Our LPM Ambassador to India and Other Updates

Hey, you sweet things! It’s me! Your long lost Siesta Mama! Well, not too long lost but I feel like I’ve lived six months of life since the last I checked in with you. I so hope you’ve been in the throes of active relationship with Christ Jesus and that He’s giving you (and me, please, Lord) eyes to see Him at work. Ears to hear Him speak. Everything to me. Everything.

We are so busy in this city right now we can hardly think straight. Everybody’s on overtime one way or another. I so loved AJ’s post (just before this one) and nearly cried reading it because the Ike aftermath is just so with-us here. You can’t drive three blocks without seeing it. Trees have been cut up and wood stacked in yards awaiting removal who-knows-when. Same with fences. Tarps on tons of roofs. Many streets lights are still out. So eerie to drive at night in an area that’s less familiar because it’s so easy to drive right through intersections that are supposed to be treated like four-way stops. Great way to have a bad wreck. Tens of thousands of hot meals are still being served by emergency vehicles in especially hard-hit areas of Houston. Curfews still in effect. And we were the fortunate ones. Galveston is in profoundly worse shape. Just keep praying but that’s all I’ll say for now. We’ll try to keep our posts mixed with other things as we can well understand that it’s not the big thing on everybody’s radar. All of you have your own personal and regional crises but what a tremendous balm to be able to share those things here.

Here are a few other tidbits of information around here:
*I TOTALLY LOVED BILLINGS. I mean LOVED IT. LOVED THEM!!!! LOVED JESUS ON THEM! Thank you for praying for us. I will remember them for a long, long time.

*Melissa and I have had our second night of Bible-intro class (we missed one night over Ike) and we are getting to know our young women and love them. We’re working their tails. You know what I mean. Brains. We’re asking them to do homework and a fair amount of memory work. They’re proving up to the challenge. Melissa and I had a blast putting stickers on completed homework assignments last night. Don’t think for a moment we’re using stickers because we’re treating them like ten year-olds. Any time I have the size class I can interact with one-on-one, I use silly incentives for one very good reason. They WORK. I don’t care if it’s a sixty year-old or a sixteen year-old. She wants her sticker. And I want to give it to her. Makes me so happy. Here are four figures about the Bible all our class members can tell you off the top of their heads today: [written over roughly] 1500 years, 66 Books, over 40 writers, 3 languages. And they can tell you what those languages are, where they are found and how impossible they are to read. Grin. I’m so proud of them.

*Living Proof Ministries put our beloved Curtis Jones on an airplane to India today to minister there for the next week. He’s been on many mission trips so I’m thankful to be able to say we are not sending a novice that far from home nor are we sending him alone. His best friend, Jerrell Altic, one of the young ministers at our church who is neck-deep in missions is partnering with him. We have been involved with various organizations and efforts in India for 10 years since having the privilege to serve on that beautiful and tragic soil but I’ve been so preoccupied with Africa the last number of years, I haven’t had a chance to return. Missions are big to us so I was elated when the opportunity arose for Curtis. I also deeply appreciate and respect Amanda’s courageous and giving heart to bless her man to make this trip to the other side of the world. When you have a potty-training two-year old all-boy and a baby girl on the way, that’s an offering God highly esteems. I’m going to cut and paste a little synopsis about Curtis’s mission to India from an email he sent me so you can hear it in his own words. I think you’ll be moved to care and to pray. He writes…

-We are partnering with Charasia, a ministry based in southeast India. Charasia (www.charasia.org) rescues children who were born in the sex slave industry in India and gives them a home in their multiple orphanages. They also have excellent schools where the children learn about Christ through the Bible and English. In India if you do not know English you have very little chance to ever make it above the poverty line. We will be speaking and teaching these sweet children. The staff of these homes are women who were previously trapped in prostitution, but have been set free both physically and spiritually. We will be giving Living Proof’s resources to these sweet ladies. Charasia also sponsors many churches in their local area. Jerrell and I will be encouraging these pastors and giving them copies of my devotional journal. We will also have various opportunities to preach in the local churches. You can find information about sponsoring a child on their website and also a more detailed description of what they do.

Back to Beth: Can you imagine a more important reason to travel to the other side of the globe? I pray God astounds them with His power, Presence, and favor. Curtis promised me he’d come back with plenty of pictures and stories and we’ll be sure and share some of them with you.

OK, I better get off of here! AJ and the Mister are on their way over here to eat dinner with us and I have NO IDEA – I do mean N-O I-D-E-A – what we’re going to eat. I’ll cast my eyes to the clouds and squint with all my might until I see my favorite super hero: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, IT’S SUPPERMAN!!!!!

Love y’all so much. Stay in the Word!



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  1. 51
    Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife says:

    Stickers on homework..Oh how I love it. Oh how I wish I had one. πŸ™‚

    I’m so LIFTED UP to hear about LPM’s work to those in the sex slave industry. I don’t think there is a human plight that reduces me to tears as quickly as this one. Get this, my friend Lisa McKay – ANOTHER LISA MCKAY – NOT ME – is following up her novel of ‘My Hands Came Away Red’ with one on this very topic. She’s a brilliant writer who’s doing tons of travel and research. Though it will kill me to read, I know she will offer some hope just like you are through your ministry.

    Well I’ve rambled. Hope Supperman came up with a brilliant dinner.

    I’m still stuck on the stickered homework. I hope my girl Lindsee Lou got one. πŸ™‚

  2. 52
    Mom of Eleven says:

    great to hear an update from you and all the ministry news. Wow, things are so busy, and I can only imagine how Houston is coping with the tragedy. I am so glad your offices were spared and you can continue God’s work.

    Thank you, Thank you for sending ambassadors for such a worthy cause. What a mission, of couse orphans are my heart’s work, so anytime I hear of places like this. . . I just want to cry. We in the western culture just really have no clue about the rest of the world, oh how I want my own children to know the beauty and gift God has given them to be spared from such horrors. God will use it for His glory. I thank the Lord there are minsitries there teaching in His name. Wow!

    I am thrilled to hear about your Bible Study, what fun to be a teacher. In my “career” days I was a school teacher, and I loved, loved giving out stickers, smiley faces, you name it. Positive motivation works whatever the form!

    Thanks for the update, I will be praying,
    Wendy-mom of eleven

  3. 53
    lavonda says:

    Your area has been so heavy on our hearts. My husband just got home from spending 2 weeks in the Houston area with the Nat’l Guard. The pictures he’s come home with are horrific. A lot of the work they did was in the Bolivar Peninsula (Island now I guess) and Galveston. I pray for straight up Divine Intervention for these people affected.

    I want to share with you just one of the many stories he came home with. Apparently, all 9 states’ worth of Guard troops were based out of an airport nearby (with their blackhawks and chinooks). He had over 200 soldiers just in his task force, based out of this airport. Every single day, these 200+ soldiers were brought homecooked meals from local people. The very same people who they were there to help and serve! It just blew them away. Blessed them tremendously. The food seemed to always just show up, and they never got to see or thank who was delivering it. One day, John (my husband) asked someone at the airport to please get him Immediately when the food arrived the next day, so they could help unload it and Thank whoever was bringing it. When they came and got him that next day, he was beyond shocked to discover that the ONE WOMAN had been making and delivering all this food to the soldiers.
    BY HERSELF. Out of her home. Bringing it in the back of her van.
    And she was handicapped.

    I’m telling you, he cried telling me the story. Every single soldier was so touched by her. John was able to get her name and address and we’re getting together a Thank You package to send her.

    I guess she got power back early, maybe couldn’t do much to help everyone in need with the devestation, so she did what she could to help in her way. We love this woman and don’t even know her! What a heart like His she must have, to feed so many.

    Anyway, just wanted to share that little story with you all.
    We’re praying for everyone affected by Ike.

    God bless you all!

  4. 54
    Wrinkled Shirt Ministries says:

    Miss Beth,
    I know you guys are praying for all of the hurricane victims but would you please lift up a special prayer for the victims in Bridge City, TX. I went there yesterday for the first time since the storm. Out of 3500 homes in the town, only 14 did not flood. I have never seen anything like it and my heart is hurting for those people. It looks like a war zone with every street in the community filled with debris and the interior pieces of their homes. Their attitudes are amazing there. They have spray painted signs all over town that say, “This too shall pass” They are working diligently to clean up and rebuild.

    As for us here in Beaumont things are slowly getting back to normal. During the evac we got to visit Nashville and the Lifeway headquarters. LOVED IT! I’m trying to talk hubby into moving there. God is good!!

  5. 55
    Sandi Hester says:

    Beth, you don’t have to post this, but I do have a special request. I am a Christian artist and everything I paint is scripture related and I have many friends that are missionaries (and I do many mission trips myself) that send me pictures because I LOVE painting pictures of the “nations”. In fact, I think Melissa has one of my paintings – I think Travis and Angela gave her one of my paintings for a wedding gift – a painting of African women and children standing in neon green African grass. Well, here’s my request, I’m wondering if you’d share some of Curtis’s pictures with me when he returns. I would love to see if the Lord inspires any paintings from his pictures. I’ve not had a chance to go to India and I don’t have any friends that are missionaries there, but I would LOVE the chance to paint from some pictures. So, just a thought :). My blog (where you can see many scripture related and nation related paintings) is http://www.paintingtheword.com and my e-mail (if you’d be willing to send me some pictures) is [email protected]. Thank you Beth!

  6. 56
    Kathy Pink Bicycle Arkansas says:

    I just wanted to add something to this post and to Amanda’s previous post.

    We experienced devestating tornadoes literally just around the corner from my house in February and as I drove the devestation the next morning my sould was quieted and sad. The aftermath is overwhelming.

    The town was nearly destroyed and many homes, businesses were a complete lost. The lives were also devestated do to the destruction and as they attempt to still rebuild you are still humbled that God spared you and your posessions.

    The town as united and has moved forward but there are and will be physical reminders for years and years to come.

    One other note. I broke my foot over Labor Day and have whined and complained and have not been a good patient. Last week I finally got off crutches after nearly three weeks and now I have one of those lovely “Power boots”.

    One of my reasons for so much whining was becasue on crutches I felt helpless so dependant on others. Our fair parade was a couple of weeks ago and I did watch it (from the car).

    The parade route is 1.5 to 2 miles and as I was setting in the car whining about my broken bone I watched a woman in her 70’s walking with a cane and pulling a child in a wagon! Oh God I have nothing to complain or whine about.

    These things personally put life in perspective for me. A simple broken bone that is healing is so minor when we see tornadoes, Ike and the permanent handicap. May God continue to show me how He has plans to use broken bones and all. And may I be open to being His vessell.

  7. 57
    Missy says:

    Hey Beth,

    It’s good to hear from you again. A friend of mine sent me a slideshow of pictures from the hurricane, and I still find it hard to even believe. We will keep praying for everyone in south TX. I’m from coastal South Carolina, so the reality of hurricane devastation hits very close to home.

    On another note, I am so excited for those girls who are participating in the LIT class! It sounds like so much fun! I know you have a heavenly Boss when it comes to writing assignments, but I must admit that I’m hoping He leads you to publish something like this. (But, I haven’t forgotten that His plans and his ways are so much higher/better than ours.)

    I will continue to pray that y’all will be filled with the Spirit as you study God’s word and truth through this special class.

    Love y’all,

  8. 58
    Jessie says:

    Bev I love you and your posts!!! I am reading 90 days with A Heart like His -David – I appreciate all you are and do for all of us in the world!! I would love to be a blessing to women around me like you are!!

    Love you your sista Jessie

  9. 59
    Alice says:

    Oh Charasia! What an awesome organization. If you go to their website, you can print out a prayer calender and pray for one of the little girls in their orphanage, by name, every day. My daughters and I love to do that. I’m so excited Living Proof is partnering with them…the director is from Moody Bible Institute too, my alma mater, so…represent! πŸ™‚ I’ll be praying for Curtis…

  10. 60
    Tonya Gray says:

    Beth!! You have a pregnant momma coming over and haven’t prepared a feast for her???? The preggers NEED their food!!! Come on!! Fried Chicken; ding-dongs; moon pies; cheesecake; mashed potatoes; ohh cheesy potatoes; …
    OK, going to raid the fridge now, hope supperman pulled through for you!!

  11. 61
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Beth,
    Thank you for your post and keeping us updated about what is going on there with recovery efforts. I appreciated Amanda’s post as well. On a much smaller level, we are struggling in our area with a gas shortage, fighting at the pumps and the economy going sour. And in my heart I am experiencing my own “hurricane”, some correction from the Lord who loves me. In some ways these times are a comfort, because He promises to discipline those He loves.

    I have started Breaking Free and wonder how I have allowed myself to get into such bondage, but am encouraged by what I am studying so far. By the way, you Siestas out there (like me) who sometimes wonder if you have sinned too much or gone too far to ever be forgiven by God should read chapter 33 of 2 Chronicles about Manasses, the King of Judah!

    Thank you so much for all you do for us Beth. I am glad to hear what is going on in your family’s lives, it gives us a chance to pray for you, to give back to you. And sometimes to know all you siestas out there are going through the same things as I am makes me feel not so alone. I think we will all somehow know one another in heaven and can have a big reunion!
    Love you guys!

  12. 62
    annette says:

    I am so thanakful men and women, boys and girls answer God’s call and go to the mission field where ever He takes us.

  13. 63
    Heiress of God says:

    Welcome Back Siesta Mama:
    Thank you so much for the post. I pray daily for Houston as my family (parents) is also without lights still since the storm on the 12th.

    I love the post this morning because in our group we are doing Jesus the one and only and last night we watched as you were in India talking to those beautiful women and telling us how life is not FAIR! I cried just watching it on video. My guess it is still is like the video and you did that some years back.

    God is doing wonderful things through you and yours and we are all very thankful he has given you your gifts. May the Lord continue on with Great Grace and Tender Mercies on your family.

    Love you bunches,

  14. 64
    Shelly says:

    LOL…Superman. Mine is in Indonesia for 2 weeks –> So I will be resonating with Amanda's heart and praying for them!

    BIG PS – Mrs. Beth, your second stop here in New England is in New Hampshire. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY'RE STATE MOTTO IS??
    "Live Free or Die" — I could've pulled my car over right then to soak up the spiritual implications of that one! Pondering and praying that one over the residents here…

  15. 65
    doo-dah says:

    Thanks for sharing with us, will pray for Curtis and the ministry opportunities while he is in India.
    Glad the Tuesday night study is going so well, I am ashamed to say how much I could benefit from the study as I have been in church all my life and should know that stuff at the “drop of a hat”.

    You are such a hoot!! It took me a minute to get “Supperman”…would love to know what he delivered to your table.

  16. 66
    Dionna says:

    Missed you, Beth!

    How did supperman turn out??? The great thing about toddlers is that they like things simple, quick, and easy. πŸ™‚

  17. 67
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Greetings Spiritual Mom Beth!

    Amanda’s post was very moving. I am still going to pray for Galveston and Houston. Devastation like that can take years to clean up.
    I am soo glad you loved Billings and was blessed there! I love that place too. I flew in there to go on mission trip this year in MT. Did you get to eat at Stella’s? That restaurant is the coolest!:) MT is called “big sky country” for a good reason:) I guess it could also be called “BIG GOD country” too!:):)
    That is amazing what Curtis is doing! Such a privilege to minister and serve others-as unto the Lord:) To be used to encourage broken and confused hearts is tremendous. Way to go Amanda and Curtis, the “skills” of God at work:)! I hope ya’ll had a mighty good dinner together.

    Love in CHRIST always:)

    Isa. 53:11, Rom. 3:25,
    John 17:10, 15-18

  18. 68
    Michelle V says:

    I know I would certainly do all of my homework to get a sticker from Beth!! (Of course I would do it anyway, but the thought of you personally giving stickers really made me smile!)

    I will be in prayer for Curtis, Amanda, Jackson and baby girl!


  19. 69
    Retta says:

    You and your family through this blog are such an inspiration to me personally and I know to others as well…

    Thank You, Lord for making Beth…Beth! In Christ name, Amen!

  20. 70
    Missy/Kaye says:

    Hey Mamma! Welcome back! Just wanted to say that we are praying for Curtis and his safe return.
    Hope the Caped Supperman came to the rescue in time! Glad your class it going well. Our new classes here are Wonder-filled!!! Love you all!!!

  21. 71
    Denise says:

    Our prayers are with Curtis and Jerrell as they serve the people in India. My husband has been to India (Orissa), and we have been praying for that area of the world for some time. In fact, two dear ministers from India were in our church this year sharing with us the spiritual needs in that country.

    Also, may God use this time of brokeness to bring the Houston area to its knees and look at Him. He is faithful! He loves us with a perfect love, and His perfect love takes away our fear. (I John 4:18) Praise Him!

  22. 72
    Marilyn in Mississippi says:

    I can well understand how so much of the energy of people in Houston is being zapped by the aftermath of Ike! It takes me back to our ice storm of 1994 when we were without power for 2 weeks. Or the big straight line winds of July ’03 when many homes in Memphis were without power for almost a month. We had some huge trees down but didn’t see the damage they did. But I know how being thrust into “survival mode” can take a toll on you body and spirit!

    And what great news about Curtis’s trip to India! Sounds like a great mission trip. Some of our very best friends have just been inducted a couple of weeks ago as Southern Baptist foreign missionaries to India. They have sold everything they owned and will be leaving for India in January 2009. This is an exciting and yet a bittersweet time for them as they have just become grandparents for the first time last week.

    Thanks for all you do!

    A Siesta in Mississippi,

  23. 73
    The Dodds says:

    So excited for Curtis and Jerrell. I’ll be praying like crazy. May God’s will be done in India! Praise Him!

    My precious hubby is in Budapest, Hungary right now!! Please pray for him.

    You can go to: tylerandbaileydodds.blogspot.com for updates! So fun!

    I’m so glad to be a siesta… I invited myself to the group, which is something my mother always taught me NOT to do, but I made an exception!!

    Love you all!

  24. 74
    TraciG says:


    Was listening to the news about all the vermin and bugs due to the water in the Galveston area… what a mess those people have to go back to. I was thinking though that, people have such a strong sense of community, that they will be more effective than any gov. agency as they try to right their homes and businesses after the storm.

    I will remember your s-i-law on his journey and Amanda and baby too! Hard to be away from hubby but wonderful to be an indirect part of God’s work.

    Also Beth, in Billings, you read several times from a book by a Gary Thomas? I think? I tried to write down the title of it and the author’s name but didn’t get the whole thing. Could you share it?


  25. 75
    Beth says:

    Preacher’s Wife, you can mighty well know that your darling Lindsee got her homework sticker!! She is a dream student. Probably will have the gift of teaching.

    Sarah Shalley, if you are enrolled in Curtis’s Lit class, your class began Tuesday two days ago. You definitely should have gotten an email confirmation about it and news about his class starting 1 week late due to Ike. You might call the Living Proof office and make sure you are on that roster. Please forgive us if we dropped a ball. His class had large attendance so most of them must have gotten word. They will still have class in his absence. I am his sub.

    So appreciate all of your commitments to Christ and His Word! So fun to hear what studies you are starting!

  26. 76
    Longmeadow Mama says:

    I never knew of your work in India until last night’s Jesus the One and Only video at church. That baptism story was one I won’t soon forget!
    So it was neat to visit the blog this morning and learn about Curtis’ trip to India. As he is there I’m specifically praying for more baptisms and freedom in Christ for these people…just like you described in the video!
    Love and prayers,

  27. 77
    kara with a k says:

    Supperman…he is my favorite of all the superheros (Really any superhero whose specialty is food is good in my book).
    It’s so good to get an update from you. When I read about Curtis and his mission trip to India, I stopped reading so I could pray. I’ve learned if I don’t do that, I’ll forget altogether. Shame on me. I did the same after being reminded again about Houston.

    Your new bible class sounds awesome. Makes me wish I could be in it wtih you, I pray all the women (and the men and women in Curtis’ class), young and old, are blessed by participating in it. May they truly get fired about God and His word.
    God Bless You Siesta Mama (I love getting to call you that)!


  28. 78
    Nadine says:

    What Amanda and Beth wrote reminded me of something I saw last week. Yes, it is Ike related and I hope everybody is not tired of hearing about storms. But the effects of Ike are still very visible and on my mind. My family is fine but as we try to go back to our routines, we hurt for those who are still far from “normal” because of Ike.

    Last week, I was walking along what once was a road along the shoreline of Bacliff. Debris, household items, toys and clothes had been washed out of homes and thrown back on shore by the waves. I was deep in thought and caught myself wondering “How in the world is this place ever going to recover? And is it even worth it?”. It was overwhelming. Then something caught my eye. A baseball cap had been washed ashore. It was inside out and it had tiny writing on the seems on the inside. It read “In God we trust”. What a timely reminder. MRE’s are nice. FEMA is great. And we LOVE people who came from all over the country to fix power lines. But in God we trust.

  29. 79
    Bev Brandon says:

    Both of my daughters are so drawn to helping free women in the sex slave trade in Thailand and in Africa. Look forward so much to hearing Curtis’s heart. Getting ready to start a Beth Moore B.S. at our brand new church God called us to—what one should I do? I’ve been through 8 and am leaning toward…IDK. I laughed and loved that Lindsee Lou got a sticker—no surprise there—beautiful heart! May Truth sink down deep – Psalm 51:6. Your last two posts were so encouraging to me! Thank you!

  30. 80
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Sweet Beth,
    I attended Bible-intro in Curtis’ class Tuesday evening. Let me tell you that young man captures your heart with his love of Jesus and God’s word of truth in the Bible. I have been so looking forward to this class. I have learned so much from you starting with my first Beth teaching and study experience with the Tuesday night Daniel Study a few years back and Romans in the Sunday School Class. I have attended everyone since then. This class was just what I needed at this season of my spiritual growth to gain a sure footed focus and grounding when it comes to my study understanding with the good book in my hand. This class I know from the first class experieince Tuesday night gets me so eager to learn more. I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda before class for the first time telling her what a mentor you have been to me and chatted briefly after to let her know how wonderful the class was.
    Amanda is not only gorgeous in the physical but I see such a beautiful spirit pouring from her.
    In my excitment regarding the class I totally forgot to tell her congratulations on her pregnancy! Congrats, Amanda! :o)
    We pray that Curtis has safe passage wherever he goes in India. He is truly a blessing to LPM and all the mission trips he does.
    Since he will be still be away next Tuesday are you ready for our class to converge with yours in Fellowship Hall until he returns? We are a lot of fun if I do say so myself. LOL
    My thanks and blessings to all of you Siestas for your prayers for what we here in Houston and the Gulf Coast have been dealing with. They have been truly felt.

    Much love and many, many blessings in return.

    Christine R.
    Houston Siesta

  31. 81
    Momma 2...5 says:

    Keeping you guys in my prayers. God is truly going to do smoething great in your city!
    Love you all!
    Amanda in SC

  32. 82
    AmyC says:

    Pleas pray for me. I have been a Christian for a long time but am having major problems now. I feel so far away from God and feel like that He is not answering any prayers that I am praying.

  33. 83
    hisfivefooter says:

    So glad to hear from you sweet Beth! I wasn’t sure if you knew if you were coming or going what with Ike and Billings, etc. Been praying for all of you and for your city and Galveston.

    I am glad for Curtis’s involvement in India. Has he ever been there before? Be ready when he gets back for a young man whose heart will be broken even more than it is right now. What an amazing opportunity! How do we get involved?

    I also have been praying for your new Bible study. Thanks for sharing some of the things they are learning, I wish it what on-line so that some of us could take up the opportunity to do some heavy study work. Right now I am doing a line-by-line study of the Tabernacle with a new friend of mine who is a Messianic Jew. I already had done your study, and this extra time and slant from a Jewish perspective is fascinating, and at the same time, is breaking my heart. What a sacrifice He made for me out of love. He kills me! You are right, His love is Scandalous!

    As to dinner, I’m sure Supperman came through! I can only hope that Clean-Up Girl, his Super side-kick had enough strength to take care of that Super Mess!

    Love you sweet thangs! Much Prayers,
    Lisa in Kirkland, WA

  34. 84
    Kathy Wallis says:

    I will be praying for Curtis and Jerrell as they go to India and also for Amanda and the “mister” too. I am so happy for Curt and Amanda and the news that there is a princess coming!!! In our study at church we are deep in the Psalms and I am going to get stickers for my ladies for their homework and memorization!!! don’t think they don’t look for that!!!We sing songs after the video and we are havin’ the time of our lives.. We have all different ages of women and I especially have been praying for the younger women to come!! Hallelujah!!!

  35. 85
    hisfivefooter says:

    Just read the post about the dear handicapped woman bringing food for all those men- Talk about commitment and love! Are you sure her name isn’t Jesus? Because she sounds just like Him! Oh that the Church would be the hands and feet like that! Curtis is getting his chance in India, Lord make us aware of the possibilities of seeing people through the eyes of the LORD and showing that kind of sacrificial love around us! God bless!

  36. 86
    Susannah says:

    Ms. Beth,

    I am from South East India and have resided in the USA for 10 years now. Could you please tell me where Charasia is located in India? I looked up their website and could find no information about their location in India.
    My prayers are with Curtis and team!


  37. 87
    Pam says:

    Hi Beth!
    It’s nice to hear from you… You were in my thoughts today.

    Here’s why – an excerpt from my blog today:

    … I’m very excited that tonight my bible study group is starting back up after taking the summer off. I’ve been getting together with the same core group of women for a decade and it’s really one of the highlights of my week. There’s great fellowship and camaraderie among this group of girlfriends… a safe place to be your utter, transparent self.

    We’re going to study Beth Moore’s Stepping Up, A Journey Through the Psalms of Ascent. It oughta be a good one!…

    We love your studies, Beth, and I’m eager to see where the Lord will lead us (me!) with this one.

    Sharing your prayer concerns…

  38. 88
    Jen says:

    Maybe this is a dumb question but I went to the Charasia website to sponsor a child, and it looks like you put in your financial information before you even find out a name of who your supporting. Does this organization let you see the face and know the name of the one your helping go through school?

    We’d love to support but I’d love to see the face and pray by name for the little boy or girl we’re helping!


  39. 89
    ocean mommy says:

    I’m praying for Curtis and the team he’s with AND for Amanda and that little one! I know what it’s like to be at home alone with a toddler and be great with child. πŸ™‚ She has my prayers big time this week! (Aren’t you glad she’s in the same town!)

    Still praying for Houston and the surrounding areas…I can’t imagine…


  40. 90
    Jean says:

    I know this is off the topic, but……….any news on the new study “Queen Ester”. I am so anticipating this study!! Any idea when it will be available???

  41. 91
    Anonymous says:

    PLEASE give us more facts of our Faith!
    I’ve soaked up 1500 years in 3 languages by over 40 writers.

    I LOVE it! More, please.

  42. 92
    Sooz says:

    Wow what an awesome post! Praying without ceasing for Curtis and LPM’s ministry in India.

  43. 93
    Katy says:

    Beth-My husband thinks it’s hilarious that after all these years of doing your biblestudies “with” you, now I’m reading your blog and “talking” with you too!!! I’m leading the Living Beyond Yourself study right now at my church in VA, and boy is God blowing us away!!! May He continue to bless you!!!

  44. 94
    Emmy says:

    Oh the precious children on the website! I wish I could go wrap my arms around each and everyone of them… to look them in the eyes and let them know how precious they are… how beloved! That they are Heiresses! Oh I want to give them a hug! Thank you for sharing! What a beautiful ministry! I want to sponsor one of those precious girls!

    Can’t wait to hear about Curtis trip! I will be praying Amanda!

    Love you all! Emmy : )

  45. 95
    Melissa Terry says:

    Mama siesta and sister siestas!

    I so desperately covet your prayers! We just moved to a new, small town from Dallas and I sense the Lord asking me to facilitate “Stepping Up” in our home. I put out flyers in the community this morning and am asking the Lord to move mightily. Will you agree with me in prayer that no scheme or lie of the enemy could keep the women that He desires away from His Word!?!

    Love you all!

  46. 96
    Joni says:

    Our church’s Bible study, Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed (by Priscilla Shriver, our own Beth Moore, and Kay Arthur) is put on hold indefinitely. Our city was hit by Ike but my city’s damage in no way compares with a neighboring city to our south. Of the approx. 3350+ homes in that city only 14 were undamaged. Most of the city was under 6 ft. or more of water. Please pray for those citizens as well as all who were hit by Ike.

  47. 97
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Spiritual Mom Beth:)

    I forgot to say that I think that the LIT class is such a God thing. I was praying for you all on Tues.-ya’ll were on my mind again:) I just finished watching session two of Measureless Love. I felt like watching it alone today. You are right about radical bondage taking radical deliverance. When you were explaining Zeph. 3:14-17, that really hit home for me. I do pray that God would always grant you eyes to see Him at work, ears to hear Him speak, and that your beautiful heart would always be HIS completely-your Everything:) I know He is that for you.



  48. 98
    katiegfromtennessee says:


    I am praying for you. Don’t ever forget that God will never leave you nor forsake you. It’s just the truth. Believe me, I know.

    Blessings to your heart,


  49. 99
    Shelli Littleton says:

    Beth, Amanda and Melissa,
    Greetings from San Angelo, Texas! With missions in mind, I felt led to share with you there is a fairly new WMU (Woman’s Missionary Union) website to inspire women (younger and maybe not-so-younger)to live missionally: myMISSIONfulfilled.com! Check it out! I was so blessed to write an article for the website that should come out in October. Beth, you will love this because I know your love for Africa…I interviewed and wrote about a 25 year old, precious Brazilian young lady on mission in West Africa! She was a huge inspiration and encouragement to me. She really put the fire under me and my heart for missions! I hope you’ll check out the article in October, and I pray her story touches your life as it touched mine.

    Praying for Houston/Galveston.

    Love from your Texas siesta,

    Shelli Littleton

  50. 100
    Honea Household says:

    It’s so good to hear from you!!!

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