25 Reasons Why My Sister is a Rock Star

My friend Michelle, whom you may have read about in Get Out of That Pit for a prank she pulled while we were in college, loves to compliment her friends by saying, “You’re a rock star!” So I’m stealing Michelle’s cool saying. In honor of my sister’s 25th birthday, here are 25 reasons why Melissa is a rock star.

1) She has the heart of a lion. Strong and brave.
2) She loves nerds. But she never was one.
3) She calls her Bible the Holy Scrips.
4) She can read out of a Greek New Testament.
5) She still makes our mom roll her hair for special occasions.
6) She makes up extremely bizarre names for the people she loves.
7) She is the funniest person in our family.
8) It’s never as much fun when she’s not around.
9) She’s a wonderful auntie to Jackson.
10) On several occasions, we’ve picked each other up from the airport wearing the same outfit.
11) She squeals when she’s really tickled.
12) She hates words with “p” in them. Pumpernickel, pumpkin loaf, pamphlet, etc.
13) She has THE most beautiful hair in the world.
14) She’s honest.
15) She knows a thing or two about perseverance.
16) When we were little girls, we would soak our feet in hot water together. We never outgrew it.
17) She was and is better than most boys at sports.
18) She’s got an artistic side.
19) Which means she’s great at decorating and putting outfits together.
20) She’s an inch taller than me. But my feet are bigger and I don’t think that’s fair.
21) She loves classic cars.
22) When she was 14, she bought an iguana to impress a guy. Mom eventually had to pay the pet store to take it back.
23) She’s a faithful friend.
24) She’s a very good baker and she also throws great dinner parties.
25) She’d give me a lung or a kidney if I needed it and I’d do the same for her.


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