Keeping it Real & Reverence for God

So, I’ve been reading Leviticus. Yep, you read that correctly, Leviticus.

Many of you have graciously inquired in your posts about how I approach biblical research. At some point, I would love to type out a step-by-step process and post it for you, but for now I will simply say that my first step before consulting any biblical resource is always to read the book of the Bible that I am studying in full, all in one sitting. Sometimes I even read the text aloud. I do this because I find that I gain a much better comprehension of the book if I read it all in one sitting than if I break it up into little segments over a longer period of time. After I read the whole book in its entirety a couple of times, I go back and study the chapters, then the verses, and finally the various phrases and words. In brief, my methodology being a very simple-minded woman is to start with the whole so that I can understand the parts.

Well, the last couple of nights I have read Leviticus in full because for the life of me, I cannot remember the last time that I read it. I think it was during my first year at Moody Bible Institute in Old Testament Survey. And mostly I was reading it to get the grade, if you know what I mean. Okay, I was only reading it to get the grade! Anyway…I know reading a book of the Bible in its entirety might sound daunting at first, but ya’ll, Leviticus is only 27 chapters, which means that it took me less than two hours to read it the first time and just a little over an hour the second time. This is not that much time if you think about it, considering we spend at least two-three hours a day feeding ourselves and almost half that much time blow-drying our hair and putting on make-up. If a book can’t be read all in one sitting, then the next best thing is to break it up over two sittings. You get my drift!

Back to Leviticus…Since we are living on this side of the cross of Jesus Christ and are not “Levites” per se and are certainly not camped out in the Sinai wilderness, what relevance does Leviticus have for us? Perhaps the main theme of Leviticus can point us in the right direction as to how we can apply this significant text. In quick summary fashion, the book of Leviticus gives instructions to the Israelites about how to be holy before a holy God, and how to live amongst the people of God and even foreigners in a way that reflects this holiness. The Hebrew noun that is rendered “holy” in our English texts is used in its various forms over 120 times in Leviticus. Since I am a little slow sometimes, I really love it when an author slams a term, phrase, or theme over and over again so that I simply cannot miss it or disregard it. But, what does it mean for God to be holy? I love how one of my favorite professors, Dr. John Walton puts it: “God’s holiness is not a separate attribute but the result of the sum total of all of his attributes- including but not limited to his sovereignty, omniscience, love, and righteousness. Holiness is a term that implies comparison. God is holy in relation to the people he created. When God asks his people to be holy as he is holy, he means we are to maintain distinctions between ourselves and the world around us by imitating God himself” (The Essential Bible Companion, 19).

I am sure there are a number of good applications that we could make from Leviticus, but I can only mention a few that hit me between the eyes as I re-read Leviticus. First, Leviticus reminds us that it takes incredible sacrifice to eliminate or wipe away the effects of our sin so that we can be in the presence of God. Bottom line: Sin is serious. This is convicting to me personally because somehow over time I have worked-up a nonchalant relationship with my sin. For example, when I sin I tend to do so in a way that deliberately predicts the grace that I will receive immediately when I confess. I personally do not have to participate in any intricate process for my sin to be obliterated, so I think to myself, “there is now no condemnation for those of us who are in Christ Jesus” and that nothing can separate us from the love of Jesus Christ (Romans 8). While these things are certainly true, the New Testament reiterates that grace should never cause us to feel some sort of stagnant peace with our sin (see Romans 6:1,15; Hebrews & James, also). As Christians each of us have been given the confidence to enter the “holy place” by the blood of Jesus (Heb. 10) and though we may not offer up grain offerings or animal sacrifices like the ancient Israelites did, we do well to recall often that our merciful standing before our holy creator God required the sacrifice of Jesus Christ’s flesh. Texts like Leviticus 10:1-3 provide a good corrective to my inappropriate abuse of God’s grace through Jesus Christ. If you don’t have a Bible with you, that text presents two sons of Aaron as offering unwarranted incense before the Lord. Aaron’s two sons, Nadab and Abihu, were immediately consumed (a.k.a killed) by fire that came out from the presence of the Lord. The Lord’s words that follow directly after this incident give me goose-bumps. He says, “By those who come near me I will be treated as holy, And before all people I will be honored.” And then the text follows, “So, Aaron, therefore, kept silent.”

I’m just relieved Aaron kept silent.

Sometimes we can get so comfortable in our theological constructs that we need to read something shocking to awaken us from our spiritual slumbers. One of the things that the wonderful and legendary Dr. Greg Beale used to say in class at Wheaton was: “Sometimes you need to comfort the afflicted, but other times you need to afflict the comforted.” I have this phrase written in the front page of my Bible because I have found it very useful in my own walk with the Lord. Sometimes I am so broken and so desperate for hope that I need to meditate on a comforting passage in Scripture, but other times these dry bones need a rebuke so that they can dance once again.

My second application is perhaps a little more questionable, maybe even controversial, and has proved difficult for me to form into words. Forgive me in advance for my lack of precision. It tends to characterize my generation more than it does my Mom’s generation. It has to do with my generation’s all-too-often nonchalant relationship to our holy Creator. While I am sure we could exposit this for hours, I just want to give one main example. Lately I have overheard several staunch believers publicly utter words like “I am so ticked off at God” but the word used wasn’t ‘ticked’, if you know what I mean. I’ve heard even more crass statements than that one to describe this same sort of thing but do not feel comfortable quoting these words on a blog because most of them involve swear-words. I am sure you can imagine the type of thing I am referring to. Most of these people connect their confession of anger toward God with “being authentic” and “keeping it real”. I am getting the feeling that there is some sort of underlying and unquestioned assumption that “keeping it real” and “being authentic” means sharing and expressing to others most everything that our soul emotes, even in its darkest and most wicked places. A few times I have actually gotten the sense that some might even parade their anger toward God as some sort of boast of their own authenticity. Something about this makes me unashamedly queasy. One of the reasons crass comments like “I am so ticked off at God” bother me is that they sound suspiciously similar to the rants of the rest of the world which continually condemn God for everything gone wrong, minor or major. We should be set apart from the world, especially in our confessions of God’s faithfulness and justice.

Having said all of this, I do think my generation’s love and passion for authenticity is tremendously commendable, I am just not sure it is always fleshed out appropriately. I think the reason we prize authenticity is because the temptation of the generations before us might have been toward quietly bottling up their anger with God while serving Him ingenuinely in their local churches. But, I guess my question is, in our desire to “keep it real”, “to be authentic”, and to flee far from hypocrisy, are we disrespecting our God? And if so, where is the line?

I don’t think there are any simple answers and I am certainly not out to offer solutions, because I simply don’t have them. I do think, however, that the thin line here lies somewhere between the paradox so eloquently described in Matt Redman’s words in the song “Face Down”. The lyrics go something like this, “Welcomed in to the courts of the King, I’ve been ushered in to your presence…Lord, I stand on your merciful ground, yet with every step tread with reverence.” The paradox that we experience as a Christian is this: we may stand on merciful ground, but we do so ever mindful of God’s other-ness. The paradox gives us the luxury to confidently pour out hearts before our God who is our refuge and with whom we have a personal relationship through Jesus Christ. The paradox, however, never allows us to do so in a crass or unacceptably colloquial manner that undermines the holiness of God. The hard truth is that we are going to endure times that we feel God is absent or even that He is forsaking us in a certain situation but we should be careful how, when, and to whom we verbalize it. Perhaps, in smaller matters that mostly have to do with our distrust in God, we may need to repent of our unbelief. In matters of great disasters that leave our heads completely spinning in devastation, perhaps we should first confess to Him our anger and grief in our personal prayer lives or maybe even with an individual and very trusted accountability partner. He obviously knows when we are angry with Him, so we should confess this to Him, plead with Him, and pour out our hearts to Him in truth, but must we always publicly express our displeasure toward God? Perhaps you have better answers and solutions than I do, but I do fear that our crass expressions may expose our disrespect for an almighty God more than they expose our personal authenticity.

Jesus promised that in this world we will have trouble, so let us hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful (Heb. 10). And when those moments come that we feel abandoned by God, let us take heart knowing that for now we see in a mirror dimly, but there is going to be a day when we will see face to face. Yes, sister, one of these days, we shall know fully (1 Cor. 13:12). God simply has not revealed all of the information we need to be able to judge and assess all the trials in our lives and all the suffering in our fallen world. We may never understand the trials we go through on this side of glory. Consider Job’s sufferings and how he never once knew the reality behind his suffering. We, the readers of Job know why he suffered, but he himself never knew and after forty chapters of questionings and turmoil, all Job could do was utter to God: “Behold I am insignificant…” and “I know that Thou canst do all things…I have declared that which I did not understand, Things too wonderful for me, which I did not know…But now my eyes see Thee, Therefore I retract and I repent…(Job 40-42). I believe that when we know in full, we will declare God just and true, and that perhaps we will wish that we hadn’t been so quick to condemn Him for all our earthly trials.

“Great and marvelous are Thy works, O Lord God, the Almighty; Righteous and true are Thy ways, Thou King of the nations. Who will not fear, O Lord, and glorify Thy name? For Thou alone art holy; For ALL THE NATIONS WILL COME AND WORSHIP BEFORE THEE, For Thy righteous acts have been revealed.”
Revelation 15:3-4

Anxiously waiting for ALL of God’s righteous acts to be revealed,
Melissa Moore Fitzpatrick


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  1. 51
    Nancy says:

    Melissa – I am of your mother’s generation and I can only say WOW!

    “I believe that when we know in full, we will declare God just and true, and that perhaps we will wish that we hadn’t been so quick to condemn Him for all our earthly trials.”
    You speak these words to the heart.

    God Bless,

  2. 52
    elaine @ peace for the journey says:

    In a thousand different ways and for the thousand varied life experiences I’ve lived, never have I been mad at God or questioned his goodness in my life. Indeed, I’ve harbored questions, but I’ve always had a healthy respect for the mystery that surrounds God and for allowing him to simply…

    be God.

    Maybe it takes years to come to these conclusions, and for sure, I’ve lived some years! But even in my dark night of the soul, the hugeness of my God was enough to warrant my surrender (at least via my words). My actions, perhaps, voiced different.

    For me (and let me write that again, for me…) we’ve become too casual in our worship and thinking of God. It’s an issue we deal with on a fairly regular basis at our church. Like you, I’m not sure where the perfect answer lies, but I have a hunch it comes back to revering and to keeping the sacred things of God as such…

    sacred and holy and set apart for extraordinary kingdom significance.

    May God grant me the grace and wisdom and love (always love, for there is so much of it lacking in me) when bearing witness to the majesty and splendor of his name. This is my humble and abiding prayer for always.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Melissa. You have a great mind, with, I suspect, a heart to match.


  3. 53
    Shelly says:

    I’m just going to say ‘amen,’ b/c nothing else needs to be said!

  4. 54
    Mommy Dot Com says:

    I agree with you on this and will throw in a few more cents.
    I do believe there is a HUGE difference between confessing the sin of anger to God (agreeing with Him that it is wrong and viewing it as such) and simply just being angry at Him and letting Him know it. We aren’t to overcome evil with evil. We are to overcome evil with good. Choosing to sin to deal with a problem is never going to bring pleasing or lasting fruit and IT IS a sin to be disrespectful towards the Lord. As God would say,”Try offering that to your governor” (Malachi 1:8) Being “real” is of no value if we aren’t aiming for holiness. I tell the ladies in prison ministry all the time that if they aren’t interested in holiness then they aren’t really interested in God b/c the path towards the Lord always intersects with holiness. And getting God to get on board with our sin isn’t going to cut it. There is never a good enough reason to defame God (and I believe that is what we do if we belittle Him with our words and emotions). We are called NOT to defame His Name (Lev. 21:6) b/c the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who miss uses His Name (Ex. 20:7) If we want to walk with God then we need to call sin sin. For how can two walk together unless they are in agreement?

  5. 55
    Darlene says:

    I often ponder the awesome truth of how God, and God alone, can be perfect in love, and also perfect in holiness. Just.
    Your post made me think of Nicole Nordeman’s song, Tremble.
    If you don’t know it… the lyrics are wonderful!

  6. 56
    Jill says:

    How refreshing. I sometimes struggle with our desire as Christians to have it “easy” and to have God as the fairy godfather in heaven handing out blessings.
    Life is hard, but God is good does not mean we won’t suffer, or be called to do the tough things.
    Thanks so much for the insight and teaching.

  7. 57
    chsingHim says:

    Your posts are always such a blessing!! I am amazed at the wisdom God has given you at your young age! Praise Him!! Thank you for your courage to share your heart and for your transparency in doing so. Thank you for challenging me in the everyday life attitudes….to examine my heart.
    Blessings to you….pray for those of us here in North FL as ‘Fay’ heads our way!

  8. 58
    Mercy4Drew says:

    How do I send your post to my 22yo daughter? She has a genuine desire for authenticity also but is having to “flesh” out her faith in the military and in another country! Bless your studies! (I will forward the blog site to her!)

  9. 59
    Denise says:

    Bless you, child … you blow me away with your discernment! Stay passionate about the Word … and keep writing. God is delighted with your words.

  10. 60
    Anonymous says:

    I teach high school and that generation has a much more “relaxed” attitude toward God. I was caught off guard by a t-shirt a student was wearing. It said “Jesus is my Homeboy.” I wanted to scream “Jesus is NOT your homeboy. He is the living Son of the Almight God.”…

    As society has become more “casual” it has spilled over into our attitude toward God. We approach Him too casually sometime.

  11. 61
    David and Des says:

    I have been reading this blog for a long time and am always inspired and blessed. Today is the first time I have commented. Melissa, you have spoken a powerful word to the “siestas”. God is causing many believers to define reverence in our relationship with Him. Reverence looks like many things, not limited to devotion, commitment, steadfastness and full of faith. We can fully share our hearts with our Abba Father, but rarely are those thougts appropriate to be shared with others. It reminds me of husband bashing which seems so common and accepted. If one isn’t disciplined enough to not bash their spouse how could they possibly be disciplined enough to not “bash” God. It all comes down to “authentic” relationship with God.

    I thouroughly enjoy and look forward to visiting with Beth, Amanda and Melissa on the blog. Keep it up!

    PS Beth’s fall semester Bible Study sounds like a dream come true. Will there be an online opprotunity to participate? I would hate to have to wait a couple of years for a published version. We are all in need of some “foundational” teaching on Bible Study. Thanks Melissa for sharing a little of your process.

  12. 62
    Grammy and Olivia says:

    Your post was very insightful! It brings up something that I have thought about alot. As Christian parents we raise our little ones to know Jesus as friend and God as our loving father you can come to anytime, with anything. That is good–very good, but I think in doing so we tend to lose a little of the reverence that is due our holy, awesome, majestic God. I think we need to work at keeping both familiarity and reverence in their proper place in our relationship with Him.

  13. 63
    Anonymous says:

    Your post is inspired. This has been a very challenging summer for me in many painful ways. At times His Presence blew into my being and filled me with inexplainable hope. Other times I felt forsaken, alone, and angry. Thank you for reminding me that we can “pour out your hearts before God; He is a refuge for us,” and God is dangerous because He is HOLY. I take Him too casually, too often. I forget there should be a yield sign between my thoughts and my mouth, even with God.

    Thank you, thank you. I love your scholarly writing style (I’m a Wheaton alumn too), but more importantly, I love your heart for God.

    Bless you.

  14. 64
    freetobeme says:

    What a great post Melissa!

    It brings to my mind the word BALANCE. Without a doubt, that is one of the most difficult concepts for me to learn in many areas of my life.

    Anger/reverence is no different. I remember the day that I heard someone say that it was ok to be angry with God. That God would not turn me away if I came to Him in anger. I am 40 years old, and I had never heard that until 7 years ago. I WAS angry with God. Yes, looking back, my sin was the issue, not Him, but at that time, I didn’t know that. All I knew was that I was angry. I prayed to Him in my anger and He and I have since had an incredible journey together.

    But I also agree that we are to speak with reverence about our Holy God.

    Yes, He can take our anger and yes, He wants us to be authentic and real, but He also wants our respect and our humble submission to His Holiness.

    I love to have my thinking challenged. It was today thanks to your post.

    I so wish I could be with all of you siestas in San Antonio this weekend! I bought tickets over a year ago, but sent them back a few weeks ago due to having to make some difficult financial choices. Make sure you all have plenty of extra fun for me!

  15. 65
    Anonymous says:

    “It’s in my sacrifice where He meets me.” I read this once and always remembered it. I thought about it when I was reading your post. Thanks for the reminder!

  16. 66
    Kim Safina says:

    The Journey Continues ~

    Oh Precious Melissa!!!!!

    YOU TRULY HAVE A CALLING ON YOUR LIFE TO MINISTER!!! Asking your mom several years ago ” How do I get what you’ve got?”
    Well sweets, YOU GOT IT!!!!

    Looking forward to reading more and more from you and your heartfelt love for JESUS!

    With “Heaven Bound” Blessings,
    Kim Safina

  17. 67
    lori says:

    Okay so I am going to have to print this out and read it a few more times, you have a real gift for uncovering the word. I hope one day to be ordering your bible study or book.

    The generation thing is such a great conversation. It is tricky and hard to see the lines sometimes. I think we can bridge the gap with respect. I think sometimes we have to adjust to reach younger generations but must at all cost teach respect for our Lord.

  18. 68
    Becky says:

    Your words are incredibly insightful. My walk through grief has put me into contact with many who are flippant about God’s ways. I’m asking His forgiveness for times I’ve been that way myself.
    Your words were encouraging and remind me to speak God’s praises and hold His Holy name high whenever I have the opportunity.
    Thanks sis

  19. 69
    Lynne says:

    Thank you so much Melissa for your words of wisdom. I am a teacher and although I understand that need for authenticity among both young (and us that are closer to your mom’s age!), I cringe when I see the lack of boundaries it can bring on. I doubley (is that a word?) cringe when it is directed at God. Please keep sharing what you glean as you study Melissa! God bless you and yours.

  20. 70
    Keri says:

    Wow……thank you!

    I can honestly say that I had no idea Leviticus held so much meat for our lives today.

    Thank you for reminding me to keep it real in a way that displays a constant state of reverence for my God.

  21. 71
    Teri says:


    This post was spot on. Thank you for sharing these words. They will bear much fruit, I am sure of it!

    See you in San Antonio!

  22. 72
    grits' girl says:

    Thank you for sharing so candidly and yet lovingly. I am a little older than you yet I too have see this to be true and have excused it in my own life in earlier years of my Christian Walk. After Jesus brought me from the deepest pit of my life; my “relationship” with Him will never be the same. I am not angry any more and have repented to Him even of the times when I have gotten so angry just to Him. He never deserves this from His children, but like any loving parent, he is patient and merciful. After what He did for me, though, I could never speak to Him or about Him the same way again. You are exactly right on about this.I have never really understood the whole point of Leviticus and you made it simple to understand.
    You and your husband are beautiful and handsome and you look happy together.
    Blessings to You,
    Amanda Gattis

  23. 73
    bethany says:

    Wow!!! I am printing it out, going to read it again and comment a little later!
    All I can say right now is Wow! Need to fully take it in so I’ll be back in a bit!

  24. 74
    Krista says:

    Thank you for this word! Lately I find the cry of my heart to simply be “Lord have mercy upon us.” And I am so thankful for his mercy and lovingkindness toward us.

  25. 75
    Sun says:

    WOW – I REALLY needed this – really needed it! Thank you! Sunshine

  26. 76
    Leslie says:

    Incredible post. Thank you for taking the time to write it. Thank you.

  27. 77
    Kelly @ Love Well says:

    Melissa, you’ve made me hungry for God’s word.

    Well done.

    (And I couldn’t agree more, by the way. Our generation is too flippant about God’s majesty at times, I fear.)

  28. 78
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing and reminding us of so many things. You have such a God given gift for explaining the Word. His Word gives me goosebumps too!
    He who has promised is faithful! Praise You Father because You alone are worthy of our praise, You are Holy!
    Help me to never utter any words against You. You are Holy, Holy, Holy and I am so in love with You Jesus!
    Melissa, thanks for sharing about reading and studying Lev., and please share more anytime!
    Love ya,
    Lori in SW MO

  29. 79
    Anonymous says:

    Very well said. Thank you for sharing such deep and precious thoughts.
    I have noticed that so many times we as believers act like angry little toddlers, throwing fits at the parent who is lovingly caring for them and teaching them important valuable lessons. Oh how much we would learn if we would repent and listen to our Father. He is a good listen, teacher, counselor and friend. He truly has our best interests in mine. He wants us to grow up to look just like him.

  30. 80
    Tash says:

    Melissa…GIRL–You’ve got a gift…you need to write a book or a study!!! Better get on that before some sweet little Fitzpatricks pop into the picture!!! Thanks for sharing…

  31. 81
    Blessedbeyondmeasure says:

    My comment isn’t strictly related to this particular post, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy this blog, and how encouraged I am by what I read here.

    I was “introduced” to Beth’s Bible studies by my sister. She did one, and it created a thirst for God in her that I had never seen in her before. She now LOVES Bible studies by many different teachers, and has even been a BSF leader herself. But Beth is still her favorite 🙂

    I am something of a “newbie” to Beth’s studies, having only done Breaking Free and the Daniel study. Now, I am in the midst of Believing God~just did session 3 with my sisters in Christ from my church tonight, and I am SO loving this study!! God is all ready using this to change my heart and my attitude about many aspects of my life. I am so thankful to Him for what He is doing in my heart, and in my life, and I offer my thanks to Beth and all of the LPM staff for being willing vessels to be used of God.
    In His Love,
    Blessed Beyond Measure

  32. 82
    cindy says:

    It’s 3 1/2 pages printed out. Single-spaced. I’ve got it right here on my desk 🙂
    Great stuff!!

  33. 83
    Lindsee says:

    Melissa! This is SUCH a timely message for me as I am learning this myself. To be holy as he is holy and really learning what that looks like, then modeling it for my high school girls. It’s so hard!

    I so pray that we would be a set apart generation for His namesake!

    Can’t wait for this fall and bible study! I know it is going to be awesome with you and your mom!

    See you in SA!


  34. 84
    Anonymous says:


    You post is right on and well said. I totally agree with all that you said. I also found it very convicting and challenging. Kim B. in AZ.

  35. 85
    Christi Wilson says:


    I just finished reading this blog in it’s entirety. It took me about a week. I have laughed (Living Fruits, and the eyelashes *Ya’ll*), and cried (Sunny) and every emotion in between with babies and weddings, etc. I even baked the thin apple tart!

    I have led just about every Beth Moore bible study, and when we moved to Brenham, Tx three years ago, I decided to venture out to some other bible teachers/studies. There have been some good ones, some not so good ones and some somewhere between. But reading this blog has been like catching up with old friends.

    I was thrilled to be able to purchase a ticket to the San Antonio conference at this late date, but sad I came on too late to sigh up for the *siestas* meeting.

    You see for years, I have been wanting a *retake* photo with Beth. Some years ago, my sweet friend and I attended the taping of The Patriarchs. (You can see me and my sweet friend in the first video…I’m the brown haired girl with black rim glasses). At the end of the taping, Beth stood and waited to hug the necks of what seemed to be thousands of ladies. I was one of those. So thrilled to meet Beth, thank her, and have my picture made with my bible teacher. I thought it would be so fun to show the girls back home. — I eagerly opened my photo envelope from the one hour processing, to discover … *GASP*HORROR*SHOCK*…I had the goofiest look on my face you can imagine! And my friend was smiling so big, she looked like she was in a wind tunnel! (Beth looked beautiful, of course). My two daughters got the biggest kick out of it. Whenever we need a good laugh, they say “Hey Mom…do your Beth Moore smile!” It’s a side splitter every time!

    I am looking forward to what God has in store this weekend! He deserves our greatest reverence, and isn’t He so much fun!? Only God…so majestic, and such a blast.

    I love Him…but I want to love Him more. I bet you do, too.


  36. 86
    Jillian says:

    Melissa, I LOVE the quote from the song about treading reverently on holy ground. Thank you for putting a fire in my belly for God’s holiness. You actually made me want to go study Leviticus! I am going through an extraordinarily difficult time right now and have only made it thus far by clinging to the grace of God and believing His promises and His character. Now we see in a mirror dimly… I am so glad that His plan is perfect and that He sees the whole picture. You have offered my great encouragement. May God richly bless you, Jillian

  37. 87
    Kimberly says:

    you go girl, i agree! i almost feel like, He is MY God, and in private, I can say how I really feel, but when I hear people totally disrespecting Him, I want to defend Him! (as if He needs me to defend HIM!)

  38. 88
    Jen says:

    Thank you. That was so wonderful to read; what a gift you have to write.

  39. 89
    Rachel says:

    Wow, that message was awesome! I just came home from church and I’m so excited, because my Pastor preached exactly on what you posted. I can’t even begin to explain it. All I know is the Lord spoke to me tonight in church and confirmed it on your blog. He is Amazing. Thank you and God Bless you.

  40. 90
    Elaine says:

    Wow. Thanks, Melissa. I think you formed your words well to remind us of the holiness of our God. It is a curious thing that we are allowed, no, invited to even come close to Him. It’s a remarkable gift. One that I don’t want to be ignorant of.

    I’ve been doing a word study on worship this week. We have diminished its meaning by our own experience or lack of it. We base “how good worship was” on the elements of worship (song, preaching, etc.) Instead, let us remember first the object of our worship. Remembering as you say, His “otherness.”

    Thanks again for this lesson from Leviticus

  41. 91
    Olson Family says:

    Thank you – beautifully written and clearly inspired by Him.

  42. 92
    The Williams in Africa says:

    Last night my husband and I chose to trust God in a situation instead of being angry with him. We had to identify that the people involved are under his authority and his timing, just like I am. It will get done only in his timing. I feel much better when I realize it’s not about me.

  43. 93
    belovedptw says:

    Help Siestas for San Antonio LPL Event !
    Our son is graduating from high school on that Saturday, 23rd, and God changed that whole weekend up for us. I had to send my tickets back for a refund. We still plan on coming to San Antonio for a few days, but not that Friday. We are coming in on Saturday afternoon after the graduation ceremonies are completed, instead. However, if anyone needs a room for Friday night and can check out by noon on Saturday, I have a room reserved and paid for and it is a NON refundable rate that I made the reservations for many months ago.It is at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on the Riverwalk, 111 Pecan Street East. I contacted the hotel and they said I could, however, let someone use our room as an “accompaniment” in our place. Either way, no one will be in that beautiful room. It has 2 Queen Size beds and non smoking of course. The price of the room is $144.00 + 6.75% tax (24.12) + 23.75 for parking in their garage. Total is $ 191.87. If four ladies need a room and are going to be leaving after the conference to go home, this would be perfect. It works out to be $ 47.96 pp. My name is Cindi Humphrey. My info is below. Home 281-320-8802 Cell 281-804-3626 or anyone can call or E-mail me about it. Post a comment. Unsubscribe to comments on this post. Posted by belovedptw to The LPM Blog at August 18, 2008 3:17 PM

  44. 94
    twinkle says:

    His Holiness…we only have a tiny glimpse of that, don’t we? Our eyes shall behold Him in all of His Glory one day and we will totally be undone.
    “Let all the earth keep silent.”
    For The LORD is in His Holy

  45. 95
    Julie says:

    Melissa-Thank you!! Thank you for your honesty and your openness in sharing what God is revealing to you through His Word. I am re-reading your post for the second time because I want to get all of it inside,deep inside.
    I am of your mother’s generation but I see the too familiar attitude with God in our generation also. I pray that God will always have someone like you whom He can use to remind us when we step into that dangerous place between familiar and reverence for a Holy God.
    It is so awesome to get to watch and learn from the growth that God is doing in you. I know your mama is so proud! Thanks again, GREAT WORD!!

  46. 96
    Anonymous says:

    God is so utterly amazing! When I sat down this morning and saw that Melissa had written this post, the thought raced through my mind that “I think maybe Melissa went to Moody,” but I couldn’t remember for sure. Within seconds of reading, you clarified my memory! The timing of this is ironic because just hours ago I arrived home from taking our firstborn off to college — Moody!! What a blessed day we spent there with him, ending with a beautiful service to dedicate our children to the Lord, and then what a blessing for me to read your words this morning! God knew I needed to get a glimpse today of what He’s capable of doing with my very loved and missed young man. Many tears were shed as we stood in that auditorium, reminiscing on the short 18 years that God has entrusted him to my husband and me and pondering what God will do through him as he spreads his wings and flies off into adulthood. Praise God for His faithfulness!

    Thank you so much for sharing. You should know that it took this post for me to leave my long-time lurking status behind and finally comment!

    God bless all of you!

  47. 97
    "B" His Girl says:

    Wow Melissa! Well said…Aaron must have had all kind of thoughts going on in his head when his sons were consumed by fire. Aaron knew when to shut up, something many of us need to remember. God does not need our opinion yet He listens to our thoughts. Mercy in action. Job’s response after God’s questions was to put His hand over his mouth too! I think I need to ponder this so I will shut up now.

  48. 98
    Anonymous says:

    I`m reading LMP blogg for about a month.I`m from Romania and I first heard about Beth Moore in 2001 when I first visited USA and participated on a Bible study.I really liked it very much and helped me.About this I have to admit that it really helped to reconcider my life, my words and atittude towards a HOLY God.A song that is really helping me in keeping my reverence for God is “God forbit” from Point of Grace.Thank you, Melissa..this blog is been reading in Romania too:)
    Diana, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  49. 99
    Anonymous says:

    What a lovely outpouring. Thank you. You are dead on with your remarks today. After I did Believing God, I read the OT in a WHOLE NEW way. Now I enjoy Sabbath and many other appointed times with God that I never even knew about before – there’s alot of cool stuff in there. I also discovered that the OT and esp the first few books really reveal the character of WHO God is. What a great introduction to our God. Soooo amazing. Thanks for your exhortation! Anne

  50. 100
    Anonymous says:

    Wow! This is wild! Last night was my first night with Kay Arthur’s “Lord Teach Me to Pray” and her first intro session was just on this! Awesome!

    God is a Holy God.


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