My Mama Always Said

Yesterday I went to “Muffins With Mommy” at my son’s mother’s day out. We got to sit at his little table in the little chairs and eat little muffins together. We watched a video of the kids playing on the playground. They were having a blast going down the slide with their teacher. When I picked him up in the afternoon, I was given a gift bag that Jackson had made me for Mother’s Day. I’m saving it for Sunday. Even if there’s just a used Band-aid (as long as it’s his) or a banana peel inside, I will love it. The bag alone is enough. Jackson’s little hand print decorates the front and I couldn’t help but kiss it. I was overwhelmed with the joy of motherhood. Drunk on younguns – my youngun – as my mama always said.

We will spend this weekend celebrating the women who have poured out their lives to provide for us in every way. We will send flowers, buy gifts, write heartfelt I love yous on greeting cards, and go to brunch. We will try to communicate our gratefulness and find that words just aren’t enough. But our meager attempts sure do mean a lot to Mom. We will not forget to honor the women who didn’t birth us, but who have loved us like their own. Women who, like my mama always said about herself, could mother a fence post.

To celebrate Mother’s Day LPM blog-style, let’s hear what your mama always said.


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