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  1. 1
    Nancy Salzer says:

    I would love to attend your Boone, NC conference. My husband pastors a small missions church, and drives a school bus to provide our health insurance, so financially it would be difficult, if not impossibl,e for me to attend unless God provides a miracle! It is in God’s hands!

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      Media says:

      Hi Nancy, the conference was actually this past weekend. We’re so sorry to have missed you! Hopefully we will see you at an event in the future!

  2. 2
    Donna Welsh says:

    I would really love a transcript of the last few minutes of this conference. I want to know exact words of what we spoke over our partners. Or if someone just has a recording? Is that possible to get a hold of?

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      Media says:

      Hi Donna! While we don’t have an audio version, we would be happy to send you a copy of the commissioning as soon as it is available. Be watching for your copy to come via email. Thank you!

  3. 3
    Robyn Corpus says:

    My three sisters and myself went to Boone this weekend and attended your conference. I was blown away on your “Andy” story. You see I have a 18 year old special needs daughter. I was told years ago by a fellow christian mother that “the chosen” consisted of only the ones that could soundly connect with God. I was heartbroken. Leaving your teachings that day brought me hope. Well last night my 18 year old Carly (your Andy) turned to me and said “Mom, do you want to watch that movie God’s Not Dead? Girl, I dropped the laundry in my hands onto the floor and sat on the couch with her and watched it. Afterwards she stood up and said, ” I am going to work on getting Suzette (our buddist neighbor) to believe in our God. The only real God.” Now up until this point I didn’t know if Carly even believed or knew who God is herself. Born with a rare chromosomal disorder called Supernumeral Isodecentric 15, I didn’t know that she could wrap her mind around who God is….She has never said anything past “Dear Lord thank you for this food, Amen” It brought my mind back to your teaching of we love God with our whole mind no matter how advanced or disabled. Thank you for sharing your story and bringing hope in my mind so that I was able to witness this incredible and MIND blowing miracle.

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      Media says:

      Wow, Robyn! What an amazing testimony! Thank you for sharing with us. So glad you could be there with us in Boone.

  4. 4
    Colleen Reynolds says:

    I would love a copy also of the commissioning from the last few minutes of Boone, NC live. What a powerful statement to carry.

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      Media says:

      Hi Colleen! We will be so happy to send you a copy of the commissioning! As soon as we receive it from Beth, we will send it out to you via email.

  5. 5
    Victoria Partlow says:

    5009 Scarlet Haw Drive

    I would so appreciate having the words spoken to our partner in the closing minutes of he Boone Conference. My partner was my dear daughter, who just turned 37 on Wednesday. It was a “God thing” that she was able to come…..
    Thank you!
    Victoria Partlow

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      Media says:

      Hi Victoria! So glad you and your daughter were able to join us in Boone. We will be happy to send you a copy of the commissioning once we have it from Beth. Be watching for your copy to come via email!

  6. 6
    Jan Yarborough says:

    Want to just to share how wonderful the Boone LPL event was. The ladies in my family all went together and we all came away inspired and on fire!

  7. 7
    Gina Morrison says:

    It was my first time seeing Beth Moore live. Her message was spot on for me. I’m also asking for a copy of the commissioning when available.
    Thank you so much. It was a very powerful experience and the music was wonderful!!!

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      Media says:

      Hi Gina! Yes, we would be so happy to send you a copy. We will send it to you via email as soon as possible. Thank you!

  8. 8
    Donna Kendall says:

    I would also love to have a copy of the commissioning! This event did not disappoint! It was a wonderful time to renew and encourage my heart and mind!

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      Media says:

      Hi Donna! We would be happy to send you a copy of the commissioning. Be watching for your copy to come via email sometime soon. Blessings to you!

  9. 9
    Tammie Canerday says:

    LOVED LOVED LOVED the message delivered in Boone!!! It fit perfectly with what I had heard God already say to me before I came, and I have been praying something similar for someone else. It was definitely holy and humbling to hear God speak those confirmations so clearly.

    Naturally, we are all in love with Travis, and I am still in the arena worshipping. I like to close my eyes and imagine I’m there with so many believers … at the throne!

    Perfect dance party moment, too! Nice addition.

    Thank you to all those who made Boone happen!!

  10. 10
    Dawn says:

    What a great and fulfilling weekend! So, thankful for the LPL team and all who put this event on. Happy 20th anniversary and may you continue to teach, worship and build up the body of Christ.
    Please come back to NC again!
    And would it be possible for me to receive a copy of the commissioning?
    Thank you!

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      Media says:

      Hi Dawn! So glad you were able to join us in Boone! We would be happy to send you a copy of the commissioning. Our correspondence team will send you a copy via email as soon as possible.

  11. 11
    Charlene says:

    I debated whether to attend the conference in Boone since it was a long drive from Ohio and we were having an excellent women’s conference at our church the same weekend. I prayed about my choice and felt led to go with two friends to Boone where we met my sister and her daughter-in-law. The topic was on spot for me. I had been researching scriptures on the mind for about a year as I felt my mindset was so important to my walk with the Lord. We returned home Saturday evening and the next day my 4 year old grandson, Luke, collapsed at church. He ended up at Children’s Hospital for numerous scans of his brain. Everything came back normal. They sent him home on Tuesday after an MRI, thinking the 5 falls on Sunday were due to a viral infection. He did fine until the following Monday when he collapsed again and was taken to the hospital. They did an overnight EEG and determined our precious little guy has a type of epilepsy. This has been a real stress and shock to our family. During the last two weeks, I have stood on God’s promises and worked to keep my mind from going to negative thoughts. God has been faithful. We appreciate your prayers.

    • 11.1
      Media says:

      Hi Charlene! Gosh we’re so thankful you were able to join us in Boone. And we are joining you in prayer for sweet little Luke! Praying for healing for his body and for wisdom and comfort for your family.

  12. 12
    Ann Edlund says:

    Good Morning! Can I get a copy of the commissioning? Thanks

  13. 13
    Janet says:

    Thank you, Beth. This article spoke to me on so many levels that my mind already knew the answer as soon as you asked, “Frost or snow?” And the tears came as I replied, “Whiter than snow, Janet!” Even before reading the answer. Our Savior is so gracious and loving. Thank you for living your life to remind us.

  14. 14
    Susan Jones says:

    Blown away at the Boone Conference. I too would love to receive a copy of the commission ING that we shared with the person that was with us at the conference…such a blessing. Thank you for allowing God to use you around the world to share HIS message.

    • 14.1
      Media says:

      Hi Susan! We would be happy to send you a copy of the commissioning! Our correspondence department will send it to you via email.

  15. 15
    Martha J Guilbault says:

    Waiting patiently to see this Boone weekend show up on LPM as a Bible study. Loved seeing Beth in person that weekend. I so need again to hear her words and feel the Holy Spirit stir in me what I felt then.

  16. 16
    Cat C says:

    If the commissioning is still available, I would love a copy. Still think about this incredible weekend over a year later! <3

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      Media says:

      Hi Cat! We have given your email to Susan in correspondence. She will get in touch with you regarding the commission statement. Blessings!

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