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Good Monday morning!

Today my morning start included listening to Beth’s visit (podcast) with @BigMamma and @boomama.  Seriously, so fun.  Their laughs were contagious while their discussions swirled in several directions.  Most of which I should probably not venture into (smile).  But, there is one discussion area I can’t keep from. The UNDOING of SAINT SILVANUS.

Side note:  I promise my days are not boring, I peddle as fast as I can.  I can’t even remember the last time I was bored (laughing).  All that to say I am not looking for something to do nor do I really have extra time to sit down and read a novel.  But sometimes, that is the exact time to sit down, read a novel and refresh your soul.  And this is exactly what I did.  I loved it!  It hit every part of me, the longings, hurts and hopes.  The ache for others to get a win, the suspense and action that I like in stories. Tender places of challenges and the beautiful place of His fresh redemption.

Please know, it is not my “job” to write this, actually Beth doesn’t even know that I am.  LOL (can I do “LOL” on a blog?).  The podcast got me all jazzed about the book, the joy it poured into my heart and wanting others to have this… GIVEAWAY DAY!


To enter giveaway for the book, please comment with:  Novel
So that we (LPM Team) have time to ship books today the comments will be open until 2pm.

Speaking of Beth, she isn’t bored either.  She is on the closing stretch of the book tour, which she will finish tomorrow evening (Tuesday, Sept 27, 7pm) at Mariners Church – IrvineTo enter giveaway for the event ticket, please comment with: Mariners


love, Sabrina

Book & Webcast info:


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  1. 100
    vicki osier says:


  2. 101
    Anne Lewis says:

    So excited about this new adventure for Beth and cannot wait to read it. May the list be reached through this book!

  3. 102
    Emma says:


    So fun!

  4. 103
    Angie says:

    Novel. Thank you!

  5. 104
    Beth S says:


  6. 105
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    Michelle Irwin says:


  8. 107
    Brenda Veinotte says:


  9. 108
    Kathrine Springer says:

    Novel. ☺️

  10. 109
    Candice Eisenhauer says:

    Looking forward to reading it!

  11. 110
    Michelle Virnelson says:


  12. 111
    Regina says:


  13. 112
    Kimberly says:


  14. 113
    Chris says:


  15. 114
    Evet says:

    NOVEL!!! Would love to read Beth’s new book! God Bless!!

  16. 115
    Olive says:


  17. 116
    April Anstey says:


  18. 117
    Nancy D says:

    NOVEL, please and thank you!

  19. 118
    Candace Crethers says:

    Tuesday the 27th you mean? 🙂 MARINERS!!!

  20. 119
    Abigail D says:


  21. 120
    Carol Zymroz says:

    NOVEL! 🙂

  22. 121
    Linda Baron says:

    Received the novel in the mail on Saturday – finished it by Sunday evening. Loved it! Great job.

  23. 122
    Stephanie Techau says:


  24. 123
    Carrie says:


  25. 124
    Carol England says:


  26. 125
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    Joy Cravens says:


  28. 127
    Kristin A. says:


    Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Yolanda says:


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    Steph says:


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    Jacquie Terada says:


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    Annette F. Greenwood says:


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    Deanna says:


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    Jodi Smith says:


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    Kimber says:


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    Chuck says:

    Novel 🙂

  38. 137
    Lisa Williams says:


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    Carolyn says:


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    Sherry says:


  41. 140
    Teresa says:

    Am so looking forward to this book!

  42. 141
    Sylvia Mitchell says:


  43. 142
    Darla McNamara says:

    I didn’t know she was doing a book until recently and I read the first 3 chapters on line. Heck ya I want to finish it!

  44. 143
    Trixie Pratt says:


  45. 144
    Mary Noggle says:


  46. 145
    Lori says:


  47. 146
    Cammie says:

    so excited to get my hands on a copy of this novel.

    Thanks Beth for all your devotion to the Lord because it sure has helped me in the most broken time of my life!

  48. 147
    Beverly says:


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    Kathryn Whittamore says:


  50. 149
    Sarah says: