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First of all, thank you for praying, ladies! My grandpa did not end up needing that surgery yesterday. We were all thrilled! He is not out of the woods yet, so please continue to pray for him as the Lord brings him to mind. Also, my mom’s flare up is gone. Praise God! Thanks for going to battle with us over those things.

Second, I want to let you know about the Bible Study Bulletin Board on our web site. We created it several years ago to help women find Bible study groups meeting in their communities. We were getting lots of emails from women who were relocating to new cities and wanted to plug into new groups right away. We also heard from many ladies who were attending churches that didn’t offer Beth Moore studies and wanted to know where they could find one.

If you are the leader of a fall Bible study group and you would welcome members you do not already know, we would love for you to register your group online. If you are not the leader but think this sounds great, please let your leader know about this opportunity to reach out to women who are hungry for the Word.

Please know that once your entry is submitted, I can’t edit it. I can delete it, but I cannot make any changes to it. Also, be sure to read the guidelines before you register or choose a group.

If you have connected with a Bible study group using our bulletin board, we’d love to hear from you on the blog today!


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