On My Way Back Home!

Hey, Siestas! I have to type fast because I don’t have long before we board! I am now sitting in the A Terminal at the Nashville Airport getting ready to head back to Houston. The wedding was fabulous! Rich was so handsome and Gretchen was gorgeous. So glad to be getting married. The sweetest faces looking at one another you’ve ever seen. Really tender wedding. Girlfriends, let me tell you that IN MY LIFE I have never heard a preacher bring an exhortation to a bride and groom like theirs did. His name is Reverend Carter Crenshaw and I’m telling you he was up in their stuff. Leaned into them and looked them dead center in the eye while he told them what faithfulness meant. Nothing pre-canned about it. It was fantastic. PROFOUND. And with such a sweet heart. I saw him pat on Rich’s arm over and over. I thought to myself that every married person in that room needed a copy of that message. He was so good that Travis, Paige (another good friend of ours who was singing with Travis) and I couldn’t even cut up during the service. Not that in a million years we ever would have. After all, our good friend, Ron, who does security at the events, was looking straight at us and that alone makes us behave.

There was one funny thing though. We were sitting on a side pew by the piano and there was a little piece of shag carpet right in front of us about the size of a welcome mat. It had some kind of hole under it with air puffing up through it. The church was gorgeous church so I know it had a really important acoustical purpose of some kind. I just wasn’t familiar with it. Like a magic carpet of some kind. With every sound from the microphone or loud chord from the piano, it rose (fairly dramatically) then dropped like it was breathing. You can imagine it nearly did a flip when Travis hit some of his notes. I’m not kidding you. It reminded me of that really hairy dude on The Addams Family. What was his name? “Cousin It”? (I have to tell y’all that AJ edited that sentence for me because I told her on the way home in the car that it had occurred to me on the plane that it was the Addams family instead of The Muensters. BUT then it took Moose Mama to tell me that I had mistaken a kind of cheese for The Munsters. Laughing my head off. Are you sure you’re not from Wisconsin?)

I know I’m jumping here but, again, I only have a second. I’m not after the Nobel Peace Prize here. I’m just trying to blog. The reception was so great. Travis sang a Harry Connick Jr. song while Rich and Gretchen danced and it was so romantic! Now, Gretchen, that girl can shake a leg. (If anything I’m saying means anything bad, I don’t know it so forgive me.) She’s the one that taught me the Cha Cha Slide.

As I live and breathe, the woman at the Continental counter just called for passenger “Shoestrang” (yes, strang) to check in at the desk. I sure hope I get to see that dude. He may be really skinny though.

We’re boarding! Gotta go! Oh, and all five Cottrells did pick me up! I had the best time at their house!

No time to proof. You know what comes next…so deal.




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  1. 101
    Emmy says:

    So excited it went well! Prayed for you all!

    I love Carter Crenshaw… I used to live in Nashville (Oh how I miss it) and my brother went to his church when it first started! We used to go visit…

    Thanks for making me smile tonight! Starting Stepping Up tomorrow with my group! Can’t wait!

    Love and miss all my siestas! Emmy : )

  2. 102
    Missy says:

    I haven’t had time in the last week to read all of the posts or reply to any of them but you have had me ROLLING on the couch laughing with this one!! My little Yorkie thinks I’m nuts. 😀 I can picture that piece of carpet and I don’t know how in the world y’all didn’t bust a gut laughing at that! How did you stifle that laugh?!?
    Shoestrang…love it. 🙂 And love YOU!
    Missy in SC

  3. 103
    Michelle Bentham says:

    Fun stuff… Love what you wrote and thanks for sharing both the touching and the trifle moments of the wedding. It is a gorgeous thing to see God’s plan for man and woman come together in a breathtaking crescendo when all in the world seems perfect and right. That and the day a baby is born are two days of near heaven-like perfection if I’ve ever encountered one. A day when the love and miracles of God just stand out and shine in the joining and giving of life.

    It is incredible to think about.

    By the way, did you take a breath as you gushed all those words… I can feel the excitement in your words. You are such a blast and we love you, too!

  4. 104
    Bethany says:

    I’m so sorry: it isn’t Steppin Up, it’s Wising Up. I love it and I am so thankful for the truth you are speaking. It makes me want to dig in my Bible every day.

    Blessings from FL!

  5. 105
    Michelle Bentham says:

    P. S. Shelly – I call it inappropriate laughter and try to hit mute with a tissue if I am at a funeral.

    My daughter and I have to leave the room is someone accidentally falls down and hurts themselves. As concerned as we are about the injured… We just cannot keep ourselves from giggling and snorting out loud while the injured tries to pick themselves back up and we are rolling on the floor beside them laughing. It is quite frankly AWFUL of us, but like I said, we can’t help it.

    My son, when he was two, had a temper tantrum that resulted in him running in a circle between two beds at full steam before bolting out of the spin into a wall. He laid himself out on the floor right in front of us. He intended to bolt in the opposite direction where there was a door, but in his hasty spinning he hit the wall instead.

    My mother and I could not help it. We sat dead silent while he got up and shook off the jolt. Then he stared at us as we began to smirk and said, “It’s not funny!” So she hugged and patted and gave a gentle rebuke for the fit while I laughed and then he would come to me and I would check him out and hug and pat with gentle words of rebuke while she laughed. We did this over and over until we got over our urge to giggle. Needless to say he never ran in a circle in a fit of anger again.

    Blessings All.

  6. 106
    Jamie Wootten says:

    Glad you had such a great time! I hope we get to see some of those wedding pics!

  7. 107
    Stephanie says:

    Shoe-Strang??!! I seriously laughed outloud, by myself. Dang, I wish someone in my house was awake so I could share how funny that was!
    Love you so much Beth.
    We are doing Believing God for our Wednesday morning Bible Study. It is powerful and mighty. Please pray for us God is moving in a mighty way and the enemy is pushing back.
    We know Greater is He that is within us…..it’s the one’s who do not have Him within that I’m praying for

  8. 108
    Mom of Eleven says:

    Mrs. Beth,
    You are cracking me up with your writing the past two posts. You are in a hilarious mood and it shows! Or at least a lot of funny things have been happening to you. Thanks for sharing the fun details of Rich’s wedding. It was great to meet him in San Antonio, we were in the yellow picture group and he went first with us. It was fun watching him play with his lift he had to use to take the group photos. I think he enjoyed that way too much!

  9. 109
    Anonymous says:

    I would have lost it with the rug….and Anne from Tennessee does know her Adams Family! Cousin It was a member of the illustrious family. I just watched an episode the other day…..I’m serious…woho I love it.

    Saturday there was weddings, a family members dad passed away, and we had a baby dedication at church on Sunday.
    To Everything (Turn, Turn, Turn)
    There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn)
    And a time for every purpose, under Heaven

    It is so wonderful to know the God who gives us all of this and to share it with women so fully into life!

  10. 110
    Mimi2 says:

    thank you for sharing your life with us. you make me laugh like nobody else!!

  11. 111
    Dedra says:

    I want to know how many red bulls you had before blogging? i love it!
    isn’t that the way a sanguines’ mind works. i think each person in that head of yours helped you blog. i got it! i am 100% sanguine also. loved the shoe strang. (wonder how many people got it?)
    love dedra@dfw

  12. 112
    Vivian says:

    Love you too!
    thanks for sharing these events of your days with us

  13. 113
    Faith says:

    LOL. You are SO CUTE!! And yes, I totally want to know what Customer Shoestrang looked like (oops I almost typed “Shoestrange” by mistake!). And the magic carpet … oh my, I would’ve died laughing, glaring security or not!

  14. 114
    Christina L says:

    What did shoestrang look like?

  15. 115
    Anonymous says:

    Speaking of marriages, I highly recommend the movie “Fireproof”. Just came out in theaters last week. Not sure which states are carrying it though.

  16. 116
    Anonymous says:

    Beth – I travel every week of my life and whenever I am in the Houston airport I always wonder if this will be the day I see BETH ! I have a friend in Houston who called me one day so excited that she had found you in the bathroom at the rodeo and had told you about me and how much I love you.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to blog – yours is the only one I read – you always make my day … and if anyone can convince me that God loves me – it is you.

  17. 117
    Anonymous says:

    I love this blog do you hear me LOVE reading this thing. I feel as though we are in the same room. Beth you have quite the sense of humor and I love that, keeps me smiling. May God continue to bless you as you have me.

  18. 118
    Anonymous says:

    Just read your pre and post wedding posts and my heart and my face smiled…and laughed out loud, sorry, LOL at “Shoestrang”! I was just previously reading up on our gas situation here in Charlotte and I needed me some Beth! And you ALWAYS deliver.

  19. 119
    carol obenhoff says:

    Beth,I love reading your blog…you are so funny! I usually read it while at work and it just brings some fun into my day.

    Thank you for coming to Billings, Montana…we learned much,laughed much and cried much….you are a blessing to us all.

  20. 120
    HisGeorgiaPeach says:

    Shoestrang? Oh my goodness. I’m about to crack up. For real y’all, my aunt’s cousin (not on my side) is named Bugfuzz. I kid you not.

    So happy to hear the wedding went well. Would love to have the sermon to listen to. 🙂


  21. 121
    Carmen says:

    So glad to hear you had a great time! You work so hard for all of us, you deserve it!! On an old subject, is there anyway to post the “commission statement” you had us recite at the end of Deeper Still/Atlanta. I know many of us from Atlanta have been waiting for the Vegas event in hopes that it would be posted either on the DS blog or here. It blessed me and my companions so much that I would love to have it to reflect back on! Thank you and may the LORD continue to BLESS this ministry!! Love ya in Christ :o)

  22. 122
    Sooz says:

    I read where BooMama is giving away Travis’ new Christmas CD “Ring The Bells” next Tuesday on her blog…thought other siestas would want to know. You just leave a comment of your favorite Christmas song to be entered and the contest ends on Monday.

  23. 123
    Retta says:

    “Shoestrang?” ROLLING ALL OVER THE FLOOR LAUGHING…my boss thinks I’ve lost my mind! Oh thank You Lord that’s what I need…a good silly laugh.

  24. 124
    Retta says:

    Dear Annalou,

    Two thangs…

    1)ok I had to laugh at this (but know I think it’s wonderful what God has called your husband to do and that yall have listen to God and followed His will is fantastic…) I pictured your hubby speaking to one of his patients about God while he is doing his thing all up in their mouth *giggles* they can’t get away and they can’t interup… perfect!

    2) Isn’t just so wonderful to know that those whom seem perfect have their flaws too…and like God we can love them anyway…and thus they can love us inspite of our flaws…Awesomeness!

  25. 125
    Jeannine says:

    Okay, this was the funniest post you have ever written and I had to get on and say “Thanks” for making me laugh and chuckle today. You should be a stand up, sit down, whatever comedian when you aren’t busy flying around speaking! I am a sister in Seattle…and I keep your “link” on my blogsite to lead others to your LPM blog for a good reason! Keep the word and laughter flowing!!! Appreciating you, Jeannine

  26. 126
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    I’m so glad you had a good time. I swear you could find something funny anywhere! I needed you around at my grandmother’s funeral.

  27. 127
    jan in nc says:

    You certainly do live an exclamation point life!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 128
    Smiley says:

    I just love reading your blogs they are so refreshing!! I can’t wait to see you in person when you come to Portland Oregon!!! We are counting the days 🙂

  29. 129
    Chris says:

    I love that we all get a kick out of the same things. Simple, human, innocent, darn right funny stuff. Don’t you think Jesus is laughing right along with us?

    xo Chris

  30. 130
    meandmyhouse says:

    Hey Mama Beth ! I’ve done a few of your studies (currently Believing God) and just stumbled across your blog – and lovin’ it!
    Reminds me how wonderful Heaven is going to be with LITERALLY all our BFF’s there !!!
    God is certainly using you to pour out His super sweet blessings !
    Lori in Granbury, Texas
    Gig Em’ !!

  31. 131
    Kate says:

    Aren’t airports the best places to blog? I know my mind just goes a thousand places (and I make up stories about people). I would have made up some great stories about Shoestrang, but your mental descrip was pretty good. 😉
    Glad the wedding went well.

  32. 132
    Anonymous says:

    I have a special prayer request for my Daughter and a friend of hers, there is a situation in there lives that needs to be coverd in prayer. I will not go into details God knows everyting that is going on. please left them up in your prayers.

  33. 133
    Tabitha says:

    I really needed this post today to remind me that the Wedding in the air will be worth the pain of today. Today the doctors at UT are taking my beloved aunt and mentor Ruth Hildreth off her life support. She will be with our Father soon. Thanks for the laughter and gentle reminders! I love your heart for reaching women for Jesus.

  34. 134
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Spiritual Mom Beth I am soo glad you had a great time! That pastor’s exhortation sounds like it was profound the way you describe it:) The part about Travis singing makes me laugh! Oh yay! Dancin’ at a wedding! We had that too-complete with “Rocky Top” although I prob. should not be admitting that now…you are random funny! You must have had a great, blessed time Spiritual Mom Beth! LOVE YOU TOO!:)


  35. 135
    Rebecca says:

    Sorry im late on writing! As you know mamma beth normaly im one of the frist to comment! U always make me smile! Love you tons!

  36. 136
    Brooklyn Dane says:

    My dearest Beth,

    I’ve have just got to tell you – I have been doing your studies, reading your books, attending your conferences, and basically raving about you for the last several years of my life. I’m currently working on my MBA and taking a leadership course right now. Our assignment is to write about someone who we think is a leader. You were a logical choice. I’m having the darndest time, though, writing it in a formal style because I want to keep referring to you as Beth instead of simply Moore as is typical style of a formal paper! I just consider you like any other friend and I refer to all my friends by their first names so having to refer to you by your last name is proving difficult! Do you think the professor would mind if I just referred to you as Mama Siesta? Somehow I don’t think that would go over as well – or at the least, she wouldn’t appreciate it quite like our little blogging community does!

  37. 137
    Siesta OC says:

    Becca –
    You are so dear! I am so thrilled BUT not surprised the LORD met you in that place of angst and sadness, feelings NO ONE knows but you and him. It’s incredible to have this relationship with him. IT’s real and really exhilerating. Thank you for sharing and you will be in my prayers. And I agree – Beth ROCKS.

  38. 138
    Siesta OC says:

    Beth –

    Fun side note; a while ago I was reading about all the fun surrounding Melissa’s wedding and how she FINALLY gave up the Donnie Wahlberg years.
    So, the news is that the New Kids are not Kids anymore, but back together and so they have the VH1 special running all the time.
    What fun!
    Siesta OC

  39. 139
    Shell in the City says:

    It's a small world after all…my brother Scott was at Rich & Gretchen's wedding as well! He is good friends with Rich. Also, Gretchen went to college with my other brother!! Sounds like it was a wonderful time!!

  40. 140
    Way More Homemade says:

    Mrs. Beth – You’re probably already on your way… Looking forward to this weekend!!

    Oh, did they have a flower girl? Did she pick her nose like my daughter did when she was flower girl? OH, yes, she did.


  41. 141
    Paula says:


    I am glad that you are on your way home, but unfortunately alot of people either do not have a home or/and are misplaced by the hurricanes. Thankfully my parents are alright, they live in NO. Even though they left they did not get much damage. I know this is going to sound strange, but I thank God everyday that my family and I do not live in NO anymore. With me having two children to take care of I am glad that my family is safe. Even though we live in OK, I would never move back to NO because of the crime, schools so bad, and weather. We have been blessed that the weather has not gotten as bad as NO. Also I have a question about Daniel. How do I get on a chat and/or blog about that.
    Love, Paula

  42. 142
    Anonymous says:

    Beth, you are SOOOO real!…just like Jesus was REALLY REAL!
    My Pastor Sara is taking us through Living Beyond Yourself and I love your illustrations from the REAL LIFE and your presentation of the GOSPEL ‘Acc.to Beth’ with comments from Jesus and a bunch of Apostles, disciples and prophets. Thank you so much for caring about women in the Body of Christ,(some of our men are doing the course, too) Would Jesus ask any more of one of His ministers?
    Keep on. I will have to run real hard to live beyond myself but with Holy Spirit, my dazzling Teacher Sara and your course, I can do, feel and know!!
    Blessings and thank you, again.

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