I Can’t Stand It Any Longer. Let’s Half-hour Livestream: Thursday Feb 28, Noon CST (5-song Playlist)

Hey, Sisters! If you tuned into the livestream or watched the video afterward, this is the post where you leave a  comment with your current 5-praise-song play list! LET’S HEAR IT!!!!! Thank you so much for the privilege to serve you. I have such a great affection for you. May Christ cloak you this day with a practically palpable garment of praise.

In case you missed the original livestream, you can still watch it by clicking here!



I miss you guys and your interaction so much right now! In full on writing isolation. For those of you who can, let’s hop on and livestream straight up 12:00 noon (CST) Thursday, February 28th (tomorrow, if you’re getting this on Wednesday). We’ll say hi, have a quick devotion, and pray together. SEE YOU THEN! I love you so much!

To join in with us tomorrow, simply click on this link a minute or two before we air and you’ll be good to go.

And just a friendly reminder for you early birds, if you arrive too early, you’ll see that it is password protected. This is so that we can get it set up and ready to go without an audience. Laughing. If you’ll be patient with us, we will remove the password about ten minutes prior to going live. So don’t let the password mess with you! It will come down right on time.

Also, as always, if you’ve having a problem accessing the livestream channel through the link provided, you can also find us by simply typing “Living Proof Ministries Livestream” into Google.


358 Responses to “I Can’t Stand It Any Longer. Let’s Half-hour Livestream: Thursday Feb 28, Noon CST (5-song Playlist)”

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  1. 201
    Gretchen Heilmann says:

    My current favorite praise song list includes:
    Revelation Song, Glorious Day, Jesus Saves, 10,000 Reasons, How He Loves Us.

  2. 202
    Carol in MO says:

    1. My Redeemer Lives – Nicole C. Mullins
    2. Redeemed – Big Daddy Weave
    3. What Love Really Means – JJ Heller
    4. Jesus, Friend of Sinners – Casting Crowns
    5. When the Stars Burn Down (Blessing and Honor) – Phillips Craig and Dean

  3. 203
    Tenda says:

    One Thing Remains–Passion, featuring Kristian Stanfill

    10,000 Reasons–Matt Redman

    Redeemed–Big Daddy Weave

    Worn–10th Avenue North

    Beautiful–Mercy Me

  4. 204
    CaryBeth says:

    I Need You to Love Me – BarlowGirl
    How He Loves – David Crowder Band
    Beautiful Things – Gungor
    All This Time – Britt Nicole
    What Love Is This – Kari Jobe

    Can’t stop listening to those. They feed my soul and speak to my situation.

  5. 205
    Karen says:

    1) All I have is Christ. Sovereign Grace.
    2) Revelation Song. Kari Jobe.
    3) Mighty to Save. Michael W. Smith.
    4) No One Like You. David Crowder Band.
    5) Everything Glorious. David Crowder Band

  6. 206
    Arielle says:

    1. Revelation Song – Kari Jobe
    2. Lead Me to the Cross – Hillsong United
    3. Happy Day – Tim Hughes
    4. Not for a Moment – Meredith Andrews
    5. Whom Shall I Fear – Chris Tomlin

  7. 207
    Tammy Kron says:

    Lusby, MD

    Amos 5:15 (NIV)
    Hate evil, love good; maintain justice in the courts. Perhaps the Lord God Almighty will have mercy on the remnant of Joseph.

  8. 208
    Cindy Cannon says:

    #1 Good Morning – Mandisa
    #2 Awake My Soul – Chris Tomlin/Lecrae
    #3 Day after Day – Kristian Stanfill
    #4 You are the One – Lincoln Brewster
    #5 10,000 Reasons – Matt Redman

    Thanks Beth, for the encouragement!
    Praying for you and your team….

  9. 209

    1. Forever Reign- Hillsong Live
    2. All My Fountains- Chris Tomlin
    3. Revelation Song- Kari Jobe
    4. Beautiful Things- Gungor
    5. The Wonderful Cross- Chris Tomlin/Matt Redman
    On my spotify list: Jesus music. My heart cries out….

  10. 210
    Fareen Doss says:

    Oh Beth! How I needed to hear those words today! You said “Lay it down and walk on with Jesus.” It was so profound to me! I have always heard to lay our burdens down at the cross and turn around and walk away from them. But I think for so many of us the turning around part is the hardest. I can’t seem to turn around, because then I am taking my eyes off both the cross and what I’m laying down. Makes me insecure and second guess what I’m doing. To “lay it down and walk on with Jesus” however is so much easier to picture. I’ve always pictured a tall cross standing up against a wall I’ve had to walk up to.The picture you painted for me however, is one of a long beach, hand in hand in My Dear Friend and Savior, with just the waves touching our feet and Him always nearest to the waves. (or at least should be!!!) Now when I’m bringing Jesus something, I’m not bringing it to Him but simply letting go of what He already is trying to take from me. I am walking through some rough struggles in my marriage and needed to hear that more than you will ever know. Thank you.

    My five songs:
    Like a Lion by David Crowder Band
    Proof of you love by For King and Country
    Marvelous Light by Chris Tomlin
    Good Morning By Mandisa
    Shackles (Praise You) by Mandisa


  11. 211
    Keri Lee Robbins says:

    Thank you for the encouragement Siesta Mama!! It is such a blessing to get a good word in the middle of the week!
    My list of five praise songs this week is:
    1. Remind Me Who I Am – Jason Gray – A Way to See in the Dark
    2. My Savior, My God – Aaron Shust – Anything Worth Saying
    3. Neverending Love Song – Peter Furler – On Fire
    4. Glory to the King – Peter Furler – On Fire
    5. I’m Alive – Peter Furler – On Fire
    That last one is my current all time fav because it is really where my heart explodes with thankfulness to God for reviving me!! I just have to get up and dance!! 🙂
    Thank you! I am praying for you!

  12. 212
    Andrea Porter says:

    I always seem to miss the simulcasts by one day. Glad I can listen and watch when I can. Here is my list, these are the songs that help me take off the robe of gloom and put on my robe of joy. These songs are the ones I always return to, when I need to get myself out of the depths and back into the light. I can tell you these songs are played LOUDLY at home or in the car, so I can sing along, dance and sing, drive and sing. Always lifts my soul, gets my focus on Jesus and off me. okay, top 5.

    1. My Hope is You *Third Day
    2. Creed (live version) *Third Day
    3. Love Heals Your Heart *Third Day
    4. Keep On Shinin’ *Third Day
    5. Born Again *Third Day

    All available on iTunes 🙂

  13. 213
    Elizabeth says:

    My current top 5…knowing they’ll be diff by next week
    Not For A Moment – Meredith Andrews
    Moving Forward – Israel Houghton
    Need You Now – Plumb
    Unreachable – Dara Maclean
    Broken – Liesel Brooks

  14. 214
    lynda rickey says:

    Beth, I love you so much for allowing the Lord to use you so powerfully. I really needed that word. I have definitely been going through a season of heaviness. So here’s my praise music list and I hope you don’t mind number 5.
    1. Alabaster Box by CeCe Winans
    2. Revelation Song by Philips, Craig and Dean
    3. Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us by Leigh Nash
    4. Grace Greater Than All My Sin by The Martins
    5. Fly Over States by Jason Aldean.
    All available at Amazon.
    Love you all there at LPM, Lynda

  15. 215
    Emily J says:

    I love to worship and this is a great idea! Thank you. My 5 songs right now:

    1. Worn–Tenth Avenue North
    2. A Hallelujah Christmas–Cloverton (can be played any time of the year–just a wonderful song)
    3. Daystar–Daywind Studios (downloaded from Amazon)
    4. Lamb of God–Tenth Avenue North
    5. I Will Rise–Chris Tomlin

    Thanks ladies for all the ideas of some new worship music!

  16. 216
    Dawn Bouchard says:

    Dawn B., Beavercreek, OH

    1. Revelation Song by Phillips, Craig & Dean
    2. “Angel Armies” by Chris Tomlin
    3. EVERYTHING on Lincoln Brewster ‘Live’ 🙂
    4. 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman
    5. ‘Good Morning’ song by Mandisa

  17. 217
    Darla says:

    Thank you for the livestream, Siesta Mama! What a blessing.

    Time to get our praise on! I also interpret for the Deaf at my church, so my favorites are the songs I can really worship in two languages.

    1. NEW FAVORITE!!! “Hello, my name is….” Matthew West. Check it out!! All about our new identity in Christ. Will make you dance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJlCj9_Sfj0#

    2. A Mighty Fortress: Christy Nockels

    3. Cornerstone–Hillsong (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWHgvkEPJiQ)

    4. Jesus Paid it All: Kristian Stanfill http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brVIlXlJRkQ

    5. I stand amazed: Chris Tomlin

  18. 218
    Ashleigh Dawson says:

    Ashleigh, Lewistown, MT
    “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God.” Colossians 3:16 (NIV)

  19. 219
    Sarah says:

    Beautiful and needed post for my heart. Thank you Beth.

    my five songs.

    Waiting Here For You- Christy Nockels
    How He Loves- David Crowder Band
    All my Fountains- Chris Tomlin
    Like an Avalanche- Hillsong
    Sweetly Broken- Jeremy Riddle

    All available on iTunes

  20. 220
    Carrie says:

    The Earth Is Yours – Gungor (Live Version)

    Waging War – CeCe Winans

    It Is Well – Brain Free & Assurance

    Background – LeCrae

    You Are For Me – Kari Jobe

  21. 221
    Michelle in WI says:

    1. Break Every Chain – Will Reagan & United Pursuit
    2. This Is Amazing Grace – Bethel Live featuring Jeremy Riddle
    3. Forevermore – Jesus Culture
    4. After All (Holy) – David Crowder
    5. God I Look To You – Bethel Music featuring Jenn Johnson

  22. 222
    Moreen says:

    I so loved this post, thank you! As someone else had written-a timely reminder. Grateful. My current 5 favourites, all on itunes:
    Nothing Like Your Love–Hillsong, Zion album
    How Great Thou Art–Carrie Underwood
    A Million Suns–Hillsong, Zion
    How He Loves Us–Kim Walker, Jesus Culture
    King of Heaven–Hillsong, Zion

  23. 223
    Barbara Barnes says:

    1. Don’t Get Comfortable ———-Brandon Heath
    2. All This Glory —————– David Crowder
    3. You’re Beautiful —————Phil Whickham
    4. Whom Shall I Fear ————-Chris Tomlin
    followed by Gods Great Dance Floor
    5. You’re Worth of My Praise —— Big Daddy Weave
    anything by……………….Matt Redmond

    thank you Beth for your words and for the encouragement and uplift!

  24. 224
    Beth says:

    1. I am Yours by Eddie James
    2. You Revive Me by Christy Nockels
    3. Who You Are – Bethel (Jenn Johnson)
    4. Desert Song – Hillsong
    5. I Will Rise – Chris Tomlin

  25. 225
    Lori Long says:

    How Love Wins by Steven Curtis Chapman (from The Story soundtrack)
    Did You Mean Me by Todd Agnew
    My Jesus by Todd Agnew
    Our Great God by Todd Agnew
    He is With You by Mandisa
    all are on iTunes

  26. 226
    Brooke says:

    #1 While I’m Waiting- john waller
    #2 Days of Elijah- Donnie McClurkin
    #3 Trading my Sorrows- Big Daddy
    #4 Awesome God- the one on Travis’s CD (fast version)
    #5 Steal My Show- Toby Mac

  27. 227
    Brooke says:

    This story has to go on this post. Monday night at a talk preview the first song played was Life Song by Casting Crowns. I look over and my 6 yr old has his “Empty hands held high” (first line of the song) I had a pure COME TO JESUS MOMENT! I think..HIS 1st PRAISE!!!! Then 2 seconds later he attempts a cartwheel into the aisle! Hands up, is the first step of course. I asked him later if he was praising, or just doing a cartwheel. he says, mom, It said such small sacrifice. That’s why I went down on the floor! Love HIM! I’m counting it!

  28. 228
    Thelma says:

    Because I am such a Sheila Walsh fan, my 1st 3 would be in her style. I wish she would go back to all of her CD’s and transform them in a karaoke version.

    1,2,&3- Sheila Walsh:
    * When My Morning Comes Around
    * Praise you in This Storm
    * Song of Bernadette ( I recently watch the 1940’s movie from this song. It brought the song so much more alive & meaniful.

    4. Natalie Grant: Desert Song
    5. Jesus Culture: From the Rooftop

    And I know I’m bad …
    6. Britt Nicole: All This Time

  29. 229
    Susan Miles says:

    Susan, Jonesboro, Ar

    1. Great Is The Faithfulness Thomas Chisholm. This is an old hymn-probly on I-tunes

    2. Where I Belong. Building 429

    3. I Will Wait. Mumford and Sons

    4. Your Love Never Fails. Jesus Culture

    5. Worlds Apart. Jars of Clay

  30. 230
    Beth says:

    “Moving All The While” – Sidewalk Prophets – Album ‘These Simple Truths”

    “The Only Name (Yours Will Be) – Big Daddy Weave – Album ‘Love Come to Life’

    “Magnificent God” – Big Daddy Weave – Album ‘Love Come to Life’

    “Heaven Song” – Phil Wickham – Album ‘Heaven & Earth’

    “Most High (Doxology) – Adam Farrell – Album ‘To Know You More’
    **While singing this doxology back to the Lord during a season of despair – a rainbow appeared between the clouds with the sun shining through. “But You are holy, enthroned in the praises of Israel.” (Psalm 22:3 NKJV)

  31. 231
    Laura says:

    Here are my 5 right now

    1. Angus Dei- Jotta A
    2. 10,000 Reasons- Matt Redman
    3. All My Fountains- Chris Tomlin
    4. Moving Forward- Free Chapel
    5. O For a Thousand (Hallelujah)- Gateway Worship, or honestly anything by them. I have about another 10 songs I can put in this spot by them at the moment but I will stick with the one I always play first. 🙂

  32. 232
    Barbara says:

    Better than a Hallelujah – Amy Grant

    NY2LA – Press Play

    Breathing Life – Salvador

    In You Alone – Kim Hill

    Say the Name – Margaret Becker

    Beth – Thanks so much for the reminder to PRAISE HIM! XO

  33. 233
    Susan~Ingleside TX says:

    My top five are:

    1. Cry Out – Christian Faith Center Worship team
    2. What do you see – Kelly Minter
    3. Remind me who I am – Jason Gray
    4. You won’t relent – Misty Edwards/David Brymer
    5. I need you now – Plumb

  34. 234
    Mary says:

    I am particularly drawn to these five songs (this week:))…and thank you for the question! I put them in the order of stilling my heart before God; reminding myself that no matter what I bring He is in control; no fear and change is possible; all out worship.

    1. Be Still My Soul, FFH (The Way We Worship…awesome album)
    2. Who You Are, JJ Heller (available as single now, will be on Loved album, out March 12)
    3. Always, FFH (The Way We Worship)
    4. Changed, Rascal Flats (Changed)
    5. Place of Freedom, Highlands Worship (Place of Freedom)

  35. 235
    Andrea R says:

    Andrea R.
    Chester, VA
    Psalm 40:8 NIV
    I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart.

  36. 236
    Tanya says:

    As everyone has said, it changes, but this week:
    1) I Have to Believe by Rita Springer
    2) 139 by Gateway Worship
    3) Who Can Compare? by Jesus Culture- Mary Kat Ehrenzecker
    4) Grace by Silar’s Bald
    5) Steady My Heart by Kari Jobe

    and I could go on and on and on!

  37. 237
    Tammy Bellinger says:

    Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave
    Your Great Name Natalie Grant
    Several others from Big Daddy Weave – The Only Name, Overwhelmed, Give My Life Away, Love come to Life.

    Of course Travis – When the Stars Burn Down!

    Thanks for the message today.

  38. 238
    Emily Raymie says:

    Knoxville, Iowa
    Philippians 3:9-11 (ESV)
    “And be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which comes through faith in Christ, the righteousness from God that depends on faith-that I may know him and the power of his resurrection, and may share in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, that by any means possible I may attain the resurrection from the dead.”

  39. 239
    LaVonne says:

    LaVonne, Peachtree City, GA

    I did not get to see the video until late Friday night, so I am a little late posting. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. The tumor appeared inside my mouth in my left cheek. I did not fit the profile for this type of cancer, but there it was. Because the tumor was aggressive, I had to stop singing. Basically, if I sang, I had difficulty talking. If I talked too much, I had a hard time eating. Facing a 14-hour surgery, eating became a priority in order to keep my nutrients up so my body could endure the surgery. During my ordeal, I felt lead to play songs continuously. The list has grown to 28 songs. I call my play list “Songs that saw me through”.
    Two years later I still can’t sing. I had radiation that damaged my vocal cords so I croak. I also am missing my left jaw and muscle on my left side, so I am still rehabbing. So I have had to learn a new way of worshipping. I have found that I have focused more on the words than ever before. I sing in my soul. The words just don’t come out of my mouth.
    Anyway, if I have to choose, here are my top 5 songs.
    1. Sanctuary by Twila Paris – it is instrumental but speaks to my soul.
    2. 1000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) by Matt Redman
    3. Blessings by Laura Story
    4. Take Heart, My Friend by Fernando Ortega
    5. Trust His Heart by Babbie Mason

    Thank you for allowing me to share.

  40. 240
    Heika says:

    Healer- Kari Jobe
    Never Alone- Barlow Girl
    Here- Kari Jobe
    Revelation Song-Kari Jobe
    Less is More-Relient K

  41. 241
    Janice says:

    My 5-song playlist: Israel Houghton Moving Forward; Casting Crowns Who Am I?; Mary Mary Shackles; Michael W Smith Never Been Unloved; Kirk Franklin Hosanna. I got all of these on iTunes.

  42. 242
    Haley McKinley says:

    Haley McKinley- Birmingham, AL

    You hem me in–behind and before; You have laid Your hand upon me.

    Psalm 139:5 (NIV)

  43. 243

    Jessica, Florence, SC
    ‘So you too consider yourself dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus.’
    Romans 6:11 {HCSB}

  44. 244
    Tracee says:

    Tracee, Morristown, TN

    1. Getting into You -Relient K
    2. Worn – Tenth Avenue North
    3. I Need a Miracle -Third Day
    4. Overcome – Jeremy Camp
    5. The Proof of Your Love -For King and Country

  45. 245
    Debra Polach says:

    Debra, from Calgary AB

    1. ” O Praise Him” -David Crowder Band
    2. “Power of your Love” -Hillsong
    3. “I Lift My Hands” – Chris Tomlin
    4. “Everlasting God” -Lincoln Brewster
    5. “Need you Know” – Plumb

  46. 246
    Mary Sandifer says:

    My 5-song playlist of praise ( for this week):
    Born for This (Esther) – Mandisa. From “The Story”
    10,000 Reasons – Matt Redman
    Your Heart (David) – Chris Tomlin from The Story
    Broken Praise (Job) – Todd Smith from The Story
    Do It Lord – Travis Cottrell

    As you can see “The Story” cd set is in my car CD player right now. It is wonderful!
    Praise the L

  47. 247
    Cathy says:

    1. Whom Shall I Fear – Chris Tomlin
    2. Redeemed – Big Daddy Weave
    3. Only a Mountain – Jason Castro
    4. While I’m Waiting – John Waller
    5. Cannons – Phil Wickham

  48. 248
    Karla from Pequot Lakes, MN says:

    Your Grace is Enough by Marantha
    God IS With Us by Michael Olson
    Everlasting God by Lincoln Brewster
    Sing Sing Sing by Chris Tomlin
    Today IS the Day by Paul Baloche

  49. 249
    Naomi says:

    1. Yeshua, Yeshua Karen Davis
    2. Adonai Paul Wilbur
    3. Oseh Shalom Israel Home of Hope
    4. Your Great Name Paul Wilbur (this one is special to me because the writer of this song, Krissy Nordhoff, has battled chronic lyme disease, which my son and I have
    5. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross Fernando Ortega

  50. 250
    Leslie Crawley says:

    Current Five Favorite PlayList:
    What Do I Know of Holy – Addison Road
    Faithful God – Laura Story (Blessings CD)
    What a Savior – Laura Story (Blessings CD)
    The Voice of Truth – Casting Crowns
    God of All – Twila Paris (House of Worship CD)

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