2012 Siesta Summer Bible Study Announcement!

Calling all Siestas! It’s mid-May and that means something big around here: it’s time to announce our Siesta Summer Bible Study! Last summer we took a break so we could focus on our Siesta Scripture Memory Team, so, if you’re like me, you are READY to get together in the Word this summer. Woooohooooo!

Let’s take a tad of a stroll down memory lane and review all the amazing studies we’ve already climbed into together: We had a wonderful time studying Kelly Minter’s No Other Gods in 2008, Jennifer Rothschild’s Me Myself and Lies in 2009 and in 2010 we went back to our roots and studied Kelly Minter’s Ruth: Loss, Love & Legacy.

With that said, drum roll please…The book that we’ll be going through together in the summer of 2012 – Kelly Minter’s Nehemiah:  A Heart That Can Break.


Okay. So what if I’m crazy about the way she writes and invites us into the Scriptures?? I can’t help myself. We’re going to do this third one together, too. Now, you know how your blog Mama has to go through the study herself before she invites a mass of women into it. I’ve spent the Spring with Kelly in Nehemiah and loved every second of it. I couldn’t wait for it to come out so I made her send me her unedited version so my copy is in a big old white notebook. You’ll get to have the really gorgeous workbook instead. I can hardly wait for us to start it together. You and I have talked before about how summer is a great time to take off from school but it is NOT a great time to take off from the Scriptures. Three months out of an in-depth experience with God through His Word is plenty of time to find ourselves in a pit. No thanks. Let’s commit and hold one another accountable. The most steadfast victories are planned for in advance. I believe that with all my heart so consider this post our plan for summer V-I-C-T-O-R-Y.

Let me fill you in on some details. If you’ve been in summer Bible study with us before, our approach will be very similar.

Who: As in past years, our biggest hope is that you will assemble a group of in-real-life friends, co-workers, family members, acquaintances, church family, Siestas in your town, neighbors, or whatever mix of ladies God puts on your heart. (If per chance you went through this study this Spring, think of leading a group through it this round! I’ve already been through it too but having a Siesta experience is a whole new thing.) If somehow you just don’t have access to a face-to-face group, with Skyping and Face Time and email, you could also experience a fair amount of community in different locations so that’s allowed, too. We’re not looking to be legalistic here. We just want FULL benefits. Yes, you can go solo but, man oh man, try as hard as you can to get at least one partner or you’re liable to have a difficulty seeing it through. Do your best to connect with a couple of girls on line. The accountability and community aspects of this summer experience are vital. Scripture tells us to stir one another up in the faith and to call one another to love and good works and to bear one another’s burdens and pray for one another and remind one another of God’s faithfulness. 1 Corinthians 12:21 says “The eye cannot say to the hand, ‘I have no need of you’, nor again the head to the feet, ‘I have no need of you.'” The Word says WE NEED EACH OTHER.

What: Spend the summer together in the Word! Our workbook (also called a “member book”) is a six-week Bible study on Nehemiah, framed beautifully by a set of seven DVD sessions taught by Kelly Minter. By all means, if you’re able, purchase the DVD’s and take your group through her weekly teachings! But just so you know: all that will be required to participate with us here in Siesta Summer Bible Study is the workbook. We will “meet” every other week to discuss two weeks of our homework. (See further details below.)

When: We are partial to Tuesday since that’s our normal night for Bible study at LPM. So we will launch our SSBS4 on Tuesday, June 26, and “meet” every other Tuesday until August 7th. Yes, you can meet another day of the week if necessary but you’ll see when the time comes that it’s the most fun when we all do it on the same day.

I’ll give you the basic schedule now so you’ll know what to expect but we’ll have much more to say about it closer to the time of our launch. If we don’t answer your questions now, save them and see if they get answered within the next several weeks.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 (1st Mini-Session/LAUNCH/Group instructions)

(In the two weeks that follow our first Mini-Session, you will DO WEEKS ONE AND TWO OF HOMEWORK ON YOUR OWN. If you’re participating in Kelly’s weekly DVD teachings, you’ll need to meet each week with your group rather than every other. We’ll let you guys work those details out on your own)


Tuesday, July 10, 2012 (2nd Mini-Session/Group Instructions)

(In the two weeks that follow, DO WEEKS THREE AND FOUR OF HOMEWORK ON YOUR OWN.)


Tuesday, July 24, 2012 (3rd Mini-Session/Group Instructions)

(In the two weeks that follow, DO WEEKS FIVE AND SIX OF HOMEWORK ON YOUR OWN.)


Tuesday, August 7, 2012 (4th Mini-Session/Conclusion)


Where: Wherever you are most comfortable. Kelly’s workbooks are part of the Living Room Series. Her core group meets in her living room and they often share a meal together. (Stud that she is, Kelly puts fabulous recipes in her workbooks. I am fairly confident in saying that you won’t be finding any recipes in my studies, fabulous or otherwise.) So, cook it up, if you can! But, you do what works for your group. You might meet in a different house each week so no one has to keep her house clean all summer. Grin. We’ve had some siesta groups meet in restaurants and coffee shops. Find your groove and stick to it!

Why: A summer lived in Bible study is a summer lived in victory! And, anyway, it’s what we do around here at Living Proof. This ministry exists to invite women – and girls these days, thank You, God, for Lindsee! – into a vivid and lively relationship with Jesus Christ through the study of His Word. (Lindsee is taking a VERY FULL group of local teenage girls through So Long Insecurity this summer so she won’t be leading the younger women through Nehemiah. But many of your girls might enjoy our regular Siesta experience. It just all depends on their maturity level in the Scriptures. We’ll leave that to you!)


1. Get your workbooks! Our good friends at LifeWay have promised to have plenty of them for us, but you won’t want to wait until the last minute. You can find them online on LifeWay’s web site.

2. Assemble your small group. Again, you are more than welcome to participate solo or with an online discussion group, but for the sake of richest fellowship and best accountability, try as hard as you can to enlist three or four other women to meet with you every other Tuesday. Let the ladies know that the gatherings will be low on stress and high on much needed fellowship and rich discussion. Keep the emphasis on a relaxed and refreshing atmosphere where you can develop some wonderful relationships in Christ.

3. Sign up on the blog on our official Launch DayTuesday, June 26. We’ll ask you a few fun questions about your group.

4. I will facilitate the study by posting 15-minute videos on the mornings of our meeting days. We don’t do it livestream so that you can meet any time that is convenient for you. I will give you instructions on these blog videos for your discussion times and maybe some activities. All will be based on the previous two weeks of study. The videos will be like the ones you’re used to seeing on this blog – very casual and homemade! The idea is to incorporate the videos into the beginning of your meeting times if possible. In case the video aspect of the study doesn’t work for you, you will also find the discussion questions typed out on the blog.

5. After your gathering, you’ll check back in by telling us something about your meeting via a comment on that same post. Don’t worry if your group can’t meet on Tuesdays. You’ll still be able to find the post and comment throughout the week.

What if:

-I want to use the discussion questions in the back of the workbook instead of the ones on Beth’s videos. Go for it!

-I really, really want to do the study but it’s not in the budget. Email us.

I’ve already committed to doing another Bible study this summer? That’s great! Stick with it.

-I don’t want to participate but still want to be a part of the blog. We totally understand and want to see you around Siestaville this summer. Know that the Bible Study will only take up one post every other week.

We can’t wait to study the Word with you this summer! Lord Jesus, take us on a wild ride! You are the greatest adventure in all of life.


We love you, Siestas!


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  1. 301
    Sharon Maas says:

    1st time doing an online Bible Study. So thankful for this opportunity, and I will be joining 2 others! Just need directions on how to get to the blog…etc. I’m not computor wise….yet. Sharon

  2. 302
    Jeannie Housewright says:

    1st time also doing an online Bible study and looking forward to it.

  3. 303
    Edie Janca says:

    I have never done a blog before. I need a little help from some friends. I’d like to do this bible study with my sisterchicks! Thanks girls!

  4. 304
    Paula says:

    Please sign me up! My daily Bible readings have just landed me in Nehemiah and I found this when surfing the net. Must be my lucky day.

  5. 305
    Cindy T says:

    The Monte 4, montesano, Wa. 4
    We’re a pair of mothers and daughters who are working together. We’re gathering together in support of each other, learning to see how God is working ing our lives, directing our footsteps according to His Word. Knowing that His timing is perfect.

  6. 306
    Sheila Mac says:

    Completed the 1st day in the Workbook…..Love It.

  7. 307
    Heidi says:

    My daughter and I are doing the Nehemiah study and have our books but couldn’t watch the first online video. Where do we access that and is it available every other week online for the other chapters? I went to your Facebook page but didn’t see the chat.


  8. 308
    Roxanne Rogiers says:

    We are part of the Women’s Bible Case Facebook Group (600+ women). Our leader divided the group into fifty teams. We are one of the fifty teams and have twelve (12) members from all over the U.S. The name of our team is “Knowledge Seekers.” We’re really “jazzed” about this study, as well! The Lord’s continued blessings to this ministry!!!

    • 308.1
      Roxanne Rogiers says:

      Typed in the wrong name for the Facebook group that we’re a part of. The Facebook group is called Women’s Bible CAFE. Sorry…

  9. 309

    I am going solo on this, but am so very excited. I saw you at the Living Proof Live conference in 2010 here in Sacramento, and you truly changed my life. It is because of you that I have acepted Christ, and I now live my life for Him! So very excited for this study, and God Bless you!

  10. 310
    Susan says:

    Cedarburg, WI; Tres Amigos, 3. Summary: We haven’t met yet, but are excited to study the book of Nehemiah together. Psalm 119:129-135 Prayer is going to be amazing to watch its fulfillment in our lives this summer! We are believing GOD for a transformation.

  11. 311
    Carrie Ann says:

    Is it too late to join in the Bible Study? My sister and I want to join in. we watched the video and have the books I just never wrote in last week. It will just be the 2 of us. Gainesville, Ga.

  12. 312
    Amy Sistrunk says:

    I want to sign up for the blog, the bible study, but can’t figure out how to sign up for the blog.

  13. 313
    Laurie Cheatham says:

    I would like to join this study

  14. 314
    Terri Hastings says:

    A few days behind, but really excited about this study. I had the awesome privilege of meeting and hearing Kelly Minter at our church, Asbury UMC.

    Never participated in an online study like this. How do I get plugged in?

  15. 315
    Lady LaKeisha says:

    Grand Prairie, TX: Family&Friends: 20. Well, I am so excited and looking forward to our next meeting. What initially was suppose to be a group of 5-7 ladies, turned out to be about 20 ladies with a few young men sprinkled from my family. So, we have finished the first part of the study and we are currently hurrying through the next part so that I can post about the fun that we are having. We met in the living room and just briefly discussed how our Psalm was going and for the most part, we as a family, agree that there are some generational curses that need to be broken as a whole as it relates to our iniquities. As far as my friends go, we are just doing good to be getting the book and starting. Pray for the push as we continue to move forward and pray God favor and that he makes his face shine upon us and teach us his statues! See ya in a few days!

  16. 316
    Jennifer says:

    I would love to join, but it is not in the budget right now to be able to get the book. I just moved 2300 miles in 2 and a half days to get away from my abusive soon-to-be ex husband. I just enrolled at Grand Canyon University, and am pinching pennies to make dollars, but it is not working right now. I know God is wanting me to spend more time in his word, but I feel that I wouldn’t be able to do this study without the book.
    Do any of y’all have any suggestions?

  17. 317
    Sarah says:

    Augusta, GA; I’m going solo on this. I am loving this study – just didn’t have a chance to get online and reply last week. Psalm 119:132 (from the intro discussion) has blown me away. I tend to see God as being gracious because He has to, not because He longs to. At this point in my life, I am feeling an outpouring of love and grace in a way I’ve never really comprehended.

  18. 318
    Cheryl says:

    I know it’s very late in the game, but I would like to join this study. Is this where some discussion will take place? I do not have a group, just happened to stumble upon this.

  19. 319
    Susan Hubbard says:

    I have got my book and just about finished with the first 2 lessons. I don’t know anyone that wants to do this with me so I am a solo. What do I need to do next?

  20. 320
    Janine C. says:

    Land O’Lakes, FL, Siestas in Spirit, 14: During our 2nd gathering we gained valuable insight around how we pray and what we consider sin. This was encouraging, as we know that little changes in the way we perceive things can greatly impact our relationship with God. Equally as exciting, many of us were inspired by the interviews we saw to help a local radio station with packaging 3 million healthy meals for hungry children!

  21. 321
    Genne Z says:

    Sterling, Ohio – Sterling Seekers, 4: This is our first post – we are a small group of women who met by chance. God has transplanted us within a few miles from each other. We spent our first session watching the webcast and then sharing our stories. We meet again tonight.

  22. 322
    Nicole says:

    There will be two of us doing the study.

  23. 323
    Pamela says:

    Jesup, GA Pamela solo
    Really need to know that God is a gracious God. I am excited about this Bible study. I need to understand the fullness of His grace.

  24. 324
    Sue says:

    Am getting started very late, but just found this and am so excited. Have never done an online study so will enjoy trying this method.

  25. 325
    Julie says:

    Pacific Palisades, CA ~ I am late to sign-up, but have started the Nehemiah Study. I am joining as an individual to prepare as a facilitator for our church’s fall women’s bible study where we will be doing the Nehemiah Study again as a large group. I am looking forward to diving into the Word together!

  26. 326
    JamesWarriors says:

    Good Morning, Ladies!!!
    Before you get too excited at LPM, let me first say that our Nehemiah group is NOT from Vermont. We are from Rockland County New York – Salvation Army. In the spring we finished Beth’s James study, thus our “name”. We loved it & we didn’t mind that James kicked our behinds! Ha! We were blessed for it. Now, our James group consists of approximately 9 incredible women, and met for the 2nd time last night. So, thought I’d introduce “us” before leaving any comments. And while Our Father’s face shines upon us, as we do Kelly’s study, may we remember to look up & smile back!!!

  27. 327
    Karen Mueller-Fisk says:

    Edwardsville, IL Joining late in the game but just came across this online study. First time in doing an online study, but as always Beth, you and your staff pour the best into whatever you do! My husband and I will be doing the study together. He absolutely loves loves loves how you teach the Word and has taught several of your studies with two Bible Study groups that we attend weekly (currently doing James and To Live Is Christ.) Looking forward to getting into Nehemiah with you all!!

  28. 328
    Annie says:

    I would like to join the study.

  29. 329
    Kathy says:

    Kathy from Kentwood, Michigan. please sign me up!

  30. 330
    Rhonda says:

    We have 3 ladies(in Wichita, Kansas) that meet together and discuss the Bible Study. It is one of the best studies I have done in a long time!! Thanks!! 🙂

  31. 331
    Sherri Anthony says:

    I’ve not been available to join this study. Is it too late? And, what do I do to join and watch/participate?

  32. 332
    Janine says:

    I am late signing up. Just got my book and am looking forward to the study!

  33. 333
    Trina Rajsich says:

    Sounds like I missed this but can I see the sessions now. Planning on facilitating a group next month. Thanks

  34. 334
    Dawn From PDX says:

    Isa 41:10 – NIV So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

  35. 335
    Janet L. Jackson says:

    Don’t be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day you began to pray for understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your request has been heard in heaven.
    Daniel 10:12. (NLT)

  36. 336
    Jennifer says:

    Hello! I’m afraid I’m a bit of a late bloomer and am signing up four years later, but I’m hoping the videos are saved and it’s not to late to join in the conviction, challenge, fellowship and encouragement that this study is sure to provide!

    • 336.1
      LPM-KMac says:

      Hi Jennifer, You are always welcome to jump in on this study! The video sessions to Kelly’s study were optional for our online group, and were not posted here on the LPM Blog. However, Lifeway does have them available for download if you would like to purchase them. (Visit Lifeway dot com) Grab a friend and dive into the Word!

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