The Law of Love Giveaway

Well, Siestas! Would you believe me if I told you that Houston is currently one of the coolest cities in the US? And while I do agree that we’re cool, what I’m referring to is the actual temperature. I think it’s in the 80’s today. In JULY. That is unheard of. However, while we’re so grateful to have a break from the heat, our bayous are taking a hit and being put to good use because there has been a downpour here since early this morning. Actually, it’s been raining pretty steady all week. In fact, this past Monday we experienced the storm of the century and a tree right outside our office took a literal hit as it was struck by lightning. Y’all, I’ve never seen, or heard, anything like it. Both Beth and I saw it happen right in front of our windows, so just imagine with us a big ball of fire flashing right before your eyes all the way down the tree. So crazy! Thankfully, no damage was done, except to the tree, and all is well here. This time last year we were in a major drought, so we’re not complaining and very much thanking God for the much needed rain!

Anyway, it has been a busy blog week, has it not? We’ve had Bible study, conference tickets, and encouragement left and right, so it only feels appropriate to add a giveaway. Especially in light of this weekends LPL being sold out and each one of our scholarship tickets gone!

This past spring, we got to spend six rich weeks in the pages of Deuteronomy. It was, hands down, one of my favorite lecture studies. I would have been okay with six more weeks.

Since many of us in Houston got to experience a short time in Deuteronomy, we wanted one of you to have the same experience, so of course, we’re giving ONE away! The difference between a lecture study and a Bible study is that a lecture study is just the six teaching sessions, partnered with some extra reading articles by Melissa. There is no actual Bible study to do and no homework to finish.

There is nothing you have to do to win! Just leave a comment with your first and last name we’ll put you in the random drawing.

Since Beth is hosting a Living Proof Live so close to home this weekend, most of the staff, as well as some of our lovely volunteers are packing up and heading that way to join her. We are just as excited as the rest of the precious ladies attending and can’t wait to get a fresh Word. With that said, the office will be closed today, and I’ll have limited access to a computer, so if you don’t see your comment posted right away, no worries, it might just take longer than normal for me to get to them!

I will close comments Sunday night and post the winner first thing Monday morning. We love you guys so much and hope you have the sweetest weekend! Maybe we’ll even run into some of you in Austin. That would be a blast!


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  1. 1851
    Kathleen Li says:

    Kathleen li

  2. 1852
    Amy Hawk says:

    Blessings to all at LPM ministries, thank you for your service in His Kingdom!

  3. 1853
    Kelley ambrose says:

    Kelley ambrose

  4. 1854
    nastassia zacarias says:

    I’m reading Beth’s book “So Long Insecurities” and I am loving every page, thank you all!

  5. 1855
    Mindy Rowe says:

    I would love to have this for the young moms at my church. I want to begin a Bible study this fall and this would be perfect. We are in rural Alabama and have about 100 members at our church. We are praying that God would pour out His Spirit and equip us do be witnesses to our community! Thank You Beth for serving God and being used by him. I hope and pray that I can be used by Him too!

  6. 1856
    Xena says:

    I could use a dose of Deut.!

  7. 1857
    Roxanne says:

    God bless you!

  8. 1858
    Denise says:

    Glory to God!

  9. 1859
    Teressa McGary says:

    This ministry is a blessing.

  10. 1860
    Wendy Olson says:

    I’m not too late, am I? 😉

  11. 1861
    Kimberly Ebel says:

    How wonderful it would be to win this new Bible study!

  12. 1862
    Sonja Wood says:

    Oh girls! How I long to hear this message! Pick me, pick me! Uh-oh. It’s random you say? God’s sovereignty will suffice. Seriously, love you people and what you do blesses so many. We’ll only know the real results in heaven!

  13. 1863
    Knathy Straw says:

    You ALL are such a blessing to me in ALL that you do for us, win or lose.

  14. 1864
    Linda from Austin says:

    Beth was awesome in Austin!

  15. 1865
    Leoni says:

    Leoni Botha

  16. 1866
    Kay Russell says:

    We have been blessed with rain also during the past week. A month is a long time to go with rain. Thank you God. I would love to get a copy of this book.

  17. 1867
    Dore' Charbonneau says:

    Thank you for your faithful teaching! I’m really enjoying Nehemiah.

  18. 1868
    Tammy Thomas says:

    Tammy Thomas

  19. 1869
    Melinda McMahon says:

    Would love this. Hopefully not too late. Would love info on buying it. Melinda McMahon

  20. 1870
    Michelle O'Neal says:

    Woo hoo! Michelle O’Neal

  21. 1871
    lisa says:

    Lisa Henard

  22. 1872
    Kami says:

    Great giveaway!! Thanks!! Kami Hauser

  23. 1873
    Richelle Barding says:

    Would love this!

  24. 1874
    Meredith Uber says:

    Would love to win!

  25. 1875
    Karessa says:

    The group I lead would love this study!

  26. 1876
    wendy okeefe says:

    Wendy O’Keefe

  27. 1877
    Cari Andreani says:

    Oh- it would be great to learn about Deuteronomy 🙂 I am teaching middle school girls Old Testament- so anything from Beth would help 🙂

  28. 1878
    Deanna says:

    Deanna Hunt

  29. 1879
    Lisa Owen says:

    I hope I win :-))) Have a blessed week!

  30. 1880
    Suzy Edwards says:

    Bummer! I didn’t get the email until this morning!

  31. 1881
    Lindsey Gump says:

    Lindsey Gump. Would love to buy this if I am not lucky enough to win. 🙂

  32. 1882
    Ashley says:

    Ashley Myres

    Would LOVE this!!!

  33. 1883
    Laura Oliver says:

    Thanks for this inspiring website!

  34. 1884
    Theresa says:

    Thanks for the chance!

  35. 1885
    Elizabeth Lopez says:

    Thanks so much!