Exciting announcement and a Giveaway!

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Hi friends!

Before we are out of the office for a long weekend, we wanted you to share in a little celebration we are having around Living Proof.  It was just announced that Beth’s “Portraits of Devotion” was awarded Christian Retailing’s Best Devotion for 2015! Congratulations to Beth and B&H Publishing! You can see all category winners here.


So that we can hopefully treat you before the Independence Day holiday this weekend, this will be a quick one.  We will leave this Giveaway open until tomorrow, July 2nd, 11:00AM (CST).

We will quickly draw the winner’s names and then reach out to you via email to get your mailing addresses.  Set a reminder to look back tomorrow morning to see if you won!

(Check your local Lifeway Christian store to pick-up a copy, or order online here.)



2,263 Responses to “Exciting announcement and a Giveaway!”

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  1. 2151
    Beth S. says:


  2. 2152
    Christine says:


  3. 2153
    Ann Thiede says:

    Looking forward to checking out your devotional! Thanks for another way to honor the Father and encourage us!

  4. 2154
    Debbie says:

    Congratulations – would love to win this devotional book.

  5. 2155
    Jacque says:

    That’s awesome! Congrats!

  6. 2156
    Hayley Huggins says:

    Way to go, Beth!

  7. 2157
    Kaye Bennett says:

    I am not surprised! Congratulations and Blessings!

  8. 2158
    Caren says:

    Please enter me in the drawing. I look forward to a new daily devotional. I need Jesus every morning

  9. 2159
    LeAnne says:

    The award does not surprise me. Congratulations and thank you, Beth, for continuing to serve all of us women!

  10. 2160

    Congratulations! What an awesome giveaway … Thank you. : )

  11. 2161
    Travis T says:

    My wife just got back from one of your conferences. She has been sooooo fired up this week and I love it!!! Thank you for your motivation and encouragement for the women in our lives. She would LOVE this book!!!

  12. 2162
    Phyllis Meredith says:

    Congratulations Beth!

  13. 2163
    Tammy Fortney says:

    Sounds wonderful! Congratulations!

  14. 2164
    Teresa says:

    Congratulations! Thank you for all you do for us.

  15. 2165
    Carolyn says:

    Well done!

  16. 2166
    Paige Watson says:


  17. 2167
    Madeline FRIEND says:


  18. 2168
    Emily says:

    That is a great honor! Thank you for continuing to write and teach, Beth!

  19. 2169
    Carole Scaggs says:

    Looking forward to another of your studies in the fall. Continued blessings to you & yours!

  20. 2170
    Christen colvert says:

    Would love a copy!

  21. 2171
    Shannon Smith says:

    COngratulations! Just started the new bible study, Breath, last night!!

  22. 2172
    Doria says:

    Congratulations!!! That’s awesome!! I always enjoy all your books!

  23. 2173
    Lynn says:

    Thank you for your devotion to our Lord and Savior and to all
    of us who love your studies and devotionals. You keep it real and you are such a friend to me.

  24. 2174
  25. 2175
    Natalie McGary says:

    Congratulations Beth! Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  26. 2176
    Shanen Pankrez says:

    What a wonderful way to begin a celebratory weekend. I appreciate everyone’s giving nature. Thanks for sharing in your celebration.

  27. 2177
    Gwen Kuhn says:

    So happy for your good news and such a blessing it will be! Can’t wait to get one and dive in! Happy 4th of July!

  28. 2178
    Gayla Berger says:

    Congratulations! And such a sweet gift of this giveaway! What a nice thing to do for us! I would love to put my name in!

  29. 2179
    Julie Bottger says:

    Congratulations! Would love to win a copy! Enjoy your long weekend!

  30. 2180
    Lynne Razor says:

    I would love to get this devotional. Love you, Beth!

  31. 2181
    Linda Vogt says:

    Yay!! Congratulations 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway!! Have a blessed weekend 🙂

  32. 2182
    Kathy Mendenall says:

    Congratulations, Beth! Thanks for sharing your gift of teaching and sharing The Word! It has blessed so many! Keep on Sister in Christ.

  33. 2183
    Sandy Jamrog says:

    What an awesome giveaway!! Thank so much & congratulations!!!

  34. 2184
    Teri Bartus says:

    Congrats sweet girl! So blessed by your LPL visit in Tampa. You are loved! Keep the fire burning! xo

  35. 2185
    Kim Foley says:

    Would love to have a copy of this devotional. I’m always looking for devotionals to share with friends who are going through struggles.

  36. 2186
    Leslie Robertson says:


  37. 2187
    Norma Webb says:

    Enjoyed LPL at Cincinnati. So educational and inspiring. Would love to see your devo.

  38. 2188
    Lynda says:

    Congratulations Beth! Your ministry has changed
    so many lives. Mine was forever changed many many years ago at Houston Tuesday nights studies. Your teaching opened the Bible up to me and that in turn opened a relationship with The God of the Universe, it’s never been the same since.

  39. 2189
    Jordin says:

    Congratulations and thank you for your faithfulness in serving the Lord!

  40. 2190
    Karen says:

    Thanks for all your hard work put into this devotional. It will be a blessing to many!

  41. 2191
    Therewsa Deahl says:

    Congratulations Beth! You’re undoubtedly deserving of this!! Love your Bible studies!

  42. 2192
    kelly woods says:

    How exciting! May God use this book for His glory! I love the way you inspire so many to love the Lord and His word.

  43. 2193
    Carol Crabtree says:

    That’s great! Beth and staff, have a wonderful Fourth of July holiday.


  44. 2194
    Debbie Symbalisty says:


  45. 2195
    Kim says:

    Love Beth’s devotionals!

  46. 2196
    Kelly McP says:

    Great news!

  47. 2197
    Brenda Martin says:

    Thank you for the giveaway and for giving us the opportunity to win this great devotional!

  48. 2198
    Laura, Okc says:

    Congratulations Siesta Momma! Big hug!!!

  49. 2199
    Vicki Williams says:

    Congratulations, Beth! Praise the Lord for your faithful obedience to use the gift the Lord has given you to teach us! You are a great blessing to many.
    We love you.

  50. 2200
    Julie Speyer says:

    What a beautiful gift! Love it!