Day Three

Mom sounded great when I talked to her today. I think they are well adjusted to the time change and have caught up on their sleep. She said they are all much more energized. They officially finished Psalms of Ascent and will begin Esther in the morning (which is about 1 hour from right now). She said God has been doing all sorts of neat things and going out of His way to say, “I love y’all. Keep it up!” On day three they filmed out in the wilderness, which my mom said was a really cool experience. She imagined David on the run, Jesus being tempted, and all the things that pilgrims on the road to Jerusalem would have experienced there. They filmed on the Mount of Olives that evening and the Lord painted a fabulous sunset for them. My mom gets to jazzed about sunsets, so it was not wasted on her!

I’ll go ahead and talk a little about the comments in this post. As some of you mentioned, definitely look for it to say, “Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval.” Let me know if you’re seeing that and your comments still aren’t showing up. I’m sorry y’all are having to enter the code multiple times. I know it’s a pain. It would be so nice not to have to use that and comment moderation. But the alternative is very explicit spam (which we used to deal with on our guest book before we implemented the code) and other tackiness. But please don’t be paranoid about me thinking your comment is tacky. What I meant was if you leave a comment that says something ugly about my mom I will have great joy deleting it into oblivion. Was that tacky? Y’all know how it is with family. If you do have something to say that a daughter might not want to read, you can send it through the LPM contact page. Thanks so much!

This is random, but we invited the whole Saturday service crowd to dinner at Fuddrucker’s tonight. We were all crammed into a long table in the back room. There was a family we didn’t know sitting right behind us. Then a guy who has been visiting our church for the last couple of months came to join us. Seeing that there were no seats left, he took the chair next to the dad behind us, turned it around and sat next to him. You should have seen the look on the dad’s face! Curt said, “Dude, we don’t know them. They’re not with us.” Bless his heart! Would you not have just died?


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