Fall Bible Study Kickoff!

We have been counting down the months, weeks, days, and now hours until our Fall Semester Bible Study kickoff for Esther. Praise the Lord! It’s finally here!

Needless to say, it is a very big day for LPM. I know all my c0-workers are in overdrive getting ready to fill their various roles tonight. My mom has been studying and praying all morning. My sister will be initiated into her first “first night of Bible study” as an official employee. Diane is getting boxes and boxes of inventory loaded into her Suburban to set out at the product table. And right now our Bible study coordinator, Jennifer Hamm, is probably power walking all over that church with a walkie talkie in hand.

We covet your prayers as we prepare for this evening. Our Tuesday night Bible study is extremely important to all of us. Getting to wash the feet of these precious ladies and serve up the Word of God on a silver platter is an incredible joy and privilege. This Tuesday night teaching series will also serve as the taping for Esther. In other words, what our girls see and hear will be what you see and hear when you view the Esther DVDs one day. The taping environment brings my mom’s stress level up several notches. Please ask God to give her peace, anointing, and focus. Thanks so much, ladies!

Why don’t we just make it Pray for Your Bible Study Leader Day? I know many of your groups are just starting or have just recently started. Most of us can relate to the nervous excitement that you feel in those first few weeks. Whoever your leader is – or maybe you are the leader – lift her up by name at this time. One of my best friends, Janelle, is leading a Precepts study that begins tonight, and I will meet my MOPS leader for the first time tomorrow morning. So I will be praying for my mom, Janelle, and my MOPS leader Amy today. Who are you praying for?


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