A Video Devo on the Deceptive Heart

A Video Devo on the Deceptive Heart from LPV on Vimeo.


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  1. 201
    Andrea Porter says:

    Miss Beth,
    I am struggling with deceit every day. I believe that I am stupid. Somewhere over the past 17 years of my life, as a stay at home wife and mother of two, following the love of my life from Air Force Base to Air Force Base. My self esteem and intelligence has been slowly chipped away. There are so many things I want to do, but lack the courage to even try. Doors and windows keep getting slammed in my face. I talk to God, but I only hear crickets for an answer. My other hurdle is a chronic illness, MS. I try so hard to keep myself going physically for my family, but I am so tired of maintaining myself, so tired. I would love to be working again or trying to do something creative, but self doubt wins each time and I don’t try. My family is always trying to tell me that just taking care of myself is my job, they fear for me, if I push myself too hard. But you don’t know until you try and there’s the rub, I never try. Lately, when I dare to step out of my comfort zone, it never works out. I am so lost and confused. I am dutifully staying in the Word of God and that helps quite a lot, but I never hear that small voice saying, “This is the Way walk in it.” Yep, I have been deceived, and I can’t find the exit sign.

  2. 202
    Leslie Benson says:

    I just wanted to share and give my Lord the glory for “delighting in revealing truth and wisdom”. I viewed the deceptive heart video devo on the day it was posted but was distracted and came back to it again on November 5th. I am in a season of defeat and prayed earnestly that day for God to reveal how my heart was being deceived. Tears ran down my face as two days later during my quiet time the Lord revealed to me that although I believed His promises were for others I did not believe them for myself. Memorized scripture tends to come up empty when you don’t believe it for yourself! My journal shows a huge underlined and highlighted entry that says, “Today, November 7, 2012 I accept all of God’s promises for me!!!” I’m sure it will take a lifetime but I look forward to discovering each and every one of them. A wall was torn down that day and my heart is still tender over the fact that God cared enough for me to answer my request to reveal the lie in my heart.

  3. 203
    Elizabeth ss says:

    I felt the need to hear your voice and teaching this evening, so I scrolled back in the archives to find a video that I had not heard. As a single, middle aged woman, I give everything I have at work, and try to provide for my children who are both in college. I often arrive home from work exhausted and overwhelmed. These are the times that the deceiver (devil)enters and tries to make me feel worthless. I needed your message tonight. It was the perfect timing. The heart can be deceived, but only when I lose focus on the Lord. I will pray and cast the devil from my heart and mind, and ask the Lord to enter into a heartfelt conversation and restore my spirit. Thank you for the message!

  4. 204
    Charlotte Gott says:

    OOOWEEE, Miss Beth. A little late, but maybe not. How much do I pray: Heal me and I will truly be healed! How much energy do I exert with emotions stemming from a lie(s)! Yes. Let’s see what ten days brings.

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