90 Days With The One and Only

After my high school graduation nine years ago (gasp!), I moved out of my parents’ home and planted myself in a place called Aggieland. That is, College Station, Texas – home of Texas A&M University and the Fightin’ Texas Aggies. Can I get a Whoop? Or at least an Amen? God gave me four life-changing years there. To the praise of His glory, the person who walked across the stage of Reed Arena and got her diploma in May of 2002 was very different from the 18-year-old kid who moved into Krueger Dormitory in August of 1998. Thank You so much, Jesus! I’m so happy that You did not leave me the way I was!

When I think about what God used to transform my life in those four years, undoubtedly the main factor was simply having a quiet time with Him each morning. And not just reading through a quick Scripture and a page of devotional material as I had done for years before, but a time in the morning when I settled the issue of Who was in control that day. When I faced the critical moment of choosing to surrender to the Lordship of Jesus or to the control of my flesh. God did such a work in me through my mom’s book Whispers of Hope, which I like to call The Purple Book. It’s a devotional journal that was brand-new at the time. I practically have it memorized now. I have gone through lots of devotional books over the years but it remains my favorite.

I had gotten the quiet time routine down over the years and had grown quite proud of my discipline. (Which is laughable because I never finish a Bible study that I don’t HAVE TO finish because I’m leading it. Oh, the irony of me being a Bible study writer’s daughter!) I remember a friend telling me that she had been struggling with having her quiet time lately and wondering how, this far into her walk with the Lord, she could struggle with something so basic. Awful! I know, my pride is shocking! It was a horrible thing for me to think. But don’t you worry, because the Lord took care of my self-righteous heart.

Not long after that, motherhood threw my devotional life into a complete tailspin. I struggled for a long time – longer than I care to admit – with “something so basic.” When our resource director mailed me a copy of the new devotional journal, David: 90 Days With a Heart Like His, I was tremendously excited to have a new start. I have had the most success with the format my mom uses in her devotional books and I had real hope that there might be 90 days of victory ahead of me. Well, it took me a little longer than 90 days, but the Lord won the battle for me. I just finished the book and I feel back on track in my devotional life, which means everything is going better. Hard times come and go, hormones rise and fall. But when the foundation of daily surrender and the filling of the Spirit are there, getting through the day is a lot easier and more enjoyable. Now can I get an Amen?

I had a feeling of dread when I realized I was getting down to the last 10 days of David. What on earth would I do next? I needed a devotional journal! Quick! That very day – that VERY DAY – the UPS man made a stop at my house and delivered an unexpected package from LPM. Inside was a copy of Jesus: 90 Days With The One and Only. Someone give Him some glory! I am definitely in need of some time with The One and Only! I had no idea there was going to be another devotional like David, although it does say “Personal Reflection Series” on the cover. That should have given me a clue. But hey, I’ve never claimed to have a lot of common sense.

So this morning was Day 1. What’s really cool is that I’ll be finishing up in December. It will be an extra-sweet Christmas season after spending 90 days meditating on the person of Christ each morning. I am so happy about this book that I just had to share it with you. If I didn’t know we had a devotional book about Jesus until it arrived at my doorstep, maybe you didn’t know either. My desire is never to sell you a product, but I have a feeling a few of you are like me and could use some good ideas for daily devotionals that put you in God’s Word. Maybe you’ve been using a devotional book that has really encouraged you in your own walk with Christ. By all means, share the wealth with your Siestas! Just keep in mind that the mention of a book in our comment section is not an LPM endorsement of a book or author’s doctrine.

I’m sure many of you have already seen the Nashville recap video on the Deeper Still blog, but if you haven’t you can view it here. Hopefully we will have the commissioning for you in the next few days. Have a great Monday!

Jesus: 90 Days With The One and Only
Personal Reflection Series


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