Columbia Commissioning

Hey, Darling Ones. I know that the Virginia Tech tragedy is what is utmost on our minds today – even mine as I wrestle to stay focused on my lesson for tonight – but I wanted to do as I promised. A number of you who attended the LPL event in Columbia asked for a copy of the words we spoke over one another at the conclusion. I didn’t have it at work with me yesterday but I have it now. Here it is! May God manifest His tender mercies to each one of you today.

Count it a joy, Dear One
When life gets hard.
God is doing something huge!
He is also proving
That you are NOT a fake.
Be brave, Mighty Warrior.
Your God is with you!
When waves are crashing,
Stand to your feet,
Throw your head back
And feel the wind of the Spirit!
God is painting a masterpiece
With multi-colored trials.
Go forth and display
Divine special effects
To the great glory of God.

PS. If you get a moment, would you be gracious enough to pray for us in our Houston Tuesday night Bible study as we conclude our series on Proverbs tonight? God has been speaking a fresh word to me about prayer recently and I am more convinced than ever that certain things will happen in our individual lives only as a result of our prayer. I believe if you’d stop and pray, God will accomplish some things tonight among my beloved home girls that we’d otherwise miss in our here and now. Thank you so much!


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