Funniest Staff Ever

You are not going to believe that I was just in the main Living Proof suite (my office is in a different part of the building) and noticed one by one that each of my coworkers had something white in the left corner of their mouths. When I saw the first one, I honestly – and blondely – thought to myself, “Well, now Kimberly has spittle. I am going to have to go whisper in Sabrina’s ear and tell her to go look at it. It must be easier to develop than I thought. I wonder if she has post nasal drip this morning. She sounded a little clogged earlier on the phone.”

Then by the time I saw a few others, I knew. THEN, they all gathered around me in full spittle with the funniest looking expressions I’ve ever seen in my life. I nearly did what women nearly do when they’re that tickled. They were willingly fellowshipping in my humiliation. How could you not love a group like that??? It put me totally over the edge to see Linda, our accountant, fully spittled. Not only is she decidedly less sanguine than several of us and lovingly thinks we’re mostly certifiable, she also is in the middle of our annual voluntary audit with CPAs crawling all over the office. I’ve never loved her more. I’ve never loved any of them more. They simply said, “We go through what you go through.”

Turns out it was white cake icing. They keep licking the sides of their mouths now. I wish I’d thought to do that.


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