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Staff Features: Gratitude

We’re so excited to start a new series of posts written by our lovely Living Proof Staff. To kick off our series, our beloved Kimberly shares a piece on gratitude below:

Thanksgiving is just a day away, and it is never without effect. It will bring us to heighten the “attitude of gratitude”! Creating a climate of gratitude will bring US to where God is…or it will bring God to where WE are. Gratitude promotes a place of contentment we can live in, and from! He dwells most fully where He is acknowledged and honored! His Presence is REAL!

You rarely recognize gratitude in someone who thinks and speaks negatively about life. Negativity predicts the worst. It is rarely of faith. It feeds and is often fed by the enemy of God. In all circumstances choose to see your circumstances from a place that will create gratitude.

Never underestimate the power of “thank you,” as it cultivates a beautiful heart! Gratitude has many benefits and is for anyone who practices it even in the middle of adversity in life. Gratitude reduces anxiety and depression, as it improves mood through feelings like joy and pleasure! Gratitude promotes peace, which removes stress and often reduces symptoms of illness. Gratitude makes us feel closer and more connected to our relationships. Grateful people are more helpful, generous, and compassionate.

When we train ourselves to look at life with a perspective of gratitude over the natural default of negativity we embrace contentment and greater peace. To be honest, there is always more to be grateful for if we are looking for it!

“I will bless the LORD at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth.” -Psalm 34:1




LPL Albany 2018 Recap



LPL Chinle, AZ 2018 Recap Video


LPL Hot Springs 2018 Recap Video


LPL Columbia, MO Recap and Printable

Hey you guys! I asked my good friend and LPL colleague Stephen Proctor if he would throw us together a print-out to help us remember our 5 Spiritual Fitness Resolutions from LPL COMO. I wanted one myself because I don’t want to forget them and thought perhaps some of you might want one, too. I will think of you with love and joy every time I see it. I had a blast with you. Jesus is so worthy, Sisters. Let the words said by the Apostle Paul be true of us, too, when our earthly lives draw to a close: “I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith.”

Download the Printable Here.


Sisters Series: Episode 1 (Tuesday Prayer Hour)

Happy Monday Sisters!

Today we’re taking the Sisters Series through our very own Living Proof office for a little glimpse into our Tuesday Prayer Hour.

Every Tuesday, from noon to 1 p.m., we open the doors of our ministry for any woman or girl that wants to stop by for prayer. We get the privilege of praying over a variety of requests with so many spectacular ladies, and we just love it.

If you’re in the Houston area, please don’t hesitate to swing by during our Prayer Hour. We’ve got your back in prayer if you need it.

12-1 p.m.
12131 Malcomson Rd. 
Houston, TX 77070

Summer Online Bible Study: The Quest!

Hey, you guys! If you haven’t done The Quest, come do it with us and finish the summer strong! It’s a 6 week series where the whole point is increasing intimacy with God. I think you’ll find the subject matter relevant for the turbulent world we live in.  Life is incredibly hard but so much of the grind gets exchanged for divine glory when we embrace life as Scripture presents it to the Christ follower: nothing less than the greatest quest a human being could ever discover. A quest where questions aren’t only allowed. They are encouraged. Come and see.

Grab a study journal, your Bible, and join us!

Click here to sign up:


Join us in prayer for LPL Columbia!

Prayer warriors, we would love it if you would join us with some mighty prayer.
From power outages to snow blizzards, the last few LPLs have stacked up some difficulties. Nonetheless, the Lord has shown up and moved powerfully! Please join us as we pray against any and all opposition to the Word being shared at these events. Specifically, help us pray over LPL Columbia, MO this weekend.
We trust He will shine!

LPL Calgary Recap!

Living Proof Live Calgary 2018 | Recap from LifeWay Women on Vimeo.


LPL San Diego Recap!