You Think You Know People

Last night Curt and I went to pick up Jackson from the babysitter’s house. That would be my mom’s house. We had our dinner 8 group for Sunday school and Bibby was so generous to take Jackson for us. They even went to Chucky Cheese (Chunky Cheese, as we say in our family)! Jackson is so lucky! When we got to her house we were both feeling kind of crummy from a cold. I could see the gears turning in my mother’s mind. She was deciding whether to reveal a secret about herself that could either shock and horrify us or help relieve our stuffy noses. Her mothering instincts overrode her self-protection instincts and she darted into her bathroom and emerged with this thing that looked like a small watering can-slash-tea pot. She said some of the girls at work had started using these things – neti pots they’re called – and she had finally taken the plunge. (You can watch an instructional video here if you dare.) It worked wonders, she said. She may have even used the words “life changing.” Now all of the LPM crew, minus one, are regular users.

We were somewhat amazed as she explained it. Curtis, who is one day more advanced into his cold than I am, not to mention more adventurous, was intrigued. So on the way home we picked one up at Walgreen’s. Once Jackson was in bed, Curtis proceeded to irrigate his sinuses over my kitchen sink. Awesome. He also lost concentration during the process and didn’t control his breathing correctly, which resulted in him losing his dinner in my kitchen sink. Super awesome. Personally, I’ve had enough of losing my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners in the last few months and I would rather not try this neti pot phenomenon. Curtis was sniffling again within 15 minutes. Totally not worth it to me, y’all. I declined using the neti pot. Well this morning when I woke up my head felt like it weighed 40 pounds. I started coughing and wouldn’t you know that my body went into morning sickness mode. Fun times. So Curtis and I can bond over our stuffy noses and weak stomachs. We are a pitiful pair.

(I know, this is the worst post of all time. I was really hurting for something to say.)

So are you a natural remedy kind of person (not that there’s anything natural about pouring water into your nose through a tea pot) or do you reach for the medicine cabinet when you get sick? If you’re a natural remedy kind of person, what is the one thing you’re always trying to get your friends to try?

I would normally sustain myself on DayQuil and NyQuil, but since I’m with child I’m just trying to make it on as little Tylenol as possible, chicken soup, and decaf hot tea. Okay, y’all are not going to believe this, but Curtis just walked in the door unexpectedly. He’s home on his lunch break to use his neti pot again! He is so brave and wild at heart! As for me, I’m going to heat up some soup.


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  1. 101
    Kelly @ Love Well says:

    Just reading this story made me want to go into morning sickness mode. And I’m not even pregnant.

    We’re dealing with copious amounts of phlegm at our house, too. But I shall refrain from the Neti.

  2. 102
    Anonymous says:

    Do you mean you Texas girls don’t know my husband’s favorite sinus cleaner?

    Two teaspoons of hot sauce, thank you ma’am.

    Something on your face will be dripping right up fast.

  3. 103
    Tara says:

    Oh Amanda, I am cracking up right now! I am not laughing at you…I am laughing with you!

    You see, my husband too is enthrolled with the neti-pot. He was first introduced to it by an 89 year old woman in our church! He was doing a pastoral visit and explaining about his allergies and stuffy noses. She said that she saw it on Oprah and that it really works! So, he went out that day and bought one.

    He too first used it over our kitchen sink… And breathing at the right time is critical! Now he uses it in the shower and says that he feels like a new man! He is so funny talking about this new phenomenon!

    But like you, I’m not about to take this challenge yet. The best thing that I can offer you is prayer- Being pregnant and not being able to take anything with a cold is not fun!

    Hope you feel better soon!!!!

  4. 104
    Chris says:

    I love this post! You make me laugh so hard.

    BIG TIP–I've been through two sinus surgeries gals. The first one didn't work. Awesome. I'm a medicine cabinet gal, but my second ENT (one of the best in the country) recommended NeilMed Sinus Rinse Kit. Cut & paste to search on Still natural, but much easier than the neti pot. Sorry Beth.

    I suggest Curtis moves the operation from the kitchen sink to the bathroom, and never, ever do it in front of one's spouse. Unless it is your intention to kill the romance for a night or two.

    I'm praying that you feel better, Amanda!

    xo Chris

  5. 105
    Bebe says:

    Chicken soup is what you need, girlfriend. And the best chicken soup in the world is the Vietnamese variety called “pho.” It is so aromatic and has a little bit of heat (always good for congestion). Give yourself a minute to “linger” over a steaming bowlful and you will be feeling better in no time. As for the stomach thing, when I was expecting my first, I lived on saltine crackers and tea.

  6. 106
    Ginnylou says:

    Bless you for trying to preserve the sanctity of the kitchen sink!! My husband and I argue often about whether spitting is allowed in the kitchen sink. Glad to see my siesta is on my side!! Good luck with the colds, and the neti pot!

  7. 107
    Cindy in HP, NC says:

    Unfortunately I’m one of those that medicine does not help. Over the years I’ve tried every pain killer, sinus medicine, allergy medicine, you name it I’m used it. Nothing works. I have learned that when I get sick.. which is rare… just let it run its course and it will go away eventually. Not really my choice but there is no sense in spending money on medicines that do not work. I’m in my 50’s and I’ve learned to just deal with it.

  8. 108
    village sister says:

    Airborne! Airborne! Airborne!
    It works best for me when I start taking it at the very first sign of a sniffle or scratchy throat.
    (once in the morning for a good week). If I start early enough, I'm convinced it often keeps me from getting sick.

    But if you're full blown sick already it will still help – then I do one in the am & one late afternoon.
    I use about 1/4 cup of water to dissolve one tablet & then I add some ice & drink it down. (just tastes like a lemon-lime soda that's only got a little fizz left in it)
    Blessings & prayers….

  9. 109
    Kerin says:

    I’m so sorry you all are sick. It’s that time of year. Sorry I don’t have any natural remedies. Astelin nose spray works great – it’s prescription but I’m not sure if you can use it while pregnant. Maybe Curtis can try it.

  10. 110
    Anonymous says:

    haha. This is kinda, just REALLY funny. I love your mom’s comment. I’m with you, I don’t buy into that. And that is disgusting! I too would be loosing my stomach if I saw him do that. Gross.

  11. 111
    Anonymous says:

    My husband and I both 55 years old/married 34 years started going to a MD/ND in 2004. She was a doctor in the Air Force for 20-some years before opening her own practice. She blends traditional and naturopathic medicine. The ND side has given us life and changed our lives for the better. She doesn’t use any meds which are synthetic. She’s all natural. It works every time and protects our bodies rather than stressing them. We’ve learned that what God intended (natural) is better than what man sometimes creates when using chemicals and synthetics. Since going to this doctor we hardly ever get colds or get sick. It’s a matter of applying a raised level of consciousness about what goes into or on to our bodies that has made the difference. Check out your area for a organic/health food store. They will have healthy remedies. Try adding honey, fresh squeezed lemon juice and fresh shredded ginger to bowling water. Sip it down. The ginger is hugely healing and of course natural. With flu season coming and colds already going around it’s good to keep this homeopathic medicine at hand — Oscillococcinum. Again, find a health food store and access what they offer for colds, etc. They will know what is safe for someone who is pregnant. By the way, we are Nana and Granddaddy to two beautiful grandsons. One is soon to be 3 in November. The other just over 1 year. Wishing you all health and soul-deep joy!

  12. 112
    Jen says:

    I have the nasal irrigation thingy. Same thing really but it squirts the water into your sinuses, a little more pressure. I started using it when I was pregnant and couldn’t do anything else to help the congestion. For me a constant sinus sufferer it has been awesome. There have been 4 times since when I felt a sinus attack coming on, used the nasal rinse system twice a day and never got a full on sinus infection. I didn’t just feel a little better it seems to downright cure it. Still it took maybe a week of using it before you see “progress” and yes you can lose your lunch over it but again it was worth it long term!

  13. 113
    Billy Rhythm says:

    Twice a day neti pot user here: once in the shower in the AM, and once in the evening before bed. It truly does work.

  14. 114
    Constance says:

    I use the Nasopure system which is pretty much the same! My oldest daughter swears by it and so I gave it a try last year. I am an instant gratification kind of gal (shameful I know) so I HAVE to have a nose spray b/c not being able to breathe through my nose is like the 11th plague on the Israelites!

    I was surprised at how well it did work though and use it as maintainance, since I clean houses for other people and sometimes the dog hair is terrible!

    Connie Hopkins

  15. 115
    Constance says:

    I forgot to comment that having an auto-immune disorder like I do (ITP Ideopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura-my immune system kills off my blood platelets) I have to be super careful about what I take (Vitamin C is a big no-no for me). I can’t take anything to stimulate my immune system since it’s already aggressive and kills off everything, even the good stuff. Suggestions are good but like anything, check it out first and make sure that you don’t take anything that reacts to another.

  16. 116
    Wrinkled Shirt Ministries says:

    When I’m feeling crummy I take garlic, Echenacia and Collodial Silver drops. I know I didn’t spell those right. It usually takes 2 days to kick in but it’s worth it knowing that I’m only putting natural stuff in my body. I’ve heard about the neti pot. I’ve got friends that rave about them. I’m kind of like you though, not so sure I would like sticking a teapot spout up my nose. I like to make sure things come out my nose not go in.

  17. 117
    Anonymous says:

    Better living through chemistry!

  18. 118
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Amanda & Siestas,
    I think the neti pot works better for some than others depending on what the congestion is from. I have chronic sinusitis with no allergies, had roto-rooter surgery and tried the neti pot – no luck. Best thing for me is a decongestant on overcast days and a nasal spray that seems to keep the passages open to (hopefully)keep infection from starting.
    On a different note, could we siestas be in prayer this week for the upcoming election and the financial crisis we're hearing about? God is really burdening me what a serious time this is for our country.
    Thank you!
    Becky in Ohio

  19. 119
    Julie says:

    Amanda: I am totally with you on this one. I am not much into home remedies. I usually take Dayquil or Nyquil and Tylenol. Drink hot tea, as you said, and try to make the best of it until it goes away. Tell Curtis best of luck with the home remedies. As for me, I’ll stick to the traditional way of getting well. Get well soon,

  20. 120
    Gena says:

    My husband does the Vicks on the bottom of his feet at night – and that seems to help his sinus problems. Don’t know why.

    And one day when I felt a cold coming on pretty strong, I got a 2-liter bottle of Sprite Zero and commenced to polishing it off over the course of the afternoon. The next day I was all better. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

  21. 121
    Susan Williams says:

    I have a cold right now! I'm a firm believer in Zicam. Not the sissy stuff you spray in your throat… the kind you spray up your nose (read the directions or someone might be losing a meal over someone's kitchen sink). It is just zinc… but it goes straight into the sinus passage & actually shortens a cold by about 70%. So… I only have to suffer a couple of days, rather than a week and a half.

    Now, my manfriend thinks I need to try one of those neti pots. I'm still thinking about it.

  22. 122
    Jen :) says:

    My mom has always been a natural food guru, and she has since passed it on to me, little by little.

    Her cold remedy:
    -hot water
    -lemon/lemon juice

    Mix these to taste and drink as much/as often as possible. It really does work! For added effectiveness, add garlic or ginger. Seriously works like charm!! Hope y’all feel better!

  23. 123
    Susan says:

    I always recommend to my husband or (now grown) boys the good ol’ Vicks vapor rub, it’s natural, and helps unstuff the nose. I had a bad case of sinus infection while pregnant and had to get antibiotics, but the doctors know what you are allow to have.

  24. 124
    judy says:

    I love my neti pot. Takes practice learning how to breath! 🙂

    Something I heard Kelli Rippa say on tv is to put 1 bottle of peroxide in your bath to help get rid of a cold.

    Can’t hurt to try!

    God bless you.

  25. 125
    Anonymous says:

    Well, I do something similar with a bulb syringe and warm salt water. This works wonderfully. But, my most favorite remedy that works like a charm is: a spoon for cramps. Yes, I said a spoon. If you get a cramp (toes, legs especially) rub a regular ole spoon (curved side) over it and it draws the cramp out. It works-try it! Hope you feel better soon!

  26. 126
    Three Fold Cord says:

    Love the neti pot!! We have discovered the pot(that could sound bad-hehe) at our church and it has helped many of us clear up colds and keep colds at bay. One of my friends who has dealt with sinus infections hasn’t had one infection since she has daily used the neti pot.
    These pots are GREAT for a laugh!!

  27. 127
    Stayingstrong says:

    My 9 year old uses the neti pot for her allergies and it is amazing how cleared up she feels afterward.

    Every time I help her with it I have to grin, because I always think of your mom’s story about combing out all the tangles. You really don’t want to do it, but the results are worth it.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you all get to feeling better soon.


  28. 128
    EstherRD says:

    I am all about the Echinacea and Vitamin C but the neti pot works great too!
    Eating lots of fruits and veggies, exercising lots and going to the chiropracter regularily really helps me too!
    Hope you are healed soon! God be with you!
    Hurst, TX

  29. 129
    Isunji says:

    Hilarious Amanda!!

    I know this is going to sound horribly faithless of me, but because I always get hit so hard, my mantra is usually “Give me drugs!” Don’t get me wrong, I hold out without them as long as I can. And while I’m still coherent I manage to string together a few sentences of prayer, but once it really hits me I’m knocking folk over on my way to the cold/allergy aisle at the CVS… I do go back and repent later!

    I’m with you with the Dayquil/Nyquil combo works wonders and allows me to function and to rest.

    As for the neti pot… I have issues with putting my head under water in the pool, so I’d say it’s safe to assume I won’t be trying that method… LOL!

    Speedy healing to you both!

  30. 130
    skoots1mom says:

    MANUKA HONEY from New Zealand…
    ever since my colon cancer in 1999 i’ve struggled with stomach and gastric issues…
    a tsp of this on a 1/2 slice of bread cleared up my h.pylori infection…calmed my system…and now any time i have ANYTHING, I go take a tsp of HONEY…
    it’s pricey cause its harvested from bees gathering from the tea trees in New Zealan but its a KEEPER!!

  31. 131
    Anonymous says:

    LOL! Yes, our family uses the neti pot for colds and seasonal allergies. It is life changing. I picked up neti pots for my dad and our family last Christmas at Whole Foods. He loves his too! One important note: be sure to use non-iodized salt.

    Bless you and may God place his healing hands on you and get you through this cold real soon.

    Mary Ann,
    A MN Siesta

  32. 132
    bettie creech says:

    I just love reading this blog.

    I just wanted to tell you that Jackson is BLESSED to have his
    grandparents babysitting.

    Have a BLESSED day and keep writing.
    You are BLESSING us all!

    Love through Christ,
    Bettie Creech

  33. 133
    densgirl96 says:

    We go to the chiropractor when symptoms start. That with lots of water and adequate rest works 99% of the time. Orange juice does great with giving you Vitamin C. You can do all those things as a pregnant mom, too. : )

  34. 134
    mrsjojo says:

    Hope that you feel better real soon. I usually just drink a LOT of hot tea with honey and soup. I get pretty sick of doing that routine after one day but nothing else really sounds good when you are sick. Your chicken soup that you mentioned sounds delicious.

  35. 135
    kctibs says:

    I just read the post about ear candles and they ROCK!! You can’t imagine the amount of wax you can get out of your ear. Oh you hear so much better when you are done using one. Sometimes they throw off my balance for a couple of hours but all in all I recommend them (of course check with the doctor first as I didn’t use mine when I was prego). I will say that a cold causes junk in the trunk all over your head. Clearing that junk out is the only way to go!!

    Kelli in Colorado

  36. 136
    karensk says:

    I'll be praying for y'all to get better soon!

    Some things I do for me and my kids when we're trying to minimize the use of over-the-counter medicines (our issues may differ from yours; we deal with stuffy noses and chests, sometimes a sore throat, allergies, asthma-type symptoms)….
    — Drink lots & lots of water to increase the fluids going through our bodies, like maybe about a half gallon in a day (for an adult, less for a child).
    — Drink orange juice for vitamin C, preferably fresh-squeezed.
    — Have chicken soup; the hot broth opens up some breathing passages; the salt helps sore throats.
    — Avoid dairy products (milk, cream, mayonnaise, cheese–not helpful at all when you have congestion or a stuffy nose) and rich foods like chicken fried steak with cream gravy; fats are harder for the body to digest, I think.
    — Avoid sugar and sweets in general, as they might make it harder for your body to recover…they aren't so good for sore throats, as bacteria feeds on sugar.
    — Eat simple, light foods. We try to eat more veggies & fruit (without butter or creamy sauces/dressings), whole grains & rice/pasta, lean meats, chicken broth.
    – Get some steam, maybe from a shower, to open up breathing passages.
    – Try to get a little extra rest/sleep.
    – Try to get decent quality air, if possible (esp. if symptoms might be allergy-related); we turn on the HEPA air purifiers at home a little more.

    I've heard great things about the neti pots, too. (But I'm not motivated enough to try it just yet.)

    Hope y'all feel better soon!

    Karen K.

  37. 137
    Redeemed says:


    Ok, this blog is hilarious. Hope you get ‘ungrounded’ soon, Amanda.

  38. 138
    Kim Safina says:

    The Journey Continues ~

    Blessings of thanks to JC (3:48 pm)
    for the prayers regarding the loss of our Sassy of 15 years!

    It brings such JOY TO MY HEART that the Siesta's of LPM are uplifting eachother and ME!

    Beth, Amanda and Melissa ~ You are truly " Carrying The Light of Jesus Christ" for so many of us in this world! THANK YOU!!!

    My sweet mother went to Dr. Jeff office and got Sassy's collar and heart nametag and brought it over to me. It was bittersweet!

    Again, thank you Siesta JC(3:48pm)for your loving kindness and prayers!
    With "Heaven Bound" blessings and Heavenly CAThedral hope,
    Kim Safina & family

  39. 139
    Anonymous says:

    Could Hisfivefooter please share the bladder infection cure? Thank you!

  40. 140
    Joni says:

    Hey, Amanda, I can relate to your mother. My boys looked at me like I was crazy. If you don’t like the netti pot, you can try using a baby ear syringe. Fill it with the netti pot solution, close off one nostril, insert the tip of the ear syringe and pinch the other nostril around it. Then pump the water up your nose. It should come out your other nostril and a little may come down the back of your throat. It’s explained in the book, Sinus Survival, and it’s helped me. Don’t forget that a facial sauna also works well. Breathe in the steam for 10-15 minutes and then blow your nose. Also, run a vaporizer at night–oh, oh, and I almost forgot–Breathe Right Strips. They really work for congested noses so you can breathe.

  41. 141
    Kelly R. says:

    I’m with you Amanda. I have awful allergies and all of my doctor’s have tried to talk me into using one, but I just don’t have the stomach for it. Power to the people that do….I’m just too chicken!

  42. 142
    montanamovestotexas says:

    I recently tried a squirt bottle very similar to the neti pot, instead you forcefully SQUIRT it up your nose! It totaly helped! Although my husband just sat back and cried (from laughing too hard). I like to do anything to avoid taking medicine, although usually about 3-4 days into a cold I breakdown and start sudafed every 4 hours. A person can only take so much!

  43. 143
    Shelli Littleton says:

    Amanda, when I am stopped up, I use saline drops. You are supposed to spray them in your nose, but I lay back on the bed, lean my head off the bed and pour it in! If I do that several times a day, during my allergy/cold ordeal, it really helps. It keeps me from getting an infection and it won’t cause you to throw up. One other thing, if you ever feel pain in your ears from congestion, get a cotton ball, soak it in rubbing alcohol and drip the alcohol into your ear. Let it set for a bit. Do that a few times through the day, but once often takes the pain completely away! It’s a miracle…it really is! You can also use Swimmer’s Ear, but plain old rubbing alcohol is cheaper. Both of these things have kept me out of the doctor’s office for two years now, when I used to make several trips there due to allergies. One last beauty…if you get a sore throat from the congestion, gargle with slightly diluted peroxide. Listen, it doesn’t taste the best, but it works. It really works! Just don’t swallow, spit it out. Your mouth will be bubbly for a few minutes, but it’s worth it! Sore throats are the worst.

    So, saline drops, rubbing alcohol and peroxide…it’ll keep you out of the doctor’s office!

    Love your San Angelo, Texas Siesta!
    Shelli Littleton

  44. 144
    Anonymous says:

    Oh, please let’s hurry and get past this post!

  45. 145
    kari says:

    AIRBORN! I love the stuff. It seems to squash my cold if I take it at the very beginning. It isn’t to help symptoms, but helps boost your immune system.

    Don’t use if pregnant though, it has too much Vitamin A.

  46. 146
    Anonymous says:

    I take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every morning (it has to be raw and unfiltered). It is good for immunity, arthritis, energy, acid reflux, and other things. I also take 1 tablespoon of flax oil every morning. It is loaded with the omega 3’s, which are very important. The flax oil actually helps your hair and skin. I promise that my wrinkles are less noticeable! A wonderful website to find natural remedies is


  47. 147
    Amy W says:

    Amanda, I remember how horrible it is to have a cold when I was preggers! Here’s a natural way to get on the healthy track: Get some GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) from a vitamin or health food store. Put 15 drops in a glass of orange juice 3x a day until you feel better. All the vitamin C fights off the bad stuff pretty quickly. It’s a bit pricey but it lasts forever and works wonders!! Good luck,

    Amy W.

  48. 148
    Jesusistheparty! says:

    Neti pots rock! Not only do they give you relief, if used on a regular basis, they promote good mucosal health! Who knew we could take control of our own mucosal health?!! I got one for my 18 year old daughter last year and watched her use it and then found the strength and courage to get one for myself. Now I am proud to be a neti pot believer! Dana <><

  49. 149
    Margaret says:

    I just knew Beth and I were soul-siestas! Here is a shout-out for the neti pot. I discovered mine a year ago and after a rather humorous time trying to work it right, I am so helped by it!

    On my initial try, I couldn’t seem to close my throat right or whatever I was supposed to close…….it reminded me of my first water ski experience when they kept yelling from the boat “LET GO OF THE ROPE” as I drank in the lake in big 35mph gulps. (The last thing I remembered on the dock, was the instruction to not let go of the rope, and I would be pulled right up. I was….up and over flat…) Any way, after drinking one pot of salty tea, I have now become an expert. Press on timid users! You will find great relief!

  50. 150
    Lisa says:

    I have to say that my husband, our 6-year-old and I love our neti pot. I thought it was gross at first (well , I still do), but it has cut the length of our colds at least in half. We have had NO sinus infections since using it. Keeps all the gunk flushed out. As soon as our little one starts getting a runny nose, she starts asking for it, and uses it a couple of times a day. Best wishes to you and yours!

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