Aerobic Praise

I am not one to love Mondays, but I am fully embracing this one. (Monday – Attitude! Right Wising Up girls?) Last week was possibly the longest week of my life and I am happy to say hello to a new one. Curtis, Jackson and I all came down with the stomach bug. Not a blessing. On top of that, for the first time in my life I baked a loaf of bread. A loaf of bread that my dog grabbed off the counter and ate like it was a common Meaty Bone. This is a dog who eats athletic socks. He doesn’t exactly have fine taste and my hot loaf of homemade bread was wasted on him in every way. At least I had two pieces before he got to it. Curtis didn’t even get to see my loaf of bread, much less taste it. And believe me, I wanted him to tell me how great it was!

I just got an email from Jessica B. from North Carolina. Take a look at what she had to say:

After almost completing the Daniel Study I was led by the Spirit to “clean-up” my iPod playlists and remove the songs that were pure Babylon. Now I have an empty iPod and need suggestions of songs to add from my fellow siestas. I live where there is not a Christian radio station and I need help. I am trying to lose the last of my baby weight and need suggestions to help keep me moving.

Can you help a siesta out? What is one song you could suggest to Jessica? If your favorite has already been said, go with your next favorite!

Beth’s suggestion is “Hallelujah Praise” (Hallelujah is the Highest Praise) by CeCe Winans. Mine is “Let God Arise” by Chris Tomlin. I might have to make an “Anything But A Siesta” playlist on my iPod!


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    Ruth O'Neil says:

    Hi. I just read that you had done devotionals at aerobics classes which you led. I am so intrigued, as I thought I was the only one who did this. I have led an aerobics class for 10 years at my Methodist church every Tuesday afternoon. We call is Praisercise, and all of our workout is done to praise music. Over the years, I’ve accumulated 28 different repertoires with about 40 minutes of aerobics and 20 minutes of floor calisthenics. We have had to do it on Zoom for the last year. We don’t have a big group, usually six, but they’re very faithful. I would love to know more about the aerobics class which you led.

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