Our LPM Ambassador to India and Other Updates

Hey, you sweet things! It’s me! Your long lost Siesta Mama! Well, not too long lost but I feel like I’ve lived six months of life since the last I checked in with you. I so hope you’ve been in the throes of active relationship with Christ Jesus and that He’s giving you (and me, please, Lord) eyes to see Him at work. Ears to hear Him speak. Everything to me. Everything.

We are so busy in this city right now we can hardly think straight. Everybody’s on overtime one way or another. I so loved AJ’s post (just before this one) and nearly cried reading it because the Ike aftermath is just so with-us here. You can’t drive three blocks without seeing it. Trees have been cut up and wood stacked in yards awaiting removal who-knows-when. Same with fences. Tarps on tons of roofs. Many streets lights are still out. So eerie to drive at night in an area that’s less familiar because it’s so easy to drive right through intersections that are supposed to be treated like four-way stops. Great way to have a bad wreck. Tens of thousands of hot meals are still being served by emergency vehicles in especially hard-hit areas of Houston. Curfews still in effect. And we were the fortunate ones. Galveston is in profoundly worse shape. Just keep praying but that’s all I’ll say for now. We’ll try to keep our posts mixed with other things as we can well understand that it’s not the big thing on everybody’s radar. All of you have your own personal and regional crises but what a tremendous balm to be able to share those things here.

Here are a few other tidbits of information around here:
*I TOTALLY LOVED BILLINGS. I mean LOVED IT. LOVED THEM!!!! LOVED JESUS ON THEM! Thank you for praying for us. I will remember them for a long, long time.

*Melissa and I have had our second night of Bible-intro class (we missed one night over Ike) and we are getting to know our young women and love them. We’re working their tails. You know what I mean. Brains. We’re asking them to do homework and a fair amount of memory work. They’re proving up to the challenge. Melissa and I had a blast putting stickers on completed homework assignments last night. Don’t think for a moment we’re using stickers because we’re treating them like ten year-olds. Any time I have the size class I can interact with one-on-one, I use silly incentives for one very good reason. They WORK. I don’t care if it’s a sixty year-old or a sixteen year-old. She wants her sticker. And I want to give it to her. Makes me so happy. Here are four figures about the Bible all our class members can tell you off the top of their heads today: [written over roughly] 1500 years, 66 Books, over 40 writers, 3 languages. And they can tell you what those languages are, where they are found and how impossible they are to read. Grin. I’m so proud of them.

*Living Proof Ministries put our beloved Curtis Jones on an airplane to India today to minister there for the next week. He’s been on many mission trips so I’m thankful to be able to say we are not sending a novice that far from home nor are we sending him alone. His best friend, Jerrell Altic, one of the young ministers at our church who is neck-deep in missions is partnering with him. We have been involved with various organizations and efforts in India for 10 years since having the privilege to serve on that beautiful and tragic soil but I’ve been so preoccupied with Africa the last number of years, I haven’t had a chance to return. Missions are big to us so I was elated when the opportunity arose for Curtis. I also deeply appreciate and respect Amanda’s courageous and giving heart to bless her man to make this trip to the other side of the world. When you have a potty-training two-year old all-boy and a baby girl on the way, that’s an offering God highly esteems. I’m going to cut and paste a little synopsis about Curtis’s mission to India from an email he sent me so you can hear it in his own words. I think you’ll be moved to care and to pray. He writes…

-We are partnering with Charasia, a ministry based in southeast India. Charasia (www.charasia.org) rescues children who were born in the sex slave industry in India and gives them a home in their multiple orphanages. They also have excellent schools where the children learn about Christ through the Bible and English. In India if you do not know English you have very little chance to ever make it above the poverty line. We will be speaking and teaching these sweet children. The staff of these homes are women who were previously trapped in prostitution, but have been set free both physically and spiritually. We will be giving Living Proof’s resources to these sweet ladies. Charasia also sponsors many churches in their local area. Jerrell and I will be encouraging these pastors and giving them copies of my devotional journal. We will also have various opportunities to preach in the local churches. You can find information about sponsoring a child on their website and also a more detailed description of what they do.

Back to Beth: Can you imagine a more important reason to travel to the other side of the globe? I pray God astounds them with His power, Presence, and favor. Curtis promised me he’d come back with plenty of pictures and stories and we’ll be sure and share some of them with you.

OK, I better get off of here! AJ and the Mister are on their way over here to eat dinner with us and I have NO IDEA – I do mean N-O I-D-E-A – what we’re going to eat. I’ll cast my eyes to the clouds and squint with all my might until I see my favorite super hero: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, IT’S SUPPERMAN!!!!!

Love y’all so much. Stay in the Word!



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  1. 100
    Autumn says:

    Wow! The missions trip Curtis is on sounds amazing. And how coincidental; this is just like God. Beth, I just started leading Breaking Free at our church on 9/04, and I was really trying to help our women, a few of whom are brand new to the Lord and brand new to church, understand what is meant by spiritual bondage, so I prayed the Lord would give me something in our small group time to help them understand – and He led me to two amazing articles on human trafficking and the sex slave industry. One article was about Robi Keyes and her ministry Night Light, and the other was about Natalie Grant and her ministry The Home Foundation, both targeting human trafficking and the sex slave industry. I read those articles and wept, and I wept again as I read them in our small group time and related that to our own spiritual bondage. Never before have I been so hit by the seriousness of our relationship with the Lord. As Amanda said in her post, the Lord is definitely shaving off some of the silliness in my life, and I am so grateful. This is my 2nd time doing Breaking Free, and the first time I stopped the homework at around the sixth week. I was in one of the most terrible seasons of my life then, and I don’t think I was quite ready to Break Free. How far the Lord has brought me in the last 10 years. I have broken free of so many things since then, and now the Lord is taking me ever deeper. I kind of fell in to leading this particular series out of a selfish desire for my daughter and I to finally do one of your studies together. You see that very first time around in Breaking Free, I had recently divorced and lost custody my 3 yr old daughter. And now, my ex-husband and I are reconciled and I am once again with my baby, who’s not so much a baby anymore, full time. So we wanted to share in a Beth Moore study together, and wouldn’t you know it! You limited your study to 18-25 yr olds. LOL! She missed it by 5 yrs, and I missed it by 9. That is just like God too, because He had different plans. So I just mentioned doing one at our church, and our pastor loved the idea. I am not one to seek a position of leadership, but I thought how hard can pushing the play button be??? I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT A SMALL GROUP TIME!!! I told the Lord that was awfully sneaky of Him to trick me so. But this has been one of the most humbling, touching, things I’ve ever done. Breaking Free is the study the Lord led me too, and my daughter and I are enjoying it immensely, not to mention the other women in our study… We do plan to be at A Christmas Come Together LIVE AND IN THE THIRD ROW! Yeah! My daughter is so excited to see you live. She told me the other night, “Beth has such an incredible way of teaching. I was having a difficult time understanding the glory of the Lord, and in a matter of two pages of study look how much I was able to write on God’s glory!” She was tickled pink at her understanding. I never meant for this to be so long, but our women’s group will keep Curtis and your work in our prayers as we strive to break free and go deeper with God. Thank you so much for being an obedient servant of Christ. Autumn

  2. 101
    donna says:

    Did the Supperman make it to your house? it was funny as i was reading this, it was supper time at my house and i had NO idea what i was going to come up with. I looked in the freezer twice and in the pantry thinking something would mysteriously appear, but to no such luck. I did manage to come up with chili, which tasted pretty good considering i just kind of threw it together.
    Last week was our first week in the Stepping up bible study. The opening video was a hugh encouragement to me. I have felt “stuck” so to speak for the last few years with so many heavy things to deal with in my family. while these situations have not changed i’m tired of it stealing my joy and ready to step up and out of it! Todays video was wonderful. I love music and have it on all the time. But it truly hit me about meaning what we sing and not only singing in spirit but in our mind as well. I want what i sing to be true!
    I showed up kind of late for our study today and since the group has grown so much we had to divide up into groups. well my table didn’t have a table leader and as i was sitting down they nominated me to be the leader! i am like, well, okay i guess. I have never been a leader before so I am kind of nervous. I guess God thought it was time for me to Step up and out of my comfort and into something new! pray for me πŸ™‚

  3. 102
    Nichole's mom says:

    lnhvDear Amyc,
    It seems like alot of my friends are going through stuff right now… I’m adding you to my prayer wall and want you to remember that God is not far from you! He’s holding in the palm of His hand so tight your imprint is left on it! Grab hold of His leg when you feel like you are far from Him, thats what I do! He has plenty big enough legs for all of us!

    Love and prayers,


  4. 103
    Patty says:

    Love the sticker idea!! I knew our Linds would get one!! What a special young lady!!

    Praying for Curtis and those he is traveling with. Last year at Christ Church in Nashville they stopped in the middle of their Christmas concert and showed us a film about the sex slave industry. It breaks your heart and to be honest, sickens my heart to! Believing God to rescue each woman and child!!


  5. 104
    Anonymous says:

    I’d like to know if you all are using a specific Bible study with your class of young women or if you have info you can share about it. I’m looking for a basic one for some young women at my community college. Thank you for your help!
    God bless your enthusiasm!

  6. 105
    tohearn14 says:

    I think that is really neat that you and Melissa are teaching together. I am in the Houston area and would love something intimate for us older gals-lol(I am 28!)We will be praying for mission trips, bible studies, and normalcy after Ike! xoxo

  7. 106
    Yolanda says:

    Ok, I have just tasted the yummiest stuff ever. Tonight at our Community Bible study, I signed up for dessert.

    Caramel Chocolate Trifle

    1 package devil’s food cake mix, or any other chocolate flavor

    2 packages (3.9 ounces each) instant chocolate pudding mix

    1 carton (12 ounces) frozen whipped topping, thawed

    1 jar (12-1/4 ounces) caramel ice cream topping

    1 package (7-1/2 or 8 ounces) English toffee bits or almond brickle chips

    Prepare and bake cake according to package directions for an 8-in.
    square baking pan. Cool on a wire rack.

    Prepare pudding according to
    package directions. Cut cake into 1-1/2-in. cubes; place half of
    the cubes in a 3-qt. trifle bowl or LARGE glass serving bowl; lightly press down to fill in gaps.

    Top with half of the whipped topping,pudding, caramel topping and toffee bits; repeat layers.

    Cover and refrigerate until serving. Serves 16

  8. 107
    cheryl says:

    Glad to hear from you! I will be praying for the India trip! My kids are involved with an orphange in another part of India called the Asha House.

  9. 108
    Georgia Jan says:

    Beth: So good to hear from you and even with all you’ve been though, you are still so sensitive to others! What touches you touches us, and of COURSE we care about Houston because that is your home! Your posts are precious no matter what the topic and I mean that.

    Praying for your classes, the mission trips, the partnership with Charasia, your family both near and far and your unborn granddaughter.

    I am leading 38 girls through the revised “A Woman’s Heart” and we are on week 3. It is wonderful. Daily manna – mercies new every morning – getting up and going outside my tent – I LOVE IT!

    And I love you.

    Georgia Jan

  10. 109
    Rebecca says:

    O Beth! Its so good to hear from you! Love you tons!

  11. 110
    Anonymous says:

    Being one of the blessed ones with a ticket to your Breaking Free taping in New Orleans in November, I find I am in constant prayer for the event. I know that God will prepare you in many ways for the teaching. I am amazed how He has given you your own Katrina so you can so relate to those in New Orleans when you come to teach us this fall. We in New Orleans can so relate to your description of life after what (I promise you) everyone will always refer to as “The Storm”. In so many ways it makes you better but life’s storms always do that if you keep your eyes on the One who saves.

  12. 111
    Casey says:

    way off the subject…but I am part of a bible study that is doing “Living Beyond Yourself.” Last night was the Grandmothers’ glasses and knowing that He caught the fruit. Girl! IT hurt but I need that more than you can imagine. Thank you again for allowing God to use you to teach us woman. Will love you in Christ forever girl!

  13. 112
    Anonymous says:

    Got caught up on all my blog reading today. Much to pray about always. In Houston and around the country as our leaders are having to make hard decisions on many fronts. 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.” Dear Father, We love you, please forgive us and have mercy on us. We know we have your grace for today and we are grateful. Give your wisdom to those who are making decisions, our leaders, Father they need your discernment.Be with those ministering and rebuilding here and around Your world[especially Curtis]. May we be the hands and hearts of Your love today. Through our Precious Jesus I pray. In His Love Kathy Knoblock

  14. 113
    Lisa B. says:

    I’m so glad you’re bringing awareness to India! My husband and I are missionaries with BCM International and the problems in India are HUGE right now. In the last year, there has been major uprisings in the Orissa State and in the last month, ALL churches in Orissa were destroyed, pastors were murdered and put in prison, and EVERY believer and missionary with BCM Intl. is in hiding. At this moment, we DO NOT know where our Asian director is nor do we know where the Orissa Director and his family are. They are in hiding and are at the top of the Hindu hit list. In fact, the Hindus have already spread lies that the director of Orissa has been murdered. But, he’s NOT. We just don’t know where he is hiding. So – we’ll be praying everyone is safe going over there! It is NOT stable. On the plus side, India is 2% Christian… the Orissa state is 25% Christian! God is doing an amazing work over there. The Hindus made it public that their goal is to destroy the church, but the believers said, “We’re still here! And WE are the church! We are alive and we WILL REBUILD – maybe not in our generaion, but our children will rebuild.” Currently, the work BCM Intl and other organizations have been doing in the Orissa state is over. Please pray for our believers in hiding right now! Thank you!!
    Lisa B., BCM Intl missionary en route to Peru

  15. 114
    jenlovesthelord says:

    Thanks for the update miss Beth! I am praying for Curtis daily. Love you!

  16. 115
    darla says:

    sitting here in tears, and thanking God for moving in India. I have a compassion child there, and want to go so badly. I am thinking HE knows I will try to bring them all home with me..HEY if HE wants to arrange that…its on!

    Love you Mama Beth, and really needed to make some time today to stop here..it feels like home.

    Princess to Princess

  17. 116
    darla says:

    oops..forgot to say I am praying for you all, and all of the ones recovering from the aftermath of Ike..and other hurricanes that have ripped through this country.

  18. 117
    mizbitz says:

    Hey, Beth! Glad to hear that you are up and about and all’s okay in your little corner of the world! We love hearing from you… We’ll be praying for Curtis while he is in India and for Amanda while she is there in Houston… You are so right.. not an easy job to be both mommy and daddy to a potty training 2 year old while pregnant!

    All God’s best to you guys as you clean up after Ike. I remember too well after Isabel what that was like… What a mess she was, and she was nowhere near as big or ferocious as Ike was…

    Love and prayers from TN…

  19. 118
    pam b from sc says:

    Praise God! This sex/slave trade thing has been bearing down on hearts lately. It’s being exposed to the light at last! To hear that Curtis and LPM is participating in the battle against this modern-day nightmare is encouraging. We can’t pray enough concerning this abomination!

  20. 119
    Abby says:

    mmmm girl i pray for a supperman in my future daily…i’m not one to do much in the kitchen myself πŸ˜‰

    will be coming your way with sweet shelly to do a retreat with sweet lindsee (two e’s!) in november…maybe we’ll run into you at *bucks or papasitos (sp?) and jump up and down and squeal like little girls πŸ™‚

    hopefully planning a trip to africa in the spring to love on some sweet kids…i’m envious and so in prayer for that wonderful curtis!

  21. 120
    Amy says:

    Thanks for the post! And for sharing Curtis’s words. I almost made a trip to India a few years ago and sensed God saying “no,” but it is still on my heart and in my prayers. And what a wonderful and much-needed ministry!

  22. 121
    Kim says:

    How wonderful that Curtis is reaching out this way and serving the King’s daughters like this. Amanda – thank you for loving the Lord enough to allow him to go. Curtis – thank you for showing these people the face and love of Christ.
    Beth – well, thank you for being you!

    This blog is always like a cold, tall drink of pure water in a dry and thirsty land. It refreshes my soul every time!

  23. 122
    Anonymous says:

    I understand that there is serious persecution to the church in India right now. Hope Curtis and friend will be safe and be able to minister in all that!

  24. 123
    Tammy says:

    oh Siesta Mama,
    It is so good to hear from ya. You gave me much to pray about and I think we need to keep things on our radar. I sure hope those in your bible study class keep working hard as some of us would love to be there with ya…I will pray for Curtis, Amanda …well all yall

    You just always make me smile.
    Love you Siesta Mama

  25. 124
    Kristen says:

    Amanda and Beth,

    My heart is so tender for those whose lives are tragically affected by the sex slave industry. May God comfort them! It is my privilege to pray for Curtis as he embarks on such a worthwhile trip! May God keep him safe and may his efforts yield heapings of fruit! And some extra prayers for you, Amanda, as you do the single parent thing in the meantime. I know that is difficult, too!

    God bless you darlin’ ladies. I love you!


  26. 125
    Michelle Bentham says:

    I got an email about some local missionaries who are serving in Orissa, India. There is great tumult and persecution going on there right now. On August 23rd an Indian Swami was assassinated and the people have retaliated against the Christians and missionaries there.

    The report is some are hiding out in the woods as they are trying to avoid more violence after the mobs burned their homes. The police are arriving moments before the mobs arrive warning the missionaries to escape as the worst descends upon them

    As I think of your Curt there and ministering, I can’t help but think of these who are there all the time and suffering so. I pray protection and great favor over Curt and all the Indian Missionaries who are serving this nation that desparately needs to love and salvation of our Lord Jesus.

    May God show Himself mighty and deliver these faithful servants as they fulfill the Great Commission to the precious souls of India.

    Blessings and thanks for sharing. I talked to my hubby a few hours ago – he was in a wash-a-teria doing some laundry. He said they “found” one around the corner from their hotel. He said, they work long hours (some 13-14 a day) and feel like they are not even making a dent. He is working in and around Kemah right now. He said that it has been sobering some of the things they have seen.

    I reminded him that God sent him to that area and that His Savior wants to minister to those. He told me the precious story of a deaf man who could not speak, hear or read lips. He was very upset and stopped to try to get help from my husband and his partner. They got him to write down his problem on a notepad and agreed to share the information with their supervisor getting his problem resolved much quicker.

    He also said that Verizon is giving them extra cases of water to distribute to people who may need it. I know that his reports are that bay areas especially North and East of Galveston are said to be bad based on what my husband has seen. I can only imagine what Galveston must look like. I’m praying and our heart is with you as we keep the home fires burning here while our men serve your neighbors there.


  27. 126
    Anonymous says:

    Such a wonderful, uplifting blog. I love the verse in your header.
    God Bless you for all you do..

    Would love for you to join us for our Fruit of the Spirit Friday!
    Come on over and join the fun!

    [email protected]

  28. 127
    psbutler1 says:

    Just a quick note to say we are working through Living Beyond Yourself and finding it just as challenging and exciting as The Word always is! We did note that the second of the ministries of the Holy Spirit is regeneration and that the Greek word for regeneration is “paliggenesia” a compound word formed from “palin” meaning again and genisis or beginning. It made us say “Huummm?!” Who knew this study done so many years ago would have a political insight today! πŸ™‚ Love ya! So good to hear your updates!

  29. 128
    Jean Matthew Hall says:

    What an upbeat and exciting voice you have in your post. I’m excited for you at the opportunities God is placing in your life, and I’ve never even met you.

    Thanks for blessing me today.


  30. 129
    lynda says:

    Ahhhh! This excites me so about the work that Curtis is doing in India. I would love to talk with him upon his return to find out more about his mission trip. My sister and I along with a team are planning, Lord Willing, to travel to Thailand next summer to visit the future site of the House of Destiny, a home for boys and girls, who have been and are being rescued from this horrific nightmare of child prostitution. This home will provide them love, safety and hope for a future. Last Spring, LIfe Today partnered with missionary's Mike & Carol Hart who are serving in Thailand. Their passion & heartbeat are for these children being rescued! My sister and I were so moved and inspired by their mission that we want to help in raising awareness & money to help build This House of Destiny. I couldn't believe it when I read this on your blog today about Curtis. God is working in the hearts of HIS people to do HIS work in HIS world. I'm blessed & honored and simply without words to get to be a part!

    Loving HIM with all my heart,
    lynda m.

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