LPL Alaskan Cruise Recap Video!


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    Patricia Harris says:

    My husband booked the LPL cruise for our 50th wedding anniversary. It was awesome and he really enjoyed the sessions.

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      Tammy Taylor says:

      Patti, we are glad to have met you and Ron and to share in your celebration! What a memorable cruise this was! Happy 50th Anniversary! Hopefully LPM will do another cruise next year!

  2. 2
    Emily Jordan says:

    Went on the Alaskian cruise and it was fabulous. Great music, teaching and God’s majestic mountains. It was hard some days to pull myself away from watching whales to go hear Beth. Of course Beth won. Teaching in Galatians was outstanding. Curtis’ devotions in Philippians were great, worth getting up early to get to the theater by 7:15. I can’t close without mentioning the dance party. What a way to close out the week. Thanks Beth, Travis,Living Proof Live and Lifeway for an unforgetable week. Emily

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    Irene Gudgeon says:

    In 2005, I felt the conviction of God telling me to do a Beth Moore Bible study. I did one at a different church and even a different denomination. It changed my life and my husband’s life! After 12 Beth Moore Bible studies (plus studies by others) and attending 6 conferences with Beth, I had the pure joy of going on the Alaskan cruise! We celebrated our 50th anniversary, but more importantly, we celebrated God’s Goodness and His Grace! It was a mountaintop experience of a lifetime!
    Thank you, Beth, for coming to the dining room and allowing us to meet you personally, hug you, and have our picture made with you! What a blessing!

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      Sha’ron Finney says:

      I went on the Alaska Cruise 2018 and had the BEST TIME! Worshiping with Beth and Travis was Awesome! The meals were great and my room was always clean. This was my 1st cruise but will not be my last. I treated myself to an early birthday present with no regrets. The highlight of my trip was when I was in the elevator with Beth and got a picture of us. ❤️ Gave her a copy of my drawing “Born Too Soon” ….I weighed 24 ounces at birth, born at home, my incubator was a shoebox nestled in the dresser drawer near the stove and will celebrate my 60th birthday in December! God has a purpose and plans for my life. It’s time for Beth to come on tonight at 10:00. Never miss her!

  4. 4
    Ann says:

    I’m definitely going next year. Where do I sign up!

  5. 5
    Pamela Smith says:

    Hi! So cool !! I am interested for next time. Where did ya’ll cruise out of? Thank you!

    /Pam 🙂

  6. 6
    Donna Smith says:

    We had a wonderful week–thank you all so much! My husband also loved your teaching, Beth, and Curtis’ teaching. And Travis’ daughter has an amazing voice!

    Looking forward to the next cruise. :))

  7. 7
    Regina says:

    Sounds wonderful! This would be a dream come true to be able to attend a LPL Cruise!

  8. 8
    Connie Hein says:

    Where can I go to print a copy of the group selfish from the Alaska cruise? God bless you for making our time an amazing time of learning and worship!

  9. 9
    LeeAnn says:

    I go see Beth Moore every for over 15 years and have dreamed of going to Alaska. For my 50th birthday present I got blessed with the best present ever. Beth Moore and Alaska, both gifts from God. Thanks

  10. 10
    Janie K Wyayy says:

    My husband bought this Cruise with Beth for me and my sister one year ago❤️ My first Cruise and with all the beautiful women and Beth Moore, Travis and worship team it surpassed all my expectations Trip of a lifetime. so loved all the wonderful people who served us and it was a highlight to find out about their lives. So blessed to be with so many Christians and the sharing and caring was just how the church should be
    Thank you Beth for pouring your life out to us and sharing so honestly. This will be the 19th year leading your study’s ❤️ Hope you never stop writing , we women love the way you write. Never forget what I learn Blessings to you and your whole team
    Janie Wyatt

  11. 11
    Pam Luschei says:

    Thank you for the teaching, Beth…the worship was amazing, as well.. So grateful for all of it. Last year, I planned for my husband and I to celebrate our 37th anniversary on the cruise. However, when he died unexpectedly in January, the decision was for my daughter to accompany me instead. In the midst of grieving, I was able to see God’s faithfulness in creation, in the worship and in the teaching….all soul-filling and life-giving. Thank you to you and the Lifeway team for making it an incredible experience for my daughter and I…creating new memories. Grateful

  12. 12
    sally wideman says:

    It was a wonderful cruise and fantastic teaching from both Beth and Curtis and wonderful music from Travis and the praise team! Thanks to all for making yourself accessible during the cruise. My husband and I enjoyed the beautiful scenery and wonderful weather. Thanks to all who made it possible! LIfeway did an exceptional job of planning and executing all things cruisey!

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