LPL Norfolk Recap Video + bonus clip

Norfolk / Nawfawk / Netflix:  However you pronounce it, Living Proof Live sure looks like it was a blast in the Word!


We so hope to serve you well and to encourage you through the Wednesday night television program on TBN. Here is a bonus clip as a Mother’s Day program appetizer!
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  1. 1
    Sam Kukich says:

    What a fantastic experience I had at the Norfolk Living Proof Live 2016. Beth Moore has a God given gift to say it like it is, no apologies, and all the Glory goes to God for her willingness to humble herself and give so much to share God’s Word. I have loved many of her studies in the past, but seeing her in person was icing on the cake. My goal is to read again the New Testament and see more of who Jesus IS in the next few months. Many Thanks to the whole team, the music, musicians, songs and praise! God Bless all of you!

  2. 2
    Cindy Ewell says:

    Thank you so much for coming to my hometown of Norfolk, VA. It was such an honor to have you grace our city. Sat. morning I stood in for my very ill niece at the base of the stage asking God for her healing along with thousands of other women. Beth, thank you so much for that opportunity-it was such a powerful experience. As we left Sat. afternoon, my friend said that coming to see you makes her a better person. I feel the same way. We leave different women than when we arrived-more alive, more seeking, more inlove with Him. May God keep His Hand of protection over you, your family and your team. AMEN!!

  3. 3
    Jo Wallace says:

    I have to tell you, Beth, a comment you made, probably off the cuff–has changed my life. You mentioned a very deep and personal hurt that no one ever mentions – when mothers do not love their daughters. This has been a hole in my heart forever. I have finally been able to acknowledge this through your words and face it and with the ministry of a friend sitting next to me and I now can tell you the hole in my heart is filled with Jesus. I have NEVER had a reaction like this to any ministry and I praise King Jesus and I thank you for responding obediently to his call for a healing service.

  4. 4
    anita ward says:

    My life is changed. Thank you for such obedience to our Lord and your willingness to share your hard-fought lessons with us. I am going to get out of the boat, no matter the cost or struggle. I am going to trust Him to bring me to Himself even if I’m under water…He will be my oxygen tank and regulator. I think He took my sight to warn me, “if you’re not going to get busy and do what you know you’re supposed to do, what I’ve gifted you to do, then maybe you’ll wake up to why I’ve given you sight if it’s taken from you.”

    Thank you for the prayers for healing. No longer blind. No longer afraid. No longer thinking I’ve sinned too much to have a God-given plan and purpose for my life to be walked out with my Jesus.

    I will never be the same because He won’t let me. He insisted this past week-end I make a decision…ON THE WATER IT IS!!

  5. 5
    Betty M says:

    It will be fun to see what you gals have up your sleeves. Motherhood was tough. For me it was having a normal life with two special needs kids. For some it is the scars of being abandoned by their mothers at birth or maybe Mom was just not a presence in their lives for whatever reason. This year I get to be grand mom for the first time and that is even more special becuz now I get to do for her what I didn’t or couldn’t do with mine.
    This Sunday always reminds me of the last Mother’s day I had with my mother. We were in line to eat at a small restaurant and at one point she reached out to me to grasp my hand. Her body was feeling the ravages of an advanced cancer and I knew it’d be one of her last days with us. Just afew weeks later on a Sat. eve I helped Mom fix her hair and as I put those little prickly rollers in her thinning hair we had just a mother to daughter light hearted visit it was good. The next weekend she died at about that same time I was setting her hair a week before. I miss her yet and often wish I had another chance to visit with her but I know I will get that chance again forever probably sooner than I realize!
    Blessings to all the Mom’s out there!
    Betty M

  6. 6
    Jen Bryant says:

    What a blessing this weekend in Netflix was. I wish I could start every day for the rest of my life with one hour of this kind of pure worship. As a side note, when you mentioned hating your mother I nearly passed out. Thank you Beth for letting our glorious Lord use you in whatever way He wants to. Watching the recap brought me to my knees in gratitude to Him for waiting years for me.

  7. 7
    Deb Mott says:

    Thank you Beth and all LPL team members.

    Great to be on plane with worship team members from Baltimore to Norfolk, (Netflix) (2nd leg of trip for me, started at Tampa airport). Got to meet Julie. 🙂

    What a kick that Netflix, Norfolk, Nawfaw was 🙂 Laughter makes the soul sing…or a merry heart goes good like a medicine. The whole event was a blast of anointed atmosphere Heir (air) IN CHRIST, an experience with our Healer through His Word, fellowship, Spirit…as Beth shared His Word and Prayer in “the greater anointing He gave and poured out through her” and she brought forth for us all! Awesome Blessings… adventure, fun, excitement, challenge, many gifts, such “a lot of inheritance” {pun onPsalm 16:11)… all opened and received and I pray applied and planting! Thank you so much.

    LOVE song JESUS BLOOD SPEAKS FOR ME!!! All time favorite! Living Hope truths! Thank you Travis and team! Love video too.

    Thank you for encouraging us all to read Word and go by Word to know who Christ says He is and who the Bible tells us He is and not by what people say. (My opinion: The danger of false teaching seems to be escalating. The apostate church is a storm coming, maybe is here and growing?) Your timing, approach and enthusiastic love and adoration of Jesus and His Truth is such a great encouragement to me. Hearing your exhortations and insightful wise counsel and teaching helps prepare and protect me and the Body of Believers for the days ahead. Thank you for standing true to the Word, JESUS and for audaciously loving Christ!

    The four scenes of Luke 7 are imbedded in me now. I know I was to be there! Happy I went. The essence of WHO JESUS IS and WHAT HE HAS DONE and the true Gospel was clearly given, attractive, magnetic in the Father drawing many to salvation! What joy. I was in awe that CHRIST was wonderfully exalted and the spotlight focus and that He was heralded in His greatness as fully God and fully man. Thank you again for warning us to learn by the WORD who JESUS IS and not let people tell us who Jesus is.
    I pray we will all KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT JESUS AND NOT BE DECEIVED!. God help us! Even the elect will be deceived if it is possible. O LORD, let it not be possible!

    Thank you for so teaching what seems from the Heart of His Spirit to bring to life the four scenes in Luke 7! The truths were anointedly discussed with current day applications that were excellent. The admonition not to be offended with Jesus was real to me and needed. I repented. (I do not get why God has allowed such suffering, conflict, victimization in my life in the past and in recent current situations. I have felt pressed beyond measure at times. But I know Jesus is my Savior and in control and Romans 8:18 is a good regular reminder for me.) This teaching “recalibrated” me to the need to accept my lot. Jesus truly is my portion of my inheritance and He will use it all to His Glory!

    RE-CALIBRATED and thankful.

    The gift of grace for the forgiveness of sin through Christ alone was magnified. Reminding the community of God’s people to be accepting and loving especially with the “worst sinners” and not looking down on them was clearly and invitingly emphasized. This spoke to my heart in healing and I felt understood and heard and was encouraged in HOPE because I have been both the worst sinner and the worst Pharisee. Thank you.

    The truth that all of us, can and do often exchange places with the Pharisee or “sinner” was expressed and great examples were given. It resonated deeply in me how I can be both Pharisee or sinner at different times and with different people, even in the same day. How true! We can be the Prodigal or the brother or the tax collector or the Pharisee. As the brother we can be resentful, self-righteous and unaware of The Father’s goodness and relationship. We so often make it about our work and not the Father’s gift of work through Christ…and miss the Father’s relationship as the core of our lives. As the prodigal we waste the generous inheritance God richly bestows. As the Pharissee with the tax collector we can make it be about what we do and not what JESUS has done.

    I recently heard a quote: the greatest injustice in the world today is how we treat God.
    All the great things Christ has done to save us and we make it about working our own way….

    I feel now like the centurion, not worthy yet believing that if He will JUST SAY THE WORD, …yes I believe He alone is Worthy and healing comes by His authority and by His Grace He gives us imputed righteousness and we are made worthy bc of Jesus.

    Thank you Beth for discussing sensitive issues in compelling, helpful, Scriptural ways that promote love and truth. Thank you specifically for your discussion of “the worst sinner” in the final scene in Luke 7 and relating her first to your self! All the discussion was compellingly convicting and heart-warmingly a blessing of the Gospel and True JESUS.

    Sometimes we are unaware of our own estate of sin and so think another’s sin is so much worse. I believe we can rejoice in the mercy when it is us receiving but resent the mercy when it is us that the sin affected.

    I think that your teaching is easy to receive because it comes from the Fruit of His Spirit and gentleness is evident. Beth, thank you for your sharing your emotionally touching own personal journey with these verses: Jesus speaking in Luke 7:47 Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little. (I am right there with you and thank you…)

    48 And he said unto her, Thy sins are forgiven. Beth sharing that this verse is in her study over her desk and showing us the picture as her voice broke and she could hardly speak for a few seconds was profoundly Gospel. GRACE and LOVE poured out through Christ… The freedom at great cost, costly grace, understanding is lived out in your LPL events. The love and grace received freely shows in your love and devotion to our great God and King, Jesus the Savior of the World! I see God move through Beth and others, I pray my own life, to show and tell the world the greatness of God’s love and Christ’s gift! John 3:16-17 for certain. How beautiful, riveting, wonderful, sensational, above describing the magnitude of the love and grace and mercy and forgiveness of God for mankind. May all our lives be used to herald the truth of the greatness of Christ and His Gospel!

    Thank you for the date to recalibrate! Thank you for the thesis of JESUS! Thank you for a look in the Book, calibrating us to what we do in our LOVING GOD with all our heart, soul, mind and strength… for calibrating us to the coversion of our hearts to recognize our true estate so that we will love much, enjoy God much and in our loving Him desire to please and obey His Word and live and herald Christ and His Good News always.

    Jesus is the One imprinted with God’s image, shimmering with His Glory-sustains all that exists through the power of His Word. Hebrews 1:3 The Voice.

    Thank you. All Glory to God

  8. 8

    Beth, I just wanted to thank you and your team for posting these recaps. You don’t have to, but you do. Seeing you in Greenville, SC last summer (and Denver two years before that) are touchstones in my life. Your messages lift and inspire and point us closer to Him. Thank you again for these videos….they remind me of special times!

  9. 9
    Estelle Fonville says:

    What an amazing weekend with Beth Moore. The conference was all I thought it would be. The lesson you gave in Luke chapter 7 open up a greater understanding. I am a new author and I would like to share the new poem I wrote from being inspired at the conference.

    “Calibrated in Christ”

    Breathe Your spirit into me
    Oh, Lord!
    Recalibrate me back to You,
    Your glory! My Lord stands alone
    I need to be washed by You.
    Overflow me with Your Spirit,
    Set the captives free.
    Your presence is the dwelling place,
    My soul longs to be.
    Realign me with Your microscope
    Through Your lens,
    I am redeemed
    I’ve been washed in Your holiness
    Your blood has washed me clean.
    Copyright ©2016 [Estelle Fonville].

  10. 10

    Life Changing event in Nawfawk, Virginia last weekend

    Beth, thank you so much for bringing His Word last weekend. You brought me back to the foundation, right where I needed to be. Resting in His faithful arms again!

  11. 11
    Donna in Gloucester, VA says:

    I have to comment on the Norfolk weekend which I attended. I am SO thankful that the captioning for hearing impaired was provided. I have a cochlear implant and did not realize until Sat AM that it was available…just happened to see it down front, in which case I went for it! If this is going to be a regular offering in future conferences, please be sure to publicize it in advance. It made a huge difference for me in understanding what was being said. I cannot thank you enough for providing it.

  12. 12
    Deb Mott says:

    Thank you for having the two altar calls for prayer for healing from our Healer. The LORD answered in a tremendous way for me. I have been seriously depressed for months due to severe health and brain issues. More than one doctor had recommended an anti-depressant. I even had been given a trial month supply free. But I had no peace and so was waiting and praying. Many years ago during the time I was walking through sexual abuse recovery I had been on multiple anti-depressants. So, I am not against them and have found them to be useful to save my life in the past as GOD LEAD IT. But this time I did not feel or sense God’s leadership in this decision but doctors alone leading it. I just want you to know Beth and team, I am rejoicing at what THE LORD has done: I have not had one iota of depression since Saturday! Even though I experienced a serious and lengthy headache due to a very bumpy plane journey Saturday afternoon/eve (Being bumped around is one of the worst things for Chiari Malformation) I had such joy and peace and have continued to have unusual joy in The Lord ever since. I do not feel the oppression or depression at all now! I believe The LORD really has blessed me in this! I have and had taken authority over and over and been in worship and prayer and IN WORD to fight this depression but I was not having breakthrough. Now, since Saturday, I have truly experienced breakthrough and am so very thankful and appreciative!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Beth for being obedient to The LORD’s leading and for your prayers. His Presence was so evident and very FELT at that altar twice Saturday! People all around me were experiencing His Presence and crying and very touched by the LORD. Thank You so much for being God’s Vessel and for your life being living proof of His goodness. You have oft related to the woman in Luke 7 and your testimony is precious. However, knowing you are forgiven and have loved much, I wonder could The LORD sees you as “a younger” married Anna (Luke 2:38) because you are surely not the “older woman” (LOL). You are a living temple and are in the churches every chance you are led…. to worship and pray and present Jesus to those that enter in..” verse 38: .she gave thanks to God and spoke about the child to all who were looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem.” You gave the message of redemption and o how thankful multitudes are for your life of LOVE and OBEDIENCE and worship and prayer to the LORD! The transformation and sanctification of your life from Luke 7 woman to “A Younger Anna” is incredible, encouraging, God Glorifying and speaks Hope and Life to many! May the LORD continue to increase your anointing to do all He has asked/impressed upon you to do. May you fulfill the purpose of your generation. (Acts 13:36) Thankful and all glory to ourGod the Father and His Son, our Risen Savior! 🙂

  13. 13
    Leah Stewart says:

    Thank you for this series. I have gained temporary custody of my grandson recently and he has lived with me almost a year. I am starting over as a parent with a child who has been abandonment issues. The only parent who really understands is his half-brothers step-mom. She is going through some of the behavior issues as I am. But listening to you, Priscilla, and Lisa was more than just helpful. I knew I was listening to Christian mothers and the advice was more helpful than any mothers around me at home. The woman at church are helpful, but due to taking caring of my mother I don’t get to go as often as I want. That is why I am enjoy Wednesday nights so much more now. Since I don’t get to hear from God through my pastor’s teaching, I am still able to hear teaching on Wednesday. Thank you also for being open about your past. That has helped me open to right people over the last four years. Even though it has taken me four years to become free after beginning the work with God, I can say I am free from my past. Although obviously God gets all the credit, He used you also to teach me. Thank you for giving your life to God and allowing Him to use us.

  14. 14
    Bonnie Wilson says:

    I do not know your address in Texas,so I am writing this in reference to the visit of Beth Moore to “Netflix, VA.” I laughed, I sang, I prayed, I enjoyed the friendship, I listened,and I enjoyed everything about last Friday and Saturday. I cannot believe it was a week ago and was all possible because of a free ticket from LPM. When I lived in Charlotte from 1097-2009, before moving to Virginia Beach, I was first introduced to Beth Moore Bible Studies, beginning with Jesus,the One and Only. Some of the ladies had attended Beth Moore conferences. I was “jealous” and thought I would never have the opportunity to see Beth Moore in person until it happened last weekend. I was thrilled! During the years I have participated in more of Beth’s Bible Studies, including facilitating one after moving to VA, as well as reading some of Beth’s books and attending a video cast at one of the local churches here. I just cannot say thank you enough to GOD and LPM for this uplifting experience. GOD Bless you and your service to our Almighty GOD and Savior.
    Your sister in Christ,
    Bonnie Wilson

  15. 15
    Mandy says:

    Thanks you Beth and praise team and all the volunteers and workers for your service to God and willingness to share your gifts with others. I truly enjoyed being a part of the amazing LPL Event in Norfolk. As a mom of 3 kids age 4-10 I haven’t gotten out much so to speak. Being there blessed me so much spiritually and emotionally.
    And I love the theme, “Recalibrate.” In October of 2015 we purchased a new washer and dryer. Our old ones went kaput, and it was time. It was also my birthday month, so I got the washer for my b-day and hubby got the dryer for his. That’s just how it goes sometimes…
    Four months later the washer started leaking. I was so frustrated. I called the manufacturer. They asked a lot of technical questions about the machine being level, and were the hoses tight? I told them I expected a repairman to come out and figure that out. They told me I would have to pay if it was an installation problem. So I decided to check everything that I could figure out on my own. And it all looked fine. Then, after much discussion (as one might imagine), I was emailed instructions on how to recalibrate my washer. I did it, and the leak stopped! It works great!
    I started to ponder how that applies to my life- a little out of balance might not seem to make much of a difference but then the water doesn’t go exactly where it is supposed to go, my efforts are in vain and I make a mess. Then God gives us this beautiful gift of recalibration!
    I love it when God repeats himself! Oh and this week we read Hebrews in my Monday Bible study group, too!

  16. 16
    Lori Thompson says:

    Dear Beth,
    Greetings from “Netflix” VA! (It took me about 12 years to begin pronouncing Norfolk the way the locals do!) Thank you SO much being obedient to God to bring us a Word from Him. I wanted you to know that I was so blessed by the entire weekend, and personally as well by the prayer service. I have chronic pain with arthritis that had been intense for about 2 weeks, and nothing I did was touching the pain. When I left last Saturday, the pain had subsided and I have lived virtually pain free for the past week! It was like having a cortisone shot, but it was spirit filled instead!! My issue is NOTHING compared to the illness and pain others are experiencing, but God cares for each of our hurts. “Who am I” that God would see fit to remove my pain? Thank you for your boldness in stepping out in faith to pray for that young mother and the rest of us. Thank you for your “audacious” love in action for Jesus Christ and allowing me to participate in that journey. May God continue to bless you.
    Lovingly in Jesus,

  17. 17
    Sherry Rogers says:

    Beth Moore you sure are a gift from God! I read Get out of that Pit when it first came out and man it was just what I needed. In the last year and half I have gone through the worst thing I have ever been through, and let me tell you my brother was murdered so I know worst! I was estranged from our 32 year old son, his wife and our first Grandchild because of lies my daughter in law told about me and my son believed them. Anywho, I just re-read your Pit book and once again it has helped me see through all the darkeneass of the last year and half. Now I am listening to your Insecurity Book. THANK YOU!!!!! God Bless you!!! Keep spreading Gods word! You do a good job Girl! And the best thing is!! My son is starting to come back! PRAISE THE LORD!

  18. 18
    Cheryl says:

    Good morning Beth,
    I send greetings from New Jersey. Admitting I don’t follow you by blog. normally I don’t have the time and I don’t find blogging to be one of those things I enjoy. This morning I needed a little Beth Moore encouragement and in doing so I stumbled a pond the “I’m breaking up with Beth Moore” Thesis. I don’t know when it was written and I really don’t care. What I can tell you is my heart became heavy and my first reaction was to throw stones but I have learned you never throw stones at a stone thrower. It’s a distraction from the enemy. So I decided to stay focused. Beth thank you for being obedient and faith to your post of duty. I can’t image what that must have felt like to have to read such an blatant attack from the enemy. As sure as I am breathing there were many times in my life where I knew the Holy Spirit lead me to listen to you for encouragement and/or direction. Breaking Free was the first Beth Moore study I attended at a small church close to where I live and it changed my life forever, that was back in 2006. I walked away resolved to live my life for God. I remember being hungry for more of God and being excited about going to the classes waiting to hear what God shared with you to share with me because it was personal. I needed to move and to grow and I like to think you were used in God plan for my life to do that. When you have been called to carry the word it’s not always easy, there are many sacrifices but the rewards are great. Beth I’ll always being praying for you and yours. Be blessed!

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