My Man

Hey, you sweet things! It occurred to me that I’ve posted pictures of everyone in my family but my man. Here he is with his two best girls. Of course, he really has four best girls because you’ll never meet a man crazier about his daughters but these are his day-to-day, live-in best girls. I am one blessed woman because that man loves me dang-near as much as he loves that birddog. They are inseparable. While I’m showing Keith off, allow me to say that he is one big handful but God picked that maverick just for me so that I would not be insufferably self-righteous (and go explain THAT tendency with a stinking past like mine). Keith is uncontrollable. Utterly untamable. And he is wonderful. My man. My miracle. To God’s great glory, NO ONE on earth has had more impact on this ministry than Keith. He has zero tolerance for pretense, pride, and false piety. As he often says, “A Texan can smell a varmint a mile off.” Because of Keith and the inconceivable patience and diligent work of my Christ, I no longer smell like much of a varmint. With Keith, it’s real or no deal. He holds me to an excruciating standard of authenticity. How blessed could a woman be???

(Amanda writing now. My dad actually wrote the foreword for Get Out of that Pit. Melissa and I were so proud!)


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