A Good Sign for 2008

Just in from Payless. I have no idea where I will walk with God in 2008, but my feet are liable to look good.


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  1. 151
    Anonymous says:

    I don’t know which is more impressive, the picture posting or the shoe find, so congratulations on both and Happy New Year!
    Blessings to all

  2. 152
    Lori, Landon and Logan says:

    So Cute! Doesn’t it feel good to PAYLESS?!

  3. 153
    Sandi Krakowski says:

    I got em! and my teen boys said, “Mom I can’t believe you got shoes like Beth Moore had on her blog!” My 12 year old said, “Did Mrs Moore get shoes like you or did you copy her?” ( tee hee)I wonder if Payless is seeing these FLY off the shelves all over the US!!!


  4. 154
    Iris says:

    Isn’t it fun when we can do stuff like buy shoes! May we also feel so very grateful for whatever shoes we own. Living on Prince Edward Island this year’s winter season has seen 5 snow sotrms already which is very unusual for us, we haven’t really had snow in almost 5 years. So my stylish look right now is boots, but very cool boots. My husband and I are looking forward to our southward bound trip in 3 weeks and Fort Myers Beach Florida will be walked very often by us as we enjoy our time there this year(missed going last year on account of our first grandchild being born But it was a year worth being home for even if he was a month early). Enjoy the pleasure of new shoes Beth, and be blessed.

  5. 155
    Momtoty says:

    Love those shoes. I found a great pair of flat pointy Ralph Lauren shoes today for $10 in a consignment shop. They looked brand new. I was thrilled with the Lord as he knew I was feeling frumpy with no style because I am 8 months pregnant. I just needed a stylish pair of shoes that were a little bigger than usual and still looked good. He really does care about the little things. Only thing is, I’m worried they will be too big after the baby and I won’t be able to wear them. :o)

  6. 156
    life through my lens... says:


  7. 157
    Heather says:

    Love me some payless…and those are absolutely adorable. I’m sure God’s going to be doing something big when you wear those babies!

  8. 158
    Laura says:

    Love these shoes! So sassy!

  9. 159
    SueB says:

    God Bless You, Beth!!!! At my age I go for comfort, which translates “not much style”. A good pair of Clark’s clogs and I’m good for a l-o-n-g time.

  10. 160
    Linnet says:

    Payless needs to be giving you a serious “kick-back”…bad, yes I know. I’ve had more fun reading comments from this post than ever before. For a minute I thought you were putting them up for auction.

  11. 161
    IDnJC says:

    I just bought those shoes on on Dec. 31 – and wore them on a date with my hubby already!

  12. 162
    Anonymous says:

    The shoes are cute, but more importantly, how did they get on the blog? Did you do that yourself? If so, I am so proud of you!! Very impressive.
    I love how you gave us 2 different angles of the shoes. You are obviously head over heels for them!
    Lisa in RL, IL

  13. 163
    jar of clay says:


    I bought the shoes! They were on sale–bonus! My husband think they are fierce-so do I.


  14. 164
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Beth:

    Does this post mean that you figured out how to post pictures on the blog from your camera? I am so excited for you. I have to call one of my kids or my hubby to help me do stuff like that on the computer.

    Way to go on the shoe find. They are very cute.

    Kim B. in AZ

  15. 165
    robinegg12 says:

    Oh girlfriend – those are some mighty fine and funky shoes!! I’d love to see a picture of you in the complete outfit! Thanks for sharing!

  16. 166
    Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog says:

    Now those are some cute shoes and at payless none the less! What a great thing!

    I love this analogy-I have no idea where I will walk with God this year either but I am ready for the ride! 🙂

  17. 167
    I'm a blessed girl... says:

    CUTE, CuTe, cUtE………

  18. 168
    Gena - mi says:

    I’m happy about your find, but realized that YOU, dear Beth, must have taken the picture! Does this mean that you and the digital camera have come to a truce?! 😉 As I scroll down and read comments, I see that Lindsee caught that too!

    My older sister got the “crazy for shoes” gene — I didn’t. But, my youngest daughter got it! She’d love these shoes! Are you able to run after Jackson in those? 🙂

  19. 169
    the*4*of*us says:

    oh how cute! I love that about you–that you shop at payless! I take it you figured out the camera?

  20. 170
    Lichelle says:

    I love those shoes !!! And I am a shoe junky. I see that God has sent you some heavenly helpers to figure out the camera… Way to go Girl


  21. 171
    lynda says:

    Ok, I couldn’t stand it any longer! I had to do it. I just had to go! Nobody was here to stop me:) I went to Payless, saw Beth’s shoes, and purchased them right up. Size 9 and all. “I got big feet I cannot Lie”. But Thank God, He’s given me a really cute way to camaflouge them. He’s so good to me:)
    Thanks so much for leading me down the right path!
    Loving you Moore each day!

  22. 172
    Debbie in CA says:

    I love the shoes! but I must know…did you BOGO?? I love to BOGO!!! I love any great bargain, but especially cute ones 😉

  23. 173
    rj says:

    Hey Beth and Amanda! I have a question for you guys… I have been doing several of Beth’s studies for the past couple years and I am just now finishing up one. I have loved them and they’ve been a tremendous blessing to me, but I’m looking for something a tad different for this season. Do you have any other specific Bible study suggestions?

  24. 174
    North Carolina Gran'Ma says:

    I have always absolutely loved “girlie” shoes! I still “want” to wear them and break down on occasion to do so, but for whatever reason, my kness now give me a fit…constantly! And I’m only 56!!!! I blame it on all those years playing lots of tennis on hard courts….. but I do have arthritis and I feel it everyday! I do NOT like flats, especially when all dressed up! (That’s when I break out the heels!) But I am being humbled to the fact that this may be the route I have to take! And, no, I am not happy ’cause I love girlie shoes!!! 🙁

  25. 175
    PK Holli says:

    I love tose shoes, and i know they will look good on you!!!
    Love and Laughter!!

  26. 176
    Ceffie says:

    Good looking, good value, good choice. It is so nice to know that you shop where lots of your listeners shop. Just one more example of why people are willing to listen to your word from God. You are as real as the rest of us. Thanks for letting us be part of your every day life.
    Ceffie in West Virginia

  27. 177
    Lisa says:

    Way too cute!!

    I’d have to spend a fortune at the chiropracter if I bought those shoes!!

    Love you much!

  28. 178
    Missy in SC says:

    Those shoes are smokin’ hot, girl! Very cool…I’m headed to Payless to see if they have them here. From one sister with a shoe fetish to another…blessings girlfriend! 🙂

    Missy Mo

  29. 179
    Lelia Chealey says:

    I had no idea you had a blog until I saw it on someone’s favorite list on their blog. How exciting to get a fresh word you.
    My husband and I are doing Beloved Disciple together right now. It has been really awesome! It’s his 1st of your studies that he’s done. He’s amazed at what he’s been learning through it. Guess I’ll have to bring him along next time I go see you in Omaha like I did just recently. You spoke to us about Philippians 4:8 & it was awesome. Little did I know how much that message would mean to me when on August 16th we found out our 17 year old is pregnant. So, thank you for your obedient heart to teach what God tells you to teach. Your life is clearly all about Him and I have learned so much from your teachings. I have cried through “He Is” and fought my way through “Breaking Free” and given myself the thumbs up to finally allow my past to be used for HIS glory instead of my shame after listening to “The God who Is, Was and Is to Come.” I’ll never forget sitting up in my bed listening to that & bawling my eyes out & getting so excited I hit my husband & told him to wake up I have to tell you what just happened to me!! 2am. Never forget it. Anyway, your a blessing to many & I don’t think you’ll ever know the full impact your surrendered life has had on people…guess you’ll find out from God Himself one day.
    I just quoted you on my blog today…funny I’d find yours.
    Love ya!

  30. 180
    Amy says:

    I can’t wait to hear that Payless has had a run on these shoes and laugh about them trying to figure out what started it!!!

  31. 181
    Julie says:

    Fun thought. I imagine there will be many miles and insights as the year unfolds.

    These shoes are very similar to ones I wore when I was in highschool in 1979.They were so cool and I felt in style when I wore the,

    Of course I am very sure that I would probably experience a great deal of pain if I wore them now!

  32. 182
    Brittnie says:

    LOVE those!

    Wouldn’t it be fun if all the siestas wore those shoes to the fiesta in August? (that is, if Payless carries them in boat sizes) 🙂

  33. 183
    SueB says:

    LOVE the retro look!!! Anxious to see the new outfit to pull it altogether! Such a petite granny as yourself will look too cute! But this “grammy” goes for the comfort of Clarks clogs. Nothing much looks “cute” on me!
    You keep me smiling for Jesus!
    Sue B in Arky

  34. 184
    BelievingGod says:

    I want so badly to be a siesta! I have tried at least 20 times and nothing! I hope this works, love the shoes! Pray for a small group in Southern Indiana we are getting ready to do a study. For several it will be their first experience with you Beth, but not with the LORD!

  35. 185
    jen says:

    oh yeah… those are nice. 🙂 I can see you stomping all over the stage in the name of Jesus in those beauties!

  36. 186
    Lelia Chealey says:

    For the 1st time in all of the studies I’ve done with you, I found myself very frustrated with you this afternoon as I was answering questions and not understanding where you were taking me. THEN I discovered that when I turned the page I had skipped over 2 pages…oops! Please forgive me as we’re now back in sync.
    Lol…God is so good! Back to the Beloved Disciple…

  37. 187
    Anonymous says:

    Oh must fight the urge to run run run to payless. I love those shoes…I have no idea what I’d wear those with, but who cares???

    Oh and after reading Amanda’s comment…i have no clue how to post a pic either.

    Happy after Christmas sale shopping girls!!!

    Love –
    Cynthia in OK

  38. 188
    Anna says:


    I’m like several of the other ladies… I really like these shoes but would likely break my neck if I tried to wear them. HA!

    I’m doomed to a 5′ 2″ height. :o)

    Anna in Missouri

  39. 189
    Life In Progress says:

    So cute – and lucky you, you’ll get to wear them soon. Here is the frozen tundra that is the Midwest, my footwear choices are limited this time of year. But peep-toe, flip-flop joy comes in the morning (or you know, May)!

    By the way, did you post those pictures yourself? You’re getting to be a techno-savvy siesta!

  40. 190
    rae says:

    I am not surprised when you write an insightful Biblical blog that makes us all think. We all “comment”, and the comments will count into the hundreds. But I had to laugh loud when I saw your shoe blog caused 173 women to comment. We truly are sisters, aren’t we? Love you.

  41. 191
    doo-dah says:


    I am overflowing with God’s Spirit this morning and just had to take a minute to THANK YOU for putting together the “90 Days with Jesus” devotional book. I am about half way through and cannot begin to tell you how much it has changed my attitude and life. My mornings with God are so precious.

    I can’t wait to do some of your other series.

  42. 192
    Anonymous says:

    Beth I’m so impressed that you were able to take pictures with your new camera and post them to the blog! Way to go.

  43. 193
    SingerMamaMelody says:

    Enjoy your new shoes! They’re really cute. I’m just catching up on a few blog entries, and appreciated what you said about “give up being the husband.” That is a GOOD reminder for me!!! THANK YOU!!!!! I remember hearing you say at the Passion conference a few years ago (hubby & I were volunteers) that you heard a preacher say that women are supposed to duck so that God can get to your man, or something along those lines. I’ve thought of that many times. Thanks for sharing your heart with us. God’s blessings to you!

  44. 194
    matt and joelle says:

    I have always read but never responded- HOWEVER after viewing those shoes- this pastors wife is on her way to payless……hope they still have some in size 6!

  45. 195
    willblogforshoes says:

    Oh my! “Blessed are the feet…”

  46. 196
    Valkyrie says:

    Beth! You’ve posted photos! Yea! I am so happy that you and your digital camera have reconciled!

  47. 197
    Cheri-Beri says:

    First off, know that I love those shoes.

    My nine year old daughter and I were just in Payless today in Washington state and those were on display. She pointed at them, did her best Elvis lip impression and said, “Ew” very dead pan. She made me laugh so hard. I think that’s why I laughed even harder when I logged on and saw your new purchase.

    You really do bless my socks off.

  48. 198
    salli says:

    Wow! LOVE those! Think I’ll be going by Payless this weekend!

  49. 199
    heiditheophilus says:

    I’m pretty sure that our Proverbs 31 woman was walking in fashionable shoes such as these. I stand on Prov 31:22 – “She makes coverings for herself…” – CLEARLY meaning, she was wearing fashionable shoes to cover her feet. And seriously, why else would her children and husband RISE UP to call her blessed?…hello! It was because she was wearing pumps & had to be done to look her in the eye!

    You go girl! In your new shoes may you “walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you’ve been called” 🙂

  50. 200
    ACR says:

    Just can’t resist . . . I finally got back to the blog after my husband’s cancer diagnosis, surgery, visits with radiation oncologists, surgeons, ad nauseum and WHAT REFRESHMENT! Christmas, New Year, Blog-A-Versary, new Bible Study start, 29th Wedding Anniversary, Melissa’s wedding just a month away . . . what joys and laughter shared again in Siestaville! And, I can’t resist, there is a Cowboy Church right here in Bedford County, VA where the head count of cows, boys, and buffalo (along with hunting dogs) exceeds the annual people census!

    And, Beth, on the very serious matter of shoes . . . I thought of you yesterday reading the Sunday paper. There is now a shoe with both a high heel and short heel in the same shoe! I’ll find the website and post it.

    It’s so good to come back home to wonderful Siestas to laugh, cry, rejoice, receive blessings, and lift up prayer and praise!

    Love and thanks to y’all!!


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