Come Sit a Spell With Me in My Backyard

Hey, my dear Sistas! I wanted to invite you over to my backyard for a few minutes because it’s so dear to me…and you’re so dear to me. I thought it was time the two of you got together. This is the place I most often meet with the Lord Jesus. Yep, right there at that iron table my wonderful Sunday School class gave me. Before it was another. And before it was yet another. My devotional books, an extra Bible of a second translation, my colored pens and my index cards sit perched on that table at all times, ready at a moment’s notice for a Divine meet and greet. It’s the dearest spot on earth to me.

I’m really not much of a house person. I’ve had the same house for almost twenty-three years and, and even though Keith refurbished it for me last year, I still spend the majority of my awake time at home outside. I am a yard person. I love garden flowers because my mother loved garden flowers. And my mother loved garden flowers because her mother loved garden flowers. I especially love this time of year because my 2 jasmine are in full bloom. I have a huge vine covering much of my front porch and an even bigger vine in my back yard that you can see in the picture below. You can’t open a single door at my house right now without your senses being enraptured by the most delicious scent. My bird feeders are usually swarmed with feathered friends singing for their breakfast. The pictures don’t really do it justice because you can’t smell the fragrances or hear the birds, but I wanted to share with you my little corner of the world where I have poured out my heart to God and, through the pages of His Word, heard Him pour out His to me. Many tears have been shed in that very spot. Many confessions made. Many questions posed. Much coffee consumed. What happens in that small place marks my whole day. If I’ll let it.

So, what about you? Where’s your favorite place to meet with God? In as few words as possible, draw me in and help me picture how the two of you get together. Moms of young children, don’t get a stronghold of discouragement or self-condemnation. This entry is not about how much concentrated time you spend with God. He meets you where you are as you lift your sweet chin to Heaven and bring Him your sincere desire. I’m just wondering if there’s a special place you most love to seek Christ’s face. And, if there is, I bet it’s His very favorite place in your entire world.


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