Christmas Party 2007

As I’ve said before, LPM always throws a great celebration. Jackson and I drove down to Houston last week to be at our annual Christmas party. The morning began in the office with a little send-off for our sweet Sherry, who will be on maternity leave for the next few months. LPM Baby Boy #4 will be making his debut very soon! Sherry and Jen are both expecting their second boys and I have no doubt that I will one day (not yet) follow in their footsteps. They are a wealth of knowledge and encouragement to me in motherhood. Every time Jackson comes to an LPM lunch or party, they reach into their purses and pull out all kinds of toys and fun things for him to play with. They even consider in advance what they could bring from their homes that would help entertain my toddler. What amazing friends and Titus women!

Next, we headed to The Galleria for shopping and eating. We decided to change up the gift exchange this year. As soon as we arrived, we each drew a name and had 45 minutes to go find that person a Christmas present. At LPM we have several sisters who are known for the high quality of the presentation of their gifts. I had a feeling that it would be hard for them to present their gifts in store bags. Sure enough, Jennifer (whose mom is a retired art teacher) told us it took superhuman self-control not to stuff her purse with some special ribbon that morning. We scattered throughout the mall in groups of three and four for some intense shopping. In that time, Beth – surely one of our most gifted shoppers – bought a different gift for all twelve of her co-workers. That is some talent.

When the 45 minutes were up, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (which is inside the Galleria). Jackson quickly decided he hates the Cheesecake Factory and he and I ended up leaving by the time our meals came. It was a good thing we had appetizers or I would have been so bitter! He fell asleep in his stroller a few minutes after that and I enjoyed getting to shop in peace. I bought my dad a shirt that says, “Texas – It’s bigger than France.” But don’t tell him.

Susan, Beth, and Sabrina at Cheesecake Factory.

I should have known it would be one of those lunches.

My sisters got dessert to-go and met me at Starbucks. It was the perfect place to have our gift exchange and enjoy coffee and wonderful desserts. Once Jackson woke up I was able to appease him with some strawberry shortcake.

Linda, Nancy, Sabrina, and Jennifer. This jacket, which was on sale at Gap, was very popular with our group. It was given as a gift to one person and three others bought it for themselves!

Kimberly, Susan, Evangeline, and Kimberly Mac

Jennifer and Kimberly

Diane and Kimberly

Evangeline and me. That cute, faux fur purse held all kinds of goodies from Bath and Body Works.

Sabrina and Diane

Sabrina and me. You can find really fun umbrellas at J Crew.

Bethie and her new jewelry.

My beautiful sister.

Our lovely Nancy is sporting a lighted brim baseball hat from Eddie Bauer. What in the world? Nancy is an early morning jogger and this will help light her way.

Shhhhh! Santa is taking a nap!

By the way, the glasses Beth wore in the blogaversary video were purchased during our Christmas Party Extravaganza in 2001. We all had a pair. Nancy was in an extremely short “hair season” and she looked exactly like Harry Potter in hers. We love you, Nancy!


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  1. 1
    jennyhope says:

    I love it Amanda! Also, I send my love to all the wonderful, precious, godly women at LPM! Thank you for all that you do! This is so fun!

    Also, Amanda maybe you can help me out…I work at the mall and I called another store to check on a faux fur vest…the lady on the other end called it fox fur. I thought it was pronounced like foe fur…any thoughts?

    Santa has never looked better! =)

  2. 2
    holly says:

    I think you LPM ladies know how to do it up right! As a current Gap employee, I was laughing at what a hit Gap was for all your gifts! Merry Christmas to you all!
    Lots of Love,
    Holly in New Mexico

  3. 3
    Melana says:

    Well, if that just wasn’t the funnest thing! You are so nice to share these pictures with us. I feel so much a part of the LPM family. I also feel like I did in college…you know, where you would hurry back to the dorm after classes to see if you had any mail. What joy when something was in there!! That’s how I feel with this site. I look forward to visiting every day. It’s just like letters from friends and family, only the family is really funny and smart and really cute and far away. But besides that….just like family. Love you guys!

    Melana in Wyoming

  4. 4
    Dedra says:

    Splendid time had by all! Absolutely wonderful to be included (vicariously, SP?)in on the festivities. It totally rocks to be a Siesta to all you amazing LPM girls! Still love you bunches and treasure all of you!

    I do indeed love the faux fur purse and just would love to feed that Santa a cookie or two!

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:


    Wow it looks like you all had a great time. The Cheesecake factory has the best cheesecake ever. Going to the blog today was just the boost I needed. Because when I got there I found two fun posts. I was sick all day yesterday and well I will just leave it at that. Oh yes and I am much better today. Anyway I am glad that you all had so much fun at your Christmas party.

    In regards to yesterdays post I would have to say that fried pickles sound disgusting. I am glad that this blog is such a great success, it has blessed me more than I can express. Thank you so much all the time and effort that you all put in to it. Kim B. in AZ

  6. 6
    jhooks4 says:

    I have been reading your blog for quite some time now but never post a response. I am a 28 year old mother of 3 and love reading all you write! I just had to say that I, having 2 older sisters, just about cry every time you write about your sister. I think it is absolutely precious how much you love her. Thank God for our sisters!

  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    real cute, what a real love you all have for each oter & mostley for our LORD.Jackson lookes like the real thing ha, hes so cute.I bet you all did a great job own getting gifts in 45 min.I think sometimes that would be better, dont have to long to thank ha.I can see the fun you all had how great that was& the teue love,I bet the food was great to.All of you enjoy the rest of the time together & have the best Christmas ever & may the great New Year be the best ever. ps wish I could have been there to buy someone a gift in 45 min.God bless love sister in Christ Victoria from NC please get home safe all of you.prays are with you.

  8. 8
    Honea Household says:

    I love all the pictures! Thanks for sharing. Looks like y’all had a GREAT time! I love all of you and all the hard work that you all invest into Christ’s ministry! Merry Christmas!

  9. 9
    CrownLaidDown says:

    After reading your comment about Melissa, I immediately thought, “You ain’t kiddin’!”

    All of you are beautiful, I think!

    Tell Jennifer, my Aggie sister, I am praying for that baby on the way and Sherry’s, too.
    Much love to you all!!

  10. 10
    Profbaugh says:

    Oh it looks like y’all had so much fun. I just wish I could have been there too! And that’s a pretty strong statement considering I don’t like malls–Cheesecake factory: yes. Mall: No.


  11. 11
    Rebecca says:

    O! I so love it! looks like ya all had so much fun! love u all!

  12. 12
    Kathleen in TX says:

    I have to say I am impressed that your Mom found all 12 separate gifts in 45 minutes!! That’s shopping Beth! The pictures were fun to see. Thank you everyone at LPM for all you do! Our closest mall is an hour 1/2 away…

  13. 13
    Jackie Sue says:

    I love the idea of a timed gift buying party. It sounds like tons of fun!

  14. 14
    Jean says:

    What an awesome group of women you have! I love hearing about your adventures. I also have that coat from the Gap in black. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Merry Christmas to everyone at LPM!!

  15. 15
    Diane Muir says:

    It brings such joy to me to be able to share in your fun!

  16. 16
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    Oh, Amanda. I remember all too well the days when I couldn’t enjoy a meal to save my life. It does end. I promise, but I love food, so I didn’t think I would survive but I did. You guys are so much fun. I don’t have any real fun shopping buddies. I need some.

  17. 17
    Michele says:

    Your Christmas party seems altogether like a lay-down blast! You’re definitely “training up” precious Jackson as a shopper extrordinaire…what a little darlin’ trooper! Blessings to one and y’all, Siestas!


  18. 18
    Toknowhim says:

    It looks like another fun LPM Christmas event… I can see even through pictures (and of course your writings) that love is abundant in the LPM house.

    Lots of love and the very best wishes to you all!!!

  19. 19
    Darlene R. says:

    Thanks for sharing all of the pictures! Maybe some day your poor mother will learn how to do that! Bless her heart! I have to take all of the pictures off of my mom’s camera and put them on a disc for her. She knows how to take them and that’s about it!

    Looks like you all had a fun time.

  20. 20
    Anonymous says:

    I want Melissa’s eyelashes!!!!

    Oh, and that umbrella from J Crew!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Love, Sarah TN

  21. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Hey Beth and Siestas,

    The pictures look like ya’ll had a great time! Watching the Blog anniversary video was funny:), Beth, you crack me up with those glasses! God has been great to us allowing all of us siestas to share in each other lives via the blog.

    P.S. I love fried pickles too-you can get some good ones at the Alabama Grill in Nashville, TN:)


  22. 22
    Kara says:

    What a fun time! I’m glad you at were at least able to have appetizers, desert and coffee. Thanks for sharing the pics. Merry Christmas Everyone.

  23. 23
    Corrie's Blog says:

    Jackson’s eyes are GORGEOUS!!!! Thank you for the good reads! Merry Christmas! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. 24
    Lindsee says:

    The gift exchange idea is such a GREAT idea. Y’all are just too fun! I am just waiting for the day that I run into all of you at the Galleria! If not there, it will have to be siesta fiesta! Oh, what a day!

    Merry Christmas to all of you at LPM!!! We all love you so much!


  25. 25
    Cheryl Barker says:

    Looks and sounds like you had so much fun! My daughter lived in Houston while in grad school so I got to shop at The Galleria a few times when visting her. Never got to see it at Christmas, though — bet it’s decked out beautifully!

  26. 26
    Living Beyond says:

    I love your fun times together you seem like such a crazy fun group!! Merry Christmas sweet siestas!

  27. 27
    Cathy Davis says:

    Oh how fun! Thank you for sharing. I felt like I was almost there! Or maybe I’m daydreaming of Starbucks?? Santa was the cutest of all!

  28. 28
    Bobbie says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your day together. It looks like a fun day and what great gifts. I love the idea of the timed shopping! Y’all must be very experienced shoppers!!

    Merry Christmas to everyone on the blog and at LPM! Back to wrapping gifts…BTW, Travis needs to do a Christmas album!!!

  29. 29
    Lisa Pierre says:

    Loved seeing the pics. Could feel the fun and hear the laughter and talk!

  30. 30
    Lydia says:

    I’ll bet it is such a blast working at LPM! I loved the 45 min time limit for the gift shopping.
    My son and Jackson are so much alike. He doesn’t like any restaurant either. Except you’re a much better person than me, I’m bitter if I don’t get to finish my meal before having to appease the child. ๐Ÿ™‚ Atleast he slept and let you get in some shopping.

  31. 31
    Leslie Young says:

    I would totally be beating your door down for a job if I lived in the Houston vicinity! It’s great that the siestas get to be auxiliary co-workers! Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!

  32. 32
    Missy says:

    Thanks AJ!
    You are such a blessing in so many ways. I do like the pictures but I have to say that my favorite has been Jackson AFTER he came down the slide.You go boy!

  33. 33
    Fran says:

    What a blast!!! Y’all just know how to have fun.

    To all of you precious LPM staffers…..Blessings to you and your families this Christmas. May He be the joy and passion of your heart always. We give thanks for the work you do. You bless us siestas beyond words.

    Hugs Amanda! And, that Santa is edible isn’t he?? ADORABLE!

  34. 34
    DigiNee says:

    Thank you for sharing this — what fun you all had! Great pictures . . .

    Merry Christmas to all the LPM Siestas . . .

  35. 35
    Mary Watkins says:

    Forgive me, Beth, but I was so relieved to read that the glasses you wore in the blog-a-versary post were a gag from Christmas past. My first thought was you could be Harry Potter’s Aunt Beth.

    I loved the game plan for LPM’s Christmas party. Everyone shopping for 45 minutes at the galeria. It sort of put everyone on equal playing field as you searched for gifts…then to Starbucks to have dessert and coffee as you shared them. I loved that plan.

    It looked like you girls had a blast. Love to each of you and Merry Christmas to all.

    I am looking forward to the coming new year as we grow in Christ together.


  36. 36
    Kristin says:

    Loved all the pictures. You ladies sure know how to have a party! Merry Christmas ~ Kristin

  37. 37
    dwordhouse says:

    Oh MAN!!! You ladies ROCK!!! ;0)

    I am currently in my fourth study of Beth’s, Believing God- amazing by the way!!! ;0) And from the very first study, which was Breaking Free, I told my beautiful sister Rebecca, who by the way lives in Double Oak, TX., that she needed to tap into this wonderful opportunity of learning and the community of amazing women who are connected through this ministry. She just finished her first study- A Womans Heart God’s Dwelling Place and is hooked!!! ;0)Glory!!

    I told her that my hope was that some day in heaven, we would all live in the same community, so that I could not only dwell in the presence of my beloved Savior but also fellowship with you FABULOUS women- GLORY, HALLALUJAH!!! And hey, if we don’t live in the same area, you know that is not going to stop me from knockin’ on your doors. LOL! ;0)

    So ladies be prepared, I think you are going to have quite the reception of gals who have been inspired, challenged and blessed by you all. We will just have to have that long awaited get together. You all make the coffee and King Ranch Chicken, we’ll bring the sweets!! Thank you Jesus!:0)

    Love and Blessings to you!!!

  38. 38
    Anonymous says:

    The Journey Continues ~

    FUN, FUN, FUN !!!!!

    I would love to give SANTA A big HUG!!! What a cutie pie that little red suit bundle of boy is!
    You are bringing lots of joy this Christmas season with great blog stories and blessed photos of those who make Lifeway the way to this Siesta’s heart, spirit and mind!
    With “Heaven Bound” blessings,
    Kim Safina

  39. 39
    mary says:

    Have a minute here! Love the blogs lately – I’m still not finished laughing over the camera. I had no idea there was such a thing as a “Fried Pickle”! What on earth?

    Play, Pray & Stay together – looks like you guys are one good group. Thank you for praying and fasting for us (even if the turkey is dancing across your mind – Melissa)! Too funny.

    Ya’ll are pretty – you really are -but I’m afraid none of us hold a candle to Mr. Jackson – do we!

    Every time I see that sweet – beautiful face of his – even when it’s covered in dirt – my heart just lights up! He is STILL the cutest Santa EVER! No wonder Jesus loves children so much!

    Merry Christmas….God Bless Us All.

  40. 40
    Anonymous says:

    Okay Amanda,

    Feel the love here from a mother of 3 that does not have a little sister of her own to tell what to do. Next time, leave those precious blue eyes with a sitter and have you some serious girfriend time.

    Jenny in Bama

  41. 41
    Anonymous says:

    Ok so this is SO RANDOM… but how does Melissa get her eyelashes so perfect… and I mean perfect. Clearly that is more than one coat of mascara? And what kind of mascara?? I even brought my husband in to show him… althought that sounds random I am obsessed with eyelashed. My 1 year old son has LONG eyelashes and I am always begging my husband to let me coat them with some mascara:) So what is the secret?

  42. 42
    robinjonescotton says:

    Hi Amanda, I read the blog daily but dont comment often enough. I wanted to take the time to do so today and wish you and all my siestas a blessed Christmas. I have truly been blessed through the comments posted here. Merry Christmas!!!

  43. 43
    tea_lady_tammy says:

    oh give hugs to those precious ladies at LPM and thank yo ufor sharing. I loved the pictures
    blessings and hugs

  44. 44
    Household Executive says:

    I love to see the pictures! It is great to put some faces to those behind the scenes. I think the idea of drawing names and then splitting up to show is brilliant. I will have to keep that in mind!

  45. 45
    Hadassah says:

    Thanks for sharing the fun. I wish we had a Cheesecake Factory near where I live!

    I have a son who is close to Jacksons age, and eating out with him right now is a nightmare! He hates the high chair, he wants everyone else’s food, he can’t quite talk enough to communicate well, so he squeals instead. I usually figure a PB and J eaten in peace, at home, is better than gourmet goodies eating out with him. He’s not my only, so I know it will pass.

    Jennyhope–just in case no one has replied to you yet, it most certainly is pronounced foe fur. There are things made out of fox fur, but I don’t think that was what you were asking about!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. 46
    Ang baylis says:

    Okay… I LOVE the idea of drawing names and having 45 minutes to buy them their gift! This could easily be a new tradition in this family! It sounds WAY less stressful! Yay–Thank you so much! I’m so glad you all had a great time! Much love and Merry Christmas!
    Angie xoxo

  47. 47
    Patty says:

    Ya’ll know how to have fun! What a fun idea to draw a name and have 45 minutes to shop!! That takes talent and buying 12 presents in that amount of time, I believe our Beth has some mad shopping skillz!
    Ladies, you looked adorable in your jackets from the Gap. That cracked me up!
    Back to the 45 minutes to shop and no wrapping thing: it reminds me of every Christmas Eve when I have to go shopping with my brother, who waits until then to begin his shopping for the entire family. I call it commando shopping and for the record, I don’t like to wrap and I am not good at it and keeping it in the bag from the store is alright by me. I think I will take that idea and save myself a lot of time, thanks my LPM siestas and may you and your families have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!!

  48. 48
    Little Steps Of Faith says:

    You look like you had fun!!!:-)

    I am so jealous, I would have loved to be at any of those places…that is so how I would spend my day:)
    Panera Bread, Starbucks, and then later Cheesecake Factory:)

    Anyway, I hope everyone has a relaxing week…7 days til Christmas:)PTL!!!

    Love y’all:)and I pray for all my siestas on break from school like this girl:)


  49. 49
    I'm a blessed girl... says:

    Okay~ Now where in the world can you have such an awesome job telling the world about Jesus and praising His glorious name and…. go shopping at your Christmas party! ….LPM that’s where~

    Do you have any job openings?

    I love you all~
    Merry Christmas! jan

  50. 50
    Anonymous says:

    Hey girls,
    Thanks for sharing….LPM and this blog are such blessings to me. I love visiting siestaville when I get free time. My youngest is a 2year old boy and he is a handful and a half. Glad you got to enjoy the fun even if you miseed part of lunch….those blue eyes just melt my heart! Wow…what a cutie.
    Merry Christmas!
    Sarah from Wyoming

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