Susan was out of the office.. It was such a treat talking with her!
    YOU ARE 100 % correct that the LPM STAFF cares & does serve behind the scenes daily!

    With "Heaven Bound" blessings,
    Kim Safina

  43. 92
    Barbara says:

    I have checked every single day since Annabeth has arrived to see if we have an update. I have missed all of you so much. I feel like a “shirttale relative”. BlackTea Latte w/ Soy is my new favorite at Starbucks. I’m thinking I might be on the verge of a stronghold, Lord have mercy. Abundant blessing to all of you.

  44. 93
    michellemabell says:

    Your little glimpses into your life with your girls gives me hope as to what kind of relationship I hope to have with my girls…
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful family you have.

    Love and Blessings,

    Michelle in VT

  45. 94
    Happy Mama says:

    Thrilled to hear things are going well with the new addition! And what a precious doll she is! That picture of her with the pacifier is to die for! Love it and love you gals too!

  46. 95
    gracefulgirl says:

    Oh, she is beautiful. I always say that there aren’t many babies as pretty as my three girls, but little Annabeth could definitely compete! And she is little…mine were nine pounders. Blessings to you all with much love!

  47. 96
    Gabby says:

    It’s just too much, that sweet baby, the boots, the Target getaway! How precious for you to share your joy!
    Poor Melissa! I know she was just so sad to miss precious holding time!
    Enjoy these days! I miss having a newborn around, sleeping all the time and looking so dadgum cute!

  48. 97
    Anonymous says:

    Welcome back Beth, I’ve missed you on the blog, but I also loved Melissa’s notes.
    That is one cute little baby girl.
    Amanda and Curtis….good job, you get an ‘A’


  49. 98
    Dana N says:

    Look at those eyes!! Is she a beauty or what?!?

    I’m so glad that all are doing well. Thanks for all you and the LPM staff do for us! God–through you all–has changed me and blessed me beyond measure and I thank Him for you.

    I hope Bibby has many “adventures” with those 2 sweet babies!

    Love you like crazy!!

  50. 99
    Tami in LA says:

    So glad to hear you didn’t get sick and were able to do the LPL event AND take care of Amanda and family. What a blessing!

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