Just Dreaming?

Hey, Siestas! It’s Bible study day and I don’t have three minutes to spare but I had a thought I wanted to quickly share with you. I’m sitting at my breakfast room table with my Bible, books, and notes, putting the last few sentences on my message for tonight. (Can’t sit outside because the wind is whipping so hard that I can’t keep my notes on the table! It’s nearly blowing the feathers off my blue jays!) Keith is out and about, leaving the house nice and quiet so I can prepare – which was going well until I got distracted by a particularly silly birddog.

Beanie is sound asleep on the couch but must be dreaming she’s chasing a rabbit or a squirrel. She’s barking in her sleep the way she does when she’s chasing a critter and all four legs are going back and forth as if she’s running like the wind. It’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. She does it periodically so maybe one of these days after I master the camera, I can move to video and catch her in action.

Every time she does it I think the same thing: is that what we’re doing? Are we just snoozing our way through (purposeful) life and day dreaming about how we’re going to chase down what Christ chased us down for – or are we going to wake up and actively pursue what God has created us for – even when the path gets rough? I ask the question because I’ve faced the dilemma. See if you can go here with me a minute: We get some vision from God and get pretty jazzed about it then, as God leads, we start taking steps that direction and suddenly the path gets hard. Or LONG. We wanted to leap there. Not crawl there. Somehow we weren’t expecting it to be like this. We were thinking it was going to be fun. Always fulfilling. And, for crying out loud, not so dad-blasted hard and irritating. We didn’t want to have to learn it or live it. We just wanted to do it. NOW.

So we retreat and decide we dreamed it all up – just like Satan was hoping we would. We don’t understand that the pressures we face getting to our places of full-throttle effectiveness in Christ are crucial for developing the muscle to sustain ministry there. He’s developing the character the calling requires. The Apostle Paul knew better than anybody what the path to Christ-ordained effectiveness required. In 1 Corinthians 16:8-9, he told of a “great and effectual door” that God had opened for him in Ephesus and in the same breath mentioned the great opposition he faced there. Let me echo here on this blog again and again: Satan will never oppose us more than when he thinks we’re onto our callings. Bet on that. As L.B. Cowman said in Streams in the Desert, “Both in the physical realm and spiritual realm, great pressure means great power.” (p.9)

Read these words from Paul with a fresh application to your significant life:
“Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me…Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:12-14)

Let nothing – no obstacle, opposition, pressure, PAST, or passage of time – stop you besides Christ Himself. And if HE does, stop immediately. It will be only for your good and your clarification. You will know the difference as you lie on your face before Him and ask Him. To double check that we ourselves have not inadvertently caused a delay, let’s be sure and turn dramatically from pride and every hint of selfish ambition so that Christ can entrust us with power from on high…

“For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come.” Habakkuk 2:3

“Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you”! Eph. 5:14



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  1. 101
    Jenn23 says:

    Thank you for taking time to write that. I needed to hear that. God is good! 🙂

  2. 102
    Sita Henderson says:

    Beth, this post reverberated in my heart and I quickly looked at my blog when I first decided to step out..[http://sitahenderson.blogspot.com/2007/09/what-led-up-to.html] and then at the end of 2007 how I reflected on how difficult the journey had been thus far…[http://sitahenderson.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2007-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-05%3A00&updated-max=2008-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-05%3A00&max-results=50]
    I wish that God would remove the wall of waters, but that wall is keeping me tied to trusting Him, teaching me about daily manna. Your study has contributed so much. Thank you, Beth.
    Love, Sita

  3. 103
    Debbie in CA says:

    Wow, thank you Beth. I have a vision that I feel is from God, but right now I am definitely in a season of muscle building! I know without a doubt He needed me to go through this, so I would know if I am strong enough! He is building my boundary muscles along with my faith muscles. He is so faithful!

  4. 104
    Amy T says:

    I so needed this post. I recently went part-time and then my husband’s salary was cut. I have been stressing quite a bit lately on going back to work full-time. I need to spend more time in prayer and follow God’s lead in what He wants me to do. While this is not strictly ministry related, I still felt it applies. Thanks!

  5. 105
    Anonymous says:

    As we are working on and through our ministries that God has set out for us , I want to remind ourselves , that yes , what we are going through feels like a long an arduous journey. But then so is the journey that your brother and sister is on. So , let’s encourage each other DAILY , whenever we speak to one another , just as Beth has here today. It is vitally important with what the enemy is doing in his slimy work against us ,because we can so easily feel defeated. What a help it is to hear from a brother or sister in Christ ” Great work you are doing ! You are appreciated ! ” Words of encouragement are powerful. Let’s BE that encourager for someone else EVERY day , shall we ? I need it and I know you do to !

    Thank you Beth , for encouraging us on. Oh that we could do MORE of that for each other !!

    Siestas , you are POWERFUL ! You are doing the work of our ALMIGHTY GOD ! Stand firm . Be encouraged. Know that this is all for His glory.

    He LOVES us !!! : )

  6. 106
    sara says:

    Wow, that left me with tears in my eyes. I’m in yet another period of waiting in my life. I know how good it feels when the waiting is over. I know God is strengthening me for what lies ahead. However, it is still so hard not to question God and wonder, “did you forget about this??” 🙂 Thanks for reminding me of Habakkuk 2:3. That is a GOOD WORD. God has given me a passion and vision for certain things and I believe He WILL bring it to fulfillment at the perfect time. Praise our sweet, tender, loving Father.

  7. 107
    SJ says:

    Thanks! I needed that.

  8. 108
    Teresa Kimbel says:

    You spoke to me so loudly today. I believe I must have started blogging this month to just get this entry. I know that God is opening a door of ministry to me that’s larger than I am and I need strength and patience to persevere while I wait. I am in the pains of childbirth, so to speak, waiting for this to come to pass. I know a door is opening for me that is so large I need power from on high to go through it. Thank you so much for encouraging me today. I will re-read this entry everyday, I promise you.
    Can’t wait to meet you in Heaven,
    Teresa Kimbel

  9. 109
    Christy says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Beth. I know our sweet little family is in “training” right now. I guess I need to get down on my face more b/c I keep coming back to the struggle of feeling confused on whether it’s the enemy or whether it’s the voice of Jesus guiding my steps. I’m reminded just now that “a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” Is it instability b/c I am not wholehearted or instability b/c I’m allowing the enemy to push me around? I certainly need some serious “face” time ….

  10. 110
    Shelly says:

    Going to grab onto this rhema….in the midst of some present crawling. I’ll give thanks to His faithful Name.

    I KNOW that the Lord my God is God…

  11. 111
    Anonymous says:

    This is so timely! God seems to be opening a door in ministry for my husband and I to walk through that would take us back to our “hometown”. However, I was the woman many years ago that “lived a sinful life in that town” (reminiscent of the woman with the alabaster jar…)and the enemy has been working a number on me over the last few days using my past. Praise Christ that He rescued me from all that and has made me NEW! But boy, Satan wants to keep me from ever setting foot back there in my new life and giving God any Glory in the process. Talk about putting on the pressure….
    Yes, I believe that God would bring me and my family back to the very place where I blew it so long ago, in a new life and as a minister’s wife (doesn’t that beat all!)but the enemy sure doesn’t want me to believe that I AM WHO GOD SAYS I AM (to coin a phrase I heard someone say….)
    Thank you SisterBeth for the encouragement!
    Blessings in ABUNDANCE to you!

  12. 112
    HIS Child says:

    Praise you for your confirming words. I have been stepping out in faith for the plans He showed me very clearly I might add. I am slow sometimes. As I have had a prayer from our Pastor over all that raised their hands (in our service )and a very clear out of the blue appointment to confirm that I move in the direction that the Lord put on my heart.
    The opposition has been very clearly manifested in alot of physical problems.
    I needed to see this today as I have spent the last six days in bed. I truly thank Him for you and the way He uses you to speak so clearly to all of us.
    I am soooooooo looking foward to April in San Diego with you.
    God bless and keep you.

  13. 113
    Valarie says:

    I love looking at the comments and seeing my siestas telling you exactly what I’m thinking! The Word was just for me! I just love the Lord so much for speaking to each of us right where we are!! He’s so awesome and so are you for being obedient! (sorry for all the yellin but Jesus makes me shout!!!!!) 😉
    Livin with purpose!

  14. 114
    tiggerdaisy says:

    Once again, you have given me something to search my heart about and go to God with. Thank you, my sweet sister.

    Just curious. A few weeks ago when you ran the quick Q&A blog, someone asked about the relationship with Michael. Who is Michael? This must have been addressed well before I came on the siesta scene!


  15. 115
    Jen says:

    I needed that today. My husband and I were just talking about how pursuing what God has called us to can often make us a target for the enemy. Thank you for encouraging us to press on.

    Love you,

    Jen (the newlywed!)

  16. 116
    Jeanette says:

    Seems I’m a day late but am completely awed that I thought “Just Dreaming” was just for me…only to find others exactly where I am. Amazing…


  17. 117
    Anonymous says:

    I love you and your blog. You make us feel like part of your family. I’m enjoying the Stepping Up study and learning to get on my face. Excited to see what God has in store. I thought of you when I heard Starbucks was closed for several hours on Tuesday and wondered if you survived!!
    Blessings from a fellow Texan

  18. 118
    LeighAnne says:

    Ms. Beth – your words are always so timely and encouraging. Thanks for sharing with all of us siestas out here! I will be married a year in April and the Lord has had me in a season of “rest” from ministry. (My ministry has been forming a solid foundation with my precious husband over the last year.) I changed churches when we married and I can sense the Lord beginning to stir in me some ministry (with my pastor’s blessing of course). I pray that those stirrings would become alive and real in his timing. Thanks for the encouragement today. I needed it!!

  19. 119
    Sheri Lyn says:

    What powerful words for me!! Thank you so much – I love how God speaks through you into the lives of so many!!

    Praying for you and your family!

  20. 120
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Beth, Thank you for you thoughts. I’m getting ready to complete my finals in Theology – Boy, I’m tired. Folks keeping saying ‘hang in there, you can see the finishing tape’ but if i’m being honest I’m kinda sitting on the grass bank at the moment – Yes I can see the finishing tape but I’m so so tired. God called me into ministry 6 years ago and I can’t believe I’m about to enter it – scary!!! Thank you for encouraging me to get back up and head for the finishing tape – I’ve got a lot of blisters on my feet, but here I go!!!

  21. 121
    Anonymous says:

    Beth, Thank you! This is SO timely. This is my first comment but I am a long time reader. I have been dating a wonderful man who loves the Lord for 9 months now. I have a peace with him that I have never felt with anyone else and I know the Lord has called us in to relationship with one another. Long story short-I am terrified of his mother for several reasons (my possible future mother-in-law) and I wonder if it is “wise” to willingly know what I know and walk forward with this man in to an engagement. The enemy is using it to say “just break it off, it’s easier to be single and selfish-you are already 30 and have made it this far!” I keep going back to A Heart Like His where you point us to 1 John 3- God can change my heart because He is greater than our hearts! It is so obvious we have been called together and satan is casting fear and doubt. I have taken all of your Bible studies and I pray for you all the time and am so thankful that God has used you in such a mighty way!

  22. 122
    Anonymous says:

    Wow, I so needed this word. My husband and I are going through two difficult situations at once in church and in his workplace…it has been difficult to know when God has shut the door or Satan has discouraged us. I am also doing Stepping Up so getting on my face has really helped clear some of my “vision problems”! We have a long road to go, but we are still on the journey. PTL!

  23. 123
    Anonymous says:

    Boy oh Boy, did that speak to me. I have been thinking that I sure wish someone else would step up and be the Moderator for our study group. I have done this before and surely it is someone else’s turn now. Surely God is leading someone else to do this. (Then I can just enjoy.) Oh how selfish of me. I am on my face in repentance. Thanks!
    “Stepping Up.”

  24. 124
    Tina says:

    I so so so so needed to hear that today.
    When we keep out appointments with God then he further reveals what we are appointed to.
    Yes, pushing through it si really really hard… but I KNOW he has called… and this further confirms that it is high time to leap off the couch and run out of my dreams into the reality of HIS CALLING.
    Bless you girl…

  25. 125
    Tracie says:

    I thought of you with fondness yesterday when I heard that Starbucks was closed yesterday. Despite that, and all because of your devotion to our Father in Heaven, bible study was awesome!

  26. 126
    Faith says:

    A hearty AMEN!!!

  27. 127
    Jan... says:

    I’m totally with you sister! I get you!

  28. 128
    jackie806 says:

    Every time I get discouraged, God provides me with encouragement to keep moving forward. Thanks, Beth, for being my encouragement today.

  29. 129
    Kristen Schiffman says:

    Where words journey
    Only to fall incomplete
    Where hearts to a hollow tune
    Brokenly beat –
    Where worlds spin
    And churn and collide
    Where homes once sweet
    Now in two, divide –
    Where the path paved
    Is covered with debris
    Where the smiling eye
    Offers tears silently –
    Where the joy of the dawn
    Nervously wanes
    Where the blaze of the night
    Stills its neck and cranes –
    Heard above the loss
    Discovered among the remains
    Even now lifts a voice
    To the One Who Sustains
    And where sacred is the soil
    Humbled, wholly I am found
    Where deep calls to deep, my God
    Yet Your faithfulness surrounds

  30. 130
    Anonymous says:

    Beth, I just returned from your study last night and once again, how can I/We thank you enough for being brave enough to follow your ministry??? I have had an overwhelming “attack” to indulge in my personal stronghold while participating in your study- Frankly, I have experienced a step back into my defensive and insecure ego- it has seemed I was “doomed” Laying down our strongholds on the altar last night was a wonderful opportunity-your blog was right on- as each of us struggle with our unique call-we should welcome the challenges and attacks- it must mean we are on to something special for Jesus himself- and you are right, Christ does seem to STOP us when we get off track after we haved learned the lesson presented- if you could elaborate on how we know when we have received a “word” as you taught last night and should declare/claim that word with gratitude, it would be much appreciated- I usually receive words almost in an audible manner or through a specific scripture (in an unexpected manner which matches my trial almost exactly) I’m rambling, but lots of blessings and love to you and yours, an appreciative member of your class.

  31. 131
    Kelley at Aroma of Joy says:

    How funny that I am leaving a comment for Beth Moore! I feel just giddy about that! I just started blogging in December and I am blown away by what connections I have made with Godly women. Of course my hubby and kids think I have lost my mind in cyberspace somewhere.

    Anyway, I don’t know if you will read this (it is comment 271 and all) but what you posted today spoke LOUDLY to my heart! I have been praying for God’s lead and looking for His will regarding a decision I have to make. I posted about it last night and then I came here today. Coincidence? HMMM….

    Well thanks for the forum and I will definitely be back!

    God Bless You~~~Kelley

  32. 132
    Rachel says:

    That is exactly what I needed to hear today. Even though it hurts a little because I have been desperately searching for that easy path and starting to question the calling. Thanks Beth.

  33. 133
    Rachel says:

    That is exactly what I needed to hear today. Even though it hurts a little because I have been desperately searching for that easy path and starting to question the calling. Thanks Beth.

  34. 134
    Michele says:

    Thank you for such a great post! I know God’s been trying to get me to keep pressing on to what he wants for me, but I get side tracked a lot! Thank you for being the voice I needed to hear today!

  35. 135
    miss pamela says:


    I get up early each morning to have my Quiet Time and I always check to see if there is a new post. I’m new at this blogging stuff. How blessed we are that you take such every day occurrences and relate them to our spiritual life.

    I have been in bondage to myself – been a Christian for years – a true devoted lover of God’s Word and since my husband of 32 years left me I have known the love of Christ that sustains me – and He has given me great teachers at my home church and like you and Dr. Charles Stanley – how grateful I am – but this year – I have finally believed that God has a purpose for me – yes me – oh how I seek humility, but how freeing it is to not have to be someone else but just be the “me” HE created – thank you for your honesty – I check your website daily and listen to you on Life Outreach every Wednesday – oh I love your series on Words! Thank you for being real and giving yourself to the Lord and the Siestas!

    You are Loved!

  36. 136
    Jackie Sue says:

    thanks for the encouragement. sometimes i am so confused of what the calling is. i do get weary though and just shared that with my Lord yesterday…He just told me to come to Him, climb up in His lap and tell Him all about it…oh the mercy of our Lord…new every morning…hallalujah!

  37. 137
    beyond this moment says:

    Beth, thank you for your words. They broke my heart and left me a mess today, but thank you. Especially for this truth:
    “Satan will never oppose us more than when he thinks we’re onto our callings.”

    I am so tired… and so done with Satan and all of his interferance. I want nothing more than to just quit… but I can’t stand the thought of giving him the satisfaction. Christ has done too much in and for me.

    Why does it have to cost so much and be so hard?

    Don’t answer that. I know. I believe. I just hurt.

  38. 138
    Emily says:

    This speaks so much to me. I have often wondered if I “dreamed the whole thing up” with the dreams and visions God laid on my heart several years ago. My life doesn’t resemble the calling in my view. I do believe there is a sifting that has to take place, I just have a difficult time sticking with the process because it involves sacrifice on my part. Mainly sacrifice of where I find comfort in my life aside from Christ Himself. Thankyou for your post, it was a great encouragement to me:)

  39. 139
    spamynetwork says:

    Once again God has used you to speak directly to my circumstances.
    “We didn’t want to have to learn it or live it. We just wanted to do it. NOW.”
    I’ve been ‘walloring’ (in my best Southern accent) in this place for a while now. Thankfully in the past couple of days I’ve found myself stirring and waking up. It is as if I’ve been in a dream world of “ifs” and “buts”, and now I’m back in reality – pressing on, moving forward, and running this race. This time of stillness and studying is God’s time of preparing me for the purpose for which He created me.
    Tonight, my small group completed the Stepping Up study. I was a bit disheartened to see it come to a close, but the study of the Psalms of Ascent accomplished what I set out to do. This study of God’s Word has brought me into a place of deeper worship, more passionate relationship, and renewed perseverance to continue the race marked out before me. It isn’t always fun, but when the dust settles and the fog lifts, I will see my sweet Savior’s face. Suddenly none of the hard work or tears will concern me. I’ll be consumed by His presence and awed by His majesty.

    Thank you for such a great post of encouragement at just the right time for this fellow sojourner.

    Love and Blessings to you my sister.

  40. 140
    Lisa says:

    Wow, Beth, those were 3 minutes from the heart of the Lord! I started to post last night and wanted to think on it a little. I am shocked tonight at how many more have commented! You have touched some hearts with these words! It will echo much of what has been said, but I want to add my 2 cents. I kid you not, I have been “threatening” for days to email LPM and ask all manner of related questions. (i.e., How to know if it’s time to move on? Should I be struggling this much if I’m really in God’s will? How can I know if my leap of faith was in the right direction?) You’ve answered so many of them and I didn’t even have to write! Following what seemed to be a clear direction from God, I left a steady job that kept me exhausted and stressed to enter an open door in ministry that God had truly placed on my heart. I absolutely LOVE it, but I have NEVER struggled more financially in my life! Every year I consider – and have even tried – going back to the former job (“Would that I had died in Egypt,” maybe???) and God seems to stop me in my tracks every time! Last year, I went on one seemingly good interview after another, and after about 4 months of that I finally figured out that it wasn’t my interview skills keeping me from getting the job! 😉 It was my sovereign God who knows all things and was not ready to release me from a vision and calling. (Thank you, Father!) Enter a new year and some incredible new opportunities in ministry, but my financial burden is harder to bear than ever and I find myself again wondering: is it worth it? There’s no denying the calling or that God has brought it to this point in His timing. He used your words yesterday to bring me back to reality a bit. I LOVE all He’s given me to do, and it definitely matches my gifts. It’s just so hard to keep going under tough financial constraints. It feels like I have to fight for everything and I get so tired. Thanks for reminding me that the best things come at a price. God paid a tremendous price for me, and my concerns over money keep me dependent on Him. I am wealthy compared to many in the world. I want to chase the dream — the REAL dream for which He has created and called me. Thank you Beth, for your words and thank you ladies for your honest comments. I have much to pray about.

    Lisa in Ft.W.

  41. 141
    Brandy says:

    Hey Beth, Our church has been in revival all week and your words go right along with what has been preached. AMAZING… I cant believe your 1st LPL event is this weekend! I am so jealous that I will not be there. I pray that God will just pour out his annointing. I am so ready for you to come back to ALABAMA.
    Love ya

  42. 142
    Anonymous says:

    thanks for the encouragement my dear sister in christ!!!

    many blessings to you ~julie(a new siesta) =D

  43. 143
    Cheryl Barker says:

    Beth, what an encouragement to me as I move ever so slowly forward with the writing I feel God has called me to do. Thanks for sharing and helping me wait on God’s perfect timing. May He bless you richly!

  44. 144
    Scott Family says:

    Please come back to Phoenix in 2008! 🙂 I see that bookings are closed for the year. 🙁 Please?

  45. 145
    Andreea says:


    Thank you!!!

  46. 146
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    Wow! Have I ever thought that I had just dreamed it up! I’m still not sure that I didn’t so I don’t talk about it too much. I’ve just decided to keep going and just do what I know I’m supposed to do each day and if it happens it happens, and if not. Oh, well. I guess I was wrong.

  47. 147
    Alyson says:

    Beth, what an awesome harvest for your three minutes! I’m another one who so badly needed just that message at just that time. I get so tangled in fear when I take the rough times personally…end up questioning not only my calling but (hate to admit this but it is true) His love, thinking the rough stuff is somehow my fault, figuring I got the whole thing wrong somehow.

    Knowing that the pressures are not only expected but crucial relieves me of a lot of responsibility. I don’t have to rehash the whole question of calling; I don’t need to question His love; I just need to stand fast. Whew! (Not that I EVER overthink things! 🙂 )

    Your obedience in sharing this thought…in taking the three minutes…wow, I am so thankful that you blessed us with this!

    And so glad your Beanie chases rabbits in her dreams!

  48. 148
    Anonymous says:

    I’ve been on my face a lot since last Friday. I’m watching my 86-year-old mother die of lymphoma. Nothing they can do. It fills her abdomen and has already engulfed one of her kidneys. She’s OK with it…says she’s ready to see Jesus. Hospice is being wonderful to her and to her caretakers (my brother, sister, and me). What a stressful, sad situation, but praise be to God, He has filled me with a “peace that passes understanding”. Love to you all.
    Betty Rogers
    Laurinburg, NC

  49. 149
    Pearls and Grace says:

    Beautiful Beth,

    Thank you so much for all that you are doing
    to further His Kingdom. You may never know
    the multitudes of women whose lives and hearts
    have been touched by your obedience and love
    for the Father. Thank you for this beautiful post
    and for all of the wonderful books and materials
    that you have birthed forth. You are an inspiration
    and an encouragement to so many.
    May He pour out in your life like never before….

  50. 150
    Anonymous says:

    Beth- thank you for the encouragement. I was just praying (again) for my pastor husband who has such a vision for church growth but yet, after many years in ministry here in New England, has yet to see it come to fruition. Discouragement is familiar to us but we remain resolved to stay faithful where God has planted us. Please pray for souls in this part of the country. Blessings to you!

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