To servants of Jesus in your 30s and 40s

Spectacular joys come to older ones in the faith as we get to witness the next generation coming of age. By coming of age I don’t mean numerically. There will always be individuals in Christ who hardly grow beyond their salvation and will wonder to the grave why God never came through with that meaningful life they thought they were supposed to receive. But the distractions of the world are enormous, demanding and titillating and, well, the phone and all. That we can be in Christ and immersed in a community of faith but never fulfill our calling is clear from places in Scripture like Colossians 4:17 where Paul told the brothers at Colossae,

And say to Archippus, “See that you fulfill the ministry that you have received in the Lord.”

No need to exhort somebody to fulfill a ministry if it’s not possible to leave it unfulfilled.

There will always be those who are enormously gifted and hold tremendous potential to impact community and globe for the kingdom of God but, like the unfaithful steward in Matthew 25, will bury what they’ve been given until Jesus returns at which point they’ll hand it back to Him looking pretty much like it did when they got it. They lost interest. But they are not my concern today as I write this article. These words are to those of you who are doing what it takes. Who are in the thing up to your necks. You, who are coming of age in your calling, though God knows that, most of the time, if you’re like me, you’re not even sure how you got there. Oh, you could try to tell someone younger what steps you took. You could write a blog post about it. You could do a very effective Q&A on a panel about it. You could even write a book about it but you know dang well deep in your heart that you really had no earthly idea what you were doing. All you can say at the end of the day is that you kept doing something – the next thing – however awkwardly, and perhaps even embarrassingly as you look back on it, to somehow serve Jesus. And, lo and behold, something finally started working. Not all the time, of course, but often enough to realize you might be onto something. You might be onto your calling. This season of your calling. Your works are producing fruit. You have this sense that you are where you are supposed to be for now.

That’s what I mean by coming of age. Though it’s not about chronological age, it often corresponds enough for most of you to be in your thirties and forties.

Man, it’s a gorgeous thing for your older brothers and sisters to behold. To get to cheer you on cheers me in a way I find ridiculously exhilarating. Right here on the spot I could list one hundred different names off the top of my head of men and women doing the thing. Some of you I get the chance to watch close up. Hands on. You delight me to no end. First and foremost, my daughters. My son-in-law. My spiritual sons and daughters. Others from across the room at church and others by phone and face-to-face as often as possible, like my beloved Priscilla Shirer. Good Lord, how I love her. Others of you on social media, which I love, by the way, and on which I’ve made some connections that really do have an ounce of substance to them. Jefferson Bethke, for instance. So many like him. Men and women. These relationships mean something to me. Their names are in my prayer journal. About eight young women communicators and Bible teachers are on my mind almost every day and jotted down regularly in a square in my prayer journal.

And I get to see you prosper in the Holy Spirit. I get to see your life bear fruit. I get to celebrate what God is doing through you. And I get to squirm, rub my forehead and groan – often audibly – as I watch you awaken to the war. That is why I’m writing today.

You didn’t know it was going to be like this.

You had no idea what you’d stepped into.

You think you must have done something wrong to make it this hard. When you started out, it wasn’t like this.

You haven’t really told anyone. Or not very many. Mainly because you’re too embarrassed.

You have no idea that every other person worth his/her salt in the kingdom of the living Christ is either going to go through their own version of the same thing or they are enduring it that very minute.

And it is hellacious.

The enemy comes for you. Of course, some of you aren’t calling it spiritual warfare yet because that’s what the older generation called it and you want to be cooler than that. You had sort-of become convinced that the devil was not that real. Not that specific. Not that personal. Not that aware. And surely God would not allow him to mess with your kids.

And it’s not just the enemy. Your own vulnerabilities erupt into liabilities. Life’s taking a crowbar to every crack in your armor. You are tempted to things you swore you’d never do. That you judged ________________ for doing. Your past comes calling. If you’re married, your marriage, which you’d boasted about publicly, looks like it could go humiliatingly belly-up. Your kids are going nuts. Or maybe it’s you losing your mind. Half the time, you think you are going crazy. You’re getting criticized. You’re getting a lot of opposition. You daydream sometimes that you quit and moved to a remote island with your family, wore loin cloths and drank milk out of coconuts and swam with dolphins. You night-dream that you hung in there in your calling and it slaughtered you.

You have come of age.

What you’re going through is how it goes. I don’t know why on earth we older ones are not telling you more often and with more volume. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to discourage you but it’s so ridiculous because you’re already discouraged. Or maybe it’s that you won’t listen to us anyway.

But this is my shot at it today. You have come of age. You have come of notice to the devil. At the same time, your very faithful God who loves you has made a covenant through the cross of Christ not only to save you but to conform you to the image of His Son. His obligation out of His wonderful grace is to grow you up. And there is suffering in growing up. Among other things, you are forced to face the deceiver and pretender in your mirror.

I’m here to say to you today that it will not always be this hellacious. Oh, trust me. It will ALWAYS be hard. It will at times be horrific. But this season of eyeball-bulging nobody-ever-said-it would-be-like-this coming of age will not last forever. Mine lasted about seven years. Yours could last one. Or ten. That’s all up to God. Well, and you. Your cooperation is required.

It’s all about whether or not you’ll quit. Or whether or not you’ll get sloppy. Whether or not you’ll hang onto the first things that so drove you in the beginning. Jesus. The Scriptures. Holy passion. Holiness. And not just hang onto them but press further and further and further into them. Or will you slip into the black hole of busy-ness and business, of name-making, marketing, position, notoriety, self-importance, celebrity and Instacrap? Now that you are no longer naĂŻve, what will you do with all of this? Will you fight for a pure heart that the world and your own flesh have so polluted that you think you no longer have what it takes or will you just go with it and figure this is how it happens?

And, in the words of Galatians 3:3, what you’d begun in the Spirit, you’ll just do from now on mostly in the flesh. You’ll  get prayer warriors to pray for you instead of also scrapping it out yourself on the floor, fighting with everything you’ve got in the heavenlies, hacking it through, bloody and bruised, defending the ground God entrusted to you.

You’re at the most critical place in your calling. The place of slaughter. The place where either the devil’s going to all but kill you, your flesh is going to destroy you or God is going to crucify with Christ that ego and fear and, truth-told, laziness and raise you MIGHTY.

Fight it out. Do not quit. If you’ve gotten sloppy, stop it. If you’re messing around in sin, repent. Go back to your face. Get that Bible open and plant your nose in it. Memorize Scripture. Learn how to fast and pray. Quit talking about Jesus more than you actually talk to Him. Quit letting your mouth overshoot your character. Become that person you’ve made fun of for taking it too seriously and being so dramatic about it.

You have what it takes. Do it. And I’m going to tell you something. What it will get you is Jesus. JESUS HIMSELF. Pre-eminent in all things. He is the joy. He is the prize in the fight. He is what makes getting hit by the debris in the hurricane worth it. Jesus Himself. He is everything.

I’m writing you today because I’m so proud of you. You’re out there doing the thing. And I don’t want you to quit.

Pay the price.


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  1. 101
    Lori says:

    Thanks so much! As usual, got just what I needed at precisely the right time. Thank you ,Lord , and thank you , Beth

  2. 102
    Jenn Buell says:

    Thank you, Beth. We met once at 2013 MomCon. It was six weeks after my husband died of a heart attack and I stood before a 41-year-old widowed mom of four, thanking you for preaching on holding tightly to God’s faithfulness because that’s all I was holding onto. I am now a blogger, working on getting a book published. But the day you stopped in the autograph line and laid hands on me and prayed will always be held in my heart. I am called to make him known–to tell of the faithfulness of God in the written and spoken words. But I am first called to know HIM. Thank you for this beautiful reminder today when the struggle is hard. Thank you for the reminder that I need more time doing battle on my knees when I don’t know what to do next than I need to build my platform. Thank you.

  3. 103
    Angel says:

    I’m right in the thick of the crazies. I laughed out loud at the daydream of running away with my family to some island, and then I was in tears at the reality of the overwhelming, real struggle of wanting to literally run away. Thanks for helping, encouraging, and reminding me of the real and present battle and to keep fighting. This pastor’s wife, women’s ministry leader, mom of 4 kids who are flying the nest before my very eyes is weary.

  4. 104
    Laura Zielke says:

    Thank you for being faithful to write what God needed us all to hear. Especially me. Ok, shaking the dust off now. Getting first things first. Not giving up. Thank you. I do believe!

  5. 105
    Deanna Wiseburn says:

    Thank you! I needed this today. No one shares about how hard it is and it is really easy to believe that because it is so hard that I am messing it up. Few have ever talked truthfully and openly about the cost of obedience, and the more God calls me to be obedient the more others do not understand. What saddens me most is that other Christians are often worse at accepting it than those in the World. It makes me feel lonely a lot. I’m only just learning about spiritual warfare and I am so out of my element. But I see that is the whole point, God wants us out of our comfort zones, and it is by His plan that we look so different from others around us. Even when with our whole hearts we would simply prefer to blend in. But something about the Gospel and God compels us to keep following even when we appear crazy and when we are convinced that we are losing our mind just as quickly as we are losing our friends. My heart hurts at the cost of obedience sometimes, and today is one of those times….and yet I can’t not be obedient. I don’t want to miss out on Gods plan for my life.

    So I stop looking for work at His word. I begin full immersion into scriptures, and now I am starting a book at His call. I’m so out of my element. At the same time I have this knowing that I am right in the center of His perfect will, even when others believe I am in full disobedience. Its hard and the storms keep coming, but there is a peace in the midst of it all that holds me so close. I choose to let that be the deciding factor. I will follow His voice and the peace that only He brings.

  6. 106
    Amy Peterson says:

    I need every grown up in my life to pat my 38 year old head and say what you said here. I was having a snot bubble ugly cry with my Mom last week where I said, “I really feel like this (time of spiritual warfare) is almost over, but part of me wonders if I am just crazy to think it is anything spiritual and even crazier to think it will end.”
    Oh Beth Moore, I just got a pie eyed mentor crush on you. God bless your day!

  7. 107

    Beth, thank you!

    I know you’ve been there! As one who is pressing in and pressing on, this was that shot-in-the-arm I needed today. I’m so grateful for your transparency. It’s very encouraging to see, and it is comforting to know I’m not the only one experiencing this. I shall win the race and obtain the prize (Christ Jesus) for which Christ has taken hold of me! He is worth it all!

    Blessings to you, dear sister!

    Cheers & Shalom,

  8. 108
    Dee says:

    Thank you so much Beth! I was on the verge of giving up thinking all thee thoughts you mentioned in this post, experiencing exactly what you described! I thought my call was missed or I did something wrong. I asked a few people to pray and I came upon your post. It brought me to tears of comfort and understanding with encouragement not to give up. God’s Spirit spoke to my mind and heart through your words. it lifted me out of the darkness and back into the light of His love, strength and power! Still struggling but with hope and more strength. God bless you!

  9. 109
    Laura Naiser says:

    THANK YOU! I needed to hear these words today. What a blessing you are!

  10. 110
    Vanessa says:

    Amazing how timely your blog post and/or twitter feeds are to what I need hear. This hit me hard (in a good way :)). #Dontquit ! 🙂

  11. 111
    Rachel Wojo says:

    A word so much appreciated today. Thank you.

  12. 112
    Krista says:

    Thank you! Beth, you have been a mentor and friend for many years even though you don’t have a clue who I am! I feel so alone in the battles, but God encourages/reprimands!/loves me through His Word and His people. Thanks for being real and speaking truth in love–it is making a difference in my life!

  13. 113
    Caroline says:

    I’m in tears. Thank you for this post. It’s so hard indeed. I used to walk strong with a great community, now it feels like swimming against the stream of a violent river. My prayer to the Lord is that he will help me find a mentor in his terms. But in any case, and as hard as it is to accept it at times, His will be done.

  14. 114
    Erin says:

    Beth, do you believe this could be applied to men and women who are “coming into their calling” even if they are not in official “church and ministry” occupation? My husband and I, in our early thirties, have a trucking company and haul lumber and rock. We also run stocker calves and have our own cow/calf operation. This is very far cry from writing a book, a blog, or a speaking at a conference, but nonetheless we love Jesus very much and we are working to raise our three children in his house and in his word. We have been through a few hellacious years financially and feel just about as stressed out, maxed out, and frustrated as a person could feel with some of our business struggles. Your email was super encouraging but I want to know if this spiritual warfare struggle you speak of could be applied to those of in a “normal/non-religious” job.

    • 114.1
      alyssa says:

      I’m thinking “yes”! God places light in the darkest places, sometimes the BRIGHTEST lights in the dark places like businesses and schools. I very strongly believe that spiritual warfare comes for all of us. I think the devil would have you believe that this work of loving Jesus in your business and at your home isn’t kingdom work. But I think it is, and I know satan is out to steal, kill, and destroy everything that God is doing. Keep fighting the good fight, sister!!!!

    • 114.2
      Mary Cox says:

      Hi Erin, Yes! Spiritual warfare does not discriminate. I have experienced much of it in my workplace as well as just in the overall result of my labors. Keep fighting!!! The enemy wants to take your faith away. But we believe even if the storms in our work come. Our faith is forged in the fiery furnace of our trials, even in our work. I am experiencing much opposition in my work now, but I know it’s because I am in my place serving God in spite of what I am going through!! Thank you Beth, sharing with everyone I know needs this!

    • 114.3
      Angela Dunn says:

      The answer is resoundingly YES! Not all Belivers are called to the same “field” to sew or plant or reap. Belonging to HIM, means you’re in the war. The enemy wants to render you useless to God and take you out! BUT GOD…God has placed you and your husband and family in the area you’re in for a reason. He is able to keep you.
      He has his people out in the world in every area of life: from teachers, Moms, truckers, business owners, writers, opera singers, managers, corporate heads and preschool workers to work at home moms and dads. If you can think of a field or location, God has His children there to represent Him by loving on those around them, revealing the heart of God. Whether you’re in the pulpit or on the pew, cleaning bathrooms or the head of a company, God places you and works through you. Girlfriend, this message is for you! Yes, you’re in the storm, the trial, the war. Why? Because you’re His and the enemy is waging war. Just keep taking the next baby step. When you can’t take the storm anymore, call for your friends to pray and then crawl in the boat with Jesus….and rest. Don’t quit. Just rest awhile. Like mine have been in the past, your circumstances may be gripping you with such a tight hold, you can’t see or feel God. Take a breath and climb in the boat and rest with Him. Ask Him to comfort you & show you the next step. There were several years of my life that I was stricken with an illness that had random, uncontrollable symptoms. Some nights I would be so afraid to go to sleep because these symptoms would awaken me every time I began to fall asleep. This would happen days at a time and then depart for an unknown period only to return. I was exhausted and thought I might die. One night, God brought to mind the story of the disciples in the storm as Jesus was asleep in the boat. He slept peacefully even as the storm raged. I began to ask, as I shut my light off to sleep, if I could crawl in the boat with Him and rest for awhile. My circumstances didn’t change for a long time, but my mind and heart were peaceful. I had to crawl in the boat and lay my life down. At least it felt that way during those dark years.
      One way the enemy attacks is to lie to you about God, about your circumstances etc. Ask God to reveal the lies you’re believing and replace it with truth. It’s helpful for me to journal this. On the front side of the paper at the top I write “in the name of Jesus I renounce the lie that…” Then I number and write out the lies the enemy has been telling me. Maybe it’s only one or two I recognize that day. On the back side of the paper, I write the truth with the correlating number that goes with the lie. For example, a recent lie of the enemy I’ve been believing is “when I’ve obeyed God and my circumstances or what I expected to happen did not or even went catastrophically wrong, I must have heard wrong …or God is against me… or forgotten me… or betrayed me! ” The truth though is Ps 56:8-9 ” You number and record my wandering; put my tears into Your bottle- are they not in Your book? Then shall my enemies turn back in the day I cry out; this I know, for God is for me.” Romans 8:29-39 reminds me that God sacrificed it all for me, before I knew Him, so if He will do that when I was His enemy, how much more will He be FOR me as His precious daughter who is asking for His direction! Nothing I do or that happens to me can separate me from His perfect love! So, go in confidence knowing that as you offer yourself to Him, you will be moved and directed by Him. And if it helps, there are two hand holds that I tell myself daily : 1. “God’s heart for me is good!” 2. “Do not doubt a decision you made in peace.” Hang in there sister. You are not alone!

      • J says:

        It’s uncanny how spot on your comment is to my life the past 4 years! I also have had a mysterious illness with fluctuating symptoms although I thank God I am improving over time! I have had the thought or mental picture that God is hemming me in. Don’t know why or how long but am trying to hold on to the hopeful perspective that it is for my good. The enemy makes me doubt that I could even do this “desert season” right and I fear I’ll miss whatever God has for me here from laziness or fear, but you gave me a new way of looking at it, that of laying my life down. Thanks for that! Also the concept of not regretting decisions made in peace, so helpful!

  15. 115
    Cendi says:

    Thank you! I’m reading this post after putting in a full day at the office, getting ready to go into the office bathroom to change my clothes and freshen up the go to facilitate a Tuesday Night Ladies Bible Study. What I really want to do is go home, sit in my chair and watch Fixer Uppers. Thank you for the kick in that pants I needed. Never grow weary of doing good!

  16. 116
    Nicole says:

    Oh Beth! Thanks for writing the words the Spirit gave you. It was such a gift to my heart. Huge hugs to you:)

  17. 117
    Amanda says:

    Oh Beth, I thank God for you being willing to say the words that we so need to hear. I’m bawling reading this. Thanks for the smack to the back of the head that I needed at this point. Sharing with my peeps who need the same word of inspiration today. Bless you woman!

  18. 118
    Melany says:

    Wow! I have no words other than thank you so, so much for this!

  19. 119
    elizabeth says:

    THANK YOU, a million thanks. I feel like the way God us asking me to pursue ministering is so silent, so counter church ministry. And it is HARD! But I continue because there is no doubt its the path He has used and developed for me, and BECAUSE its SCARY and I know I am unable to with out HIM! Miss Beth your love for Jesus I so contagious, and thank you for the truth of the coming of years and that taking you 7 years, about 3 ago I was beginning to take notice of this in my own life, and its still a work in progress, and maybe maybe reaching a backslide, or it could be another hike up the mountain… Lord HELP ME if that’s true… But his promises are rendering that VOID! Thank you Thank you.

  20. 120
    Joy Sherman says:

    All I can say is Thank. You. So. Much.

    Thanks be to God.

  21. 121
    Jen says:

    Deep deep thanks, Beth. I never comment (busy mom of 3) but had to this time. Frustration to many tears today at being misunderstood, deeply lonely, and tired in the thing He has said to obey in. Just a deep thank you tonight.

  22. 122
    Brandi Cox says:

    Well, this is a missing puzzle piece for me. Thank you. I am in my 40s, and if I had known the topic of this post, without knowing your target age group, I would have guessed you were addressing 20s and 30s. Isnt it the young ones who need encouragement? Shouldn’t I have it figured out? I have been walking faithfully with God for over two decades, shouldn’t life feel more victorious? Shouldn’t my passion be blazing like a wildfire? I am doing the thing, but the giddy up is hard to come by. I am going to reevaluate some things through the coming of age lense. Thank you for giving me another option. I was beginning to wonder if I was broken.

  23. 123
    Sharla says:

    Miss Beth, I’m nodding my head and my spirit is answering you, “Yes, Ma’am!”

  24. 124
    Jodi says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  25. 125
    Daina says:

    Spot on and exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for not sugar-coating it. This had a rough, not-polished-for-lifeway feel to it that we sometimes don’t get, and it’s exactly what this post needed. THANK YOU!

  26. 126
    Kim says:

    Dear Beth, I’m sure like so many, though we’ve never met face to face I feel like we’re friends. Dear friends. Connected through Christ and His love. My husband & I are missionaries in Japan, here since 2003. We came then with the younger three of our six children. It’s a long story but the part you played in it is significant. Our lives were in one of those turmoil seasons. I was taking part in your online “Believing God” Bible study. God used it, along with a connection I made with another participant, to be instrumental in helping to prepare me for His plan for us to come here and plant seeds for Him. It continues to be a learning and growing experience with mountain-top moments and valley darkness taking turns. Some days I sit in amazement that God would choose to use us. Humbled. Blessed. Thankful. I just want to say thank you for the times that your words have lifted my spirit or helped to bring to light something I needed to know. Thank you for being clay in the hands of The Potter. May His grace, love & joy rain over you.

  27. 127
    Brandi Howard says:

    Ohhhhhh Mrs. Beth……… It’s me Brandi, from Louisiana , the redhead….Lissa’s friend…… You have NO idea how I needed this…. I’ve been struggling & so heartbroken for the last year and a half… To the point where I basically gave God the middle finger…and told him I was done! Over it! I DID not sign up for this… Thank you for the pep talk and all the reminders……so so so needed- seriously I’m doing the ugly snotty nosed cry! And my mascara is running, you know bc it’s not waterproof… Bc I haven’t really been able to cry in months…. And now THIS!! I love you- thank you!!!

  28. 128
    Katy says:

    I didn’t feel like I just read this post. I felt like you walked into the room and said every word to my face, shaking me by the shoulders while choking on tears. The world needs more Beth Moore’s. I pray to follow your example with the life I have left.

  29. 129
    Judy says:

    Thank you, Beth!
    I thought it was just me. I must be like Elijah thinking I am all alone in this kind of spiritual warfare. I mean I even had the conversation with myself about being kinda crazy for calling it spiritual warfare. It kind of felt haughty to think that it was spiritual warfare because who am I that what I was trying to do would cause the devil to attack me and my loved ones? But somehow I knew, and somehow I trudged on. Feeling daily like I was taking very small baby steps forward but still forward. Feeling daily as if I was doing it all wrong, but still doing it. This is EXACTLY where I am at. Feeling overwhelmed, but encouraged by your words. Thank you, Beth. You tell us you love us all the time and I believe it and I LOVE YOU TOO!

  30. 130
    Jeannie says:

    To Beth Moore:

    I am a 30 almost 40 year old servant of Christ and your blog post was without a doubt 1000% written to ME.

    I’m sure you understand by now how wildly God works through our lives when we’re just obedient to His call – so I want to thank you for doing just that; for writing that blog post when whatever it was that He used to light a fire in your gut to write spoke, and you listened. Thank you. Because I needed it, and as I read it, the precious hand of Jesus Himself laid on my heart and quieted His girl. Quieted her fear. Quieted her doubt, her embarrassment, and her shame.

    I’ve wanted to quit more than I’d prefer to admit, and I KNOW in my soul it’s warfare, but you said it so perfectly because I had no idea that the enemy would be so personal, so specific, or so aware; and surely God wouldnt let him mess with so much?! The alternative to God “allowing” this would be that I DESERVE what I’m going through. Which, in all honesty, would be more enjoyable to me for some reason even though the Bible tells me to rejoice in persecution and delight in hardships. I feel like at least if I deserved it, I could understand it. You know what God told me one day when I told Him, “I didnt do anything wrong!?” He said, “Jeannie, welcome to Calvary.”

    I am not sure there are sweeter words to ever be heard than those of God when He invites you into His suffering. I know what that means! That means I’ve come of age! But the brutal onslaught of being told over and over that I’m doing this thing wrong, that I’m “too” much of something for nearly everyone I encounter and “not enough” for everyone else is excruciating. It just is. I live in a constant haze of Galatians 1:10 and scour my Bible for the confirmation that it’s ok, actually GOOD and perfect to NOT have the approval of “man” because “man” generally isnt just some stranger on the street, or an activist in my face telling me I’m too Jesus. “Man” is the people that matter most in my life, and their complaints dont come right out as a direct issue with my “faith” so much as they come at my behavior which is absolutely a byproduct of my faith. It is honestly as if I am being told NOT to do by “man” what I know God has told me TO do. Talk about thinking you are crazy…

    So thank you. Mostly I just want to thank YOU for being obedient to your calling; to responding to His voice and DOING the thing that He called you to do. It encouraged this 30 something servant in a way I can never truly explain at a time when I desperately needed to be encouraged. It was confirmation right from the heart of Jesus to Jeannie, through your words. And that’s pretty cool.

  31. 131
    Angela Banae says:

    Beth, ohhhhh, Sister! Thank you so much for these words of encouragement. God knew I needed to hear them. In the midst of praying for my book to get published, worrying about women’s ministry stuff, and other fears…I am going to just stop it. I will stand on the promises of God and BELIEVE that He’s got this. Praying God will continue to bless you!! Thank you again, dear Sister in Christ!!!

  32. 132
    Laura Sumpter says:

    Thank you! Right in the middle of this and know God is encouraging me to
    keep up the fight! To Him be the glory so my own kids have a clear example
    when it is their turn!!

  33. 133
    Betty Watson says:

    Thank you, Beth! I’m not in my 30s or 40s, but in my 60’s and I needed that boost and kick in the pants today. We DO get caught up in the business of ministry and forget our first love. Holy Spirit has reminded me about that of late. Thank you – thank you.

  34. 134

    I stumbled upon your blog and I am bawling! Thank you for telling me I am not crazy and to not give up! There is a calling on my life. I just don’t have a clue what that looks like and most days I feel like I have no idea how to do this. Thank you for encouraging me.

  35. 135
    Meg Ebba says:

    Bawling like I’m not a stoic Yankee. SO GRATEFUL.

  36. 136
    Kate says:

    How did you know I needed this? Thank you for being aware of what’s swirling around and within all of us who are really, really trying (and often times failing!) to live out this wild thing well. You’re a treasure. Praying for you. Grateful for you. – Kate

  37. 137
    Rachel says:

    Wow. Thank you Mama Beth. This whole thing spoke to me but there were several lines in there where I thought, how did she know this about me? It felt like you were speaking directly to me. I love how God uses people to do that, and make it personal. Thank you for allowing God to use you to speak truth into my life.

  38. 138
    Heather W says:

    Beth, you are completely ordained by God. I can’t tell you how many major moments in my life have been impacted by the sweet words you write…and here you are again, writing something that so many people needed to hear, right now. Thank you for your service and for listening to God when he calls you. You are such an inspiration and I am just loving your Periscopes because they make me feel like we’re really friends! I would love to sit and chat with you about all God has done in my life through you, but this will have to do! : ) Praying you have an amazing day and thanks again for the refreshing word from God!

  39. 139
    Megan says:

    God sure uses you in mighty ways! This was just exactly what I needed to read today. You’ve put into words what I’ve been feeling and helped me know I’m not alone in feeling this way. Thank you for the encouragement!

  40. 140
    Anne says:

    Wow! TRUTH SISTA TRUTH! Yes, yes…I am yelling and hollarin’ online. This is SO MY LIFE right now. My husband and I planted a church 11 years ago in Charlotte, NC and the pressure over the last several years has been incredible. Unrelenting, hellish is the correct word. Thank you for speaking up, owning it, and telling all of us this is NORMAL!!! For heaven’s sake, I can handle NORMAL, I thought I was crazy. Good grief, we all go through this? Well, then OK. Thank you Miss Beth from the bottom of my heart!

  41. 141

    The most encouraging words I’ve read in a long time are right here:

    “But this season of eyeball-bulging nobody-ever-said-it would-be-like-this coming of age will not last forever.”

    Thank God for that. Thanks for this post. It makes me feel a little less crazy.

  42. 142
    Tanya Smith says:

    Well Beth you have a way about you. I’m sure trying. And it’s sure hard. Thanks for the encouragement.

  43. 143
    Samantha L. says:

    I’m only 22 and I feel like I can relate to this so much. It shouldn’t be this hard so soon. I’m not in my 30s and 40s. This is so hard. The spiritual warfare is real. I’m going through the Daniel study with a small group and I just keep hearing “only so far and no further” whenever I want to give up. I’ve given up on Jesus before and I’ve vowed never to do that again. He is worth anything that comes my way. No. Matter. What. I’m growing weary. I want to quit. But I won’t. I know I can’t. I don’t want to give up. I want that patient endurance John talks about in Revelation. Thank you for this post. Knowing that I’m not the only one brings some odd sort of comfort. Pressing forward.

  44. 144
    Carrie Simms says:

    Beth – Eighteen years ago the Lord spoke to me that He was calling me to be a part of a great revival that would take place in the Secular Jewish Community; which would start politically and it would be based on the book of Esther…

    I thought I was completely crazy!!! Within a few weeks I was given the opportunity to share this with Elizabeth Elliott… I thought for sure that she would encourage me to go to a mental hospital…. But she didn’t… She said I know this is God and let me tell you why….

    Over the past eighteen years the Lord has done so many amazing things…. I was asked to serve on an Orthodox Jewish Board for Rabbi Daniel Lapin and it was clear that the Lord was preparing me to serve Him within the Secular Jewish Community….

    Then all hell broke loose… It has been one thing after another… In the midst of hell I began writing a Political Action Film based on current events and how they parallel the Book of Esther…. The film is called LADY LIBERTY – FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS! … I met with Andy Erwin (Director of WOODLAWN) and he told a group of investors “I am not telling you that you should produce this film I am telling you that you have to.” My hopes were rekindled… Then things went from horrible to unbearable….

    Beth – I am clinging on for dear life… The Lord has given me a clear Vision and Mission to share the gospel with the Secular Jewish Community…. LADY LIBERTY is simply the vehicle that will enable us to access this community…. Like WAR ROOM and WOODLAWN the Lord is using films to lead individuals to Christ….

    However, at this moment in time I feel like I am being sucked into a whirlpool of despair and discouragement because I cannot pay my electric bill or purchase food…. It seems that the enemy is doing everything possible to destroy my life and prevent me from fulfilling God’s call on my life….

    Beth – If you were me… at this moment in time… What would you do?


  45. 145

    So I got started on my journey with Christ later than many…not until my mid twenties. Although I’m past my 30’s & 40’s… I’m 51 but this blog post hits right where God has me today. Every year I ask Him for one word that I can focus on and this year’s word is “refine.” Jumping into women’s ministry a few years ago, I have been writing Bible studies for our church and now am teaching a few times a year on Su day mornings. But several years ago God instructed me to create a blog in order to write and teach on it,and I have not been obedient. This year He is refining me to obedience. I’m at a place where I feel like I’m on the ledge about to jump and I’m scared to death. What if?? This post re-reminds me that any sacrifice made is worth it. “Pay the price.” Yes, it’s time to jump off that ledge and trust Gid into even deeper waters. Thank you, Beth.

  46. 146
    Sara says:

    This was like the coffee shop talk that I needed to hear today. Pressing on, even when the spiritual battle involves being on the sidelines after our first season of ministry. A battle within to rest when the Martha in me wants to do do do. The Father reshaping our vision to be more 20/20, reestablishing unity in our marriage, and directing our path further down the narrow road. As I finished the article, I’m singing the song “How loving and patient He must be…He’s still working on me!”

  47. 147

    Oh, how I love this great God of ours, and how true these words ring. So recently, I have been in the very place of discouragement you describe, ready to give it all up as hopeless because my obedience did not bring the success I thought it should. What a fool I can be — my God’s idea of success has never been the world’s idea, and I know it.

    And yet, I think sometimes that I only knew it with my head and not my heart at first. Before the last few years of intense battle, I had not yet experienced the fullness of warfare against me, specifically. I think, perhaps, that I did not believe the devil would fight as personally as God would instruct. I know better now.

    I am thankful for older women, like you, who are battle-hardened and keen to the enemy’s tricks and traps, willing to share the truth to those who are only just learning to fighy. I am thankful for others, like a friend who has months to live, telling me not to quit when she did not even know I was toying with the idea. I am grateful for a God Who, when I fail to hear His still, small voice, speaks through His people like a megaphone so I don’t miss what He is saying!

  48. 148
    Kristi says:

    Thank you for this Truth! Absolutely on par with where I and so many others are at right now. What a gift your words are today. Thank you for the encouragement and affirmation.

  49. 149
    Elisabeth says:

    THANK YOU. Just……THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Perfect. Perfect description. Perfect encouragement. Perfect truth. Perfect timing. THANK YOU. Love you, Mama Beth.

  50. 150
    Jen says:

    Thank you, Beth. Thank you so much. This was Holy-Spirit timely and answered questions I had for God, even this week. Ive even been wrestling through the parable of the talents, and you are the second teacher that has addressed it.

    It was seven years for me, too, a season of absolute hell: sickness, death, rejection, and yes, my son was not spared. Im only a year out, and still reeling. Ive been asking God, WHY???

    I passed through the furnace, but to use your analogy, I DO smell like smoke.

    Thing is, Im gearing up to do the “thing.” I havent even really launched yet.

    But what if Satan is trying to keep me from doing the “thing???” What if he is trying to keep me from launching???

    Well, I say NO. Satan will not win. No, way. If all these trials were Satan trying to keep me from launching because it was too hard? He just messed with the wrong girl. Satan will NOT win. No, way. He just awoke a sleeping giant.

    Today, I fast. Enough moaning. Im going to fight harder and pray more. Ive been in the Word, but Im going to pray more, too. And Im going to start that Bible study this summer, even if its a complete failure. And Im going to write that book, even if no one reads it.

    Thank you, Beth. You picked me up off the floor and put the sword back in my hands.

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