Here You Are!

*Updated to add Maryland. (So sorry, Maryland! I don’t know how that happened. I cut and pasted the names of all 50 states and only removed Delaware! We had Maryland a number of times! Wouldn’t have overlooked you for the world! – Beth) And it looks like we have a brand new Siesta from Delaware joining us! Welcome, Jill/Crew of 5 For Jesus! – Amanda. ALL FIFTY STATES! YAHOO-JAH! To God be some mighty BIG GLORY!

Well, Siestas, you did it. You left Amanda and me slack-jawed! We’d hoped for a diverse group…but never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined! In the terrific words of Luke 24:22 (ever so slightly out of context), “…our women amazed us”! I feel so many things but at the top of the list, I feel wonder. Wonder toward a God who perfectly timed an information age in the latter days of His Kingdom calendar where the testimony of His Son could be transferred and shared in seconds by people so diverse and distant, their paths wouldn’t cross in a lifetime. We are one tiny blip on the pinhead of the World Wide Web. Imagine what really might be happening out there in the Name of Christ! So many dark and deadly contacts happen on line but if we only knew what God Himself was bringing together, we’d fall to our faces with praise. I am simply astonished.

SO, with ecstatic joy, I present to you tastes of Siestaville! (Drum roll please…)

First, here’s where you live:
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Vermont (I kept saying out loud, “Come on, Vermont! I know you can do it! Sign in!” You could have heard me shout all the way to your great State when I finally saw you!)
Washington (The numbers of you totally blew my mind! Way to show up, Northwest! We’re so honored your aboard!)
West Virginia

Can you believe your eyes??? We came within an inch of having Siestas in every single State of the US. Is there any chance Delaware answered the roll call but I missed your darling self? Let us know!

And, how about outside the US? I’ve got to begin with a HUGE SHOUT-OUT to our Siestas in Canada! I could not believe how many of you make up our blog town! And considering all our Southern figures of speech at LPM, way to persevere! We are the better for you, Canadian Siestas! You are treasured here. Keep your comments coming.

And outside the US and Canada, let’s hear it for Siestas who live in…
Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Several!)
(One wrote in to tell us that, yes, she really is a Dutch Siesta who has to work extra hard for unity amid that MUCH diversity! I loved it.)
Central Asia
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom
(Some are missionaries or serve in the military while some are actual citizens of that nation.)

We are honored to have the spiritual feeling of being right next door to one another in real time through faith, through prayer, and the love of Scripture. Thanks go to so many who persevere many regional and cultural differences to stay connected!

Now, are you ready for where you go to church? Hold on to your chairs. This may have stunned me more than our locations. Joyfully, we had numbers of Siestas representing most of them:
Assembly of God
Apostle’s Churches
African Methodist Episcopal
Baptist (Freewill, Southern, Independent, Missionary. You name it. I’m not saying a word. I’m just grinning. Anyway, it’s fair to make fun of your own self. I told AJ that my eyes fell on one called “Angier Baptist Church” and I thought it said, “Angrier Baptist Church.” I was taken aback. So glad my contact had just slipped a tad on my eyeball.)

Beit Yeshua Messianic
Many independent Bible churches
Calvary Chapel
Many independent community churches – Charismatic and Non-charismatic alike
Church of God
Covenant Church
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Church of Christ
Emergent-ish (Made me smile)
Evangelical Free
FCCM (Fellowship of Connected Churches and Ministries)
Friends Church (Quaker)
House Churches
Mennonite and Evangelical Mennonite (So many! What a joy!)
Messianic Jewish
Presbyterian (PCA, EPC, etc.)
Missionary Alliance
Pentecostal Holiness
Seventh-day Adventist
The Salvation Army
Willowcreek Association Churches

(I tried so hard to fasten my eyes to each entry and include every single denomination. If I overlooked one, it was truly an accident.)

Now, for a few special accolades:

Three of my favorite church names:
2nd Runner up: Calvary Chapel Pearl Harbor (Is that cool or what??)

1st Runner up: Raccoon Creek Baptist Church, Georgia (Me and Beanie could both go there! She loves dinner on the grounds after service!)

Grand Prize: Bar-None Cowboy Church (in Texas, of course) “Nluvwhim,” please contact the LPM office with your address and request your prize. Yes, I’m serious.

Here’s a titanic WAY TO GO on all those Scriptures and Scriptural concepts! WOW! According to one of our Siestas, Proverbs 3:5-6 was the one most often repeated.
My favorite unfamiliar one:

Psalm 45:1 from “The Message”: “My heart bursts its banks, spilling beauty and goodness. I pour it out in a poem to the king, shaping the river into words.” Gorgeous!

Gutsiest entry: “Worshipboy Tom,” a proud husband of a siesta! You are a real man indeed! 2000+ Siestas take off our sombreros to you! And then we’re putting them right back on because we have hat-hair. And we hate hat-hair.

Most impressive entry: “Kingschild,” mother to over 60 foster children. In unison, 2000+ Siestas and I say of our Siesta-hood, “We’re not worthy!”

A few private messages from me to a couple of you: Angela, thank you for your courage. You are welcome here! Firecracker, I am honored to be your servant. Log on any time.


May the Name of Jesus wave like a banner over this community and His lavish love be our calling card.

With a whole new appreciation,


200 Responses to “Here You Are!”

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  1. 151
    tracibest says:

    AMAZING!!! 🙂

    -Traci, Indianapolis In

  2. 152
    Healed By His Grace says:

    How awesome is all of this???? It is amazing that this technological world makes this wonderful blog possible! Hallelujah! (And I wonder how many more did NOT answer the roll call?)

    Thank you Beth, Amanda, Melissa and LPM Staff for all of your efforts for us! This blog is a mighty ministry, sweet Beth! God bless you!

  3. 153
    Jean says:

    How incredibly beautiful to see over 2000 siestas praising our Lord across this vast planet! Such a very small taste of Heaven … I can only imagine and long for what is yet to come!

    He alone is WORTHY!

  4. 154
    Bev Brandon says:

    My Texas internet was not a working so I couldn’t stand up for the roll call. But I think we were covered here…
    I’m from FBC Houston and
    my pastor of The Church on Rush Creek is from FBC Houston—in fact, we both began walking with God at FBC Houston. My touching truth for this moment in my life is what I read in my QT this a.m. Gen. 16:13 – “I have now seen the One Who sees me.” When Hagar was running away, God sent an angel and said to her “I have heard of your misery.” God sees everything that touches our lives this moment. I hope we have eyes open to see Him!

  5. 155
    Judy says:

    Beth and Siestas,
    Just a little info on roll call I did not get in either but, I will just give you a little 411 about me
    age 45
    married 4 chilren ages 18-23
    Lakeside Community Church
    Waterboro, Me
    Worshiping-Loving-Living for Christ
    Today in service we sang a song that stated “Ask and I will give the nations to you that is the cry of my heart.” I so thought of all you beautiful ladies around the world. Just look what God is doing. Beth I wonder with extra sign-in how further we have gone. God bless all of you Siestas in Christ

  6. 156
    jojo says:

    This has been a blast.I can’t wait for San Antonio. I just recieved my ticket for Deeper Still in Atlanta. I missed it last year because it sold out so fast. I wasn’t taking any chances this time.I love Siestaville!!! It is the first thing I check when I get home from work.Just wondering how many of you are going to Deeper Still or San Antonio?
    Joanna in Fort Myers Florida

  7. 157
    Robin Bayne says:

    Maryland reporting in!

  8. 158
    Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog says:

    That is really amazing! I just love how we can be connected this way!
    Much love,

  9. 159
    Lauren says:

    Amen! How awesome to see the diversity among the unified in Christ!

    Since I missed the first round due to being distracted by my sweet new baby:
    Age: 28
    Park Street Church, Boston (Congregationalist)

  10. 160
    Sarah Dixon says:

    Dearest Beth,

    I have not checked the blog for awhile and so I missed the roll call. But I wanted to add my name too, hope its not too late:

    Age: 22
    I recently left my church so right now I do not have a church home.
    Melbourne, Australia

    My favourite truth right now: After the pain of the last year (too much and too private to elaborate on in this comment but it did end in me leaving my church), these words speak to me –
    “And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will HIMSELF restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.” 1 Peter 5:10
    I love the fact that it isn’t God’s angels, it isn’t even his qualities like his strength and power, but it is God HIMSELF who restores us. That speaks volumes to my heart about the care and attention such a huge God gives to little me.

    I have done many of your bible studies in my short 22 years, Beth, and each has blessed and grown and challenged me. However, after completing Breaking Free last year, I have to say that no other study has broken me like that. And not because of your words, as beautiful and thought provoking as they are, but because you drove me to Christ’s words and let them drive me to my knees. Thank you for being so unselfish in giving God all the glory for his work through you.

    Much love and gratitude to you and my Jesus,
    Sarah from Down Under 🙂

  11. 161
    Olson Family says:

    Oh – missed the blog last week due to sick kids and just plain busy. Checking the LPM blog from Switzerland too! We are in the middle of Breaking Free and studied Jesus the One and Only last year. We are a small group but lovin’ our Bible study

  12. 162
    HIS daughter says:

    I was thinking about you doing over the Breaking Free and I know you did A Woman’s Heart…I’ve done and the older version…however…

    I don’t even know if you will read this or Amanda or whoever, but I wish you could update all of them if GOD so led you.

    This is purely selfish, but when I try to listen to the David series..and you are talking about Michael it makes me so sad I can’t concentrate on the series!

    Ok, I know that is probably my problem and I need to work it out with the LORD, but I am so tender to you and knowing what you will be going through just breaks my heart.

    I wish GOD would lead you to update all of them! We could be blessed again by new insights and even new hair 🙂

    I need to get to work..just thinking out loud this cold Monday morning!

    Love and blessings
    Teri S

  13. 163
    su says:

    It amazes me that you read every comment. I would read a whole bunch and then look over to the right and see that I had only scrolled down 2 inches. I don’t know how you did it. I think that part of it is that you love each and every one of us. Thank you.

    Do we get to know what the grand prize was for the Bar None Church?

  14. 164
    joyjoyjoy says:


    I hope you get this message! I just started The Beloved Disciple and couldn’t wait to share with my 5yo son the story of your “delight” from God. My son is mighty special and he promptly responded with “Mom,I think we need to ask God to delight us”.(I was counting on him saying that) We are talking with God about this daily and this was Ches’ prayer after 5 days..”God and Jesus, we are still waiting for our delight. If you choose not to delight us, that is okay. But if you do, well that will be just GREAT!” What a lesson in learning to pray for God’s will! God used that to change my prayer about some things. Oh, to have the honesty and faith like a child.

    your sister,

    Joy in Florida

  15. 165
    Sandi Krakowski says:


    I tell ya watching this I am CRACKING UP! You see I am a marketer/advertiser and help alot of companies online. I am so loving your stats!! 2200+ posts in 24 hours, all of the US involved and beyond… and to think it’s ladies and Bible study!! GO GOD!!!I am gonna have to use these stats at my next seminar… wild stuff!

    God’s favor all over you! 🙂

  16. 166
    Carolyn says:

    What an awesome God! Isn’t it fun to know that no matter where we travel there is a siesta near? We should wear an identifier (like the red hats!) so if we are in a mall somewhere we would know each other!!
    What a blessing you are Beth and girls and LPM staff.
    Thank you,

  17. 167
    Anonymous says:

    I would like to add if I may –
    I am 42
    Church of Christ

    also I would like you to know that God is so amazing in how he works. Our Bible Study Group (we have done 7 our your studies!) called the Bloomers (blooming in Jesus) decided to do Stepping Up -starting this month. Our preacher who does not support us doing these studies – In December our preacher is teaching Psalms of Ascent on Sunday mornings! I have been going to get a double portion of this. I realize this might sound strange, but I think it is so great that God is showing me “He” supports us all the way! Can’t wait to see you in August at Houston, Lord willing. thank you for being such a transparent vessel for the Spirit.
    In Him, a bloomer for Christ

  18. 168
    Jen says:

    My fellow sietas…

    I tried to add a comment to the last post from the sunny south – the land of HONDURAS – but due to the overwhelming abundance of God’s goodness in bringing us all together think it might have gotten lost in cyberspace.

    Sweet Beth and fellow daughters of God’s grace please allow me to thank you. As a missionary far from home, taking care of orphaned and abandoned kids with horrible pasts, this blog has become a refuge for this soul. I don’t comment much, but I check in daily to see what God will speak to me through you all.

    It’s amazing how you long to connect with the body of Christ when you’re “away” from it in your own language, in your own culture, and this gives me a way to do that. It has been a HUGE blessing in my life, so thank you for taking the time to care and let us into your world Beth.

    We are honored to share moments in our day with you and we are all the better for it.

    And one sweet day when we all get to Heaven I’m gonna squeeze your neck for helping me to walk through what He has called me to do for such a time as this. You and I both know that ministry doesn’t happen without a cloud of witnesses and a united army around you. You make up part of that for me, and you help me fight Satan by your passionate example of living for Him. You are playing a part in my being able to be the hands and feet of Christ to broken Honduran children who need to rest and heal and I will be eternally grateful!

    With much love and fervent prayers always.

  19. 169
    kmorganbelieves in Ohio says:

    So sorry that we missed the roll call, but there are 40+ of us siestas meeting every week at a church camp just outside the Mohican State Park in Ohio – far from the nearest Starbucks! Multiple churches and a wide range of ages are represented. We don’t gather as part of a church, but rather as part of The Body. We also have one sister who is doing the study with us long distance . . she is in China! What a joy to be a part of all He is doing.

  20. 170
    Shelly McCormick says:

    Hi!! I know I’m late, story of my life, but I just wanted to add that you have a siesta (or two) up here in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada!!
    God Bless You!!

    Your siesta in Christ,

  21. 171
    Donna says:

    To All of My Fellow Siestas!
    You know…I was feeling alone…recently moved cross country…no family or friends…God has just shown me how NOT alone I am! I know He is always with me…but I know you ladies know what I mean when I say I’d love to have Starbucks with each and every one of you and just have a little girl talk! Virtually or in person we have each other! Thank You Jesus!
    My love to you all,

  22. 172
    Christine says:

    I missed the original roll call, so here’s my info:
    Faith United Methodist of Brimfield, Ohio
    Psalm 139, especially verse 17 “Your thoughts-how rare, how beautiful! God I’ll never comprehend them!” (The Message)

    I, too, love to see Unity in Diversity…it breaks my heart when the Body of Christ fights with one another. Praise God for this group of ladies, and especially for Beth and Living Proof Ministries.

  23. 173
    valerie says:

    This has absolutely nothing to do with this post & I’ve already responded once….but, I had to tell you about the most wonderful shoe sale at DSW. I was with my sisters, mom, daughter and niece this past Saturday in the Frisco/Plano, TX area celebrating my sister’s 50th birhtday and we shopped (of course) and I found the cutest Steve Madden red wedges that were originally $69 and I got them for $16!! I wish I knew how to send pictures like you did of your cute shoes from Payless. I thought you might want to check that sale out!
    Maybe I’ll wear them in San Antonio in Aug. and you’ll spot me!
    Have a great week.

  24. 174
    Nicole @ Life in Progress says:

    I was out of town for the roll call, but I am so excited that so many groups are so well represented. It’s such a blessing to fellowship with Christian women from all walks & all denominations & all corners!

  25. 175
    Sara says:

    could you spare some prayer for whymommy? You can read more at that link but tomorrow she’s havinga double mastectomy. She has inflammatory breast cancer, which is not the good kind to get, if there is a good kind. She has two beautiful little boys, and a husband to take care of. She needs this, and radiation to work, so she can get back to living.


  26. 176
    Carly says:

    PTL!!!! Jer. 32:38 “they will be my people, and I will be there GOd.” Thank you soooo much for this ministry!

  27. 177
    Ana Carolina says:

    what a colourful family we have in Christ!


  28. 178
    Girlfriend says:

    How amazing is that…so many around the world logging in for an updated version of “Beth’s world”. I think she should be a reality show and it’d be at the top of the ratings with her siestas! One way to get the Word out there! Great job LPM staff for all you do to keep this up and running!
    Kudos! xoxoxo

  29. 179
    Penny says:

    This was so much fun! Do ya think we could have a Siestaville meeting in Heaven every few thousand years or so? 🙂 Just a thought… we can just wait and see.

    Thanks for the blog! I’ve gotten so much encouragement from it.

  30. 180
    Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! says:

    I think it would be fun to know who the youngest bloggy reader is (maybe me?) and who the oldest is?

    But I do NOT think it would be fun to go through those 2,000+ comments to figure it out.

    So, forget I opened my mouth. 🙂

  31. 181
    shan says:

    Hello… I did sign on the blog for comments about where I am from, that I am deaf and that I go to First Baptist church and we have deaf ministry there and it’s awesome that the deaf can worship God! AMEN!!! Sonrie!(spanish word for smile!) I guess I was too late on the blog for comments about what church we came from, etcs. Sorry…I love reading your blogs all the time. U are such an inspiration to me! Thanks! Dios te Bendiga! Spanish word for God bless you!) S.Love from First Baptist with Deaf Ministry in Mo.

  32. 182
    Georgia Jan says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful compilation of our Siestasville community. It is a great joy to be a part of this group of ladies from all over the world – WOW! Think how precious Heaven is going to be. I have enjoyed the connections to some of the ladies as we’ve emailed each other. The bond is instantaneous and it is because of Jesus!

    Love from Georgia Jan

  33. 183
    Critty says:

    Hey Beth! Thank you so much for calling role! You have been such a blessing to all of us :). It is so neat to see how God has brought so many of us together…and yet most of us will never meet. What is God up to with Siestaville? Obviously something big (based upon the numbers who responded to the role call)! I am so excited to be a part of this exciting blog! Thank you so much Beth and Amanda 🙂 Love, Christy in FL

  34. 184
    Iris says:

    very Kewl
    Very Kewl indeed.

  35. 185
    Deanna says:

    Wow! How amazing and how good is our God!!! Thank you for this blog. It is a privilege to be a part of siestaville.
    Blessings to you all.

  36. 186
    Friend of God says:

    This is for Beth – this morning I read Day 28 – Compassion without Restraint of JESUS, 90 days…
    Thank You sooooo much for your insight of the One who created life having to restrain Himself from making things right for us. What an incredible thought. Him, standing back but wanting to touch! I love how we can study the same passage and God illuminate parts for each of us to share. Thank you for sharing this. It will be on my mind the rest of the day.
    blessings untold – debi

  37. 187
    SueR says:

    I have been out of town so I missed the Roll Call…I am wonderfully amazed at the diversification of the women here…We are truly a wonderful part of the Body of Christ

  38. 188
    SPARKY says:

    for some reason i couldn’t comment on the previous one, but i wanted to add my “stats” this has been incredible to see. thank you for thinking of it!
    Broadway Ave. Baptist Church
    psalm 63:1-8 – i experienced my first true worshipful moment alone, pouring over these verses after going through the breaking free bible study

  39. 189
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Beth and LPM staff – I hope it is OK with you that I read and don’t blog. I really am not a blogger or a journal writer! But I am so blessed by reading – you all are a gift from our Father. I cannot thank you enough. And I so thank you for allowing us to be a little part of your family – I love each of you (Sunny & Beanie included!).
    I have been a part of every Bible study (many of them twice) and now getting ready to begin “Steppin’ Up” – in fact, was a part of the Raleigh girls when Beth taught this wonderful Psalm. Winston-Salem, North Carolina (1 1/2 hours away from Boone) is a wonderful place to live and we travel whenever possible to hear Beth and her fantastic praise team in person – how we love Travis and what a blessing we get from the music.
    Thanks again for allowing me to come along for the ride – it is so awesome to see how many women love our Lord and each other!
    In His love,

  40. 190
    Susan Murphy says:



  41. 191
    Amy T says:

    Well, I checked in too late for the roll call last week. How awesome was that! I just wanted to let you know that I drove from East Texas to Dallas this past weekend and listened to one of your CD’s. From Atlanta – The God Who is, Who was, and Who is to come. It was something I needed to hear. Thanks.

  42. 192
    gigetgirl says:

    How awesome is our God.
    Christy’s biopsy shows NO cancer.
    Praise HIM!
    We will be rejoicing together Wednesday morning in the Lord’s goodness toward this family.
    Psalm 120 was a great start for our week.
    Praise Him!
    Praise Him!

  43. 193
    Wendy says:

    i missed the initial roll call, but it was so great to read the responses! this is amazing. it truly brings me to tears to see this type of community online. i direct the women’s ministry in a large campus church in virginia and have had the hardest time getting women to commit to doing one of beth’s studies this year. i love them, and so do a number of women, but for some reason, we can’t keep our group going. i had just received two more emails of ladies backing out for the semester when i got onto this blog and my heart just melted. keep up all you are each doing to serve and love God and each other!

  44. 194
    Lovesgarlic says:

    I really appreciate the sheer number and diversity posted here. I log on to the site everyday and read but rarely post. I loved the bible verses that were favorites!

    Our family went through some experiences this past year that resulted in us becoming very isolated from Christian people. One of these was the diagnosis of our son as having autism/pdd. I am just now starting to re-connect with other christian women – albeit very cautiously.

    I appreciate your desire, LPM, to have this be a welcoming place to a diverse group – including those parents of special needs children who can find a lot of rejection and criticism elsewhere. It is refreshing.

    Much love and peace to you all,

  45. 195
    Dimple Queen says:

    Wow!! How overwhelming that is! What an awesome God we serve! He has us all so spread out, yet allows us to come together in HIS name!

    Praise His holy name!


  46. 196
    Julie says:

    What a neat idea!

    I liked knowing who was out there and where they all reside.

    Beth, you are a creative woman!

  47. 197
    Anonymous says:

    Sometimes I feel as though I am part of the “Underground Railroad” or the “French Resistance”. (Can you tell I am a teacher?) It just makes my heart overflow, as we have had to move a great deal, and I have seen people sign on from places that I have been. (Fellowship Bible in NW Arkansas–I was part of that church before the first building was built!…and Woodside Bible, in Troy Michigan; I was part of that church before the new building was built, as well!)

    I love all of my sisters in Christ!!!!

  48. 198
    Anonymous says:

    You know what really strikes me as I read through this Blog–how much kindness and encouragement there is!!! In a cyber universe FULL of criticizing and belly-aching, BLESS THE LORD for the Love and sweetness of the Body exhibited here.
    You are ALL beautiful!! Thank you LPM and Siesta Beth 🙂

  49. 199
    Missy says:

    I want to share about a precious lady in my Bible study. We are doing ‘Living Beyond Yourself”. I want to testify how we can “Do things we couldn’t. Feel things we didn’t. And know things we shouldn’t”. He husband died yesterday morning at 9:00 am and she was at my 4:00 pm Bible study!
    It was awkward for me but a blessing to her and the other 19 ladies there. We all knew that the Holy Spirit had ‘spoken’ to her. Praise Jesus for the fellowhip and love of small groups!

  50. 200
    Laura says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Praise the Lord for His world-wide impact through you. Thank you for serving Him!

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