Living Proof Live – Minneapolis Recap

Happy Monday, friends! I don’t want to use too many words here today because Beth has mentioned to me that she’ll update us probably by the middle of the week about their powerful weekend in her own words, but until then, here is the first recap video of 2014. Thanks to David Lowe for his diligent and hard work this weekend and getting the recap to us so quick! We so appreciate it!

Living Proof Live | Minneapolis from LifeWay Women on Vimeo.


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  1. 1
    Warm In Alaska says:

    so beautiful ~

  2. 2
    Michelle Baylerian says:

    Was only able to go on Friday evening, BUT, the Power of the Holy Spirit was so very present!! Beth’s teaching hit me hard in 2 longstanding areas of heartache! We had chance to physically lay on the altar something we had been holding onto for a long time that was getting in way of our relationship to Jesus. Seeing women walk down the aisle to the altar was so powerful!!! May each & every LPL see the glory of God shine brightly on them. To God be the Glory!!!!!

  3. 3
    Shirley says:

    What album is that song Travis sang on” The Word of God has spoken. Love those words….. So glad I am free, that the power of sin has been broken.
    Hope this is one that will come out to get the messages by Beth. Looks dynamic as it always is.
    Blessings to all… This kernel of wheat has fallen into the ground and died. Hallejuah for His Grace and Power in our lives.

    • 3.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hey Shirley! That song is on his “When the Stars Burn Down CD”. Hope that helps!

      • Kindra says:

        I too loved the music and as much as Beth’s message!! Is there a song list available from last weekend? A lot of the songs were new to me, but so so very touching to the core. Thank you so much to Living Proof Ministries!! Knowing how much one weekend effected me, I can only imagine what the past 16 years has done for others!!

        • Shirley says:

          Yes it does. Thanks so much.
          Happy Resurrection Day as we celebrate the Victory He won for us, so that daily, we can walk in the train of His triumphal procession. Praise You Jesus

  4. 4
    Kristin A. says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. These recap videos are always so powerful! Such a sweet reminder of how big our God is and all the people who love Him and the mighty work He is doing. Praying for Spokane next month and joyfully anticipating all the Lord has in store for us.

  5. 5
    theHarborMom says:

    1Looks like good things were happening! Praise God!

  6. 6
    Denise says:

    This makes me very excited about LPL in Lubbock! Got my ticket! Can’t wait! I need it so bad.

  7. 7
    Dawn says:

    I got to be there….still recovering!

  8. 8
    Gabrielle says:

    I, too, layed my “bruise” on the altar. Then, as Beth spoke about ‘militant feet and merciful hands’ I knew I needed to trust Jesus with this, and felt the courage to text my firstborn son whom we have not heard from in almost 4 years, and ask him if he would meet with me. Day 2, I went forward for prayer and ‘Linda’ fervently prayed WARRIOR prayers in my ear. An hour after the conference, my son and I met. I felt empty… humbled… because I had left this on the altar (and cried it all out with Linda!) When my son first saw me, he immediately began to cry, and our hearts melted together as we softly and quietly talked out our hurts… in love… with the LORD. Soon after, in complete forgiveness, we were tightly hugging with joy! The following day he invited us to his church and then spent the afternoon at their home with our four precious and adorable grandchildren who have grown so! I am so, SO thankful to our WONDERful, Merciful LORD for His goodness to RESTORE our family back to wholeness! The ‘bruise under my skin’ has been completely healed! I am no longer feeling harassed and helpless by the enemy! In fact, my heart has been singing ever since!! “The LORD, the LORD, the compassionate and gracious God…” Exodus 34:6

    • 8.1
      traci says:

      Oh gabrielle!! With tears and holy goosebumps I am praising Jesus with you! How brave you were! Wow our God is GOOD GOOD GOOD!!!!!

  9. 9
    Colette says:

    In tears! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you Jesus!
    Please pray for my Dad, who just turned 80, to heal up quick from knee replacement surgery he is having this morning!! Thank you so much!
    I was up to see the Lunar Eclipse in the middle of the night and it was just amazing!! God is so good! He IS AWESOME!! Love to see Him working in everything ALL around us!! Thank You Lord!!

  10. 10
    Jodi says:

    AMAZING! It was SO wonderful to be in MN last weekend. Powerful words, powerful prayers, and a powerful God. Thanks to Beth and the team and all the women who laid it all at the alter. Amazing!!!

  11. 11
    Deborah Mott says:

    May THE LORD be praised for His tremendous outpouring. May we truly hearken unto HIM and may we live to see HIM do what only He can do in and through us and around us! Great song, great recap… would have loved to have been there. He answers prayer! He is so good! Thank you Beth and LPM.

  12. 12
    Joanie says:

    Tears in my eyes as I share the conference with those attending via video recap – so precious .

  13. 13
    Judy says:


  14. 14
    Deanne says:

    I loved the recap video. It was great to be there in person. It was so exciting to see 25 women accept Jesus as Savior during Saturday’s morning session. God is so good!

    Would it be possible for Beth to post the poem she read Friday night about God on the Ground and the commission she had the women recite at the end of the conference?

    Thanks for the ministry of Living Proof!

  15. 15
    Sarah Vint says:

    Hi Lindsee, I am wondering if Beth will be posting a pic with the siestas in mn? I was there and in the picture and they said it would be posted but I can’t seem to quite find it anywhere yet. Thanks!!

  16. 16
    Rebecca says:

    When I wrote to Beth months ago, I didn’t expect her to call my dear friend, LaDonna, up for prayer. But I trust the Holy Spirit had His powerful hand upon the encounter we experienced. LaDonna has since shared with me that she felt His Presence in a way she hasn’t for a very long time. She has handed Him control over her grief, something she has been clutching tightly since the accident.

    Today marks the 6th month anniversary of the death of her precious son, Colin.

    Thank you, Beth, for hearing her pain as well as the pain of SO many grief-stricken women at the conference. Healing happened. Laying on of compassionate hands brought unity. The breath of God brought hope and a renewing of our faith to trust Him. Thank you for your dependence on Jesus, Beth!

  17. 17
    Sandy says:

    I want to share a testimony to the power of the advance prayer that the team must have been engaged in, prior to the event in Minneapolis. The week before the event I had a very vivid dream about tall trees falling down. In the dream I was warned that those tall trees would not stand–that they would fall. I was led by the hand on a mission I didn’t quite believe in–I had to TRUST and OBEY in order to go on the mission. As I departed with the group on the mission, the tall trees came crashing down, narrowly missing our group. Filled with relief that we were spared injury, our group set out to help those potentially hurt and to assess the damage. In the dream I noticed my feet were bare when I needed to step out into the debris of the fallen trees. I had to TRUST and OBEY that God would equip me so that I would not be injured when stepping out to assess and help repair the damage. As I set my bare feet into the debris, I was protected.

    Imagine the Holy Spirit goosebumps I experienced on Saturday morning when I saw the tall trees from my dream on the screen as Travis led a song which included the words TRUST and OBEY!! There were other connections to my dream and themes from the event as well. Militant feet and merciful heart–the enemy (debris from the fallen trees) was underfoot in the dream, and I was standing firm on the gospel to seek out those who were bruised and hurt. Also, the importance of “Chothers”, as I was with a group on the mission. The presence of the Holy Spirit, weaving together messages from the event with connections to my dream, is very powerful and inspiring! Thank you to Beth and to the Living Proof team for an unbelievably awesome event!!

    Can anyone help me with the song title and how to find it?? The song was performed right before “Victors Crown”. I have searched and searched to find the song on ITunes, with no success. It would also be great to have a list of the other song titles from the weekend; I have seen other song title requests on the blog site. I noticed on ITunes there was an Living Proof Live album from several years ago. Is there an “album” for this event?

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