Summer Bible Study Gathering IV

Hey, You Darlin’ Things! It’s that time again: our Tuesday for Siesta Summer Bible Study and this is Gathering #4! Please take a few minutes to watch my greeting to you via another very professional, highly technical taping (I know LifeWay must be getting nervous). There is much more on the video than what I’m writing here but, as we’ve done before, I just want to make sure you have your discussion questions in print. Please also note that we have yet another contest. You’ll find out far more about it on the video greeting but I thought it might help to have the eligibility requirements here. You’ll find them at the bottom of this post. The prizes are things you simply do not want to miss. Hint: they may be things you cannot live without…but I can.

I love you guys like crazy and I love loving Jesus with you. Hang in there, stay in the Word, and let’s finish strong!!! Here goes:

Three Discussion Questions:

From Week Five:
1. Take a look at the bottom of p.103, starting with the question, “What word in Numbers 11:4 (NIV) is used to describe their desire for meat?” Discuss a number of specific ways craving something is different from wanting it. While you’re at it, continue a discussion Melissa and I started on a walk a few nights ago. We were talking about how you can tell you’re getting out of control with something when you start trying to be secretive about it. What do you think?

2. Take a look at the top of p.108 under “Personal Reflection.” I loved this line of discussion starting with this question: “Have you ever tasted or brought back fruit from a future promise that had not been fully realized?” Discuss that whole first paragraph.

From Week Six:
3. Turn to p.125 and reread (one of you aloud to the group) the excerpt Kelly included by Charles Spurgeon. What are a few things we often try to do rather than refer our doubts straight to God? Then, read John 2:1-5 and note how Mary approached the pressing problem. As you conclude today’s gathering, have a brief time of prayer, letting those that feel comfortable praying out loud simply state their need or problem to God in one statement, something like this: “Lord, there is no more _____________________.” Or, “Lord, I am ____________________________.” Then simply tell Him that you’re trusting Him to do something about it. Try to resist fretting over it this week but keep watching for Him to turn some water into wine.

I pray for Christ to show up in such a profound Presence in your gathering this week that nobody can miss Him!

NOW, about that contest:

THE INCOMPARABLE PRIZES: In keeping with our kitchen theme (please see video), the prize will be a compilation of several kitchen gadgets or serving dishes out of my own kitchen that I have never used, several of which are still in the box. Can you resist these kinds of prizes? I don’t think so.

*A group of five or more Siestas who meet face-to-face on our Tuesdays. (We LOVE our groups meeting on-line and totally dig our solo siestas but I needed a way to narrow down the contest.)

*Perfect attendance at all four gatherings. In other words, every woman who met the first time in your group has come for all four gatherings. Way to go!

HOW TO WIN: Be the first group to sign in AFTER your gathering to say that you’ve had perfect attendance. Please identify your group to us (city/location) then watch for us to confirm the winning group in the COMMENT section. We’ll also tell you how to contact us with an address to receive your prizes. Please make sure you tell us how many are in your group because I will GLADLY send something out of my kitchen for each of you. The times on the comments are recorded so the first one will automatically win.

Whew! This contest is so great that I wish I could enter it myself! But I’m afraid I’d have to win it all back.

P.S. Thank you for remembering that your comments are meant to follow your gatherings! You’re the best!



140 Responses to “Summer Bible Study Gathering IV”

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  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    I’m solo and leaving town this week, to try and learn how to put an end to one of my long time “strongholds”- overeating- through a Christian program. I really appreciate discussion questions 1 and 3- 3 especialy convicted me to hand over 4 or 5 very deep heart felt prayers-I’m almost 60 and you would think I would have “slayed” my dragons by now- which is just the point-I’m convinced Jesus is the only one who can either do this for us or empower us through the Holy Spirit-I am definitely a slow learner and oh those idols we notice when we sneak or hide our attachment to them. Sorry for being so long winded-you struck a heartstring- Blessings, appreciation and love in our Lord

  2. 2
    Maria says:

    Beth, Just want to tell you I love you so stinkin much!!! You will never know what breaking free has done for me until we get to meet and talk in heaven.!!! Forever grateful for the Holy Spirit using you for me. I am praying for you.

  3. 3
    Marla Taviano says:

    Is this post just for the summer Bible study-er commenters?? If so, please delete it after you read it!

    Oh, Beth! Just minutes ago, I finished up my last day of homework for Stepping Up. Our final video session is Thursday morning. And right after Bible study, I’m loading up my family and we’re heading to Louisville! I won 2 free tickets to LPL from a sweet gal named Emmy on Lifeway’s All Access Blog!

    You have NO idea what a climactic culmination (big words!) this is for me! This study was crazy life-changing, and I CANNOT BELIEVE God is sending me to see you in person the very day it ends.


    Psalm 134–“Come, bless YAHWEH, all you servants of YAHWEH, who are standing in YAHWEH’S house by night. Raise your hands toward the holy place and bless YAHWEH. May YAHWEH bless you from Zion, the one who made heaven and earth.

    If I can get up off my face, I’ll see you in LOO-VULL!!!

  4. 4
    lbredhead says:

    Momma Beth:

    You are a woman after my own heart. I am crying because I have laughed so hard at the helpful hints in the kitchen. My children will tell you that you and I must be related because my kitchen stuff is used in many other ways then cooking.

    I love you Beth… have an awesome day!

  5. 5
    pugw says:

    Hey Beth,
    I can’t enter your contest but I do want you to know how much I depend on your ever so helpful suggestions at the end of your video. I’m off to put my socks of right now. 🙂

    What I really want is a favor though. Would you save me a seat in Louisville? 😉 I’m coming with my girlfriends and I just know they will make me late. 😀 I mean, you are my siesta and all.

    Can’t wait for the weekend. I hope you have a wonderful, blessed week.


  6. 6
    Cheri says:

    Does anyone else struggle with feeling like they are not experiencing God? When I get to questions like #2 about having a taste of God’s future promise to me, I draw a blank. so often in answering questions in Bible studies I feel I don’t have an answer. What is God’s purpose for me? Why do I not have examples to write? Am I too shallow? Do I not experience God because my faith is not strong enough to handle difficulties…not that I am asking for trouble! Why do so many people have so many troubles, over and over again and I am so blessed or have life so easy thus far?
    And then, as I sat still before Him, God revealed to me that he has given me a promise. His greatest promise to me is eternity in heaven. There are times that I have had a glimpse of heaven here on earth, a taste of the sweet, sweet fruit of what it will be like to see Him face to face, to worship Him fully and completely and to sing His praises in His presence. Hallelujah Jesus, my LORD how beautiful you are!

    Going solo in MN on the study and loving, loving, loving it! May God bless all of my Siesta’s as they meet today.

    Thank you Beth for your humor–the alternate use for your oven mitt made me burst out laughing. You’ll have to be careful about what you give away from your kitchen though or Melissa may not have the tools she needs to prepare another fabulous meal for y’all at LPM when she comes to Houston!

    God’s richest blessings, Cheri

  7. 7
    Bob's Wife says:

    Siesta Mamma, I love your videos! Thanks for the encouragement. And I love the on-line Bible study. Although I can’t do this study, I am enjoying the “fellowship” through the Blog. Oh, one more Kitchen help: Use it to serve the take home pizza you talked your husband into getting after work. Looks absolutely perfect!!!

  8. 8
    Casey says:

    Any news or reccommendations for Siesta’s attending the Simulcast in Louisville. I am hopping to get there! I am praying God opens my heart to all that you have to share from him.


  9. 9
    HisTreasuredPossession says:

    Hey Siestas! So looking forward to the Simulcast this weekend. My and mom are attending here in Wichita! Wha Hoo!! So excited to see what God is going to say!

    Ok, going solo here and have a godly jealousy over those kitchen winners. I love being in it like Melissa Fitz! BTW, just have a really great new cookie recipe Melissa. If you have time, make these ( ) I only made 1/2 the recipe and it was amazing!

    Alright, now to answer some questions: I have started to be “secret” in somethings. Often, I’ve thought to myself this can’t be right. But I’ll keep it up only to have it bite my bee-hind! The desire definitely turned in lust for that “good thing” and hence, into an idol. I felt/ feel so much guilt over being secret. Sometimes it seems like vicious cycle!!
    #2 I have brought fruit back. I’ve even “spied” out a place to know how good it is but then had to wait to “take the land.” Will being doing it again (“spy” out a place) in October. Right now, I don’t want to, but God will be faithful. Hoping I see some GREAT fruit there!
    #3 Just this last week I wrote a post about how I felt I could not not keep doing what I needed to be doing. He reminded me the next day in this study that HE is going to sustain me (Isaiah 46:4) and I was soooo glad to get a WORD. Even if the situations don’t get fixed (or fixed the way I want them too,) I’m going to trust Him to keep filling me up!!

    Love this so much, you don’t even know! You siestas are wonderful – I love you all too! Let’s keep on keeping on!

  10. 10
    Susan says:

    Beth – I have so enjoyed the videos this summer. My group fizzled out – but I’m going strong! I haven’t seen too many active idols in my life, Praise God! My life of sin and the pit was so deep when I was rescued 5 years ago that I am VERY careful to not let anything or anyone come before God. Only He is my idol and His Word. It is my constant prayer and He always answers it.

    Your question #2 hit me because after I was saved 5 years ago I decided that if I ever did or thought anything that I wouldn’t share with my kids that it was wrong. I had lived on the other side of that and I realized that Satan had used me so effectively in secret places and things and people. NO MORE. My son is getting over a drug addiction and I refused to keep it a “family secret” – I told anyone who would listen. Satan wants to have us feel shame and not talk. Now my son’s victory is giving people hope – not only for him but for themselves. Satan is foiled!! I don’t keep secrets (except birthdays and Christmas) – I don’t live in darkness and I won’t help Satan out anymore!!! Praise God Praise God Praise God!!

    Its too bad the group fizzled out because I would actually use whatever kitchen utensils you don’t use!! One member has a legit excuse and please add her daughter to your prayer list. We thought this precious Godly 14 year old had beaten thyroid cancer last year but it has come back with a vengence. Again, it looks like Satan because the cancer cells in her case have become very devious and have transformed themselves so they are radiation resistant and also resistent to detection in scans – which is why they were only recently re-disovered in blood work. This only happens in less than 5% of thyroid cancer patients. Please pray for Nikki and her mother, LaRaine, for courage and strength and of course miraculous healing. Her next surgery is Aug. 14. I ask all the seistas to join us in prayer for Nikki. Thanks and happy Bible Study!

    Susan in Savannah

  11. 11
    Sasha says:

    Going solo in Bellingham, Washington, and loving this study! I think a group of us solos are going to try to meet soon and chew on all we are learning together. I’m the goofy one that gave up shopping for a year so I could lay that idol at the feet of Jesus. My year is just about “up” and before this study, I was so afraid that I’d just go crazy shopping again once Sept. 1st hit. I related totally to your comment that you begin getting out of control when you become secretive about it. I was there girls. Not only have I layed it before the Lord, but all my girlfriends know (aren’t girlfriends better than therapy?) and more importantly, my credit card is cut up and my husband is in the know, and I’ve asked him if I can be accountable to him in this. I feel like the chains that held me to this idol have been loosed and my trust in Jesus has grown so much over this study! Thank you so much for your teaching and leadership… I’ll be seeing your simulcast this weekend in Bellingham, at my church, Christ the King! Can’t wait!!

  12. 12
    jaycee says:

    FINALLY – a blog about kitchen items that don’t require cooking! My family will attest to the fact that I “assemble” meals – I don’t cook them!

    Just yesterday I asked my middle daughter not to heat up the kitchen by turning on the oven for baking cookies! (It’s 90+ degrees here in St. Louis.) Later, I thought to myself: “What a Mom you are! – denying your daughter homemade cookies just because you don’t want to heat up the kitchen!”

    We have 2 that have met in our bible study group so we don’t qualify for the contest, but I’m excited for the siestas who will get the kitchen “props!”

    Thanks, Beth, for your creativity and hilarious videos!

  13. 13
    Anonymous says:


    You are so silly. I think it is such great fun. I am not doing the on line study, but I wanted to thank you for reading the comment from the women in Kenya. I so hit home for me. Only I don’t just look at marriage for validation, I tend to look at everything that way. Never thought of it as an idol problem. I have been praying that God would help me see my worth in Him. While this was a little painful I am glad to know so I can root those idols out and set things straight. Thanks

  14. 14
    coffeeandbiblegirl says:

    Oh my I know this doesn’t count but I just had to tell you that even going solo I have had perfect attendance in my group – the 4 of us everytime – God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Carrie! They have been faithful to show up EVERYTIME and to gently pull the veil down from my face.
    I am not one to solicite for prayers in a public forum but I need them tonight. I teach my first Bible study that I put together – What Not to Wear and God has had 73 women sign up!! Good gravy I only thought it would be to about 10-12! As Beth said, “Jesus, show up in a PROFOUND way!
    Love you all
    PS -can’t wait til Friday – I will be in Louisville for Beth *with my husband of all things!

  15. 15
    Anonymous says:

    We’ve had perfect attendance every week. You said you would send a kitchen item to every single one of us, so hopefully you have enough because our group that meets has 200 people!


    P.S. Just kidding! Just having some fun with ya! I’m just a solo gal. 🙂

  16. 16
    Kim Safina says:

    The Journey Continues ~

    I love you Beth, LPM, Siesta’s!!!
    Doin’ my study with the seals, bird friend, Sassy, dolphins and poopin seagulls. 🙂
    With “Heaven Bound” blessings,

  17. 17
    Amy Storms says:

    Two more kitchen ideas:

    1. My friend puts dirty dishes in her oven when people come over to her house. (If the oven is full, she puts them in the dryer.)

    2. I read about an author who writes at her kitchen table,so she uses her dishwasher as a filing cabinet! She said the racks are the perfect size for file folders.

    I’m with you, Beth. The kitchen is really quite unnecessary.

  18. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Beth, just wanted to say I am loving the Bible Study. I am going solo and having a wonderful time just me and the Lord. I didn’t realize just how many gods I had until now. WOW!!! What a revelation. I absolutely love the kitchen helpful hints. Now, if I can convince my husband of this. To think he wants me to cook every night….huh.

    I need help Siestas!!!! I have a three year old son that absolutely refuses to use the potty. I have tried everything even bribery, taking a way his toys and television, taking away his favorite foods. I am at a lose. Any suggestions and/or comments would be great, and your prayers.

    God Bless

  19. 19
    Tracey Kaeser says:

    Can I tell you how much I appreicate your kitchen comments! I’m so already doing those practices now….also adding… It’s been a hot summer here and the air conditioning is cranked up so much so I have to wear a sweatshirt most of the day while I’m inside 🙂 The toughest part of the day is removing the sweatshirt and socks to go pick up the pizza!

    Our group has had perfect attendance and is just crazy enough to sign up to receive “stuff” we all just sold in our garage sales:)

    Going to a simulcast on Fri and Sat. Looking forward to it as I pray for the Spirit to be filling y’all to the measure for an outpouring so big every single person attending will be changed for His glory and His fragrance be an aroma so strong those who cross paths with them are changed by His Spirit for His glory for all eternity. The Great I AM.

    Greetings from Plain City, Ohio

  20. 20
    Tammy says:


    We had an awesome group today. This is one of those days I live for – our ladies opened up and shared REAL things; struggles, fears, mistakes, victories. It was a beautiful thing to see real fellowship. I think God had a smile on His face today.

    We love you in Fayetteville, AR, Tammy

  21. 21
    Sally says:

    I am doing the summer Bible study solo in Minnesota. I love the videos and this weeks kitchen helps were great! I dislike socks so much that I never wear them, even with my sandals in the winter here with all the snow! But after seeing the video I may have to buy socks so just I can go sliding around my kitchen. I am sure my 5 and 7 year old children will be right there with me.

    Thank you for your encouraging words!

  22. 22
    georgia tarheel says:

    We met and loved it! It is hard! But we are so encouraged that God is meeting us! It was so sweet to talk about times when God was so close and we felt so sure He was giving us a taste of what was to come. What we both said was that we wish we were there still (again?). We both had very real, intimate times with God and yet now don’t feel so close. We were encouraged by each other that while we may have moved, God is still beside us and waiting for us to completely trust Him as our one and only God!!!

    AND we (the other lady I meet with) decided we could be a five or more group with perfect attendance because it has been me, her, and the Trinity! Does that count???????????? LOL

    Blessings to you all at LPM!


  23. 23
    Anonymous says:

    Wow,#3 really spoke to me!! I have been praying for almost a year over a conflict between me and my mom. It has affected other relationship in our family. I haved prayed telling God what to do in the situation. That is not my job.

  24. 24
    Jackie Sue says:

    Miss Beth, You are a HOOT! I’m gonna let my dh in on your suggestions for the kitchen and see what he thinks. I’m gonna try the dancing out on him tonight. Thanks for making me smile. I hate that I’m not in the study with all ya’ll, but love your videos. Oh, and I’ve made your poundcake 2 times…we love it!!!

  25. 25
    donna says:

    We have had perfect attendances> we meet in Washington state. we have really enjoyed the study and being able to get together ;also have so much enjoyed watching the video. One of our girls even just got out of the hospital after a surgery the day of our first study but came, pain meds and all.
    Wives of the Warriors, Washington

  26. 26
    Heidi in Austin says:

    Thanks, Beth, for reinforcing that a good wife does not have to use the stove or oven- I am a microwaving- George Foreman fool! Does that count as cooking? I can also go through a drive-thru like nobody’s business- 🙂

    Your are an encouragement for us soloists- got out of my bible study routine on vacation, and am almost caught up- thanks for the accountability.

    God is so great to give us glimpses of future promises- my hubby being so great with little ones and babies, seeing older couples so happy and in love- I feel like God is saying, enjoy where you are now and this will be great too, someday!

    Our SS lesson this week was on having false idols! I felt so smart! Can’t wait to see you on the big screen this Friday and Saturday! I’ll be watching from Great Hills!

  27. 27
    Anonymous says:

    Kitchen gadgets are the best!! We have discussions when the boys are putting them away and trying to figure out if they are uni-taskers or multi-taskers. No one can beat your famous ice cream scoop!!

    I cannot wait for this weekend and seeing you, Beth, in person. For our bus trip down, I am planning on making one of the chicken salads from Melissa’s list and if I’m really crazy 🙂 the apple gallette to leave for my men.
    This Bible study continues to be a blessing for our entire family!!
    Vera Koch
    Tremont, Illinois

  28. 28
    Worship Warrior says:

    I watch your video Beth and really enjoyed it, as I too believe that a clean kitchen means you shouldn’t cook in it! But what really spoke to me was the first discussion question: the difference between wanting something and craving something. Well, if our physical body craves something it’s because our body has a deficiency in something. So when we crave chocolate we are actually craving iron; but instead of eating, say, spinach which has iron we eat chocolate because it’s much more desirable. Iron contains an enzyme key that is needed to make proteins for our body. However, chocolate contains a false enzyme key – so we feel like chocolate satisfies that craving but in the long run we really need the iron in the spinach.

    So when we crave something, be it emotional or whatever, we have a deficiency, and so often we reach for something that offers a false key, (false god), that leaves us emotionally drained or just emotionally shot. Though if we go to Him in the first place for our deficiency, He will give us the key and it will be so much more fulfilling than the false ones.

    I’ve struggled with being loved and accepted for who God made me. Instead of going to Him for validation I went to people, God knows what a mistake that was, I went to fantasies, and I tried to find validation in my work; my false gods. They weren’t fulfilling, they didn’t work. But coming back to Him I find validation, fulfillment, and value.

    – Sarah!

  29. 29
    Beth says:

    Girls, WE HAVE OUR WINNING GROUP!! No, it’s not the group of two who added the Trinity to their numbers…although I really liked that math. And it’s not the faux group of 200 with perfect attendance that nearly scared me to death…although I could have emptied out my entire kitchen. Indeed our winning group – providing they confirm 5 or more participants – comes from the American northwest. Donna has written us from the great State of Washington testifying that the “Wives of the Warriors” doing the Siesta Summer Bible Study have had perfect attendance! I am so glad it’s Washington! Do you guys remember when we did our survey at the beginning of the summer to see where all our Bible study Siestas were located and I told you we’d had a huge showing from Washington State? I’m so proud of them! And it shouldn’t be nearly so hot in their kitchens either.

    Donna, I know all of you in your group are just dying to receive my care package of kitchen wares! I didn’t see the number of group members in your comment but it had a confident tone to it that made me pretty sure you have five or more. And I was very impressed with the one who attended just out of the hospital! Please email LPM at [email protected] and let us know the exact number of group members and one address where I can joyfully send this care package.

    I might just take a picture of what I’ve compiled for them and post it at some point to spur the rest of you on to perfect attendance in the future. I know you’re going to wish you’d won when you see these fabulous prizes from yours truly, the Queen of Kitchens.

    Oh, what people miss when they don’t hang out and study the Word with weird women.

  30. 30
    Kathy (In Arkansas) says:

    Oh Beth this is so “impressive’….I wish that I could enter the contest and win your gadgets…I might be able to throw in a few myself…

    I am solo and woefully behind because of vacation…and other “life issues’ as well….

    A non-cook here but who could easily collect dinnerware…(and never use it)

  31. 31
    Susan says:

    I am behind on my study and my group members dropped out and one is on her way to Montana where she will now live, but I am still with it!

    I am so looking forward to the simulcast this weekend! We will be attending at Cedar Run Comm Church in Herndon Virginia. Three of us will be staying at the Hilton out that way Friday night for some extra special GIRL TIME! WOO-HOO! I can’t wait to do LPL with you, Travis and the rest of the Siesta’s!

    I just have to put in a praise and thank you to Diane Riley, LPM’s Resource Manager. She was so helpful to me this week and her love and attitude just SHINES! Diane, you rock and thanks again!

    Hugs and Blessings,


  32. 32
    roxanne says:

    We are going to have a total blast in Heaven together!!! I cannot wait!
    I have been a little down because I jufst found out that one of my favorite pastors in the world took a position at a different church. (Evidently he was not as crazy about me as I was of him! Go figure!!)
    Watching the video today and reading all these comments really cracked me up! Thanks, Siestas!!
    You all are the best and I love you with an everlasting love!!

    When we all get to Heaven, what a day of REJOICING that will be. When the Siestas see Jesus, we’ll sing and shout the VICTORY!

    Beth, you are absolutely precious beyond words!! I am so thankful to the LORD for you and your ministry!!

    Love you all!

  33. 33
    Rebecca says:

    Hey mamma beth! My girls while i was out of town had there meeting this week but guess what……only 1 showed up while the others blew it off and didnt even call eachother! Its not looking good… fells like were under attack so please pray for me and my group of girls! I love you Beth! Your amazing!

  34. 34
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Hi Spiritual Mom Beth:)

    There was just Kassidy and I this wk cause the other two are out of town:)
    1)We think that “craving” is obsessive and “want” is more of a desire; we agree that the only One we should crave is HIM. Secrecy means something’s not right and/or needs accntblty. Esp. if it is something that we feel like we can’t share w/ our husband, but with others first or not at all.
    2)Kassidy is also doing fert. type tests and she is seeing how God is her encouragement (ie a word, song, or thru a person);Gen. 18:14 is a verse God had for Kassidy to encourage her to be patient and wait for His timing.PRAISE! her cond. is prob. not what we thought it was; statistically, a better chance for pregnancy!:) For me there has been glimpses too-I just want to fully know what I have in Him to begin with; experientially and all to His glory. Tasting it or knowing about the “abundant life” or “more than a conqueror” life; what it really looks like, makes you want it (in a healthy way)It may not be an easy life, but it is full:)
    3.)”Lord, there is no more patience, humility, godly discernment, belief! Lord, I am wanting/craving You the most and trusting Your Sovereignty!
    Firstly: Lord, I want to love You!”
    We prayed for all these things, and we decided to be accntble to ea. other to remind ea. other to pray for our husbands the most, and to be healthy in our interests and our relationships.

    Have a blessed night, Spiritual Mom Beth:)
    couple of verses Kassidy and I looked at tonight; what the enemy tries to do to us:
    Lam. 3:53-59 (AMP)

    Love in our beautiful CHRIST,

    p.s. (sorry Mrs. Melissa, we love your suggestions, but we had my ckn salad since it was just the two of us:)

  35. 35
    hkudla says:

    First off Beth, thank you for sharing that bit I wrote about forgiveness. I hope and pray that your reading it will use the bit that I have been taught through my experiences to help others (and those words will reach more people since you read them, and have a wider audience than I do) and bring glory to God.

    1. Oh that is so true. I had a relationship in college that aspects of it began to control me… and those were the aspects I hid from everyone else. I think now, the things that I would hide, have been coming to light through this study, and then I use what I have learned every two weeks and share it with my counselor.. then someone else knows about it too… its that whole, bringing it into the light and stop being secretive about it. It starts to break the hold that something has on you.

    2. Fruit of a future promise? I have seen glimpses of my healing, hope for further healing – bits of healing from big things along the way… days of good starting to outweigh the days of bad (depression and anxiety) – it has given me encouragement to keep going as long as I remember what He has done, and keep my eyes fixed on Him… not where I am at.

    I think that the last day of week six got me the most. Talking about our idols weighing us down, and how we end up carrying our idols… they may have started out as something good, but we started to exalt them, then worship them, and end up carrying them, along with all our other burdens.
    But we can lay them down just drop our burdens, our idols at His feet, finally laying down all the we have been carrying…
    I wrote in my journal today…
    “When I have done that (collapsing at His feet exhausted) sometimes I have expected punishment… yet You gently take those things from me and cover me, pour Your life and love and comfort into my soul. I just have to let go and let you minister to my soul.”

    Its the letting go that is so hard. I have to pry my fingers off of the things I think I need.

    On another note, I am so excited for this weekend… I will be seeing you from Marshfield, WI on the big screen… I am going by myself (no other friends were able to make it) So, not only solo for this group, but solo for the weekend too! Can’t wait though to meet other sisters in Christ from the area! And I can’t wait to see what God will do…

    Love you all, and God bless,
    Heather (solo in WI)

  36. 36
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Forgot to mention:)

    Praying for you for this weekend:) I know God will bring us a Word through you. God does big things…Holy Spirit sized things:) He loves you lots, big hair and all…just hold His hand, princess warrior, daughter of the King:)


  37. 37
    Anonymous says:

    We have just finished our 4th meeting with the five original ladies having perfect attendance.
    We had one other lady join us and has been present since the second meeting making up our group of six.
    We are in Rome, Georgia and are members of Pleasant Valley South Baptist Church.

    We love and appreciate you, Beth.
    Original group Carol, Andrea, Donna, Jerri, Edna with Beth joining us late.,

  38. 38
    amber says:

    My husband bought me a sign for my kitchen. It reads “A real princess never cooks”. I truly am a princess by those standards, and his princess which is even better!

  39. 39
    Beth says:

    Way to go, Siestas from Pleasant Valley South in Rome, Georgia! Perfect attendance + one!! We’ve had one group come in before you and we’re waiting to confirm their numbers but we give you a HUGE THUMBS UP! Any kind of summer study typically has a big drop-out rate (that’s one of the main reasons we’re doing this) so you guys hit the ball out of the park. I love you and I’m so blessed to be your servant!

  40. 40
    Rachel in Louisiana says:

    There were three of us this morning from our group of seven. It was perfect for today because it allowed us to share more openly and boy did we share. Deep, painful stuff. God is really dealing with us about things…some of them are things we never even knew we needed to deal with. I know for me personally God has showed me that some insecurities and issues of trust I thought I had dealt with long ago are really just disguised in other things I do now. Don’t know if that makes sense to you without explaining it in detail, but I know God is asking me to root it up and throw it out for good.

    Pray that we all have to courage and strength to let go of our idols and let God take complete control in every part of our life.

  41. 41
    Tracey says:

    We’re logging in!!! We just finished with 6 ladies that have met every week instead of every other!!!

    The theme for tonight was…Christ, a gracious offer of pardon, peace, and happiness.

    Plain City, Ohio

    [email protected]

  42. 42
    Michelle Bentham says:

    Two of my ladies checked in early at the forums and shared that they would probably be in late and no one else checked in for our live session tonight at 8:00 PM.

    My answers are:

    1. Craving something is not just about the things we desire to have or want, they are things that we will do anything to have – an insatiable, uncontrolled desire that consumes us. I know something in my life is getting out of control when I will do ANYTHING… beg, borrow or steal to hold onto it. It is not a need, it is just something I feel I have to do and usually when it is over it just leaves me completely unsatisfied and longing for more.

    2. My women’s ministry and blog experiences: When I began in women’s ministry at our previous church I strongly sensed God did not want me to “put down” roots in that place. He wanted me to learn and grow as I worked through that ministry and then be prepared when He called us away to leave it for the next leg or our journey. first, in our experience at our previous church my ability to write and teach from my relationship with God came to the surface. I would have never envisioned this for myself. Next, my role in women’s leadership is also something I never would have enlisted myself in because – well I felt ill equipped and unqualified for the position. The time I spent administrating, planning and developing a ministry plan, and facilitating Bible study gave me a firm foundation for building a future ministry that includes my writing my own curriculum and teaching from my relationship and growth with God through His Word.

    I tasted a bit of this fruit as I led women’s ministry and experienced the growth of others and the results of being faithful in such an environment. It also required me to let go of that ministry completely to move fully into the plans God has for me now –in this new season of our lives.

    3. The number one thing I do before I refer my doubts and concerns to God is to try to fix it or manage it myself. I do it almost every single time. Sometimes I talk it over with someone else and get advice or ask them for help before letting God address it first.

    I wanted to take a minute to share this testimony about how this has worked in my life:

    My son, Justin, had a mountain of problems that were compounded by some really bad decisions he had made over the course of the last year of his life. I prayed for many months to only to find that things got progressively worse. We went through a criminal investigation and a 7 day period of him being in jail. It was right before this point that I had an exercise in “Living Beyond Yourself.” We were to write our most ardent prayer request down on a card and lift the card up to God. I was to praise God for the answer to that prayer request by faith. Beth said, “When this comes to your mind again, don’t prayer over it – praise God for the answer instead. I did just that.”

    This cultivated such a heart and attitude of praise in my Spirit that when the accident and his death came along I was able to praise God and thank God through it. All of this in spite of the pain not in place of it. We must find a way to lay our most ardent requests and our deepest needs before the Lord so that He may be glorified through it.

    My prayer is:

    Lord, You know our needs before one of them comes due – so Lord, I am asking you to be huge in my oldest daughter’s life. You know where she is and what she is going through and I fully entrust her to You. I thank You Lord that You have heard and answered my prayer, In Jesus Name, AMEN.

    Beth, this study has been such… such a blessing. So interesting – I am in the midst of writing an inner-healing focused grief curriculum for a group I will be leading this fall. One of the issues we will be dealing with is laying down idols. Since my group will be bereaved moms, the tendency to build idols out of our children or their death looms huge. I remember sitting on my son’s grave three years ago after he died and praying, “Lord, please, do not let Justin become an idol that stands between you and I.”

    Thankfully, Justin is not one of the idols I’m dealing with today – but he could have been… oh he could have been…

    My kitchen tip is cooking after dark. I love to cook and use the oven. So— I’m hopeless!

  43. 43
    Brenda says:

    Beth, I can’t thank you eneough for encouraging all of us out there to do this Bible Study with you. This is the best thing I have done for myself all summer. I am doing this solo, and it has been great, God has revealed soooo much to me through this study. I cannot even imagine the conversations those who are in small groups are having over this Bible Study. My husband and I have been praying for a certain situation to change for us for over fifteen years. At times it has been very discouraging and frustrating for us, we have questioned God, and asked why? many times. God has answered some of those to us, and has shown himself to be more than faithful even when we don’t deserve it. But God has revealed to me through this study to be patient because in his time he will change our circumstances. I in the mean time have been filling that void with many idols, and craving for our cicumstances to change without changing my heart first. What really amazed me was when Kelly had us do the exercise on page 131. Where we had to pick a psalm based on where we were in our life right now, I was clearly directed to read psalm 37 not knowing what it was about I nearly fell to the ground praising God in tears. It was like he was right there reading it to me in person. As soon as my husband got home I shared it with him and he too shed tears of joy, thanking God for his word. If it would have been our choice we would have had God change our cicumstance fifteen years ago, but realize God has a much bigger plan and we need to obey and trust he will come through for us. God Bless,and Praise God for his word! Brenda ( Beth I love your little extra hints at the end of your video’s I am an ex hairdresser and could totally relate to your hair issues!!)

  44. 44
    Richelle says:

    Beth-We didn’t have perfect attendance so as the leader of the group, I didn’t mention the kitchen prizes. However, after discussing the Israelites and the manna, we all decided they didn’t appreciate how easy they had it. We are all tired of the kitchen right now and how much time it can consume. I like your ideas for kitchen paraphernalia and have already used my sock feet for dancing and sometimes I break into a cheer from my cheerleading days in high school. The nogs in Kingston, TN are loving this study and a few of us will see you by way of the simulcast on Friday and Saturday. Can’t wait!!!
    The Tennessee Eight

  45. 45
    allyaggie says:

    We are not able to boast perfect attendance, but are proud of our “steady attendance.” It is so easy to find reasons to bow out, but 7 out of our original 8 were in attendance tonight.
    I’m starting to feel a real kinship and closeness with our ladies. I “made” most of them pray aloud tonight, and I think that was my favorite part. I love to hear ladies talk to Jesus…especially those who are unused to doing it aloud and in front of others…genuine and heart-felt.
    Thanks Beth for organizing us! We are blessed!


  46. 46
    Luv2Praise says:

    We may not have perfect attendance but we are perfect in who attended! This is one group of women who God specifically chose to share in this study! Although we would have loved to have won the kitchen surprises, our Heavenly Father has showed up in a big way this evening and has truly blessed us, we already feel like winners.

    1. We think the difference between cravings and wantings are the obsessions that drive the cravings. We spoke about cravings with foods, alcohol, and even maybe relationships that drive us to be obsessive. We all agreed about if you are hiding something you are probably out of control. Again hiding food, some people spoke about hiding newly purchased clothes or shoes, we won’t mention names (lol). It was a great conversation and not something we would have thought of.

    2. Joyce shared with the group that shortly before her mom went on to eternal life with Christ, she yelled out “Jesus” and when Joyce asked her if she saw him, she said “It is so beautiful”. Joyce felt that Christ had just given her a glimpse of what was to come. I thought that was a beautiful example of Christ showing us the fruit. It also shows us the depth of his faithfulness to us. To know that he is with us through the worst trials.

    3. We actually did not get to the first half of the question but due to the depth of our conversations we went to the prayer time. I will not divulge what was prayed for out of respect for my fellow Siesta’s but I will tell you that as each one of us prayed, our hearts melted together as one and I believe we truly felt God’s love and devotion as we reached out to each other in compassion and love. We each had shared common experiences in our lifetime. Things that are kept “secret” were revealed and instead of being rejected we were accepted, instead of being laughed at, we were loved, instead of being pushed away we were held closer. That is what our Savior did here tonight and I know that this is just the beginning of the blessings he will bestow upon us.

    I can’t thank you enough, and I know my Siesta’s feel the same for facilitating this study. Kelly Minter has just opened her own heart and ours to what God is revealing in his Word and it is powerful.

    Joel 2: 25-27

    So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locusts has eaten. The Crawling locust. And the chewing locust. My great army which I sent among you. You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, And praise the name of the Lord your God, Who has dealt wondrously with you; And My people shall never be put to shame. Then you shall know that I am in the midst of Israel: I am the Lord your God And there is no other. My people shall never be put to shame.

    In his Love, Lori

  47. 47
    Holly says:

    Our group met tonight in my basement, while the upstairs of my home was filled with cousins and family that is in visiting this week. I felt the LORD lead me to keep the date…and I’m so glad.

    Girls, we have some huge prayer needs in our group. Melodee’s son Ezra, who is almost three, is in stage four cancer and had surgery today. Tonight, he’s running a high fever over 103. Please pray for Ezra.

    Also, we all have agreed that we have been under a load of spiritual attack leading to depression and short-temperedness–Satan does not want us to unload these idols/ functional gods in our lives. No he likes us to carry them and give him room to do his thing in our lives. But in Jesus’ Name, we say NO!

    Kelly has done such a great job on this study, and we have SO needed it! Bless her! We do not lose heart, and we continue to fight the battle on our knees.

    Holly in Monument, CO

  48. 48
    Nancy says:

    Nothin’ hotter than a south Florida kitchen…and we love culinary gadgets as much as the next siesta, but perfect attendance has eluded all 9 of us. We have been meeting in a community room at someone’s condo. The kids swim while we chat and eat:) Last week, a maintenance worker arrived to take measurements for upcoming renovations.(think toolbelt and all) Asks if we mind, we say no. After listening a couple of minutes, says “Mind if I ask you a question?” Being good Baptist siestas, we think–bet this man is gonna get saved right here today. Turns out, I do not think he was saved, but man oh man we could not then get rid of him. Every once in a while he would throw out a verse that he felt applied to our discussion. It was a tad unsettling to have him standing behind our chairs as we were talking, but we just went with it. He wanted to be a siesta in the worst way, and we hadn’t even gotten out the food yet!
    How funny, that even as we talked about making room in our hearts for God, the maintenance guy was there with his measuring tape getting ready for what was to come in the very room we were sitting in. It was a visual reminder of the work God wants to do in us if we will make room. Naples, Florida is loving this study and is ready for some much needed renovations!

  49. 49
    Anonymous says:

    Our group has so enjoyed this Summer Bible Study and we are already looking forward to next summer (hint, hint). We were all disappointed that we didn’t have perfect attendance and didn’t qualify for your kitchen gadget contest. We would love to see a picture of the gift though!!

    I hadn’t realized before how easy it is to have an idol and not even realize it! Your kids can be an idol, ok that is an easy one but I thought I was holding them loosely yet I know I would have acted differently than Abraham did! I have always wondered what kind of fit his wife MUST have had (I sure would have had a fit if my hubby wanted to sacrifice MY son). You know what I mean? We can put it under a veil of love and protection, but if God is asking for it and we can’t let it go, WOW.

  50. 50
    Melana says:

    Well first of all, thank-you for the kitchen tips. I personally practice some of those tips myself. And Beth, knowing that I do not have to be a domestic goddess in the kitchen to be a Godly woman, just thrills me!

    Question one created the most discussion. Craving brings on such an intense want, that we are never at peace as long as we are craving it. And once obtained, the thing rarely brings the desired and hoped for effect. Our perception of the desired is not accurate. The secretive thing….yes, we understand. If I’m keeping this thing, this desire, this relationship from my spouse, my friends, my God (we think), it is in an improper place in our lives.

    Beth, we ended discussing the fact that many times, we don’t have something to fill in on Kelly’s questions. One of us even said, “I must not be far enough along in my walk, not spiritual enough, to have that area of concern”. It occurs to me only now after my NOGS have left, that, that is a lie of Satan. If he can get me to doubt that I’m not even walking with Jesus close enough to have problems, I might think I never can, and just give up walking with Him altogether. Or, end up thinking EVERYONE, has their spiritual life so much more together than me, that they have “a past”, and I don’t. Oh what cruel games he plays, and we are all too often so ready to join him.

    It is not a source of pride that we are (at this moment) without some “baggage”, but an acknowledgement of the Grace of the One who has redeemed us!!!

    Melana in Wyoming

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